A bra for your bottom, eyeliner that looking good, writes

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                                          Thursday 17/7/2008                                              Brief: MCMILLCOMM
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A bra for your bottom, eyeliner that
lengthens your lashes and pills to pep up
your cleavage. Here's our A-Z guide to
looking good, writes Elizabeth Tilley
At-home laser hair removal                and maple syrup has been used by           stronger. www.slendertone.com
Hate your bikini rash but tired of        everyone from Beyonce Knowles to
high-priced, painful waxes? A hand-       Mick Jagger. A maple syrup, designed       Fringe benefits
held laser hair removal device is a new   for the cleanse, is Madal Bal Natural      Jessica Simpson and celebrity hair
treatment that can be used at home.       Tree Syrup for about $80 a litre at        stylist Ken Paves are about to release
www.triabeauty.com                        www.lemondetox.com                         a clip-on fringe. Get your hairdresser
                                          Decolletage                                to cut it to suit your natural hair style.
Bum bra                                   Worried about filling out your bikini      Available soon at Tsiknaris Hair or
FIRST it was the push-up bra, now it's    top this summer? Try the Perfect C: a      www.hairextensions.com
the bum bra. Dubbed the D-Cup for         breast enhancement supplement used
your derriere, shaped control panels      by the likes of Sienna Miller. Designed    Go for the glow
and "cups" mould, lift and separate       to increase cells in the mammary           Gradual tanning facial moisturisers
buttocks to produce results similar to    glands, its British makers promise         are creating a buzz at beauty counters
those achieved by buttock lifts and       that, taken daily, it will increase your   Palmer's are about to release versions
implants, which are the new boob jobs.    cleavage by up to three cup sizes.         in cocoa butter and olive butter
The High Waist Shape Enhancer by          www.perfectcbreastenhancer.co.uk           formulas, which includes a built-in
Blue Illusion, $39.95. Stockists:                                                    SPF 15 sunscreen. Available in
1800 208 209.                             Electronic sit-ups                         September for $9.95. Stockists:
                                          A bit wobbly? Get a Slendertone belt.      1800 640 043 or
Cleanse                                   It fastens around the waist and uses       www.palmei-sausti-alia.com.au
To detox before summer, try the           electromuscle stimulation technology
Lemonade Diet. Otherwise known as         to stimulate nerves. They say that,        Hot yoga
the Maple Syrup Diet, this mixture of     when used for 30 minutes, five times a     For a warm and toasty workout with
water, cayenne pepper, lemon juice        week, it makes muscles firmer and          added health benefits, infrared rays

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                                           Courier Mail
                                           Thursday 17/7/2008                                                     Brief: MCMILLCOMM
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now vti                                                                                making waves. Erase Paste
comfortably warm 30C. Trv Zen I lot        Orange make-up                              thick concealer. In fact, it's so thief
                                           ()range is a quirky colour an(] its time    comes with its own spatula and step-
Yoga it
www.zenhotyoga.com.au                      has cone. Most people have warm             by-step instructions. Check it out on
                                           complexions and orange-based                www.t)cnet'itcosnictics.com
I   want to ride my bicycle                colours look good on these skin tones.
Cycling is the sport of the moment,        I,ancome's new eveshadow in the             Vinegar shots
      eryone from Fife Maepherson          orange shade of Chant I )'Autonune,         Singer Fergic admits to keeping grim
      ussie actress be Naylor a ding it    will hit beauty counters soon.              with daily shots of vinegar, believed to
    heir eco-friendly fitnc-;s rceincs.                             Continued P59»     flush out fat in the colon and help the
                                           )> From P37
  ishion designer Karl LagerlJd c', ,m                                                 body digest food. It also reportedly
                                           Power plate
created a $13,595 bicycle for Chanel's     Climb on to this vibrat i ns; y, i   J >c
                                                                                       cL i Is cravings. "It has t o be organic
spring/summer 2(}08 collection show.                                                   pjple cider, unfiltered. Two
                                           machine for three short sessions a
Malvern Star has relaunched its            week and its creators promise it will
                                                                                       i   ,i I   I   poons," she says.
legend series.                             shake you into shape. But expect to
                                           pay well over $2000. British gyms are
                                                                                       Weight-free workouts
Jumbo sized clutches                       installing them now, so they should be                      Put down those barbells.
Giant clutches are the new "it" bags.                                                                  Just in Getband, who trains
                                           here soon. www.powerplate.coni
Lili has an earthy toned one in                                                                        Victoria's Secret and Sports
glomesh. Stockists: (02) 9697 0577.                                                                    IlIustratedswimsuit models.
                                           Quick fix                                                   says the best workouts don't
                                           Revive Pilates and P
Kiss that bulging belly goodbye            launching a 12 week                                         involve lifting anything other
Smart l.ipo just got smarter. A laser is   Overhaul Program from August 5.                             than yourself. Workouts are
inserted colder the skin and melts the     The $1800 program includes a pilates                        designed around different
membranes of each fat cell, causing                                                                    versions of the push up. It's a
                                           pack, including physiotherapy,
them to break down. The fat is             ultrasound, a walking group, weights                        great way to exercise it'you
naturally dispersed by the body over                                                                   don't want to bulk up.
                                           cl:o 5,12 one-hour massages and
12 to 16 weeks. The latest technique       thn v h.ndermofogie sessions, along
combines Smart I.ipo with aspiration,      v i i h a seminar on diet and lifestyle
                                                                                                       X and the city - the
sucking the fat out, which means that      ch ices. Call 3012 7007.
                                                                                                       cocktail of choice
some of the melted fat is removed,                                                             Tet', be honest, we've all
producing instant results.                 Red hot lips                                       stc1,1(I ordering the classic
www.millhouseclinies.co_uk                                                                     (, ,m, )polii an cockt alt. Hot o
                                           There is no one perfect shade of red,               the be is of the much
Lashes to die for                          so the key is to test a number of
Lash extensions are all the rage' They                                                         anti( it ,ited return of Carrie
                                           different shades to see which leaves                and the girls, Manhattan
take 45 minutes at the beauty salon to     your skin looking brighter and your
apply and last around a month. For a                                                          bartenders have created an
                                           eyes whiter. If red lipstick is too full-          updated version: the White
natural look and long-lasting results,
                                           on, opt for a red gloss like one from               Cosmopolitan. Made with
another opt ion is Ml) Lash factor         Napoleon's Gloss Patrol range.
Eyelash Conditioner. It's $220 at                                                              Ketel One vodka, St Germain
                                           Stockists: 1800 814 572.                           eldettiowerliqueur, lychee
Cosmetic Image Clinic. 3003 4000.
                                                                                              juice, pear sorbet and
                                           Smelling good                               champagne, it's the must-have drink.
Mineral make-up                            It's all about the scent this season,
Ideal for problem skin, mineral make-                                                  Have a bartender whip one up.
   is made up of'vitamins, minerals
                                           including perfume for your home.
                                           Surround yourseft'with sensuous             Yellow
and plant ext racts designed to heal,      scents from Glasshouse Fragrance
moisturise and defend. They don't                                                      It's been all over the runways and
                                           Reeds. Available in six fragrances,         I'm not talking about the clothes. It's
leave your skin looking shiny and can      including jasmine wood and vanilla.
   vent break-outs. Minerelle is one                                                   never been a better time t o be a
                                           Stockists: (02) 9879 0745.                  blonde. Go to your favourite colourist
       best brands. Stockists:
    4 8032 or www.minerelfe.com.au                                                     and take the plunge.
                                           Tights are here to stay and the bolder      ZZZZ ... beauty while you sleep
The french manicure has been given a       and brighter the better. Razzamatazz's      Want to get belt er-looking while you
modern twist. Instead of the standard      Colour Shots offers opaquesin three         sleep? Madonna, Cher and 1 enny
pink and white nail, you can customise     winter shades indigo, fuschia and           Kravitz are fans of celebrity
colours. The base colour can be            smoky grey. Pair with your favourite        dermatologist Fredric Brandt's Laser
blended to match your nail plate and       mini and ankle boots. Stockists:            Lightning Night Cream.
you can choose from a range of tips,       (02) 9222 9484                              www.dermst ore.com
including soft white, bright white,                                                                      Additional reporting Daily Mail.
twinkle white or a fashion colour such     Under-eye concealer
as black. Call 0433 984 290.               This new Benefit's fix it product is

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FERGIE shapes up with vinegar shots.

   TOP tips ... new nail looks.

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