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Homophones Homophones are words that sound the same when by mifei


          Homophones are words that sound the same when pronounced, but are spelled
  differently. Also, the words have different meanings. At times, it can be tricky to know which
  word to use. The best way to overcome such an obstacle is to know the spellings and
  meanings of different homophones. Practice makes perfect! Here is a list of common

  Do YOU                   Commonly used Homophones                                     Do YOU
 know the                                                                              know the
                   Our & hour           Red & read            Site & sight
differences        Eight & ate         Male & mail        Principal & principle       differences
 between            Be & bee          Night & knight       Council & counsel           between
the words         Hear & here         Wait & weight       Mourning & morning          the words
                  There & their       Piece & peace          Waist & waste
  in each                                                                               in each
                 To, Too, & Two        Dear & deer           Witch & which
    set?            See & sea           Won & one             Pray & prey
                   For & four         Flour & flower           Toe & tow
                  Right & write       Week & weak             Hair & hare
                   Sun & Son            Die & dye               By & buy

                              Try them yourself and see how
                             many you know and understand!

  Now that you have had a chance to review the list of commonly used homophones, try and
  see if you REALLY know the difference! Below and continued on the next page is an essay.
  See if you can use the words correctly! Good luck!

  The Strangest Story

         Once upon a time, there was a (dear/deer) old man that loved (to, too, two) hunt
  (dear/deer) in the (mournings/mornings). He did so because (dear/deer) was his only
  source of meat where he lived. The old man lived in a beautiful area where wonderfully
  brilliant (flours/flowers) grew. Sometimes, the old man would pick the (flours/flowers) and
  add them to the (flour/flower) he used to make bread. Everything was (pieceful/peaceful) in
  the (mournings/mornings). At around (eight/ate) in the (mourning/morning) on a Tuesday,
  the old man decided (to, too, two) go out and hunt (dear/deer). Little did he know that that
  Tuesday would be (won/one) to remember.
         After having walked (for/four) about two (hours/ours), the old man saw a
(hair/hare) hopping along the side of the road. The old man thought it was the most beautiful
thing he had ever seen. He stopped and just watched it (for/four) a bit. Then, he continued
         The old man finally arrived (to/too/two) his favorite (site/sight) where he hunted. At
his (site/sight), (there/their) was a little tent where he would sometimes take a nap. It was
small, but cute. (There/Their) was also a beautiful view from his spot. Simply standing
(there/their), a person could (sea/see) for miles because the air was so clean. After settling
down, the old man went on his hunt.
         It was (night/knight) by the time the old man got back to his favorite spot. He was
tired. He had been hunting (dear/deer) all day. Luckily, he managed to get one. Upon
deciding to spend the (night/knight), the old man opened his tent (to/too/two) find a
(piece/peace) of (hair/hare) near his pillow. The old man knew it wasn’t his because, well,
he has no (hair/hare). He thought that maybe it was (hair/hare) from the (hair/hare) he had
seen earlier that day. It wasn’t. At that very moment, the old man heard a loud noise coming
from behind him. Quickly turning around, the old man had (site/sight) of what was making
the loud and scary noise. It was a large, (male/mail) lion and the lion looked hungry!
         The old man thought he was going to be the lion’s (prey/pray), so, he began to
(prey/pray) to God for his life! Right before the man said his final words, the lion quickly
turned around and ran away. The man couldn’t understand why the lion ran away! Then, he
saw it. The little (hair/hare) had scared the lion! Oh My! The big and scary lion was really a
coward! The man was relieved. He gave the (hair/hare) some vegetables and then he decided
to go home.
         Three weeks had passed and the man still could not stop thinking about that brave
little (hair/hare) and what it had done for the old man. Every (night/knight), the man would
sit outside of his house waiting to see if he would (hear/here) that scary noise again. He
never did. I guess the (hair/hare) was still hopping around, somewhere, out (there/their)
keeping the lion at bay.

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