The Unit by runout


									                 The Unit
Theme: Football


            1. Learn about the game of football and how it uses basic math as its
            2. Build a stronger foundation of basic math facts up to 20.
            3. To be able to read, write, and recognize numbers up to 1,000.
            4. Express in writing what they learned about football.
            5. Read a bar graph and be able to transfer information from the graph.


         1. The students will be able to recognize, read and write numbers up to
         2. The students will have knowledge of some football terms and know what
            they mean.
         3. The students will be able to take information off of a graph/chart and
            apply it usefully.
         4. The students will write a paper listing five things they know about
         5. The students will have a better understanding of the basic math concepts
            of addition and subtraction up to 20.

         Algebra Standards
                    Describe the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction,
                       write related equations, and solve.
                    Describe techniques used in adding and subtracting numbers.
                    Solve addition and subtraction problems using number lines.
                    Use informal methods to solve everyday problems requiring open
                       sentences with one unknown.
                    Solve addition and subtraction problems using data from simple
                       charts, picture graphs, and number sentences.
        Statistics & Probability Standards
                     Represent data sets in more than one way. (example: charts, line
                       graphs, bar graphs)

        Number Sense Standards
                  Associate verbal names, written word names, and standard
                     numerals with whole numbers less than 1,000.

Communication/Language Arts Standards:

        Writing Standards:
                    Write to accomplish different purposes (share, inform)
                    Use the writing process to generate various forms of writing.
                    Condense, combine, and order new information in written work.


         The students will do a worksheet of basic math facts and number recognition to
determine the level of each student. This sheet will used to help determine the level of
improvement in the student at the end of the unit. A PowerPoint presentation will start
off the unit to inform the students on what information will be covered as well as what I
want them to get out of the unit. There will be various activities during the course of the
unit to include touchdown math, football field activities, reading bar graphs and
discussing the information with the graphs. We will do weekly prediction on the games
and award a prize to the winner each week to keep the students interest. At the end of the
unit the students will write what they have learned about the game of football. A final
assessment will be given on the basic math facts and an oral assessment on larger
numbers. The assessment on reading and interpreting a graph will be assessed with a
rubric. A check list of all the requirements will be made on an Excel table and when each
student has mastered any of the requirements their box will be checked off.

Day 1

        An introduction of the unit and the expectations will be given on PowerPoint.
        The pre-assessment will also be given on that day. Any remaining time will be
        devoted to learning terms that may be new to the students.

Day 2

        Bar graphs with statistical information will be presented. The students will learn
        how to read and understand the information on a graph. Each day of the lesson
        will devote some time to bring our charts/graphs up to date.
Day 3

        The class will go down to the football field and we will talk about how it is
        divided into fives and tens. We’ll discuss the dimensions and run a hundred yards
        so they can relate to how far that is.

Day 4

        The class will spend time on bringing our charts/graphs up to date. We will
        practice our basic facts and work on the inverse operation. If time permits we will
        look at read numbers up to 1,000.

Day 5

        Accumulation of stats and display prior weeks stats and see if students can do the
        addition of numbers into the hundreds. Give students works sheet to fill in the
        missing addends using two and three number sentences for both addition and

Day 6

        Accumulation of stats and have students take a closer look at the graphs and do a
        question, answer session. Play a higher, lower game with numbers up to a
        thousand. Short quiz on bar graph to check if student progress is being made.

Day 7

        Students will start listing things they learned about football and start to organize
        information into writing. The students will make a rough draft and read it to
        another student before the teacher checks it.

Day 8

        Play touchdown math, review football terms, ongoing accumulation of bar graph
        studies and larger numbers. Play around the world with addition and subtraction
Day 9

         Go down to the football field and review some terms and talk about what the total
         accumulation of stats actually means in terms of the football field ( 850 yds
         rushing means 8 ½ times up and down the field. Work on and finish up their
         writing paper on football.

Day 10

         Do rubric assessment on reading bar graphs, final assessment on basic math facts.
         Read and post writing assignment for others to read. Check off anyone who isn’t
         completely finished with their checklist items.

Assessments for the unit:

         The assessments in this unit will include:
                Rubric for Excel bar graph
                Checklist for all components in the unit
                Pre/post test of the basic math facts

Technology used:

         Students will use and read Excel Spreadsheets
         Students will view Power Point

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