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					DAY 1
THEME:       Rejoicing in Hope … in our Hearts.

LESSON ONE:         Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
                    Author: Dr. Seuss

                    ISBN: 0679805273

GRADE LEVEL:          Intermediate
Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Dr. Seuss's modern classic is about opportunity and our bright hopeful tomorrow.
The book looks at venturing out into the world where there will be ups and downs, challenges and change. It
describes up times and down times, waiting times and stressful times. It gives a strong message of hope and the
human potential.

MATERIALS:         Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
                   BLM: Reader‟s Theatre - Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
                   CD: “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack

TIME FRAME:         1 x 45 minute lesson with optional lesson extensions
Reading: OE 1.6                              Catholic Social Justice Teachings: Dignity of the Human
Writing: OE 1.5, 2.2                         Person
Media: OE 1.2, 1.5, 3.2                      Scripture Connections: Matthew 28:18-20
                                             Religious Education Program: Grade 7, Unit 4, Unit 9.2
                                             Fully Alive Program: Theme 1: Created and Loved by God
                                             Catholic Graduate Expectations: 1(a), (e); 2 (a); 3 (a); 4 (a)

DISCUSSION POINTS                               Warm-Up: Reader’s Theatre of Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
Hope is our trust that God offers the                                 see BLM-INT DAY 1
Kingdom of Heaven and eternal life as our       Students can break into small groups to practice the reader‟s
happiness.                                      theatre script. Focus on the rhythmic metre of Dr. Seuss‟
Dr. Seuss writes about                          Reflect on: Matthew 26:18-20 and Mark 6:6-8
 beginnings                                    What is the message of hope?
 decisions
 how good things happen                        Before Reading:
 how bad things happen                            What do you think the title of the book (Oh, the Places
 waiting                                           You’ll Go) means?
 escaping to bright places                        Have you ever wanted to go somewhere, but you were not
 lonely game                                       sure how you were going to get there?
 resiliency
 ups and downs of life                         During Reading:
 hope in our heart                             Discussion Options
                                                   How are the “brains in your head” and “feet in your shoes”
                                                    going to help you to get somewhere or reach a goal?
                                                   What can you do if you are not sure where you want to go?
                                                   What feelings might you have if you go down the wrong
                                                    path or don‟t get what you want?
                                                   What feelings might you have if you are on the right path?
THEME:       Rejoicing in Hope … in our Hearts.

LESSON ONE:        Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
                   Author: Dr. Seuss

                   ISBN: 0679805273

GRADE LEVEL:         Intermediate
                                                  Where might you want to go or what might you want to do
                                                   or be that will make your life what you want?
                                                  Who might you want to help you get there?
                                                  How are you going to make sure you stay on track with
                                                   what you want for your life?

                                               After Reading:
                                               Response Question Options – whole group, small group,
                                                 pair, individual
                                                  Do you have something that you want for yourself?
                                                  What plans do you have to achieve what you want for
                                                  What happens when you are faced with challenges and

                                               Extending Understanding:
                                               Working in pairs, find the text pieces that support what Dr.
                                               Seuss writes about in Oh, the Places You’ll Go! (see list below)
                                               Dr. Seuss writes about:
                                                  beginnings
                                                  decisions
                                                  how good things happen
                                                  how bad things happen
                                                  waiting
                                                  escaping to bright places
                                                  lonely game
                                                  resiliency
                                                  ups and downs of life
                                                  Hope in our Heart

                                               Pairs will answer: Do you have knowledge or experience that
                                               affect the way you interpret the author‟s message?
                                               How does the author‟s approach differ from the approach in
                                               other articles or stories that you have read?

Review similarities between poetry and song    Writing Extension Options
lyrics (ie. stanza and verse, refrain and         Students will write a goal and describe what they will
bridge).                                             have to do in order to accomplish that goal.
                                                  Students will create a media work (slideshow, brochure,
                                                     public service announcement, etc). Suggestions to
                                                     include in the work: someone they would like to meet
THEME:        Rejoicing in Hope … in our Hearts.

LESSON ONE:          Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
                     Author: Dr. Seuss

                     ISBN: 0679805273

GRADE LEVEL:           Intermediate
                                                        and why, somewhere they would like to go, some
                                                        important people in their lives and/or something they
                                                        have learned that will help them in their life.
                                                       Students will take 5 to 7 quotes from the story and
                                                        develop a timeline that parallels their life journey.
                                                        Photos could be incorporated into the timeline. Use of
                                                        presentation software such as Keynote, PowerPoint,
                                                        Pages, is encouraged.

Media questions taken from: Ontario              “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack:
Ministry of Education (2008). A Guide to         Give students a copy of the lyrics.
Effective Literacy Instruction, Grades 4 to 6,
Volume Seven, Media Literacy, Toronto:           Questions to Consider:
Queen‟s Printer.                                   What values, virtues are represented?
                                                   What are the components of the message? How does the
                                                    message speak about Hope in our Hearts?
                                                   Who created this message?
                                                   What visualization techniques have been included in the
                                                    lyrics to suggest particular images, colours, or feelings?
                                                   What is the main idea?

How I will change the lesson to meet the needs of individual students?

   Peer Tutor/ Partner           Increase/Decrease Time       Manipulatives
   Oral Explanation              Include Visuals              Extend

How will I know when my students are successful?

    Anecdotal Notes              Peer/Self Assessment         Checklist
    Rubric                       Oral Reports                 Rating Scale
    Interview/Conference         Include Visuals              Extend
                                                                             BLM: INT p.1
                       OH, THE PLACES YOU’LL GO!

Voice 1:   Congratulations! Today is your day.
           You‟re off to Great Places!
           You‟re off and away!

Voice 2:   You have brains in your head.
           You have feet in your shoes.
           You can steer yourself
           any direction you choose.

Voice 3:   Jesus came and said to them,
           “All authority in Heaven and on earth has been given to me.
           Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them
           in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit
           and teaching them to obey everything
            that I have commanded you.
           And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
           (Matt. 26:18-20)

All:       Rejoice in the Lord always …
            the God of peace will be with you always.
           (Philippians 4:4,9)

Voice 4:   You‟ll look up and down streets.
           Look „em over with care.
           About some you will say, “I don‟t choose to go there.”
           With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet,
           you‟re too smart to go down any not-so-good street.

Voice 1:   And when things start to happen,
           don‟t worry. Don‟t stew.
           Just go right along.
           You‟ll start happening too.

                                                                         BLM: INT p.2
Voice 2:   I‟m sorry to say so
           but, sadly, its true
           that Bang-ups and Hang-ups
           can happen to you.

Voice 3:   You can get so confused
           that you‟ll start in to race
           down long wiggled roads at a break-necking pace
           and grind on for miles across weirdish wild space,
           headed, I fear, toward a most useless place.

Voice 4:   Then he went about among the villages teaching.
           He called the twelve and began to send them out two by two.
           (Mark 6:7-8)

Voice 1:   On and on you will hike.
           And I know you‟ll hike far
           and face up to your problems
           whatever they are.

Voice 2:   And will you succeed?
           Yes! You will, indeed!
           (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed.)

All:       Rejoice in the Lord always …
           the God of peace will be with you always.
           (Philippians 4:4,9)

Voice 3:   So, you‟re off to Great Places!
           Today is your day!
           Your mountain is waiting.
           So … get on your way!

Voice 4:   Hope is a heart that is open to the world around you.
           Hope is knowing that things change
           and that we can help to change things for the better.


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