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									                            East River Park
                            Field Directions
Directions to East River Park (ERP) Fields
East River Park is on the Lower east Side of Manhattan. The field numbers refer to the baseball backstops.
From South to North the Fields are Grand Street, Houston Street and East 6th Street. The Park runs from
Exit 3 to Exit 5 on the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Drive (FDR Drive.) For all three fields cleats are OK
and no dogs allowed.

Directions to ERP 1,2 (Grand Street Field)

Take exit 3 from the FDR Drive (South Street exit.) From the North, take a left on Montgomery Street and
go under the highway into what looks like a parking lot for Pier 42. Go north, east of the FDR
access road, on a narrow roadway, about 200 yards. When the chain link fence on your right ends, the road
widens out and there is a parking lot entrance (somewhat hidden) ahead to your right. This is a public
Parks Department parking lot. There should be no trouble parking here this early in the season. From the
South at the end of the exit ramp you will take a right into the parking lot and follow the directions as
above. The field is about 200 yards north of the parking lot.

Subway: About 3/4 mile away; at Grand/Chrystie on the B & D or
Essex/Delancey on the Q &V lines.

Directions to ERP 3,4,5,6 (Houston Street Fields)

The Houston Street field is between the Grand Street Field and the East 6th Street field. It is brand new turf
(finished in the fall of 2004) and is distinguished by the large brown turf baseball infields. You can either
park in the lot, as for the Grand Street Field and walk about ½ mile or find a parking place and walk over
the highway and down the ramp at Houston Street. To find a parking place, exit for Houston Street, as in
directions to the East 6th Street field and let passengers off at Houston Street where they can cross the
highway and go down the ramp to the field. The Houston Street field is directly in front of you when you
go down this ramp.

Directions to ERP 7,8 (East 6th Street Field)

The East 6th street field is about ¾ mile north of the Grand Street Field and about 200 yards north of the
Houston Street Field. The East 6th Street field is a fairly new turf field with a grandstand on one side and a
track around it. It is possible to park in the lot, as for the Grand Street Field, and then walk north to the
East 6th Street field. It is the 2nd large field you will come to. You will pass the Houston Street field on
your way. Alternatively, you can exit at exit 5 for Houston Street. Immediately after the exit there is a
footbridge crossing the highway. Let your passengers and any heavy items off at this footbridge (the 6 th
Street Field is just north of this footbridge.) Then look for street parking which is generally available but
may take some looking. It is inviting, but not legal (check the signs), to park on the exit ramp
                     Manhattan Soccer Club Fields
                       On Randalls and Wards
Directions to Randall's Island Fields
Please note: toll is $4.50 entering the island and free when leaving the island.
There are open rest rooms at Icahn Stadium, next to Kantor Fields, At the golf center and
at the tennis courts. There is plenty of parking near all of the fields.

From Manhattan:
Get on the Triborough Bridge at East 125th Street. Stay left for the exit to Randall's and
Wards Island, immediately after the toll plaza.

From Queens:
Get on the Triborough Bridge from the Grand Central Parkway. Stay right for the exit to
Randall's and Wards Island, immediately after the toll plaza.

From the Bronx:
Take the Major Deegan or Bruckner Expressway to the Triborough Bridge. Stay right for
the exit to Randall's and Wards Island, immediately after the toll plaza.

From Long Island and Brooklyn:
Take the FDR Drive North to the Triborough Bridge exit (on right). Stay right up to and
after the toll, following the signs to Randall's and Wards Island.On the Randalls Island

On the map please note:

  * The only entrances and exits from the Island are from the Triborough Bridge at the
north end of Randalls Island.

  * Randalls Island Fields 1-22 are at the top of the map.

   * Kantor and Wards Island Fields are at the bottom of the map. You go by Kantor fields
to get to the Wards island Fields.

  * U9 through U11 play on Randalls Island Fields 16B (just south of Field 16), Field 19B
(west of Field 19) Field 18B (south of Field 18) and on Wards Island Field E (baseball field
1-2) at the very south of Wards Island down the hill from Kantor fields.

  * U12 through U18 play on both Kantor Fields, on Field 18, on Field 15, Field 7-8, Icahn
Stadium and occasionally on other fields.

  * The Icahn Stadium field is just north of the stadium on Randalls Island.
                                           Jefferson Park
                                           Field Directions

Directions to Thomas Jefferson Field

Address: In Manhattan, 1st Avenue at 114th Street

From the North or East:

        Take the Triborough Bridge (or any other bridge to Manhattan if you are on the Degan)
        Take the exit to Manhattan
        Follow signs to the Harlem River Drive south, aka FDR Drive.
        Exit at 96th Street.
        Take 1st right off of 96th Street onto 1st Avenue.
        Go north 3/4 mile.
        Field is on right.

From the West Side:

        Take the Henry Hudson Parkway south
        Exit at 95th Street exit.
        Go east to Amsterdam Avenue. (Crossing, in turn, Riverside Drive, West End Avenue, Broadway)
        Turn left at Amsterdam Avenue (Stay to the right)
        Go 1 block north to 96th Street
        Turn right on 96th street.
        Take 96th Street across town, about 2 miles, to 1st Avenue.
        Turn left on 1st avenue.
        Go 3/4 mile north to 114 Street.
        Field is on the right.

         For parking, take a right on 114th Street.
There is generally angle parking available at the end of the block.

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