A Video (amateur variety) was taken of the Mock Trial and the by lindayy


A Video (amateur variety) was taken of the Mock Trial and the ...

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                                                        The CROIERG Mock Trial

                                                        An instructional tool with a difference!

                                                        A dramatic re-enactment that underscores training objectives.

            The Thredbo Disaster                                                        For a training exercise with a difference, CROIERG in close partnership with Ledger & Walker
            Roll Over Tankers, please!                                                  Communications, our Web managers, successfully mounted a Mock Trial based on a real case
            CROIERG Membership                                                          from the Land and Envrionment Court. The transcripts of the case were provided by a
             The Weir Skimmer is A1!                                                    CROIERG member, a practical demonstration of the value of mutual aid principles on which
             Congratulations Tom Hill,                                                  CROIERG is founded.
           Commonwealth Gold Medalist
             The Mock Trial - a training exercise
           with a difference!

                                                                                        Key Questions for Participants

             A Video (amateur variety)                                                  How will the story unfold?
             was taken of the Mock Trial                                                What case will the Public Prosecutor put forward?
             and the Question / Answer                                                  What arguments will the Defense Counsel bring out to weaken the prosecution case?
             Session.                                                                   What will the witnesses have to say?; and
             If Members require a copy of                                               What will The Judge decide at the end of the trial?
             this video (for staff training
             purposes) we could get copies
             made for a small fee. Let us

             For the Chairman's review of
             the day click here.
                                                          Training Objectives
             Scroll the Trial
                                                               To   gain a better understanding of the Environmental Law
                                                               To   gain an understanding of Court processes
                                                               To   show how the various "players" in a courtroom carry out their respective functions
                                                               To   demonstrate the relevance of Australian Standards & Codes in oil industry daily work practices
                                                               To   study the importance of Standard Operating Procedures in the workplace.


                                                          Global was the owner of a depot at 14 Morton Street Rockingham. It was a petroleum products distributing depot, where
                                                          Waterloo (a company unrelated to Global) distributed Global's products and acted as agent for their sale. Waterloo employed
                                                          Mr John Smith as its depot attendant. Fuel was delivered to the depot by rail along a spur to the main Rockingham line.

                                                          On the day in question a rail tanker was at the depot. In order to discharge its load of diesel, the tanker was connected, by
                                                          means of a flexible pipe, into pipes leading to a tank located on the site. At some time towards the end of the unloading of
                                                          the diesel, Mr John Smith who was on the site and in charge of it at the time, left the point where the unloading was being
                                                          carried out, and went to the site office, to answer a telephone call. From the site office he could not see the point where
                                                          the diesel was being unloaded. Whilst Mr Smith was absent from the discharge point, the rail tanker continued to unload
                                                          diesel, discharging it through the pipes to the tank. The tank already contained some amount of diesel before the unloading
     Rollover the arrowheads for a                        operation egan, and the addition of more diesel caused the tank ultimately to overflow and travel via the storm water to
     camera view of the Trial when                        Shannon Creek.
     the page has finished loading.


                                                           The Narrator:                                                                               James Walker

                                                           The Judge: Ms A Opalman                                                                     Ann Holmes

                                                           The Prosecutor: Ms Arbour                                                                   Kylie Sandwell

                                                           The Barrister for the Defendant: Ms Gasper                                                  Caroline Plunkett

                                                           The Agent’s employee: Mr John Smith                                                         James Walker

                                                           The Engineering Manager for NSW, Global Petroleum: Mr Manderly                              Paul Cootes

                                                           A Consultant Engineer: Mr Brown                                                             Brian Millett

                                                           An Environment Protection Officer, EPA: Mr Weatherby                                        Nafeesa Razzaque

                                                           The Court Bailiff                                                                           Peter Walker

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CROIERG - Success Stories                                                                                                                                                                                                 11/4/03 10:51 AM

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