A simple trick to double your chances

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					A simple trick to double your chances

This month's tip is a really simple one that not many people think to do but one that often
yields me great results.

The tip is simply to use two hooks!

On whatever rig you normally use, thread the first hook onto the line so it is running loose
then tie on a second hook.

Once you've done this you'll see that the first hook simply slides down to sit right alongside
the second one.

When the fish are biting but proving very difficult to catch, having two hooks obviously
doubles your chances of a hook up.

More importantly, I also find that using two hooks, and therefore offering two baits,
normally generates a great deal of competition between the fish. This more aggressive
feeding pattern will mean that previously cautious fish will quickly grab your bait rather
than risk losing it to a rival.

This technique is particularly effective when used in conjunction with good berleying
techniques like those described in previous fishing tips.

The benefits of the two baits seems to be particularly enhanced when there are live baits
involved, for example pink nippers, worms, prawns or crabs to name but a few.

Whilst using two hooks doubles your chances of catching a fish, it will also increase the
risk of getting caught up in underwater snags. Therefore, this technique is best used when
fishing in waters that are that are reasonably clear of weeds, reefs or submerged

Tight Lines!

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