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									2006 ANZAC Day Gallipoli Tour
Led by Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair!
Those heroes that shed their blood
And lost their lives...
You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country.
Therefore, rest in peace.
There is no difference between the Johnnies
And the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side,
Here in this country of ours.
You, the mothers,
Who sent their sons from far away countries...
Wipe away your tears.
Your sons are now lying in our bosom
And are in peace.
After having lost their lives on this land, they have
Become our sons as well.
(The founder of Turkish Republic)                                                                          Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair

To stand on the beach at Anzac Cove at dawn on 25th April                This is deluxe tour. All accommodation included is in very
is to be Australian.                                                     comfortable, well located hotels.

You are invited to join an exclusive tour led by Rear Admiral Peter      Gallipoli is the emphasis of this tour, and places such as Anzac Cove,
Sinclair (retired) which will allow you to take part in the 91st         Lone Pine, the Nek and Chunuk Bair will be explored in detail. We will
Anniversary Gallipoli Dawn Service in 2006. Our military expert and      also visit other significant places in Turkey.
Guest of Honour will share his expertise on the Gallipoli Campaign
and naval history.                                                       Istanbul is the only city on earth that embraces the two continents,
                                                                         Asia and Europe. It displays the beautiful monuments of the Roman
Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair was a senior naval officer, who helped set   and Byzantine eras next to the very best works of the Turkish-Islamic
up the tri-service Australian Defence Force Academy. Sinclair helped     age. We include an escorted tour of the city highlights such as
Darwin out of the aftermath of the Cyclone Tracey in 1974 and led the    St Sophia, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace - the administrative centre
disaster relief effort of the flood prone Nyngun in 1990.                of the Ottoman Empire.

Gallipoli has been a place of pilgrimage for Australians and New         On the way from Gallipoli to Ephesus we visit Troy where excavations
Zealanders for almost a century due to its importance in our             have revealed nine separate periods of settlement including ruins of
Nation's History. The Anzac area has the status of a National Park       city walls, houses, a temple and a theatre. We also visit Pergamum
and at each key point of the terrain is a Commonwealth War Graves        where we see the remains of temples and the magnificent library of
Cemetery. It is impossible to walk through these little cemeteries       ancient times.
without shedding a tear for the loss, the waste of youthful hopes
and potential.                                                           We visit Ephesus, one of the largest and best preserved ancient cities
                                                                         in the world. We walk on 2000 year old marble streets, and admire the
8700 Australian died at Gallipoli and 19000 were wounded. Large          library of Celsus, The Temple of Hadrian and the Theatre. We also visit
numbers of the dead have no known grave. The story of Anzac has          the house of Virgin Mary where it is believed that Mother Mary came
had an enduring effect on the way Australians see themselves.            to live until her death.
Though the campaign was a failure, Anzac has come to stand, in
the words of the official historian, C.E.W. Bean, "for reckless valour   At the end of our Turkey tour, discover one of the worlds great cruise
                             in a good cause, for enterprise,            experiences as you sail the magnificent Greek Islands. From the
                             resourcefulness, fidelity, comradeship      vantage of your cruise ship you will see many contrasting islands in a
                             and endurance".                             relatively short time. The entertainment and superb food on board
                                                                         compliments the beauty of the islands. Witness the archaeological
                             During this tour we shall explore           wonders of Knossos, once the capital city of the Minoan Civilisation.
                             the battlefields in depth and our           Marvel at the Acropolis of Lindos and amble through the Old
                             local Gallipoli guide will bring history    Medieval city of Rhodes. Relax over coffee in Fira Town, the capital of
                             back to life.                               Santorini with its superb views.

                             They went there for us, now we must go there for them
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Tour Itinerary

17 Apr 2006         SYDNEY–ISTANBUL
Depart Sydney at 9.45pm (via Singapore and Bahrain) to Istanbul
on Gulf Air. Gulf Air provides an outstanding level of service- the
airline won five service awards in 2004 alone.

18 Apr 2006         ISTANBUL
                                                                            22 Apr 2006           GALLIPOLI
Arrive to Istanbul airport at 1.20pm and transfer to hotel for overnight.
                                                                            Today we visit the sites of the Australian battles at Anzac itself. We
Afternoon at leisure. Accommodation is included at the beautiful
                                                                            plan to visit Lone Pine, where Australian’s achieved the impossible
Barcelo Eresin Topkapi Hotel, in the heart of the old city of Istanbul.
                                                                            feat of capturing the covered trenches and were awarded seven
                                                                            Victoria Crosses. They suffered 2,000 casualties here. Some of those
19 Apr 2006         ISTANBUL
                                                                            who perished are buried here in what is the largest Anzac cemetery.
Breakfast at your hotel. Full day tour of Istanbul including the
                                                                            We also plan to visit Johnston’s Jolly (site of early field guns),
stunning Topkapi Palace, St Sophia Museum, Blue Mosque and
                                                                            Courtney’s Post (where Albert Jacka won Australia’s first VC of
Grand Bazaar. Lunch included. In the evening we provide a special
                                                                            WW1), Quinn’s Post (which changed hands so many times), the Nek
Welcome Dinner with a detailed introduction to the Gallipoli
                                                                            (where the charging Light Horse were massacred), Baby 700 (a hotly
section of our tour by Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair. Accommodation
                                                                            contested hilltop), Chunuk Bair (where New Zealanders fought so
at Barcelo Eresin Topkapi Hotel.
                                                                            heroically), Hill 971 (the Mt. Everest of Gallipoli) and our guide will
                                                                            point out Suvla Bay (where the British landed for the last great ill-
20 Apr 2006         ISTANBUL
                                                                            fated assault in August 1915), Scimitar Hill, Green Hill, Lala Baba and
Breakfast at your hotel. Morning at leisure. An unforgettable afternoon
                                                                            Hill 10. Dinner and accommodation at Iris Hotel.
excursion on the Bosphorus; the straight that divides two continents,
Europe and Asia.We cruise along the Bosphorus,and pass by mansions,
                                                                            23 Apr 2006           GALLIPOLI
modern villas and the European style palaces of The Ottomans,
                                                                            Today we will visit the Anglo-French battlefields where Australians
Dolmabahce and Beylerbeyi. Disembark near the Black Sea and drive
                                                                            also fought. We travel around the southern tip of the Gallipoli
back to the hotel. Accommodation at Barcelo Eresin Topkapi Hotel.
                                                                            Peninsula, visiting battle sites and memorials including Twelve
                                                                            Trees Copse Cemetery and the NZ Memorial (an artillery
21 Apr 2006         ISTANBUL–CANAKKALE
                                                                            observation post), Y Beach (where the British landed but had to
After breakfast depart for Gallipoli. We drive down the north west
                                                                            evacuate), X Beach (where troops landed unopposed), Cape Helles
side of the Sea of Marmara, stopping for lunch at Eceabat, then
                                                                            Memorial (an imposing 33 metre high Cenotaph honouring 20,000
continue to Gaba Tepe to visit the museum. We then enter the WW1
                                                                            war dead), V Beach (site of Seddulbahir Fort where nine British
battle zone, orientating ourselves before stopping at Anzac Cove
                                                                            soldiers won VCs during a bloody landing), Canakkle Sehitleri
(where the Anzacs first landed) and the cemetery at Ari Burnu Point.
                                                                            Museum and Memorial (a massive 40 metre high monument to the
At sunset we will wander through the cemetery to see the names of
                                                                            Turkish    fallen),    French     War   Cemetery      and    Memorial
the young Australians who fell (including the graves of Light
                                                                            (commemorating the massacre of the French and their colonials)
Horsemen killed at the Nek). Dinner will be provided at the Iris hotel.
                                                                            and Redoubt Cemetery (site of some of fiercest fighting of all).
In the evening we will have a seminar hosted by Rear Admiral Sinclair.
                                                                            Dinner and accommodation at Iris Hotel.

                                                              Istanbul      24 Apr 2006           GALLIPOLI
                                                                            This is the day of Turkish and International Memorial Services. After
                                                                            breakfast we will have a discussion and planning meeting in the
                                                                            hotel, we will share our impressions, insights and resources. Late in
                                                                            the afternoon we depart our hotel and will cross to Eceabat to have
                                                                            a hot dinner there at 6pm. At approximately 7pm we will continue
                                                                            to North Beach. You will be given a packed breakfast and lunch as
                                                                            well as water and a blanket. In order to get a good position on the
                                                                            beach we shall stay up all night for the Dawn Service, which starts
                                                                            at 5.30am at North Beach. Your night on the beach will be shared
                                                                            with thousands of other Australians making the effort to come here
                                                                            for the 91st Anniversary Dawn Service.

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25 Apr 2006       GALLIPOLI
We attend the Anzac Day Dawn Service. At its conclusion you
can choose to either walk up the hills traversed by the Anzacs
to Lone Pine for the additional service there, or our coach will
be available to take you (subject to security and traffic
restrictions). In the afternoon we will return to our hotel for
dinner and overnight.

25 April Highlights:       Anzac Day Dawn Service: 5.30am
                           Lone Pine Service: 11am
                                                                                                                        Anzac Day ceremony
                           Chunuk Bair Service: 3pm

26 Apr 2006       CANAKKALE–KUSADASI                                   29 Apr 2006       BURSA–ISTANBUL
Today we say goodbye to Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair. Depart            In the morning we depart to Istanbul. The rest of the day is at
in the morning to Kusadasi en route visit Troy. Stop at Pergamon       leisure with plenty of time to shop at the Grand Bazaar or relax at
to visit the Acropolis and Asclepion, the ancient medical centre.      your hotel. In the evening we provide a special farewell dinner at
Continue to Kusadasi for dinner and overnight at the                   a local Turkish restaurant. Accommodation at Eresin Crown Hotel.
Fantasia Hotel.
                                                                       30 Apr 2006       ISTANBUL
27 Apr 2006       KUSADASI                                             This morning is free for last minute shopping and sightseeing.
Full day tour to Ephesus, the most visited site in Turkey and one of   Passengers who book the optional cruise to the Greek Islands will
the largest cities of Roman times. We then continue to St John’s       be transferred to the port in the afternoon. Those who return to
Basilica and the house of Virgin Mary, where she is said to have       Australia on Gulf Air will spend one more night in Istanbul.
spent her last days. Return back to your hotel in Kusadasi for         Accommodation at Barcelo Eresin Topkapi Hotel.
dinner and overnight at Fantasia Hotel.
                                                                       1 May 2006        ISTANBUL
28 Apr 2006       KUSADASI–BURSA                                       Around noon transfer to the airport for your departure to
After breakfast depart from the hotel to the historic city of Bursa,   Australia at 2.45pm.
the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Visit the Green Mosque
and Ottoman Complex. Dinner and overnight in Bursa at Thermal          2 May 2006
Kervansaray Hotel.                                                     Arrive to Sydney at approximately 8:15pm.

                                                           Ephesus                                                                   Istanbul

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Optional Greek Island Cruise

30 Apr 2006         ISTANBUL
Early afternoon transfer to the port for embarkation on Louis Cruise            Mykonos
Line vessel. Cruise through the Dardanelle narrows and onto the Greek
Islands. The Dardanelles was the sight of major naval action preceding       Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Today the town is famous for its
the Gallipoli Campaign.                                                      gold shops. After exploring the town and its fort we depart in the
                                                                             evening to Heraklion in Crete.
1 May 2006          ISTANBUL–MYKONOS
Cruise through the Greek Islands to Mykonos, arriving mid afternoon.         4 May 2006          CRETE–SANTORINI
You can go ashore to explore the chic shops and restaurants, before          Arrive to Crete early morning. Optional morning tour includes a visit to
departing at midnight.                                                       Knossos Palace, the centre of the Minoan civilisation. Afternoon departure
                                                                             for Santorini, one of the most beautiful islands in the world, where blue
2 May 2006          PATMOS–KUSADASI                                          domed churches cling to the cliff side of an extinct volcano high above the
Early morning arrival to the island of Patmos.Here St John is said to have   port. From the town at the top of the cliff you will get a fantastic view.
written the book of Revelations, and a monastery is built at the cave he     Depart late evening for Athens.
is said to have stayed in. The town also boasts a pretty port with
excellent tavernas.Then cruise down the Turkish Coast to Kusadasi Port,      5 May 2006          ATHENS
for time at leisure. Sail overnight to Rhodes in Greece.                     Arrive to Athens at 7.00am. Pick up from Piraeus port for a short tour of
                                                                             the Acropolis, before being transferred to Athens airport to meet the
3 May 2006          RHODES                                                   2.45pm flight back to Australia.
Arrive to Rhodes early morning. Rhodes boasts a magnificent fort once
held by the Crusaders on their way to the Middle East. The Colossus of       6 May 2006          SYDNEY
Rhodes which once stood at the entrance of the port was one of the           Arrive Sydney at approximately 8:15pm.

Inclusions                                                                   Tour Price
• Return economy class airfare from Sydney to Istanbul including             • Price per person in twin share accommodation with return economy
airport taxes                                                                class air travel- $5,960 ex Sydney.
• Accommodation at 4 and 5 star hotels with breakfast                        • Upgrades to business class are available at an extra $3,520.
• Transportation by air conditioned coach throughout the itinerary           • Upgrades to business class for seniors (over 55years old at the time of
• All tours as per itinerary including entrance fees                         travel) are available at an extra $3,140.
• Service of an English speaking local Guide                                 • If you wish to make your own way to Istanbul and join the tour from
• Meals as per itinerary                                                     18 April through 1 May the land-only price is $3,860.
• Services of an Australian Tour Manager throughout                          • The optional cruise extension is an additional $2,480.
• Hotel porterage charges and hotel taxes.
                                                                             For Singles
INCLUSIONS ON THE CRUISE EXTENSION                                           If you are a single person and wish to share a hotel room, we will try to
• Accommodation in twin - deluxe outside stateroom                           find someone else of the same gender for you to share with and you
• All meals & port taxes                                                     pay the twin rate. The Single room supplement at all hotels is $1,964.
• Transfer from hotel in Istanbul to the port and from Piraeus port to
Athens airport                                                               Payments
• Sightseeing tour of Acropolis including guide and entrance fees            Cheques should be made out to Greece and Mediterranean Travel
Different cabin classes are available on request.                            Centre. Direct and internet deposits to:
                                                                             Bank BSB:           032 010                Account Number:        155 942
                                                             Santorini       Account Name:       Greece and Mediterranean Travel
                                                                                                 Centre Pty Ltd. Client Account

                                                                             You can also pay your deposit by any major credit card without
                                                                             surcharge. Balance can be paid on Visa and MasterCard with a 1.5%
                                                                             surcharge or Amex/Diners Club with a 3% surcharge. Please complete
                                                                             the appropriate details on the booking form.

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Booking Form
Please complete this form and send it with your non-refundable deposit of $1000 per person ($1,600 per person if booking the Greek Island Option).

Name 1:                                                                              Name 2:


Email:                                                                               Phone (Home):

Phone (Work):                                                                        Mobile:

I would like to book the following (please tick the appropriate boxes):
❑ Turkey Tour including economy class airfare                  ❑ Business Class Upgrade                   ❑ Greek Island Cruise Option
❑ Twin Share                    ❑ Double                       ❑ Single share with stranger               ❑ Single Supplement
❑ Turkey tour only (no air)

Other services required:

By signing this form I/we understand and accept the booking conditions as outlined in this document:

Signed (person 1):                                                                   Dated:

Signed (person 2):                                                                   Dated:

I will use the following type of payment for a deposit:

❑ Cheque                                     ❑ Direct Deposit                        ❑ Credit card

If credit card selected please complete section below.

Card (Type): ❑ Visa                          ❑ MasterCard                            ❑ Amex                                       ❑ Diners

Card Number:                                                                         Expiry Date:                                 Amount: $

Name on the card:                                                                    Signature of card holder:

Note: All participants must sign this form. A parent or guardian must sign form for children under 18 years old.

Booking Conditions                                                                   Should Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre cancel the tour due to a lack of
                                                                                     participants you will be paid a full refund. Should Greece and Mediterranean
Booking: To make a booking please complete registration form attached, sign it       Travel Centre cancel the tour because it receives security advice that it is unsafe
and send it to us with your payment. As seats are strictly limited we can not hold   to travel, you will receive a refund less any non-refundable payments made to
places without a deposit. Once a deposit is received your place is reserved and a    service providers.
confirmation will be sent to you.                                                    Tour contents: Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre reserves the right to
Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of $1000 per person is required to secure a        change the itinerary due to availability or reasons beyond our control. If
place on the tour. If you wish to book the Greek Cruise Option, the deposit is       necessary, hotels or cruise vessel listed might be substituted with similar ones.
$1,600 per person.                                                                   Specific bedding arrangements can be requested but can not be guaranteed.
Final Payment: Balance is due by 31 January 2006. Failure to pay by the due          Liability: Except for non excludable items as provided by the Trade Practices Act
date could result in the cancellation of your place.                                 1974, Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre Pty Ltd. can not be held
Prices: All prices are in Australian dollars. In the event of exchange rate          responsible for any failure or accident including but not limited to motor vehicle
fluctuation the cost is subject to change. Should there be a change in these rates   accidents and acts of political terrorism or violence.
the price of the tour may be changed in line with the extra costs incurred. You
will be notified of any changes.
The tour is based on a minimum number of 20 participants.We reserve the right to                   Telephone: 1300 661 666
amend the tour price or cancel the tour if we do not reach the minimum number.
Cancellation: Cancellation charges are calculated based on the date of
Prior to 31 January 2006 – Loss of deposit
                                                                                           Suite 2, 644 Botany Road
After 31 January 2006 – No refund                                                             Alexandria NSW 2015
You are strongly advised to take out Travel Insurance to cover against                           Tel: (02) 9313 4633
involuntary cancellation.
The Australian Government has Travel Advice regarding Travel to Turkey
                                                                                                 Fax: (02) 9313 4475
available at www.smarttraveller.gov.au or by phoning 1300 139 281. Please make         info@greecemedtravel.com.au
yourself aware of this advice prior to booking on the tour. An updated travel
advisory does not constitute grounds to cancel your place on the tour and                Licence 2TA 5411 ACN 102 271 830
receive a refund.
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