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                        SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY COURSE 2


                Study 7: The Existence and Knowledge of God

The two areas of theology known as the existence and knowledge of God obviously
overlap. Does God exist? What evidence is there for His existence? From what do we get
true knowledge of God? Can He be known?

We have decided to break into our studies of the ‘1689 London Baptist Confession of
Faith’ at this point to briefly consider these two important areas.


What do you think; does God exist? Give reasons for your answer.

7.1 Does God Exist?

Theology assumes the existence of God. This is not merely the thought that there is
something out there, but that there is a self-existent Personal Being that is God, who is
the First Cause of all things. In this, theology is not alone, for it is the basic assumption of
the Bible (Gen 1:1).


Does everybody know that God exists? Give reasons for your answer (see Psalms 10:4;
14:1; Romans 1:18-21).

Atheism is not so much the disbelief of the existence of God, as it is the denial and
suppression of the knowledge of God’s existence. It is an attempt by man to silence an
accusing conscience, that is constantly reminding him of his having to do with this God
whom He is both disobeying and denying.

7.2 The Evidence for the Existence of God

Over the years theologians have sought to demonstrate the existence of God by various

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evidences and proofs. However, it should be noted that until God reveals Himself to a
person, giving the gift of faith (Heb 11:6), these proofs and evidences are of no value to

7.2.1 The Ontological Argument (Because the Idea of God Exists)

This proof runs along the lines that because man has an idea of the existence of God, as is
clearly evident throughout the history of the world, God must therefore exist. In fact, if
man had never fallen into sin, the law written upon our hearts may very well have been a
source of much knowledge concerning God.

7.2.2 The Cosmological Argument (Because the World Exists)

This proof runs along the lines that because the world exists, it must have a cause,
therefore there must be a First Cause. This First Cause must be God (Job 12:7; Ps 19:1,2;
Rom 1:20).

7.2.3 The Teleological Argument (Because Order Exists)

This proof runs along the lines that because the world reveals harmony, order and
purpose, there must be behind all this an intelligent Being.

7.2.4 The Moral Argument (Because Morality Exists)

This proof runs along the lines that God must exist because of the existence of morality
among men, for this implies that behind men must be a moral Being.

7.2.5 The Historical/Ethnological Argument (Because Religion Exists)

This proof runs along the lines that because throughout history there has been a sense of
the divine in all peoples and tribal groups, there must be an original understanding of God
from which this has come.

            ‘The notion of an invisible, over ruling power, with some form of religious worship
            has been universal. It is proof of an ancient revelation handed down by tradition
            having proceeded from God, springing up naturally in the human mind.’

                                                                                                    John L. Dagg

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