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                 Last                                                                                                                                                             Donations, Host
First Name       Name          Phone           Alt. Phone           Address                  City     State     Zip                            Notes                                Volunteers
                                             Works for Meryll                                                        She has 300 + employees that want to adopt a family.
Tina           Pomerantz 609-274-8513        Lynch                                                                   Donate money and clothing                               Adopt a Family
                                             Owner of Buffstone                                                      He will be collecting money from patrons, and will send
Tom            Chiachio    609-888-0776      Tavern             1732 S. Olden Ave. Hamilton           NJ       08610 or bring to Allentown office.                           Donations
Cheryl         Evans       609-921-2285                         16 Alexander St.   Princeton          NJ       08540 Wants to donate clothing                                Donations
Sue            O'Leary     856-764-1172                        154 Oxford Rd.       Delran            NJ       08075 Wants to donate children's clothing                        Donations
                                                                                                                     Wants to Donate 3 bags of Baby clothes. We need to
Liz            Cummings 732-751-9445                                                Monmouth City     NJ             call her in 2 weeks.                                       Donations
                                                                                                                     Wants to donate baby, kids, adults clothing and other
Valerie        Bleman   732-901-4714                                                Lakewood          NJ             kitchen items                                              Donations
               Wesolows                                                                                              Wants to donate various baby items ie. Pack-N-play,
Sandy          ki       732-295-8148                           1210 Chadwick Ct. Point Pleasant       NJ       08742 booster seats, strollers                                   Donations
                                                                                                                     Dance studio made collections for clothing, baby things,
Georgie        Eckart      732-988-2297                                                                              and pet food.                                              Donations
                                                                                                                     Wants to donate baby, adult (men and women),
                                                                                                                     clothing, baby supplies ie. Powder, formula, other
                                                                                                                     items. She stated that she could possible collect some
Trinity        Cassidy     609-278-9591                        147 Liberty Street   Trenton           NJ       08611 more stuff from others.                                    Donations
Merita         Chandller   732-431-6133                        1025 First Ave.      Asbury Park       NJ       07712 Wants to donate clothing for plus sized women.             Donations
                                                                                                                     Wants to take collections from neighbors and would
Diane          Dawes       609-607-9859                        108 Vivis Dr.        Barnget           NJ       08005 like to know where to drop off donations.                  Donations

John           McKenna     732-323-9197      732-674-5869      43 Mansfield Ave.    Manchester        NJ       08759 Donate clothing womens/mens, shoes, jackets.            Donations
                                                                                                                     Wants to donate water, dippers, clothing that was never
Ann            Caffrey     732-203-1331(W)                     40 Courtland Lane    Aberdeen          NJ       07747 worn, and coupons. She is willing to drop off.          Donations

Kirsten        Armstrong 609-771-4163                                               Lawrencville      NJ             Wants to organize children's school to donate clothing. Donations
                                                                                                                     She has blankets, baby bath tub, dippers, pull-ups,
Kathleen       Reiser      732-961-1345      rkjuly@msn.com                         Jackson           NJ             coats, boys and men's clothing                          Donations
                                                               364 Lakeshore                                         Donation: Clothing, soap dish, toothbrush holder,
Mark           Cessur      732-262-0629                        Drive                Brick             NJ       08723 portable dishwasher, infant bed, and shoes.             Donations

Nancy          Genalo      732-840-8263                        362 Kelly Ave.       Brick             NJ       08724 Donations: Blankets, Sheets, Pillows, and clothing.        Donations

Beatrice        Burcio     609-363-8865                                                                 NJ                Donations- toddler clothes, which some are brand new. Donations
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                  Last                                                                                                                                                           Donations, Host
First Name        Name         Phone            Alt. Phone       Address                 City        State     Zip                            Notes                                Volunteers
                                                                                                                    Donations- Clothing for 2,3, & 4 year olds of families in
Beth            Murphy     609-259-1240                      58 Chambers Rd.     Cream Ridge         NJ       08574 the area of NJ                                            Donations

                                                                                                                    Wants to donate time, expertise, clothing, to children
                                                             700 Ocean Ave                                          and families. She lives in a retirement community and
Kathleen     Manhardt 908-692-8930(H)         732-449-8930   Apt. 237            Spring Lake         NJ       07762 has help from 162 residents                                Donations
Nancy Murphy D'Angelico                                                                                             Has plus sized clothing, new men's jackets, and baby
(mother)     (daughter) 609-693-2825                         331 Normandie Dr. Forket River          NJ       08731 clothings                                                  Donations

Deborah         Blake      732-276-5255                      946 Hyson Rd.       Jackson             NJ       08527 Donations- school supplies, back packs, and clothing       Donations

Peter           DiDierno   732-408-9429(H)                   5 Aries Ct.         Manchester          NJ       08759 Donations- sheets, towels, and clothing                    Donations

Ben             O'Bryan    732-292-0788                      2421 Robbins Way Mansquan               NJ       08736 Donations-Men's clothing and men's shoes                   Donations

Susan           Siliwono   732-885-1861                      306 Elizabeth Ave. Piscataway           NJ       08854 Wants to open up her home to a child / siblings            Host

                                              732-245-       1116 Mackison                                          Willing to foster a child (female) would have to share a
Amy             Weissman 732-531-3365(H)      3726(CELL)     Ave.                Ocean               NJ       07712 room with her daughter who is 8 yoa                      Host a child
                Muhuramal                                                                                           She was instructed to call Bob Hodnet. She wants to
Vijaya          ingam     609-298-9077                       2 Summerhill Ct.    Columbus            NJ       08022 host families BADLY.                                     Host families       badly

                                                                                 Florence in
Tom             Rynch      609-744-3647                                          Burlington City     NJ               He has a 2 Bdrm unfurnished apt. for 3-6 months          Host Volunteer

Corinthia       Velanfante 609-499-4149                                                                             Has 2 apts. in trenton                                Host Volunteer
                                                                                                                    Interested in housing people. Located in a Retirement
Eileen          Martin     732-942-8360                      317 E. Coventry Ct. Lakewood            NJ       08701 community. Has a pull out and spare room. No charge Host Volunteers

                                              609-737-2015                                                             Member of St. George's in Titusville, Adm. Interested
Judy            Petrangeli 215-295-4294       (work)         12 DeCou Dr         Morrisville         PA       19067 in Housing people.                                         Host Volunteers
                                                                                                                       Has a home in VA and wants to open it to a Hurrican
Mary             Knutson    609-584-7152(H)
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                                                                       Dr.         Nikolatos,                 08619 victim family.
                                                                                                      Hurricane Katrina, Volunteer List                                        Host Volunteers
                   Last                                                                                                                                                                Donations, Host
First Name         Name          Phone          Alt. Phone            Address                   City       State     Zip                            Notes                                Volunteers
                                                                                                                          Has a 4 bdrm home-2 brdm w/bthroom avail. For 1-2
                                              (cell) 908-303-                                                             months would like to take in elderly couple w/o nursing
                                              8743 908-973-428-                                                           care or family w/younger age kids up to 3-4th grade,
Harry            Meo        908-735-5603(H)   7784(w)           20 Messig Rd.          Clinton             NJ       08809 family of 4. (have 3 kids already)                      Host Volunteers
Father Curt      Diocese of                                                                                               He is interested in what our plans are for collections
Kreml            Trenton    732-892-0049                                                                                  and housing.                                            Housing / Donations

Phyllis          Mazzella    609-466-1749                                              Washington Twp.                       Stated that she would interested in answering phones    Volunteer
                                                                                                                             Most of September off, and can volunteer about 2
Tom              Troncome 865-589-3077        Cell-609-206-8051                                                              weeks. Mississippi coaching physical. Will do           Volunteer

Jim              Garth       856-461-6358                         117 Randle Ct.       Delran              NJ       08075 Is willing to drive supplies where ever needed             Volunteer
Mary             Quattrone                                        25 Old Town Rd.      Cherry Hill         NJ       08034 Wants to Volunteer in any area                             Volunteer

Jim              Morgan      609-387-4181                         23 Adams Dr.         Burlington          NJ       08016 Wants to Volunteer in any area, and capacity               Volunteer
Dennis         Harkins       609-607-9304                         109 Village Dr.      Bargnet             NJ       08005 Wants to Volunteer in any area, and capacity               Volunteer
Sister Barbara Catholic      609-581-2177                         175 Leonard Ave.     Hamilton            NJ       08610 wants to assist with families affected.                    Volunteer / Donations
                                                                                                                          She wants to Volunteer with the children. Willing to go
Dr. Casrrasco                609-978-1872                                                                                 down south. Retired Principal and teacher.                 Volunteers
                                                                                                                          Volunteer helping to find housing, Consulting in
Cathy            Dey         609-259-3774                         84 Walnford Rd.      Allentown           NJ       08501 fundraising.                                               Volunteers
                                                                                                                          Volunteer in Ocean and Monmouth county
Angela           Coyle       732-458-0352                         714 Mill Brook Rd.   Brick               NJ       08724 Administrative                                             Volunteers
                                                                                                                          Has mobile home in Tallahasee, FL wants to use for
Helen            Ostrowski 732-269-5457                                                Bayville            NJ             evacuees for 6 months.                                     Host Volunteer
                                              Co. name-Sorbent                                                            Has factory jobs available in somerset area, please call
Joanne           Colasanti   609-333-0334     Products Co.     10 Morris Dr.           Princeton           NJ       08540 her first when someone is found
                                                                                                                          Donations-Men's and women's clothing, and stuffed
Dan              Bogush      732-886-6670                         82 Enclave Blvd.     Lakewood            NJ       08707 toys                                                       Donations
Ann              Tarantino   660-9424                             20 Cedar Ave.        Manahawkin          NJ       08050 Donations-Women's clothing                                 Donations
                                                                  345 Goodwater                                           Donation-Clothing and wants to know if anyone is
Mary             Rollins     609-693-6440                         Ave.                 Brown Mills         NJ       08015 sending a truck down south to donate                       Donations
Mary Ann         Knutson     609-584-7152                         8 Delotto Dr.        Hamilton            NJ       08619 Wants to donate home in Virginia                           Host Volunteer
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                 Last                                                                                                                                                                 Donations, Host
First Name       Name          Phone            Alt. Phone           Address                City        State     Zip                            Notes                                  Volunteers
                                                                                                                       Donation- summer women's clothing, men's new khaki
Debbie         McGrath    732-706-0552                           49 Blue Jay Ct.     Middletown         NJ       07748 pants, and summer dresses                              Donations
                                                                                                                       Has a 2 bedroom house available in Mt. Holly, NJ Ref.-
Nicole         Myers      609-518-7960                                               Mt. Holly          NJ             Home Away from home                                    Host
                                             Princeton Area
               Hollandon                     Community
Joan           ar        609-219-1800        Foundation                                                 NJ             Donations-water, diapers, or anything else needed            Donations
Anthony and                                                      13 Washington                                         Donations- men and women's clothing and shoes(size
Elvira         Rapisarda 732-536-5512                            Ave.                Morganville        NJ       07751 6)                                                           Donations
                                                                                                                       Wants to directly help evacuees with anything. Reffered
Carol          Dedrick    732-747-8588                           15 Catherine Ave.   Red Bank           NJ       07701 us to volunteer center of monmouth county.                   Donations (9/16)
                                            Outpatient                                                                 Wants to volunteer to work with victims and interested
Laurie         Engel      609-267-9339 x134 Therapist                                                   NJ             in mental health disaster training-how should she            Volunteer (9/16)
                                                                                                                       Her local High school is doing a clothing drive and
Courtney                   732-404-7652                                                                 NJ             wants info on if any trucks are driving down to the gulf     Donations (9/19)
              Sister Mary-
              Ann                                                                                                        Georgian Court University-Campus Ministries has
Kathy Brum or Mahon        732-987-2691                                              Lakewood           NJ               donations of various clothing                              Donations (9/20)

                                                                                                                         Wants to volunteer in the gulf and wants to give his job
Tom            Trunkone   856-589-3077(H) 609-206-8051(cell)                                                             notice, he will periodically check in to see if needed     Volunteer (9/20)
Gerri          Thompson   609-888-1054                       24 Redwood Ave.         Trenton            NJ       08610   Donate or volunteer in any capacity                        Donate/Volunteer (9/22)
Denni          Podes      732-842-3466                       1 Spinaker Ln.          Red Bank           NJ       07701   Donations of clothing                                      Donations (9/22)
Stuart         Azarchi    609-392-1450(day)                  51 Tucker St.           Trenton            NJ       08618   Donations- designer clothing                               Donations (9/21)
Janine         Rapka      732-684-5758                       912 Fairview Dr.        Toms River         NJ       08753   Donations of clothing (reffered her to Rev. Parker)        Donations(9/23)
                                                             4101 Princeton
Dick           Johnson    609-924-2449                       Pike                    Princeton          NJ       08540 Donations of books, stuffed animals, and toys                Donations (9/27)
Linda          Matia      732-842-7902                                               Red Bank           NJ             Donation of a table and chairs(great condition)              Donations (9/28)
                                                             400 Dutch Neck
Lorriane       Minich     609-443-4148                       Rd. Apt. G5             East Windsor       NJ       08520 Record Player and console                                    Donation (9/29)
Cordelia       Moran      732-240-9408(h) 732-818-1061       853 Ocean Ave.          Beachwood          NJ       08722 Donations-woman's clothing,and infant clothing               Donations (9/29)

Father Mike               732-741-0500                                                                                   Parishioner runs day care-has baby clothes, formula,
Wallack                   ext.24                                                                                         diapers that they would like to send to the gulf           Donations (9/29)
                          732-566-3632     732-264-0565       1272 Highway 36
Marie         Coutu       (work)           (Home)             Lot #35             Hazlet              NJ       07730 Donations of 100 Dolls to hurricane children                   Donations (10/4)
                                           jstearle@cctrenton                                                           Donations of new dolls, board games, & children's
Judy          Stearle    609-584-0790 x100 .org                                   Hamilton            NJ                clothing                                                    Donations (10/20)
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                 Last                                                                                                                                                      Donations, Host
First Name       Name          Phone        Alt. Phone       Address                City         State     Zip                           Notes                               Volunteers
                                                                                                                Has clothing, canes, walkers, bikes, walmart gift cards,
Brad           Smith      856-829-8866                                                                          or money for evacuees (Kings Foundation)                 Donations (10/14)
Karen          Casaro     732-751-3424                                                                          Women's business clothing (Meridian Health)              Donations (10/13)
Donna          Jerome     215-493-1641                   319 Emerald Dr.     Yardley             PA       19067 Has 12 brand new Nike sneakers                           Donations (10/17)

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