“Hurry Gage_” I yelled as we were going down Country Road_ the by runout


									         “Hurry Gage,” I yelled as we were going down Country Road, the beginner hill.
All in all the skiing was phenomenal, the runs had fresh powder and the skies were a
beautiful blue.
         Every things was going well until Gage took a spill. I mean a face plant. It looked
like it hurt.
         Gage got up laughing with his face covered in snow. He looked like a snowman. I
laughed so hard that I crashed too.
         We laughed so hard and so long, it took us half hour to get down to the lodge.
Finally we got to the bottom of the slope in time to eat lunch. Our adventure had made us
hungry. “Gage, I could eat a bear,” I stated.
         After eating a huge lunch we ventured out again. But not to the bunny hill, to an
intermediate run. “To Tamarack!” I hollered to Gage.

By Nicholi Lindsey


      “Lyric, go left when we hit Tamarack, while Austin and I will go
right, because there is a huge jump where we’re going.” called Loegan,
my best friend, as we slowly and sluggishly made our way towards the
Tamarack. “What do you mean, left?” I questioned. This was my first
time going down the Tamarack hill in Ski Blue Wood, and I was very
nervous. Loegan, Austin, who is my classmate, Becky, Loegan’s mom, and
Tim, who was one of Becky’s friends, were going with me. The time was
about 1:30p.m and I couldn’t see any other of my classmates.
      As soon as we finally scooted our way onto the hill, I saw two
paths. One went to the left and was very smooth, while the other path
went to the right and looked very bumpy. I concluded that this was
what Loegan talked about, so I skied to the left, and the other two
kids speeded through the right. Tim, who is an expert skier, and Becky
followed me.
      Almost right after I followed the one way, the two paths merged
together like a sandwich. Soon everything became very bumpy, and
everybody went very slowly, because they would have to walk, or “duck
walk” through the bumps. This was very hard, and soon Loegan and I
were left behind. We walked for what seemed like forever, even though
I could see Becky.
      Loegan and I finally caught up, because the other skiers in our
group had stopped. As soon as I made it there, I saw a gigantic,
really steep hill. This hill had a lot of powder, so I knew that this
one hill would be tricky. Also, a path was by the hill, or face, as I
like to call the hill and Loegan told us she would be going across the
path. Meanwhile, Austin had already started down the hill, and so did
Tim. I followed with Becky close behind. Suddenly, from a path
heading onto the hill, I saw a skier “fly” off the path and land on the
face. They had fallen and didn’t get up. When I passed by them, I
noticed the white hair. This skier turned out to be Loegan!
      After the hill, the rest of the way was mainly flat with turns.
Finally I eyed the special color of the lodge. There was enough time
to head up the lift for a few more rounds, so we mounted the Skyline
Express lift to go up. I was very happy, because I, as a beginner
skier, went all the way down Tamarack!

Lyric Spivey

Skiing down Huckleberry

Skiing down Huckleberry is fun but you won’t believe what happened to
me one late afternoon at Ski Blue wood.
On that awesome but exhausting day, me, my dad, and Doug (my dad’s best
friend) swiftly skied down to the Sky Line Express (ski lift) to ski
down Huckleberry ski run.
When we were on the lift I looked down and watched the little ant like
people zoom back and forth to and from the lift. Further up the hill,
Doug and my dad were talking up a storm, while I looked over the side
of the chair with boredom.
When we slid off the chair lift and I didn’t go fast enough and the
chair hit my helmet. Once back up I shuffled to the top of the hill
and I examined then hill “Do I have to do this?” I said trembling with
“I think you should Troy, because it’s very good to get out of your
comfort zone or you’ll never get used to harder runs.” Doug replied
very proud of him self.
“Ok.” I said with a little fright in my voice, as I looked down the
hill as steep as a drop off. So I took a deep breath and started
making S’s. Further down the hill one of my legs became so tired that
I collapsed, did a summer salt and landed on my back head down hill,
spinning like a top.
Once we got all the way down the hill Doug said “Hey, Troy did you know
that I broke my leg half way down Huckleberry.” Then I started gasping
the rest of the way down to the lift and go down Velcro.

Troy Anderson II

Ski Bluewood
                                  The 3rd Trip
       As I was trying to walk up the slippery snowy slope, I was walking like a
spaceman. Then I opened my eyes and realized today was my 3rd ski trip. I was
rushing to put on all my ski clothes on, my mom exclaimed “sweetie have a great
time up at Ski Bluewood “My mom exclaimed excitedly. While as I was moving
along to find some long johns, I realized that I had no socks on!
        When I finally found some high socks, I cooked up a healthy breakfast.
While I was eating, I was so nervous for skiing. As I said good-bye to my dad, I went
out the door nervously at the same time I was excited!
        As I went to school, I saw my friend Zoë, she was also excited, but she
already went had been up at ski Bluewood. She also had a pass. Then was time to
head on the bus with my friend Loegan, she and I talked, slept, and worried
        When we finally went up to Ski Bluewood, we went to get our ski boots and
our ski’s. I trembled up to my lessons; I was so excited and nervous. I went on the
chair lift with my ski instructor; I went on a slope called Triple Nickel. Let me tell
you, I was absolutely scared!
        I looked down, and I nervously said “OHH MY GOODNESS”, I screamed
going down the steep hill, well was my 3rd time up at Ski Bluewood. Any way, my
friend Maranda was with me the whole entree time, after lunch. Anyway, when
Maranda and I went on Triple Nickel together, I got stuck on the steep part of the
slope, Maranda went all the way down, and I was still at the top of the slope.
        Maranda was trying really so hard to hitch hike back up to help me!
Maranda and I were laughing when Maranda was coming up the steep hill, when
Maranda finally came up she helped me up and I went down Triple Nickel making it
threw the snow. While I went down I was scared, I could it believe I went down
triple nickel! It was a good feeling that when the day was all over, I headed back up
to the lounge. I was so tried from a long day.
        In summary, skiing was an awkward, but exciting experience.

                             By, Kare Shively

It was on a sunny 2nd week of skiing at ski Bluewood. Our instructor
said it is time for you to go on the lift. He told me to go on ahead
to the lift. So I flew forward and jumped on to the lift with
excitement and then I yelled at my group get on the lift and they
yelled back you’re on the wrong lift. It was too late for me.
      As I was going up the big lift I was knocking myself on the head
wondering why I did not ask which lift to get on. Gosh, how could I
not ask him which lift to get on, I screamed in my head. I reached the
top and skied right over to the map that shows all the trails.
      I plopped to the ground and made myself comfy. I was sitting in
the snow with boredom and then saw my teacher and filled up with
excitement and then the excitement went down again it was just a skier
with the same coat as my teacher. Then all the sudden I saw my way
      My instructor had found me and he said next time to ask which
lift to get on then we laughed, “ha ha ha ha.” He asked me if I wanted
to go down country road so we went zooming down Country road and I did
not crash once.

Owen Lanning
“Do I have to?” I trembled, while frightfully staring at the large lift
leading up to Triple Nickel. I knew I would soon be going on this for
the very first time. I also, knew that this experience would be nothing
like the Bunny Hill.
      “I’m scared of heights!” I called to my teachers over the loud
whispers of my anxious fifth grade class.
      “Come on,” my Teachers (Mrs.Conover and Mrs.Graham) strongly
insisted, and encouraged me.
      “Am I really the only one who is actually horrified of going on
that, that, machine?” I thought to my self, feeling cowardly as ever.
“Emmm.. I’m just not ready!!” I cried, by this time I was considering
dashing towards the Bunny Hill, while I still had a chance.
      “Here we go, wait up there, and when the chair comes just sit
down!” Instructed Mrs.Conover, giving me a helpful push forward.
      Before I knew it, I was on the Chair, already heading up, closing
my eyes, and quite fear-stricken. Mrs.Conover kept asking me questions
about my new house, in Waitsburg, and Mrs.Graham asked if I’d like to
take care of her pets when she goes on a trip, soonly. Those two
subjects surely made me excited. But, still the tears I made that trip
up, lets just say could have filled a pool ..seriously!
      Finally, I was at the top of the mountain! But, how to get off
the chair? “Okay, now scoot forward, and when we get to that sign, just
stand up!” Instructed Mrs.Conover. Before we got to the sign, all I
could picture was me falling flat on my face.
      Here goes nothing, I thought to myself, and stood up just like I
was told. Hey, this isn’t so bad. Wait!! What?? Oh my gosh!! They’re
going to fall off the mountain!! IM GOING TO FALL OFF THE MOUNTAIN!!
Everyone went crashing towards the edge of the mountain, near the
trees, and all I could think about is falling off the mountain!
      We were all instructed to just go down, pretending Triple Nickel
was the Bunny Hill. Well, lets just say I found that quite hard to
imagine, especially looking straight down the side of the mountain.
      Yeah, I know, that was my expression when I heard all these
sounds, and my classmates making them, well lets just say that made it
all the funnier.
      “Here, I go!” I yelled carefully skiing down the mountain, trying
to get used to skiing again, speeding up every minute, realizing that
Triple Nickel is just as easy as the Bunny Hill.
      “AHHHHHH!” I screamed falling down. I got back up, shook the snow
off me, adjusted my gloves, and started to ski back down.
      Hey! There’s the lift, again.
“Going back up?” asked my friend Alexis.
“You bet.”

By Caitlin Bales Krause

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