Akina Inc helps the medicine go down Frosta® – the companys low

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					             Akina Inc. helps the medicine go down.
                    Frosta® – the company’s low cost, simple and reliable method for making
                    fast-melting tablets – makes swallowing pills much easier, especially for the
                    elderly, children and people on the go who don’t have an available drink.
                    Frosta® formulated tablets melt almost instantaneously to behave like a
                    liquid formulation. The Frosta® formulation has been used to develop taste-
                    masked cetirizine allergy tablets, 12-hour release dextromethorphan cough
                    tablets, and taste-masked 500 mg acetaminophen tablets. The special
                    Frosta® processing technology allows for the formulation of sustained release
                    as well as large dose drugs.
                    The Frosta® technology also has been used to develop nutritional
                    formulations, such as glucose, calcium supplements and vitamins. Recently,
                    the technology was applied to develop toothpaste tablets, providing relief for
                    In addition to Frosta®, Akina offers other drug delivery technologies, such as
                    Polyshell™ for long-term protein delivery, HytroCelle™ for delivery of poorly
             soluble drugs, and Stentrix® for multi-drug release from drug-eluting stents. Akina’s
             Aquagel® superporous hydrogel has been used in a variety of pharmaceutical and
             biomedical devices, and is being developed for diet control applications.

                ESTABLISHED:	        2001 – Founded by Kinam Park, Ph.D., Purdue University
                                     Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Pharmaceutics
                KEY	PERSONNEL:		 Kinam Park, President; Haesun Park, VP; Yourong Fu,
                FUNDING:	            Research Grants
                EMPLOYEES:	          7
Kinam Park
                CONTACT:	            Purdue Research Park , Business & Technology Center,
                                     1291 Cumberland Ave., West Lafayette, IN, 47906; (765)
                                     464-0390; http://www.akinainc.com

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