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									                                                                                                   SEPTEMBER 2009

                                             ON INTO FALL
                                  The end of August can be a depressing
                                  time. The slower pace of summer is
                                  over. The fish we caught at the beach
                                  are memories captured in photographs
                                  on my desk. Now its on to the relentless    Jim is no stranger to Fourth Church. He
                                  onslaught of fall activities.               has led a Wednesday night program and
                                                                              preached here. But if you have not yet
                                  But before we turn to things coming in      met him or Janice, you will have an op-
                                  the next month or so, let me say a huge     portunity to do so when he is with us for
                                  word of THANKS! to Steve Vance,             Wednesday Night Fellowship on
                                  Ruth Roper, and all who made our            Wednesday, September 2. The first thing
                                  “Summer with the Psalms” such a re-         you will notice are their lovely Scottish
                                  markable experience. Each week one          accents. Those who attend the retreat may
                                  person would offer a 15-20 minute pres-     come back “a wee bit more fluent in the
                                  entation on the psalm for the day fol-      native language of heaven,” as Richard
                                  lowed by a creative experience relating     Gibbons at First Presbyterian likes to say.
                                  to the psalm presented by someone else.     Jim, who was the Director of Church Re-
                                  In addition, our worship services were      lations at Presbyterian College, has re-
                                  built around the psalm for the day, and     cently been called to serve as the senior
                                  Steve, Buz, and I wrote psalm-prayers       pastor at the Oakland Avenue Presbyte-
                                  based on the psalm for members to take      rian Church in Rock Hill, SC. You will
                                  home and use during the coming week.        love hearing and getting to know Jim and
                                  The presentations were all outstanding.     Janice. There is more information about
                                  We discovered a whole new set of            the retreat later in this Newsletter.
                                  teachers. And the creativity of this con-
                                  gregation is amazing—from a parade          On Sunday, September 27, a child of this
                                  through the halls and sanctuary, to a       church, the Rev. Craig Foster, will be
                                  blues arrangement of Psalm 88, to mak-      installed as the Associate Pastor for Edu-
Fourth Presbyterian
                                  ing flower arrangements and gifts for       cation at First Presbyterian, Spartanburg.
Staff                             our home-bound members, to a beautiful      I have been asked to preach that morning
Pastor:                           mural of Psalm 139. The creative ex-        and his proud father, Lewis Foster, and I
 Rev. Dr. Allen C. McSween, Jr.   pression included chanting the psalms,      will serve on the installation commission
Associate Pastor:                 visualizing the psalms with dramatic        from Foothills Presbytery. It will be a
Rev. Buz Wilcoxon                 powerpoint images, and hearing the          joyful celebration! We are all tremen-
Interim Associate Pastor:         psalms in new musical settings. Atten-      dously proud of Craig’s accomplish-
 Rev. Dr. Steve Vance             dance held steady throughout the sum-       ments.
Children’s Ministries:
                                  mer. A number of churches in this com-
 Donna Foster
                                  munity call off church school for the       So, even if the slower pace of summer is
Minister of Music:
                                  summer. Not Fourth! I am tremendously       over, there is much to which I eagerly
 Hank Hinnant
Organist:                         proud of the outstanding Christian edu-     look forward to this fall. Soon we will
 Paul Thomas                      cation we offer all year—and especially     again be eating Tony’s delicious meals on
Church Administrator:             this past summer! Thanks to all who         Wednesday nights and before long it will
 Faith Speight                    made it such a success!                     be time for our annual church barbeque
Assistant Administrator:                                                      (Oct. 12), and all sorts of other opportuni-
 Robin Cline                      Now, on to Fall. I hope that by now you     ties to grow in faith and fellowship in this
Youth Ministry Coordinator:       have seen information about our annual      wonderful congregation.
 Jan Carter                       church retreat (September 19-20) and
Little Folks of Fourth:           have made plans to attend. Jim and
 Sally Pellew                     Janice Simpson will lead the retreat on
Pastor Emeritus:                  the theme of Communion.
 Rev. Robert Lawrence
                    Meet the Newest Additions to Our Fourth Family
David C. Gustavson
17 Brookway Drive,
Greenville, SC 29605
David is originally from Aiken, SC. He is employed by Color Resources, LLC. He is interested in learning more
about Fourth’s Youth Ministry & the Sterling Community work. David enjoys golf and cooking with his wife, Meg.

Margaret (Meg) Robertson Gustavson
17 Brookway Drive,
Greenville, SC 29605
Meg is from Liberty, SC. She and her husband, David, both share the love of cooking. Meg is employed by Lanier
Parking Solutions and also works part-time at Stellar. She would like to become involved in the volunteer work in
the Sterling Community.

Janet (Jan) K. Williams
410 Milstead Way,
Greenville, SC 29615
Jan has many different interests and hobbies. She has spent many hours in Salt Lake City researching her family’s
genealogy. She also enjoys working on the computer, playing the piano, being a Bingo caller at Rolling Green, and
she is also a member of the Red Hat Society. Jan is interested in the Circles and Gofourthers group at church. She is
already involved in the tutoring program in the Sterling Community.

Justin Claude Moore
24 Druid St.,
Greenville, SC 29609
707-292-4900 (cell)
Justin moved to Greenville from Charlotte, NC. He is self-employed as a horse trainer. His wife, Heather, also
shares his interest in horses. They first met each other through a mutual trainer.

Heather Schmid Moore
24 Druid St.,
Greenville, SC 29609
864-266-8637 (cell)
Heather attended Fourth Presbyterian as a child, before moving to Germany with her family. She returned to
Greenville to attend Furman University, and is now working for the Department of Juvenile Justice in Greenville.
She is very interested in horse riding.

Michael Hayne Watts
5 Club Forest Lane,
Greenville, SC 29605
Michael and his wife, Sally Wise, have come to Fourth from Buncombe Street United Methodist Church. Michael
lived in Taylorsville, NC before moving to Greenville. He works for Consolidated Planning. His hobbies are golf
and real estate development.

Sally Wise
5 Club Forest Lane
Greenville, SC 29605
Sally is employed by the Greenville Hospital System, at Roger C. Peace. She and her husband, Michael Watts, enjoy
their three dogs. Sally’s hobbies are reading, running, and knitting.
                                                      Fourth Facts

                                         CHURCH SCHOOL NEWS

18mo-2Yrs. will study Old Testament stories from God Loves Me, from the Christian Reformed Church. The teachers for
September are: Trina & Brian Benson.

3&4 Yrs. Will study from the Walk With Me series, from the Christian Reformed Church. The teacher for September is
Vonnie Vance.
K5&6 will study lessons from the “We Believe” curriculum, from the Presbyterian Church (USA). This fall’s topic will be:
“We Belong to God” The teacher for September is Kathy Woodson.

GRADES 1-5! These grades will participate in The Crossway. This month, for our “Awesome Adventure”, we will study
“Journey Through the Bible” and will use the ‘Thou Art’, ‘’, ‘Mission Possible’, and ‘Temple’ Rooms. The memory
verse will be from psalm 119:105“…Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path” We want to thank those who
helped teach the July and August rotations: Barbara McPhail, Jennifer & Dale Heflin, Tracey Heller, Amy Quinn, Taylor &
John Schneider, Anne McVeety, Andy Coburn, Jimmy Wright, Robert Foster and Jeff Dishner.

The teachers for September are: TEMPLE – Michelle Caudell, THOU ART – Katie Jones, MISSION – Merritt Ray,
4TH.COM – Anne McVeety.

                               Adult Christian Education Fall Offerings
                                         Beginning August 30

BIBLE AND THEOLOGY:                ROOM 23
“Call Sealed with a Promise” Focusing on texts from Exodus, Deuteronomy, Leviticus and Numbers this twelve-session
Bible Study series looks at an epic story that is new with every generation of God’s people, namely who are we and what are
we called to do. (8/30-11/22)
Leaders: Bill Sibley, John Mann, Trish Gwinn, Ruth Roper & Marvin Quattlebaum, Jr.

INTERACTIONS:               Room 24
“The Biblical Call to Love Our Neighbor” Using Beth Templeton’s book, Loving Our Neighbor, as a guide, this six week
course will examine the call to love our neighbors found in the stories of the Old and New Testaments. Though the book can
serve as a practical guide for church conversations about service, we will be focusing on the biblical and theological back-
ground for our service to the poor and homeless. Beth Templeton will join us for one session, with the other 5 being taught y
rotating members of the class. (8/30-10/11)
Leaders: Various Class Members

CHRISTIAN TOPICS:                Room 25
“Servant or Sucker: Wise & Compassionate Ways to Help the Poor”
Using the video of the same name as discussion starters this six-week class is designed to help us discern appropriate, Christ-
centered actions when it comes to addressing poverty on a personal and organizational level.
Leaders: Andy Coburn, Gene Krcelic & Steve Vance

THE INQUIRER’S CLASS              Session Room
This class is offered for individuals interested in learning more about the Presbyterian Church and the opportunities for in-
volvement in the life of this congregation. Those who are considering membership, those who have joined in the past year, as
well as those who would like to learn more about our heritage as Presbyterians are welcome. Leader: Dr. Allen McSween

NOTE: Due to the church retreat there will not be any Sunday church school on September 20
                                                 Fourth Facts
WORSHIP PACKS FOR CHILDREN IN GRADES K-5 – 5th! Be sure your child in these grades picks up a pack
each morning as he or she enters the Sanctuary.

                                   Worship Pack Families for September are:
         9/6 Josiah & Kristie Tennent 9/13 Ashe, Cole & Merritt Ray 9/20 Jillian & Taylor Schneider
                                  9/27 Mattie Blake, Walker & Whitney Ramseur

PANCAKE BREAKFAST/RALLY DAY was a wonderful way to start a new year of church school at Fourth! Thanks
to all who participated and a very special thanks go to the senior highs for a super breakfast.

With school starting, we welcome a new group of first grade children to The Crossway in church school. We also wel-
come them as they stay through the entire worship service. This is a big step for them and their parents. As a church fam-
ily, it is a part of our baptismal vows to nurture them and help them learn and grow in the church.

RISING FIRST GRADERS will be presented the book, A Children’s Guide to Worship on September 13. Welcome to
elementary church school: Cooper Boyd, Luke Caudell, Lucy Clauss, Riley Cottingham, Anna Laird Crosswell, Eli
Gatchell, Mason Goldsmith, Mac Grow, Owen Heller, Camilla Hipp, Hayden Medgysey, Edward Mercer, Walker Mill-
wood, Dalton Quattlebaum, Mattie Blake Ramseur, William Rogers, Robbie Young and Sophie Young

RISING THIRD GRADERS will have Bibles presented to them on Sunday, September13. Our rising third graders are:
Jackson Ashley, Avery Canady, Annelise Caudell, Ellis Chandler, Sam Clauss, Hallam Cottingham, Kendall Heflin,
Alek Jones, Jake King, Griffin Leland, Walker Ramseur, Isabella Schmid, Caroline Stover, Sophie Turpin, Adelaide
Vergnolle, Alexander Waiboer, Georgiana Walters and Bryson Woodhouse.

PREPARING YOUR CHILDREN FOR THE LORD’S SUPPER CLASS for baptized elementary children (or
younger if you feel their ready) will be held on Wednesday night, September 9, during the Wednesday night children’s
program. We will also offer the regular children’s program for those who have already taken the class. Parents of chil-
dren in the class, if they have not participated previously, are asked to do a study at the same time led by Dr. McSween.
This is an opportunity for baptized children to be “nurtured and instructed in the significance of the invitation to the Ta-
ble and the meaning of their response.” Please call the church office at 232-8123 to sign up.

AN ADULT/INFANT/CHILD CPR/ WITH AED REFRESHER CLASS will be offered after Wednesday night sup-
per on September 16 from 7:30-10:00 in the Mildred Crymes room.

THIS CLASS BEFORE on Wednesday, September 23 and Wednesday September 30 after WNF from 7:30-10:00. This
is a five hour class and attendees must attend both sessions.
Class size is limited for both types of sessions and all participants’ names will be included in our First Aid/CPR/AED
listings around the church building. The church will cover the cost for each participant. Please call Donna in the church
office to sign up and for more information.

USHERS, GREETERS and CHURCH HOSTS NEEDED: Please contact Mike Chandler (chandlerme@bellsouth.
net/879-1991) for 8:45 and Harrison Kisner ( for 11:15. Thanks to all who have helped
keep our services running smoothly, and we always welcome new faces, especially new members!

SERVING THROUGH PRAYER -Prayer Partners partner in the Spirit with those in our church family and commu-
nity who have asked others to pray for them during illness or other challenging situations. Prayer Partners may receive
prayer requests by phone or by email. To serve as a Prayer Partner, please contact Robin in the church office at 232-
8123 or Carol Harrison at 235-2913 or
Weekly Prayer Time On Fridays at 11:30, all are welcome in the sanctuary for quiet prayer, reflection, and meditation
on scripture. A list of prayer requests is at the door for those who would like to pray for others.
                                                         Fourth Facts

                          SESSION                                                         DIACONATE
                         Class of 2009                                                     Class of 2009
                        Nancy Giguere                                                    Hope Heaton Green
                        Patricia Gwinn                                                     Kay Hornaday
                        Pam McCauley                                                        Scott Jones
                         Rick Rhame                                                        Gene Krcelic
                          Bill Sibley                                                        Ed Loftis
                          Ron Werntz                                                        Kim Pitman
                         Class of 2010                                                     Class of 2010
                          Brent Grove                                                     Hall Bickmann
                        Biff Quattlebaum                                                 Carol Perrin Cobb
                       David Quattlebaum                                                   Clint Edwards
                        Gwen Randolph                                                       Beth Meyer
                          Steve Seman                                                      Lucy Pulliam
                         Bonnie Wallin                                                    Harris Robinson
                   Class of 2011
                    Brad Majors                                                        Class of 2011
                    Bill Pitman                                                         Talbot Carter
                    Anne Propst                                                      Mary Fran Crosswell
                    Ruth Roper                                                         Linda Doherty
                  Kathy Thomas                                                        Heather Gatchell
                  Robert Thomas                                                       Harrison Kisner
         Moderator of Presbyterian Women:                                             Hector McLean
                   Mary Krcelic

                            THE DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 2
    Our retreat will be held at Bonclarken Conference Center in Flat Rock, NC September 19-20. Our theme will
    be, “Communion – Food for the Journey” with Dr. Jim Simpson, Pastor of the Oakland Ave. Presbyterian
    Church, Rock Hill, SC and his wife Janice Simpson.
    Registration forms are included in this newsletter and can be downloaded from our website, www.4thpres-grvl.
    com. More detailed information can be found in the brochure on the table outside of the church office.
    We hope you can join us!

                                             SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS

1    Ramon Kyser                  8    John Kisner              14   Betsy Vick                  21   David Baughman
2    Chaford Brown                8     Molly Coleman           14   Walker Ramseur              21   Cynthia Hammond
3    Bill Pressly                 8    Steven Short             15   Eric Thomas                 21   Sam Cargill
3    Richard Zeller               9    Linda Marshall           15   Clay Thomas                 21   Elliot Grrow
3    Jennifer Heflin              9    Chris Fore               16   Samuel Estridge             21   Holly Ridgway
3    Buz Wilcoxon                 9     Charles Tatum           16   Perry Gwinn                 21   Bess Hammond
3    Ryann Wilcox                 10   Seth Lauderdale          17   Paul Wilburn                22   Dick Jones
4    Sue Hart                     11   Hope Green               17   Paul Woodward               22   Sue Wherry
5    Barbara Horton               10   Ginny Hunt               17   Suzanne Sanders             23   Charles Houser
5     Mark Giguere                10   Hope Sanders             18   Bette Dalton                22   Sam Robertson
6    Lib Pitman                   12   Mark Kent                18   Prudence Greene             23   Furman Alewine
7    Bill Kastler                 12   Kent Giguere             18   Deana Blanding              23   Gwynne MacIntyre
8    Gail Stapleton               12   Jeremy Schmid            19   Tom Waiboer                 23   Hailey Crocker
7    Harrison Kisner              13   Pam McCauley             19   Margaret Estridge           23   Charles Houser
7    Spears Mercer                13   Krista Ligon             19   Christine Wallace           24   Allen McSween
7    Chris Pellew                 14   Kelly Martin             20   Mary Chandler               24   Phil Rabe
                                  14   Nancy Giguere            21   Will Stephenson             24   Rob Galloway
                                               Fourth Facts

               Fourth Presbyterians Address Issues of Hunger
Did you know?

The Free Lunch Eligibility in all Greenville Schools is 47.6%, and in all South
Carolina Schools it is 51.3%. – Greenville County Schools, Food and Nutrition

Household food security in the United States 2007. 11.1 percent of U.S. house-
holds were food-insecure at some time during the year in 2007, and 4.1 percent
had very low food security. This report, based on data from the December 2007
food security survey, provides the most recent statistics on the food security of
U.S. households as well as on how much they spent for food and the extent to which food-insecure households
participated in Federal and community food assistance programs (November 2008). US Department of Agricul-

One in six people in the world – or more than 1 billion – are now hungry. - June 20, 2009 Greenville News

How are we at Fourth Presbyterian Church helping to lower these statistics?

2 Cents a Meal Your pennies turn into dollars!! Half are used to feed the hungry at Triune Mercy Center. The
Hunger Task Force of Presbytery distributes the other half to local, national, and international hunger relief pro-
jects. John Mobley, Coordinator

United Ministries Food Pantry – Grocery bags are filled to the brim and taken to the Food Pantry at United
Ministries. In 2008, 7,825 persons received groceries at United Ministries. Paul & Mindi Young, Coordinators

Triune Mercy Center On the 4th Sunday in January, April, July, & October a delicious nutritious dinner is
prepared by Tony Pepper and served by Fourth volunteers. Homemade desserts are offered as well. Each Sun-
day 120 – 150 persons are fed. Don Jackson, Coordinator

Sterling Community Center Organic Garden – The first organic garden was planted this year at the Commu-
nity Center. Future plans include cooking demonstrations and community garden plots. Katie Rabe, Coordina-

GAIHN (Greenville Area Interfaith Hospitality Network) – Fourth Presbyterian partners with Grace Cove-
nant Presbyterian to share hospitality with homeless families. Working the week of September 27th, our goal is
to provide five meals. Kathy Woodson, Coordinator

Meals on Wheels – Fourth volunteers deliver nutritious meals making personal contact with homebound indi-
viduals, prepare trays in the kitchen, help in the office. Fifteen Hundred Meals are delivered daily!! Contact
Meals on Wheels to volunteer.

Bread for the World A new opportunity to raise our voices against hunger is advocacy. Bread for the World
is a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad. Each
year Bread sponsors an offering of letters campaign, national or international. This year’s emphasis is Reform-
ing Foreign Aid. Vonnie Vance, Coordinator

October 7th Wednesday Night Fellowship – Learn and Serve!!
1. Learn about ways you can be involved. 2. Bring an offering of food for a canned food drive. 3. Give to
2cents a meal. 4. Participate in the Bread for the World Offering of Letters. 5. Watch the bulletin for more in-
                                                   YOUTH NEWS
                                         Be "Called Fourth" into a new year!
                                   Beginning on September 13th….youth groups will meet in the gym at:
                                             4:45-6:45- Jr. Highs
                                                 5:30- Choir (Jr. and Sr. Highs welcome)
                                                    or Mission Monkeys
                                                 6:15-6:45- Dinner
                                                 6:15-8:00- Sr. Highs
                                          Sept. 6- NO YOUTH-Labor Day
                                     Sept. 13- Stewardship of Creations-Sharing
                                       Sept. 20- NO YOUTH-Church Retreat
                                     Sept. 27- Stewardship of Creation-Serving
  Every year Presbyterian College awards the Outstanding Church Youth Leader Award to a rising high school sen-
  ior who has shown outstanding leadership in a local congregation and community. The college “hopes to inspire
  in youth leaders continued service and commitment to Jesus Christ through the Presbyterian Church (USA).” The
  winner of this award receives a scholarship to Presbyterian College and will be honored at their Youth Day fes-
  tivities on November 21. If you are interested in attending Presbyterian College and would like to be considered
  for this award please contact Buz Wilcoxon.

                           Outcry Against Hunger
The Rev. Art Simon, the founder and president emeritus of Bread for the World, will
share the surprising story of how God uses ordinary people to make an extraordinary
difference in the lives of hungry people. He'll talk about his new book The Rising of
Bread for the World: An Outcry of Citizens Against Hunger and reflect on his decades
of advocacy for hungry people at three upcoming events: (1) September 24 at 6:45 at
First Baptist Church in Clemson, (2) September 25 at 5:00 at Lutheran Theological
Southern Seminary in Columbia, and (3) September 27 at 8:45, 9:00 and 11:00 at Bun-
combe Street United Methodist Church in Greenville. Bread for the World is the na-
tion's foremost Christian voice against hunger and is a strong partner with PC(USA) and the Presbyterian Hunger
Program. Contact Greg Sims, Bread for the World Southeast Field Organizer, at or 888-239-
0073 for more information.

                                              PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN

                      The Presbyterian Women Circles would like to invite all the women of the Church to our Fall
                      Kick Off Meeting on September 8, 2009.

                        The three daytime Circles will meet jointly in the Fellowship Hall at 10:30 am. While Bell
                        Mebane is studying Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver, the other Cir-
cles will be using the Horizons Bible Study entitled Joshua: A Journey of Faith.

We are excited to be welcoming back our own Reverend Jill Tolbert. She will lead us in the first two lessons from the
Joshua study. Please join us for this wonderful morning of fellowship! Circle 4 will also meet on September 8 at 6 pm
in the Mildred Crymes classroom to launch their study.
    Fourth Presbyterian Church
    703 East Washington Street
    Greenville, SC 29601
    Return Service Requested

Allen McSween 214                                Fourth Facts 864-232-8123
Buz Wilcoxon 215
Steve Vance 224           Nursery committee floaters during the 11:15 service for Septem-
Faith Speight 212                ber are:    Jennifer Payne
Donna Foster 221     Pre-school Helpers during the month of September ar:
Robin Cline 210                            Nursery: 11:15 Holly & Brent Boling
Jan Carter 211                          4-5 yr. olds:                   8:45 service Nursery Staff/
Sally Pellew 218                            11:15 service Katie & Scott Jones
Hank Hinnant 223

                                 Greeters and Ushers for September

8:45 Ushers for September                 11:15
McCrady Gwinn                             Greeters:
Brent Grove
8:45 Greeters for September
Joyce Grove
Vickie Kroeger
                              September programming for the GOFOURTHERS revolves around the Church Retreat
                              at Bonclarken Conference Center, Flat Rock, NC, Sept 18-20. Reservation forms are
                              available in the Reception Hall outside the church office.
                                                           Deadline is September 2
                                                     Upcoming GOFOURTHERS Activities:

                        Oct. 15 SPARTANBURG ARTS ADVENTURE: Lunch at “Billy D’s” and a visit to
                             the Chapman Cultural Arts Center. Reservations by Oct 12!!
            Nov. 19 “IN JEOPARDY” AT FOURTH: Potluck luncheon in Mildred Crymes Room followed by our
                                           own version of the TV Game show

               GOFOURTHERS is a monthly fellowship & outing opportunity for adults 50 plus & friends
                                  of Fourth Presbyterian Church. Join us!

 Fourth Family,
 Our Congregational Care committee needs your help! This committee offers comfort, care and support
 to members experiencing illness, death of a loved one, and births or adoptions. We also reach out to our
 homebound members and students going away to college.
 Please call or e-mail Robin Cline ( and let us know how you can serve
 our congregation in any of the following ways:
 · Make a meal for a family experiencing a birth, death or illness
 · Deliver a meal to a family experiencing a birth, death or illness
 · Deliver flowers to homebound or sick members
 · Provide food for funeral receptions
 · Assist with mailings to college students and homebound members
 · Serve as a host for weekly prayer time
 Thank you for joining us in serving the members of our congregation. We look
 forward to seeing how God will use your gifts to meet the needs of others. If
 you have any questions, please contact Heather Gatchell at 349-1010.
 Your Congregational Care Committee
 Heather Gatchell, Mary-Fran Crosswell, Michele Wilson, Carol Perrin Cobb,
 Steve Vance, Robin Cline

                                                Little Folks News – September 2009
                        Summer is over. Fall is here. We’ve packed up the sprinklers until next summer. Our
                        thoughts here at Little Folks have turned to apples, harvest, and other harbingers of the coming
                        season. This is the time of year that the large yellow and black writing spiders get busy build-
                        ing their expansive, intricate webs. It takes a large insect jar to put them in if you want to catch
                        and observe one for a day or so. Wes Benson brought one in to show his class. He had made a
                        wonderful habitat for the spider with all sorts of leaves and sticks. The spider had already be-
gun spinning a web in its new habitat. What a remarkable thing to see. We treasure these unexpected and unplanned
moments of wonder. These are the reasons that teachers at Little Folks come back each new school year. We have the
opportunity to see the world through a child’s eye and experience with them God’s amazing world.
The FALL program begins Tuesday, Sept. 8.
September 23 & 24 are “Parent- Bring your lunch and eat with your child – Day”. Check with each class for the spe-
cific times.
VACATION CHURCH SCHOOL – Once again, we had a fabulous week as the children went to the edge, Camp
E.D.G.E that is. They indeed discovered and experienced God everywhere with great art projects, sensational sci-
ence experiments, awesome music, terrific snacks, fun games and the very heart of the week, the wonderful Bible
stories. The highlight of the week is always the friendships that are made and nurtured with both the children and the
adults. We were blessed with 120 children and over 100 volunteers involved this year! Thank you does not seem like
enough to say to them for all of their participation and support. VCS would not be what it is without each and every
one of them. Thank you!

Of course every successful venture begins with good planning and this VCS was blessed with four very amazing, tal-
ented and dedicated Directors; Elliott Grow and Diane Chandler and Assistant Directors; Rebeckah Macfie and
Amie Owens. We want to thank them especially for the gift of their time, energy, devotion and dedication to VCS.

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes to help make VCS run so smoothly. Thanks to everyone who sent in
camping supplies, Christmas trees, food, helped to set up and take down, to Tony Pepper for the fantastic meal on
Friday, to Buz Wilcoxon and Teresa Cottingham for our opening sessions, to Jeff Macfie for the terrific power point
and to Mindy Young for taking the fantastic pictures.

Our project was The Ronald McDonald House and we collected lots and lots of much needed supplies for their facil-
ity and the families that they serve. We appreciate everyone for giving so generously. A monetary donation in honor
of all of the VCS Directors, Assistant Directors, VCS teachers and volunteers was also made to them.

Thanks again to everyone who helped and participated; we couldn't have done it without each and every one of you!
It was a great week. Remember to mark your calendars now for VCS 2010, July 26-30! Our Directors and Assistant
Directors for next year are: and Amie Owens and Rebeckah Macfie and Amy Quinn and Kathryn Johnson.

VACATION CHURCH SCHOOL – If you would like information on how to obtain pictures from VCS you can e-
mail Mindy Young at

A WORD TO PARENTS OF YOUNG CHILDREN: As an expression of concern for the well-being of children in
the church, the session has adopted the policy that if a child needs to leave worship to go to the restroom, it will be
the responsibility of a parent or guardian (not an older sibling) to accompany the child. (The restrooms under the
sanctuary are the most accessible.) This policy grows out of a concern among churches in Foothills Presbytery for the
safety of children and from the adoption of our own Statement of Policy on the Protection of Children. It is of par-
ticular concern for us since we are a downtown church and our main doors are unlocked. Thank you for helping us to
protect our children.

DISCIPLES BIBLE STUDY is ready to gear up again. This year we will be studying Psalms, Proverbs, and other
writings of the Old Testament for the first half of the year. Our New Testament study will be the Gospel of John, the
letters of John and Revelation. It should be another exciting and interesting year. We will gather for orientation and
to get our books on Tuesday August 25 and Friday August 28. Classes will be Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 p.
m. and Friday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 am. Both classes have plenty of room for newcomers, and you don't have
to have taken Disciple before to come join us! If you would like more info, or if you would like to come but cannot
attend the first meeting, contact Debbie Kyser at 593-8361.

GAIHN (Greenville Area Interfaith Hospitality Network) - We will partner again with Grace Covenant
Presbyterian church on the week of Sept. 27th and will have more opportunities for volunteers to get involved. We
will need Evening Hosts who will prepare and serve a meal, and spend some time visiting with the families during
that week. We will also need someone to prepare breakfast on the morning of October 3rd. Additional donations of
twin sized sheets, towels and nightstands are also needed. Please drop any donations in the box at the church. If you
would like to be an Evening Host or for more information, contact Kathy Woodson at 232-6873.

THANKS to all of the volunteers who contributed their time, resources and heart to making 4th Presbyterian
Church’s commitment to Triune Mercy Center a huge success in July. We fed nearly 150 very appreciative homeless
people. Our congregation is a true blessing to the Greenville community. Thank you for your dedication.

The family of Vivian Hoppe is thankful to all of our 4th Friends for your love and support during her illness and sub-
sequent death. Thank you for living God’s love!!
                                   WEDNESDAY NIGHT CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS
Wednesday nights are back and we want you to come and be a part! We will continue with the same type of rotation for the
elementary age children with just a few changes. The activities will include Bible games, crafts, staying for "kid-friendly"
programs and recreation in the gym. The activity and leader will change each week. We are appreciative of our leaders for the
elementary children this year and they are as follows: Grades 1-3: Hugh McVeety (Gym), Teresa Cottingham (Bible
Games), Whitney Ramseur (Crafts).
Grades 4 &5: Andrea Leland (Bible Games), Doug Major (Gym), and Lesa Kastler (Crafts).
Our pre-school children will have a craft, Bible story, and/or play time and/or a movie. Our leaders for these ages are:
Rhonda Watson & Amy Quinn, Amie Owens & Dianna Schmid, Hall Bickmann, Tracey Heller, Amy Dishner & An-
drea Murdock
A nursery for infants through age two will also be provided with Cathy Taylor, Michelle Caudell, Rebeckah Macfie and
Janelle & Robert Thomas rotating each week.
 It would not be possible to have quality programs for our children without the wonderful volunteers that we are so fortunate
to have. We appreciate all of the care and attention that they give to our children each week.

September 2 Jim Simpson, our Retreat Speaker – A Prelude
 Pot Roast, mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Carrots, Salad, Apple Cobbler
September 9 Warehouse Theater Presentation
 Baked Spaghetti, Salad Bar with Fruit, Garlic Bread, Ice Cream

September 16 Youth Mission Trip Presentation
 Honey Baked Chicken, Cabbage, Oven Roasted Red Potatoes, Salad, Assorted Cakes
September 23 “Called Fourth” with the Humane Society and Roper Mountain Science Center
 Build Your Own Sub Sandwich and Salad, Key Lime Pie
September 30 “Presbyterian Heritage” with Dick Ray
 Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, English Peas, Corn, Salad, Brownies & Ice Cream

September 2 set up Julia O’Dell & Jenell Vassy
 Clean up Heidi & Jimmy Wright
September 9 set up Edith Patterson & Margie Taylor
 Clean up Mary & Gene Krcelic
September 16 Set up Mary Beck & Marcie Bruce
 Clean up Lucy & Joe Pulliam
September 23 Set up Marty Lancaster & Dianna Schmid
 Clean up Whitney Ramseur & Joe Lee
September 30 Set up Jamey & Amy King

 NURSERY – 2 years                   Pre-School Ages 3-5                             Grades 1-3 & Grades 4-5
 September 2 Cathy Taylor            September 2 Amy Quinn & Rhonda                  September 2 Hugh McVeety & Doug
 September 9 Rebeckah                Watson                                          Major (Gym)
 Macfie                              September 9 Amie Owens & Dianna                 September 9 Whitney Ramseur &
 September 16 Michelle               Schmid                                          Lesa Kastler (Crafts)
 Caudell                             Sept. 16 Hall Bickmann & Tracey Heller          September 16 Stay for Program
 September 23 Janelle &              September 23 Stay for Program                   September 23 Stay for Program
 Robert Thomas                       September 30 Amy Dishner & Andrea               September 30 Teresa Cottingham &
 September 30 Cathy Taylor           Murdock                                         Andrea Leland (Bible Games)

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