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					                           LIST OF ATTORNEYS

  CITY                 CONTACT INFO                   SPECIALTIES/REMARKS
Mumbai      Bombay Bar Association
            Room No. 57, 3 rd Floor
            Mr. G. S. Patel, Honorary Secretary
            High Court Building
            Tel: 91-22-5633-3901 (O)
            Mumbai 400 032                  mobile:
            Phone: 91-22-2267-3367

Ahmedabad   Bar Council of Gujarat

            Satyamev Complex

            Opp. Gujarat High Court

            Sola, Ahmedabad 380060

            Tel: (079) 27434073

            Tel: (079) 27433460

Ahmedabad   H. M. Bhagat & Co.                        Fields of specialization:
                                                      citizenship, nationality, foreign
            Advocates, Solicitor and Notary           exchange laws, private
                                                      international law, insurance,
            Industry House, Behind Nataraj Cinema,    consumer protection, partnership
            Ashram Road, Ahmedabad 380 009; off.      and succession, investigating and
            Tel: 26584333, 26584334; res. Tel:        certifying title to lands,
                                                      conveyancing, commercial
            26444343, 26445674, 26445675 off. Fax:
                                                      litigation, company law, banking
            26584334; Cell: 9824042629
                                                      law, service jurisprudence.
                                                      Notarial services – proficient in
            e-mail: and     service of foreign court
           processes. Handles taxation, all
                                                      kinds of legal work, trade
                                                        disputes. Criminal cases are
                                                        handled indirectly through
                                                        agents. Collection cases are
                                                        handled at flat rate. Further
                                                        details can be had from the
                                                        International Law Directory -

Ahmedabad   MR. M. G. DOSHIT -                          Fields of specialization:
            Office: M. G. Doshit & Company, 35          constitutional matters, taxation,
            Embassy Market, Ashram Road,                company law. Handles civil
            Ahmedabad 380 009; off. Tel: 26588126;      work, company matters, and
            res. Tel: 26442055. Member law firm of M.   estate cases, trade disputes. Does
            G. Doshit & Company.                        not handle collection cases or
                                                        criminal cases.

Ahmedabad   MR. RUSTOM RATAN MARSHALL                   Practicing Advocate in the
            MR. NISHMIN RUSTOM MARSHALL                 Gujarat High Court in
                                                        constitutional, civil and criminal
            4th floor Indraprasth (Office Tower)
            Near Drive-in-Cinema, Drive-in-Road         matters for about last 25 years.
            Ahmedabad 380054                            Expert in matters relating to
            Tel: (079) 27484258, 8229293                corporate houses and also on
            Fax: (079) 27484258
                                                        behalf of Semi Government
            143 Sunrise Park                            organizations like Municipal
            Opp: Drive-in-Cinema                        Corporations, Urban
            Drive-in Road                               Development Authorities and
                                                        Nationalised Insurance
            Tel: (079) 26850770, 26851278

                                                        Also undertakes work in other
                                                        cities besides Ahmedabad and
                                                        also gives special consultation
                                                        and legal advise to people who
                                                        are desirous of doing business in
                                                        India and more particularly in
           M.A., L.L.B. Advocate
           Gujarat High Court
           A-3/94, Nirman Complex
           Opp. Sola Mandir, Nr. R. C. Technical
           Ahmedabad 380 051
           Tel: (079) 27437354

Amravati   Mr. Dilip G. Malviya
           61 Vrundavan Colony
           Behind Mahapore Bunglow

           Tel: (0721) 5623599
           Cell: 9850343949

                                                          The firm specializes in
           ADVANI & CO. - Office: 10 Thakur               arbitration, disputes in
Mumbai     Niwas, Level 2, 173 Jamshedji Tata Road,       connection with bank guarantees,
           Mumbai 400 020; Tel: 22021347,                 joint ventures and all commercial
Pune       22818380, 22818381, 22818382; fax:             disputes, and in oil and natural
           22865040 Email:           gas projects. Also handles real
                                                          estate, government relations,
           The principals in the firm are:                banking, project finance,
                                                          admiralty and airline related
           Ashok H. Advani - res. Tel: 22874755;          disputes and finance, joint
           Hiroo H. Advani - res. Tel: 24928978;          ventures and overseas
           Ranbir Krishan – res. Tel: 23635197,           collaborations, taxation and
           23628370; Habib H. Datoobhoy – res. Tel:       corporate law.
           23612084, 23643050.

           The firm's principal office is in Mumbai. It
           has an office in Pune (Tel: 26122940; fax:
           26122948) and international offices in
           Dubai ((971) (4) 321117; contact:
           Jhanardan Shetty at fax no. 311455).

Mumbai     FLAVIA AGNES –
           Majlis Legal and Cultural Centre
           Building no. 4, Block A/2, Golden Valley,
           Kalina Kurla Road, Kalina, Mumbai
         Tel: 26662394 Fax: 26668539 Email:

Mumbai   A.R.A. LAW                                     The firm handles cases involving
          Office: Agra Building, 1st floor, 121 M. G.   banking/financial/civil damages,
         Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 023; Tel:               collections, contracts,
         22631700; fax: 22631800; Email:                corporations, foreign claims,                    foreign investments, government
                                                        relations, insurance, investment,
                                                        immigration, labor relations,
                                                        marketing agreements,
         Partners: Rajesh N. Begur res. Tel:            patents/trademarks/copyrights,
         26408486; e-mail:           taxes.

                                                        Shrikant Bhat, Attorney, 11, Ida
                                                        Mansion, 18 Vaju Kotak Marg,
                                                        Ballard Estate, Mumbai India
                                                        400001. Phone: 2261-4981 (O)
                                                        and 2407-6506 ® Fax: 2267-
                                                        9841 Email:

Mumbai   CONSULTA JURIS                                 The Firm handles cases relating
         - Office: Mittal Court, 81 & 82-C Wing, 8th    to adoption, child custody, civil
         floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 Tel:      damage, estates, government
         22835050, 22610794; fax: 22811616,             relations, marriage & divorce,
         22821616 Email:                                taxes, aeronautical & maritime, website:             banking & financial, collections,
         http://www/                          contracts, corporations, foreign
                                                        claims, foreign investment,
                                                        insurance, investment in raw
                                                        materials, labor relations,
                                                        marketing agreements, mining
                                                        and petroleum, patents,
                                                        trademarks, copyrights, auto
                                                        accidents, immigration, narcotics,
                                                        fraud, embezzlement, currency
                                                        violation, extradition, criminal
Mumbai   CRAWFORD BAYLEY & COMPANY                  The firm handles matters
         - Office: State Bank Buildings, N. G. N.   pertaining to civil litigation,
         Vaidya Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 023;         arbitration, banking and financial
          Tel: 22660277, 22663713, 22660699,        transactions, corporate law,
         22660910, 22660488, 22665443; fax:         acquisitions, mergers and
         22660355, 22660986, 22663978; Email:       takeovers, joint venture and                 foreign collaborations, exchange
                                                    control, direct and indirect
         Mr. Prashant Asher, Advocate               taxation, antitrust, shipping and
         Tel: 22613850 Cell: 9820068003             admiralty, real estate,
                                                    conveyancing insurance,
                                                    industrial law, patent trademark
                                                    and copyright, testamentary and
                                                    succession law.

Mumbai   DESAI & CHINOY Solicitors &                Area of Service: Administrative
         Advocates                                  law, amalgamations and
         Office: 88-B, Mittal Towers, Nariman       reconstructions, arbitrations, both
         Point, Mumbai 400021                       domestic and international,
         Tel: 2287-4633; 2283-2808 Fax: 2284-       banking, civil litigation,
         6644 Email:                 commercial documentation
                                                    including tender documents,
                                                    infrastructure projects and
                                                    contracts, corporate laws, cyber
                                                    laws, exchange control
                                                    regulations, foreign
                                                    collaborations and joint ventures,
                                                    excise and customs, financial
                                                    instruments and financial
                                                    restructuring, industrial and
                                                    intellectual property rights,
                                                    insurance, maritime claims and
                                                    disputes, shipping, mergers and
                                                    acquisitions (including due
                                                    diligence), offshore structuring,
                                                    privatization of state enterprises,
                                                    public issues (IPOs), real estate
                                                    and conveyancing, and taxation,
                                                    direct and indirect.

         Solicitors & Advocates                     Specialization in Corporate law,
                                                    human resources, intellectual
         Mr. Debasis Law, Attorney at law           property. General specialization
         Mr. Shuva Mandal, Advocate                 in all fields.
         Mr. Som Mandal, Advocate
         Mr. Shreyas Patel, Advocate

         1105, Dalamal Tower, 211, Free Press
         Journal Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400
         Tel: 91-22-5633-3636 Fax: 91-22-5633-
         3700 Email: Cell:

Mumbai   MRS. ANSUYA DUTT - Office: 59
         Bombay Mutual Chambers, 5th floor, 19-        Fields of specialization:
         21 Ambalal Doshi Marg (Hamam Street),         matrimonial law, estate cases,
         Fort, Mumbai 400 023; off. Tel: 22652252,     trade disputes. Does not handle
         22630292; res. Tel: 22853506; res. fax:       criminal cases.
         22026484; res. Email:

Mumbai   GAGRAT & CO. - Office: Alli
         Chambers, Nagindas Master Road, Fort,         Particular areas of the practice
         Mumbai 400 001; Tel: 22650084; fax:           cover: anti-trust law, arbitration,
         22657876, 22659803; Email:                    aviation, asset based finance,                            banking, capital markets, central
                                                       excise, collaborations,
         Partners: R.A. Gagrat, M.P. Shroff, J.R.      commercial law, constitutional
         Gagrat, A.R. Jani, M.D. Desai, H.D. Petit,    law, conveyance, copyright law,
         A.C. Mehta, R.S. Godiwala, R.J. Gagrat,       corporate law, customs, energy
         V.B. Agarwala, P.N. Kapadia, M.M.             law, exchange control, foreign
         Jayakar, C.A. Jani, P.A. Jani, V.M. Rane,     investment, franchises,
         and S.R. Tejpal.                              international finance, joint
                                                       ventures, labor law, litigation,
         The firm has associate offices in New Delhi   mergers and acquisitions, mutual
         and Dubai. Over 100 persons as associates     funds, personal law, power
         and supporting staff assist the partners of   projects, project finance,
         the firm.                                     securities law, shipping, taxation,
                                                       technology transfer,
                                                       telecommunications, trademarks.

         Advocate & Solicitor, High Court, Mumbai
         Solicitor, Supreme Court of England

         Raghav Nivas, 1st floor 27/29 Picket Road,
         Mumbai 400002
         Tel: 22014414 Telefax: 22005279,
Mumbai   HARESH JAGTIANI & ASSOCIATES                Fields of specialization: criminal
         Office: 205 Neelkanth, 98 Marine Drive,     law (cases arising out of fiscal
         Mumbai 400 002; off. Tel: 22815226,         legislation, e.g. customs, excise,
         22810517; off. Fax: 22839527; Email:        foreign exchange regulations,                         income-tax), civil cases
                                                     (litigation arising out of
         Mr. Haresh M. Jagtiani – Senior Advocate,   contracts, trade agreements,
         has an association with the following law   property transactions, arbitration
         firms: Fairmays in London, England, U.K.,   agreements, banking, foreign
         and D. M. Harish & Co. in Mumbai.           claims, foreign investments,
                                                     patents, trademarks, copyrights,
                                                     cyber laws and adjudication
                                                     proceedings before the various
                                                     government authorities for
                                                     violation under the Customs Act,
                                                     Excise Act, etc.), constitutional
                                                     law (filing of writ petitions
                                                     challenging arbitrary and
                                                     excessive action of government
                                                     authorities and enforcement of
                                                     constitutional guarantees),
                                                     comprehensive services in all
                                                     fields of law, matrimonial and
                                                     family law, marriage and divorce
                                                     cases, drafting of agreements,
                                                     documentation and conveyance
                                                     of property and obtaining
                                                     approval from the various
                                                     authorities such as the Reserve
                                                     Bank of India, the competent
                                                     authority for the transfer of
                                                     property and approval for non-
                                                     residents for holding bank
                                                     accounts, shares, property and
                                                     consultations for tax planning
                                                     and investment opportunities
                                                     under various laws and
                                                     procedures as per government
                                                     policies (e.g. FIPB approval).

Mumbai   HOOSEINI DOCTOR & CO. - Office:             The Firm handles matters
         29 Alli Chambers, 2nd floor, Tamarind       concerning property law,
         Lane, Fort, Mumbai 400 001; Tel:            conveyancing, consumer dispute,
         22654095, 22654280, 22653239; fax:          estates, testamentary and trust
         22656963; Email:       laws, company law, banking
                                                        collaboration agreements, foreign
         Partners in the Firm: Hooseini Salehbhoy       exchange, taxation, estate cases,
         Doctor - res. Tel: 23865882; Mrs. Niloofer     trade disputes, banking
         A. Sawhney - res. Tel: 23635676.               documentation, criminal cases,
                                                        shipping and admiralty law,
         Consultant to the firm: K. N. Dastoor - res.   aviation, customs cases, criminal
         Tel: 24932238.                                 prosecution, accident cases,
                                                        insurance law, labor law,
         Senior Solicitor High Court, Mumbai: H. T.     commercial law, revenue law,
         Attari - res. Tel: 22841789.                   excise and income-tax.

         Advocates: Rajesh Khatanhar - res. Tel:
         26407728; Farhad T. Marolia - res. Tel:
         224149269; cellular phone: 9820149108;

Mumbai   J. Sagar Associates                            Specialized in Securities law and
         Advocates & Solicitors                         capital market transactions.
         1st Floor, Vakils House
         18 Sprott Road
         Ballard Estate
         Mumbai 400001

         Mr. Somasekhar Sundaresan

         Tel: 56561500; 56561504
         Fax: 56561515; 56561516

Mumbai   Poorvi Chothani                                 Areas of Practice
         Attorney (USA), Advocate (India)
                                                        Commercial and Business Law
         Law Quest                                      Corporate Law
         36, Maker Tower ‘F’                            Intellectual Property Law
         Cuffe Parade, Mumbai 400 005                   Media,       Entertainment     and
                                                        Technology Law
         Tel: 56541671                                  Litigation and alternative dispute
         Cell: 9820939666                               resolution
         Fax: 40020901                                  US and Indian immigration law
         Email:                                         Property law               Infrastructure and Government                          contracts
         Website:                    Financial Services
                                                    Also provides services for court
Mumbai   Michael Phulwani
         Attorney At Law

         888 Maywood Ave, Maywood
         N.J. 07607
         Tel: 201-845-0989
         Fax: 201-845-8741
         74-09 37 Ave. Suite 316
         Jackson Heights, NY 11372
         Tel: 718-899-1293
         Fax: 718-899-1291

         7 Mistry Park, 77B. Desai Road,
         Mumbai 400026 India
         Tel/Fax: 2368-4768
         Tel: 23670059; 23642963
Mumbai   Ms. Mridula Kadam, Attorney                Specializing in family law,
         Law office of Mridula Kadam                including     divorce,    judicial
         Gundecha Chambers, 2nd floor               separation, maintenance and
         9, Nagindas Master Road                    alimony, children’s custody and
         Fort, Mumbai 400 023                       matters relating to adoption and
         Ms. Kadam practices at the Bandra Family
         Court                                      Counsel in litigation relating to
                                                    divorce, maintenance, and cross-
         Tel: 56550323 or 56550324                  border custody disputes
         Fax: 22641645                              involving foreign nationals
         Cell: 9820139687                           seeking custody of their children
                                                    from their estranged or separated
                                                    spouses in India.

Mumbai                                              The firm handles
         KANGA & CO. –                              banking/financial cases, civil
                                                    damages, collections, contracts,
         Office: Readymoney Mansion, 43 Veer        corporations, estates, foreign
         Nariman Road, Mumbai 400 001; Tel:         claims, foreign investments,
         56332288, 56339643; fax: 56339656,         investment, marketing
         56339657; Email:                           agreements,                      patents/trademarks/copyrights,
                                                    and taxes.
                                                       The firm represents U.S.
                                                       companies and has, from time to
                                                       time, acted for or in association
                                                       with U.S. law firms.

Mumbai                                                 Structuring of Joint Ventures,
         LEX INDE -                                    including documentation and
                                                       legal due diligence, direct and
         Office: 18/20 B. Hargovindas Building, K.     indirect taxation including
         Dubash Marg, Fort, Mumbai – 400 023;          Customs & Excise, Corporate
         Tel: 22873918, 22873919; fax: 22844620;       Laws, Intellectual property,
         Email: or                    Mergers & Acquisitions,                       Banking, Finance & capital
                                                       markets, infrastructure
         Principal Contact: Akshay Chudasama.          development, conveyancing,
                                                       labor laws, anti-dumping,
         The firm has 12 associate lawyers and 2       arbitration, mediation and
         Counsels.                                     conciliation proceedings,
                                                       commercial transactions, media
                                                       and entertainment.

Mumbai   LITTLE & CO. - Office: Central Bank           The Firm handles matters
         Building, 3rd floor, M. G. Road, Mumbai       concerning shipping and
         400 023; Tel: 22652739, 22652665,             admiralty, joint collaboration
         22652930, 22652834, 22654992,                 with foreign clients, joint
         22653511, 22700837; fax: 22659918,            venture, arbitration, telecom
         22670563; Email:                              infrastructure, power projects, &                   company matters, conveyancing,                      collection cases, trade disputes,
                                                       constitutional law, corporation
         Members of the firm: K. J. Chokshi, S. E.     law, patents, trademarks and
         Morris, D. P. Mehta, J.P. F. Shroff, G. G.    copyrights, monopolies and
         Desai, B. H. Wani, F. J. Sidhwa, R. K.        restrictive trade practices,
         Mehta, R. K. Kulkarni, J. P. Kapadia, A. K.   banking law, commercial
         Chokshi, A.M. Khatlawala, B. N. Vakil,        litigation, estate and testamentary
         Ms. D. K. Wadia, A. R. Wani, Z. S. Morris,    matters, customs and excise
         S. Abhyankar, N. P. Shah.                     matters.

Mumbai   MAJMUDAR & CO
         Ismail Building, 4th floor, 381 Dr. D. N.     Fields of specialization:
         Road, Flora Fountain, Mumbai 400 001;         aeronautical/maritime,
         Tel: 22047812; fax: 22024992; Email:          banking/financial, contracts,                     corporations, foreign claims,
                                                       foreign investments, insurance,
         Akil Hirani Email:                          investment, marketing and his partner      agreements, mining,
         are the principals in the firm.             patents/trademarks/copyrights,

Mumbai   Mr. Majeed Memon                            Specialization in
         Majeed Memon & Associates                   criminal law.
         57, 3rd floor, Esplanade Mansion
         M. G. Road, Kalaghoda
         Mumbai 400 023
         Tel: 22875352
         Fax: 22046133

Mumbai                                               Areas of Practice: Information
         MULLA & MULLA & CRAIGIE                     technology and e-commerce
         BLUNT & CAROE                               laws, corporate law, mergers and
                                                     acquisitions, foreign investments,
         Mulla House, 51 M. G. Road, Mumbai 400      joint ventures, antitrust law,
         001; Tel: 22044960, 22875121; fax:          banking and securities law, air
         22040246, 22044717; (e-mail:                law, aircraft finance, maritime                            and transport law, ship finance,
                                                     marine and general insurance
                                                     law, product liability, litigation,
                                                     taxation, trade and customs law,
                                                     arbitration, bankruptcy,
                                                     intellectual property and general
                                                     entertainment law.

Mumbai   MR. ASHOK C. PRATAP - Office:               transnational transactions of
         Cook's Building, Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji       multinational corporation,
         Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001 off. Tel:        counseling on all aspects of
         22048090, 22042532;                         foreign investment, joint
         Fax: 22871901; res. Tel: 23802811; Email:   ventures, licensing technology,
                          transfers and intellectual property
                                                     rights including governmental
                                                     policies, procedures and
                                                     guidelines, legal and
                                                     administrative regulations and
                                                     provisions, tax aspects and
                                                     implications, preparation of
                                                     agreements, structure of
                                                     corporate documentation for joint
                                                  ventures, compliance with
                                                  governmental requirements,
                                                  processing of application with
                                                  government etc., international
                                                  trade disputes, arbitration.

                                                  Other types of practice: general,
                                                  civil, commercial, corporate
                                                  work of any nature, trade

Mumbai   MR. SIDDHARTHA SHAH                      Courts of Practice: High court,
         Law Offices of Siddhartha Shah           All legal forums and Tribunals.
         Hamam House, 2nd floor, 36 Ambalal       Firm Desc: Individual
         Doshi Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400023          consultants and Service providers
                                                  for civil and criminal laws and
         Res: 7 Chetan Kunj, N. P. Thaker Road,   litigation. Having team of five
         Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400057            attorneys in different specialized
         Tel: 22695622; 26111281; 9322286663      areas of laws.
         Fax: 56343813                            Area of practice: civil litigation,
         Email:           criminal litigation, commercial                    laws and transactions, consumer
                                                  laws, arbitration and mediation,
                                                  business contracts, property
                                                  litigations and documentation,
                                                  recovery matters, specialists in
                                                  divorce laws, family laws and
                                                  matrimonial disputes resolution,
                                                  and drafting general legal
                                                  documents, will, conveyances

Mumbai   Yasmin Ali Shaikh
         Advocate High Court

         Dastagir House, No. 4 Maratha Mandir
         Marg, Mumbai 400008
         Tel: 2308-6624 Mobile: 9821227862

Mumbai   SHENOY & CO.
         Advocates & Legal Consultants

         Building no. 24/854, 2nd floor, Kopri
         Colony, Thane (E) 400 603
         Tel: 9323478667 or 9819823429
Mumbai    SINGHANIA & CO. LLP                          This department is
          Solicitors & Advocates – Intellectual        handling matters
                                                       pertaining to Trademark,
          Property Law Section, India – Office:        Copyright, Design and
          83C Mittal Towers, Nariman Point,            Patents. The nature of
          Mumbai 400021; off. Tel: 22049773,           the work includes
          22851011                                     registration and
                                                       protection of the
          Fax: 22045960; email:                        rights, making
                                                       advertising, renewal,
                                                       renovation, restoration
                                                       and litigation.

Goa       Bernard F. D’Souza
          Advocate High Court, 1517 Vijaya
          Building, Rua de Saudades, Pajifond,
          Goa 403 601
          Tel: 0832-2730854 (O) 0832-2732954
          Fax: 0832-2702934

          Peter D’Souza
          Advocate High Court, 1/52 Garden Centre
          (11), Near Police Station, Mapusa, and Goa
          Tel: 0832-2250536 Cell: 9822122399

Navsari   Mr. Z. N. Dargahwala                         Speciality:
          171 Shopping Center                          Tax and Labor Laws
          Dudhia Talao                                 Indian Immigration matters
          Navsari 396445

          Tel: (02637) 257276
          Cell: 0-9426872746
Navsari   Mr. Harshad I. Naik
          At. & Po. – Vadchha (W. Rly)
          Wadi Street, Ta – Jalalpore
          Dist. Navsari
          Gujarat 396472

          Tel: (02637) 2251330

          Cell: 0-9825254550
Pune       KARNIK & KARNIK - Advocates Office           Areas of practice: Commercial
           and mailing address: Purshottam Apts.        law, domestic law, property law,
           Model Colony, 1120 Shivajinagar, Pune        arbitration, contracts and joint
           411 016; Tel: 25651312, 25651313; Tele       venture agreements, and
           Fax: 25651312.                               corporate law.
           Court Chambers: A-5 Lawyers Chambers,
           District Court Compound, Shivajinagar,
           Pune 411 005; Tel: 25534148.
Pune       MR. A. V. LOKHANDE - Office:
           Ashwini Apts., 1st floor, 330 Rasta Peth,
           Near Apollo Cinema, Pune 411 011; off.
           Tel: 26050474; off. Fax: 26121531; res.
           Tel: 26127531; res. Email:

           Area of practice: Labor law.

Pune       MR. P. NARAYAN and MRS. SATYA
           NARAYAN - Chambers: 1 New Lawyer's           Areas of practice: Civil law,
           Chambers, District Court Compound,           commercial law, criminal law,
           Shivajinagar, Pune 411 005; off. Tel:        domestic law and arbitration.
           25534887; res. Tel: 25434758, 5435514;
           fax: 5449564;

Pune       Manik B. Kandhare, Advocate
           Office: 858/861, New Guruwar Peth,           Area of practice: Well known
           (Kandhare Wada),                             with all procedures and legal
           Pune 411042; Time: 09.00 a.m. to 11.00       work of Banks. Associate
           a.m. and 06.30 p.m. to 08.30 p.m. (Sunday    Advocate for well-known
           closed)                                      companies
           Court: 21, Lawyers Chambers,
           Shivajinagar Court Compound,
           Pune 411005 Time: 11.30 a.m. to 5.00
           Tel: (020) 2447-0440 Cell: 9822196576

Vadodara   Mr. Harendra Banatwala, Senior               Fields of specialization:
           Advocate                                     criminal cases, civil litigations,
           Mr. Pulin H. Banatwala, Advocate             consumer protection, partnership
                                                        and succession, investigating and
           Banatwala Advocates’ Associate               certifying title to lands,
           Office: 9, Hari Krupa Society                conveyance, commercial
           Gotri Road                                   litigation, company law, banking
           Vadodara 390 021 Gujarat                     law, marriage and divorce, taxes
           Tel: Cell: 9228104766 or 9227105917   direct and indirect, labor laws,
           Email:           patents, trademarks, copyrights,
                                                 auto accidents, commercial

Vadodara   Mr. I. M. Rajput
           Res: 21 Jai Narayan Society
           B/H Bapu’s Dargah
           Cell: 9825064978

Vadodara   Mr. Shailesh Patel, Advocate          Practicing since 1983, at various
           Girija Chambers, Sardar Bhuvan Lane   criminal courts at Vadodara and
           Raopura                               other districts.    Expertise on
           Vadodara 390 007                      murder, rape, robbery, forger,
           Tel: (0265) 2423772 (O)               cheating, fraud, assault and
           Tel: (0265) 2342151                   others on foreigner’s act.
           Mobile: 09825026843

Vadodara   Mr. Pravin J. Thakker, Advocate
           301, Indraprasth Complex
           Near Oma Crossing
           Waghodiya Road
           Tel: (0265) 2501934 (office)
                (0265) 2514080, 2501867
           Cell: 9825062605

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