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                                    Standing Committee Country Team
                                    Colombo Sri Lanka
                                                                                     SITUATION REPORT # 154


                                                                                          20-27 November 2008

                                                                             IDP situation as reported this week by GAs
                                                                                     Displacement after April 2006
                                                          Location                          Number of Families            Number of Individuals
                                                             Jaffna                              6,013                          20,219
                                                          Kilinochchi                             TBC                            TBC
                                                          Mullaitivu                              TBC                            TBC
                                                           Vavuniya                              3,229                          10,805
                                                            Mannar                               2,928                           9,072
                                                         Trincomalee                             1,389                           4,647
                                                          Batticaloa                             2,274                           8,543
                                                           Ampara                                1,131                           4,138

                                                                                          JAFFNA DISTRICT

             Situation update
         •   On 22 November, rainfall of 719.4 mm and cyclonic winds up to 80km/hr caused severe damage and widespread flooding in the Jaffna peninsular. In some areas the
             situation worsened due to blocked drainage canals. Causeways were flooded, temporarily isolating the Islands off the main Peninsula. Government Agent Jaffna held a
             meeting on the 26 November 2008 where he requested support from Government partners, UN agencies, INGO, NGOs to assist the affected populations. Primary needs
             include food, shelter and water/sanitation and non-food related items. For more detailed information on the Northern floods see IASC flood situation reports:
         •   The security situation remains tense across Jaffna District Areas close to FDL in Muhumalai and Nagarkovil and fighting persisted despite the floods.

         •   9,146 families (33,558 individuals) were displaced to 124 IDP camps due to the floods. A total of 32,024 families (118,273 individuals) were affected.
         •   GA office reports that 1,941 houses were completely damaged and 5,104 houses were partially damaged.

             Sector Developments/ Gaps
         •   GA Jaffna is providing cooked meals to the displaced for seven days.
         •   Agencies are utilizing stocks of relief items in the district to provide for the affected people.

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                                   Standing Committee Country Team
                                   Colombo Sri Lanka
                                                                          KILINOCHCHI & MULLAITHIVU DISTRICTS

             Situation update
         •    The situation in the Vanni continues to be tense. Throughout the week significant confrontations took place in the outskirts of Kilinochchi town as well as at the northern
              FDL in Muhamalai.

             Sector Developments/Gaps
         •   The problems faced by thousands of IDPs recently displaced by conflict have been compounded by heavy rains which have caused widespread flooding in both
             Kilinochchi and Mullaithivu Districts. Many main roads are cut-off including Paranthan to Puthukkudyiruppu and Puthukkudyiruppu to Oddusuddan. Additionally the
             Ramanathapuram and Vadakachchi areas are cut off and accessible only by boat. Three people reportedly died after being swept away by flood water.
         •   In Kilinochchi, 40,000 IDP families are reported to have been displaced by the floods while a further 5,000 resident families have been affected. The GA in Kilinochchi has
             reported that 5,000 families are accommodated in schools and where meals are being provided. All school buildings are occupied.
         •   In Mullaitivu District, an estimated 21,200 families have been displaced by the floods, a large portion of whom were already displaced by the conflict.
         •   As previously reported there were large gaps in shelter and wat/san facilities in the Vanni before the floods. With these developments, the risk of water-borne disease has
         •   Government authorities from both districts have listed the following needs for the conflict and now flood-affected: at least 50,000 tarpaulins, shelter and toilet material for
             more that 65,000 families, cooked meals at schools, general food distribution and medicines to address communicable and water borne disease.
         •   The GA convoy has been unable to proceed to the Vanni since 20 November, due to a combination of conflict and more recently flooding on the Nedunkernyi-
             Puliyankulam roads. The UN Humanitarian convoy was similarly disrupted and last traveled to the Vanni on 21 November. The convoy is scheduled to leave on 09
             December .
         •   The Omanthai checkpoint has been closed for civilian traffic since 18 November and special openings for convoys and medical emergencies.
         •   Shelter agencies are coordinating on organizing five truckloads of shelter materials, which the Commissioner General of Essential Services indicated will be granted
             clearance to travel with the next UN Humanitarian Convoy.

                                                                            MANNAR & VAVUNIYA DISTRICTS
             Situation update
         •   In Mannar, several villages and approximately 6,000 families were affected by heavy rains this week.
         •   Shelling continued in the evenings towards the northern Omanthai area from Vavuniya town.
         •   The Omanthai entry/ exit point was closed for civilian traffic during the reporting period. However, emergency cases including patient transfers or official government
             convoys continue to be facilitated by the ICRC.

         •   Since 21 November, 335 IDP / 138 families have crossed Omanthai into government controlled areas, where they were registered and taken to a school and community
             hall in the Menic Farm area. The IDPs are being provided government assistance.

             Sector Developments/Gaps
         •   At the 27 November coordination meeting chaired by the Mannar GA, it was agreed that SLRC, DRC and Sarvodaya would be in charge of providing NFRIs to people
             displaced by floods in the district.
         •   On 21 November, the UN led 6th food convoy reached the Vanni with 665 MT of mixed food, 20,000 units of detergent soap and 3,000 mosquito nets. Jerry cans were not
             allowed despite initial approval.
         •   UNICEF coordinated and chaired the WASH sector sub-group coordination meeting on 25 November. The meeting focused on ways to enhance follow-up on WASH
             demands given the dynamic environment.
         •   A WASH household survey on the hygiene and sanitation status in Vavuniya DS Division has commenced under the supervision of the Health Department and carried out
             by hygiene promoter trained on WASH assessment techniques. The survey is funded by UNICEF.

IASC CT Secretariat (UNOCHA)
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                                   Standing Committee Country Team
                                   Colombo Sri Lanka
         •   The first Infant & Young Child Feeding (IYCF) counseling training is being conducted in Vavuniya for 39 health staff including MOH, PHM, PHI and Nursing Staff from 24-
             28 November. The workshop is facilitated by trainers from Lady Ridgeway Hospital Colombo, the Family Health Bureau, the Ministry of Health and Medical Officer/
             Maternal and Child Health (MOMCH) Vavuniya. The trainers were trained by UNICEF in Colombo and the training is funded by UNICEF and GAVI.
         •   An assessment was carried out by UNICEF, ZED Vavuniya South and North and SCiSL in 13 schools located near proposed IDP locations in Menic Farm, Kovil
             Puliyankulam and Kalnatiyakulam. The objective of the assessment was to recommend action for readiness of sites to cope with a possible influx of displaced students.
         •   UNICEF and SCiSL followed-up with ZDE Vavuniya North and the principal of Cheddikulam school, currently housing IDPs, to assess possible additional needs of
             displaced students in sitting for examinations and to advocate for a smooth examination process.
         •   UNICEF coordinated and chaired the first education sector sub group meeting on 26 Nov. Biweekly meetings on the Vanni to feed into the larger education coordination
             meeting chaired by the ZDE with a standing agenda, were agreed.

                                                                                TRINCOMALEE DISTRICT

             Situation update
         •   The situation in the district remained generally stable. Security forces continue to conduct cordon and search operations on a daily basis, especially in Trincomalee town
         •   Heavy rains hit Trincomalee District from 22 to 25 November, mainly affecting Kinniya, Muttur, Town & Gravets and Kuchchaveli DS Divisions. DRMU in Trincomalee
             reports, 1,562 families (7,197 persons) were affected by the rains, 345 families were temporarily displaced (of whom most were temporaliy accommodated with relatives or
             friends). Approximately 277 acres of land was flooded and the pedestrian bridge between Afa Nagar and Muttur was washed away. In Kinniya, 14 GN divisions were
             seriously affected by the flooding and on 26 November, the DS of Kinniya held a coordinate meeting to request support from the humanitarian community. In Kuchchaveli
             DS, 35 individuals in Kuppuruppity and 193 in Kasseem Nagar moved temporarily to welfare centers and were provided with cooked meals and NFRIs by the SLRCS.
             The ferries at Yanoya and Padavaikattu in Kuchchaveli are out of order following the adverse weather conditions. Rains stopped on 27 November, water levels receded
             and most of those displaced returned back to their homes.
         •   On 27 November, a Confidence Building and Stabilization Measures Project (CBSM) meeting was organized by the Ministry of Disaster Management and Human Rights,
             during which the role of the CBSM was discussed and a Trincomalee District Steering Committee was established.
         •   In Chenaiyoor, several UXOs were found during the past two weeks. One UXO was referred to the District Mine Action Office (DMAO) for removal and another UXO was
             removed by the Sri Lankan Navy.

         •   Due to the heavy rains and flooding, authorities have decided to stop return movements until after the rainy season.

             Sector Developments/Gaps
         •   The Morawewa, Serunuwera,Thiriyai and Mahadivulwewa hospitals are still without doctors, following the killing of a Sinhalese Doctor in Batticaloa (see sitrep # 153).
              Since 18 November, three doctors from Kiliveddi, Thoppur and Thampalagamam hospitals and three from Muttur hospital have left the district. Ten medical doctors
              from various units in the Trincomalee General Hospital have left, although the services of Sinhalese consultant doctors have continued.
         •   The Health & Nutrition review and planning session was conducted in Kandy from 21-22 November with the participation of the Health Minister and district and national
              level counterparts and also the regional epidemiologist and the Trincomalee based Medical Officer/ Maternal and Child Health (MOMCH). The final plan will be
              drafted during the second week of December
         •   Toilets at Kiliveddy and Manachenai IDP transit site flooded and the gully sucker were damaged due to the rains. The Predashiya Saba and ACLG are seeking
              assistance to bring the Trincomalee Urban Council gully sucker to the IDP transit sites.
         •   UNICEF and PIN completed a baseline survey at resettlement villages in Eachchilampattai, Seruwela and Muttur division. The assessment findings will provide
              information on existing water and sanitation facilities, gaps and will make recommendation for actions.
         •   At the 25 November monthly coordination meeting in Morawewa, the DS highlighted urgent shelter needs of forty returnee families who are currently living under
         •   On 26 November, a Disaster Preparedness meeting was organized by DS in Morawewa.

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                                    Standing Committee Country Team
                                    Colombo Sri Lanka
         •   On 27 November, FLICT (Facilitating Local Initiatives for Conflict Transformation), a project based on an agreement between the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and
             National Integration and GTZ, organized a workshop to identify the conflict transformation and peace building needs, actors and strategies in Trincomalee. Issues
             identified included human security, ethnic issues and distrust in administrative structures.
         •   On 25 November, PIM supported the opening ceremony of an herbal garden took place at the Eastern University in Town & Gravets. .

                                                                                    BATTICALOA DISTRICT
             Situation Update
         •   A heightened and unpredictable security situation prevails in Batticaloa district due to increased levels of security incidents. A higher level of alertness is maintained by the
             Security Forces and Police across the district to ensure safety and security. The number of cordon and search operations that are conducted by the Security Forces and
             Police in the area has also increased.
         •   On 27 November, a national staff of NRC was killed. Five other killings took place on the same day.
         •   Government statistics as of 18 November 2008 show there are 8,543 IDPs (2,274 families) in the district. Among them, 3,272 persons (947 families) originate from
             Trincomalee District.

             Sector Development/Gaps
         •   UNICEF supported UNIMIX (1,600 packets) were distributed to all Nutrition Rehabilitation Programmes (NRP) being implemented by MOHs. MOHs will be distributing
              UNIMIX to all children who are in the -2 SD (second degree malnourished) category.
         •   The curative care services in Batticaloa district have not returned to normal since the departure of around 60 doctors from the district following the killing of a doctor at
              Navatkadu hospital.
         •   The District Education Coordination meeting headed by the GA was held on 24 November. According to the GA, NECORD neither has funds to repair nor reconstruct
              any schools in resettlement areas. Two tsunami schools in Paddiruppu and one school in Kalkudah have not been reconstructed due to termination of construction by
              the donors. Furniture for teachers and students are needed in resettlement areas. Education activities have not fully resumed in resettlement areas as a result of
              families not being adequately resettled, with sufficient shelters.

                                                                                        AMPARA DISTRICT

             Situation update
         •   The security situation in Ampara remains stable. However, the security forces remain on high alert and regularly conduct cordon and search operations.
         •   Military operations continue in the Kanchikudichiaru area.

         •   Neither displacement nor returns took place.

             Sector Developments/Gaps
         •   WFP has successfully completed six Food-for-Work projects out of 21 in Sammanthurai, Eragama and Akkaraipattu DS Divisions. The second round of Food for Work
             projects will commence in Alayadiwembu based on the Vulnerability Analysis Mapping.

IASC CT Secretariat (UNOCHA)
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                                 Standing Committee Country Team
                                 Colombo Sri Lanka
          Sector Response
       Sector                 Organization           Location                              Activity
                              UNICEF                                                       Supported JSAC conduct training, committee members Children Clubs, communication, working
                                                     Jaffna                                as a team, 72 children
                                                     Point Pedro, Uduvil, Tellippalai      Supported 8 Community Awareness programmes, Family planning, sexual issues
                                                     Chavakachceri                         JSAC conducted activity garden programme, 54 children, 9 Children Clubs
       WASH                                                                                Provided Assistant Commissioner of Local Government, hygiene items, soap, towels, promote
                              UNICEF                 Jaffna                                hand washing
                                                                                           UNICEF supported the IDPs from Vanni with Hygiene kits
                              ZOA                    Velanai AGA Division                  Nine wells in Allaipiddy Resettlement area has been repaired by ZOA
                                                     Thenmarachchi DS Division             ZOA constructed a new tube well for Thurkka preschool students at Varany Thenmarachchi DS
                                                     Thenmarachchi DS Division             ZOA constructed a new open dug well for Gowry balan preschool students

       Health & Nutrition                            Jaffna                                UNICEF distributed 4150 cotton bed sheets to the RDHS and Jaffna Teaching Hospital. These
                                                                                           will be further distributed to 38 peripheral Hospital.
                              ZOA                    Velanai AGA Division                  ZOA donated a hygiene package to 82 families from Allaipiddy resettlement area in Velanai
                                                                                           AGA Division
       Education                                     Jaffna                                UNICEF supported Jaffna Zonal Education Department in the Awarding Ceremony for the best
                                                                                           10 schools implementing Child Friendly School concept.

       Early Recovery                                Velanai AGA Division                  ZOA distributed dry ration to 82 families from Allaipiddy resettlement area
                                                     Maruthenkerny DS Division             ZOA distributed dry ration to 75 families Manalkadu in Maruthenkerny DS Division

       Sector               Organization             Location                              Activity
                            Valvothaya, ZOA,
       Food                                          Mannar                                Provided 3 days cooked meals to food affected people
       Protection           SCiSL                    Shanthipuram,Madukarai in Mannar      Conducted two firsd Aid trainings for 76 village people.Provided of hygiene packs [60 children
                                                                                           and 60 family]
                                                     Samalankulam in Vavuniya              Provided 02 infant kits(Hygine)
                                                     Mannar IDP centres (Kalimoddai,       Distribution of Samaposa for 121 Children and 13 pregnant/lactating mothers in IDP centres.
       Education              SCiSL                  Mannar (Thalvupadu,Periyagamam)       Provided of exercise books for school going children [40 children & 350 Exercise book)
                                                     V/Gneshwara Vidyalayam, V/Nelukulam   Provided First aid kits for children
                                                     Maha Vidyalayam

IASC CT Secretariat (UNOCHA)
202-204, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka. Tel: +94 - 11 - 4528689 Ext. 384 / Fax: +94 - 11 – 4528690
Email: ochasrilanka@un org | Web site: http://www hpsl lk | http://ochaonline un org/srilanka/
                                     Standing Committee Country Team
                                     Colombo Sri Lanka
                                                         Mannar IDP centres (Kalimoddai,             Provision of 50 bicycles for school going children. Established ECCDCs (Early Childhood Care &
                                                         Sirukkandal)                                Development Centre) and material support for children age 3-5(57 children) and teachers
                                                                                                     (4).Supplementary feeding programme for ECCD (Early Childhood Care & Development)
                                                                                                     children. Peer supportive classes for children have been started in two IDP centers, 52 children
                                                                                                     are focused. Materials (Furniture, stationeries, Black boards) distributed.

       Sector                  Organization              Location                                    Activity
       Protection/ Mine Action UNICEF/CTF/ MRE Unit      Resettled areas:                            UNICEF MRE partners Community Trust Fund and MRE Unit Katchcheri conducted mine risk
                               Kachcheri                 Kaddaparichan, Chenaiyoor, Muttur,          education and child abuse awareness training. A mine risk education training for school teachers
                                                         Kapalthuri. Neenakerni, Naloor,             and students was also conducted. 193 children and 497 adults participated.
                                                         Marawaddakulam, and Ittikulam
       Emergency Shelter,      IOM                       Ganeshapuram                                The construction of 25 core houses is ongoing.
       Camp                                                                                          IRF Funding
       Coordination/Managem    NRC                       Pallikudyiruppu and Kaddaparaichan GN       NRC is providing 200 Sq.ft. core houses for families with fully destroyed houses who resettled to
       ent                                               Division                                    the Pallikudyiruppu GN division. Out of 263 core houses224 completed and 39 are in progress.
                                                                                                     Up to now NRC has identified 65 fully damage houses in Kaddaiparichachan South. Initially NRC
                                                                                                     is providing 45 core houses.
                               UNHCR                     Kaddaparaichan South                        Repairs to 57 houses in progress.
                                                         Muttur                                      Repairs to 2 houses completed.
                                                                                                     Repairs of all 350 house repairs in Muttur completed.
       WASH                    Oxfam                     Sinnakulam, Veeramanagar (Muttur DS         Established two hand pumps in two locations provided training for user committees and supplied
                                                         division)                                   a set of spare parts.
                               UNICEF/ 3CD               Muttur/ Peruweli                            5000 litres of drinking water is being trucked daily to 78 families in Peruveli IDP transit site.
                               UNICEF/ Emergency         Eachchilamaptai                             Final monitoring ongoing for completed Water and sanitation facilities in 8 schools in
                               Architects                                                            Eachchilampattai DS division that will benefit 1620 children. Under the project, 10 permanent
                                                                                                     toilets, 4 Urinal sets, 3 wells, six 1000 gallon and one 2000 gallon overhead tanks and pump
                                                                                                     houses were constructed and 2 toilets repaired. Pumps were also provided and a water supply
                                                                                                     distribution network for drinking water and for use in toilets completed in one school. 10
                                                                                                     permanent toilets constructed and 2 repaired; 4 Urinal sets and 3 new wells constructed; 6 nos.
                                                                                                     1000 gal and one 2000 gal overhead tanks with pumps constructed; water supply network for
                                                                                                     drinking and sanitation facilities constructed.
       Education               UNICEF/ Zonal Education   Trincomalee                                 The Trincomalee Zonal education office conducted training programmes during the reporting
                               Office                                                                period on School Based Management and Child Friendly School Concept for 104 teachers, 96
                                                                                                     community members and 36 students from 3 Child Friendly Schools in the Zone. Other training
                                                                                                     programmes included a Child Centred Methodology for 35 teachers and an Emergency
                                                                                                     Preparedness and Response Plan training for 25 teachers, 15 community members and 15
                                                                                                     students. School Attendance committee meetings were held on 23 November 2008, 60 parents
       Livelihood, Early/      PIN                       Kinniya                                     Two days business trainings (Improve your business) conducted for the beneficiaries of owner
       Medium Recovery                                                                               driven houses in Kinniya under AmeriCares project
       Infrastructure          PIN                       Eachchilapmattai                            One day legal training (land related issue) programme has been conducted for the 1 group of
                                                                                                     beneficiaries under NECORD project. It was conducted by assistant land commissioner of the
                                                                                                     Eastern Province.
       Food Aid                SLRCS/GRC                 Palanagar, Ralkully, Amman Nagar,           Monthly complementary food parcels distributed to 1669 resettled families
                                                         Pallikkudiyiruppu, Paddalipuram, Nalloor/
                                                         Neenakerny, Chenaiyoor
                               SLRCS/GRC                 Uppooral, Arthiyamman Kerny,                Monthly complementary food parcels to 405 resettled families
                                                         Kinniya                                     Two tons of mixed food distributed to 132 IDPs with host families as a one month ration.
                                                         Thamplakamam                                Two tons of mixed food distributed to 104 IDPs with host families.

IASC CT Secretariat (UNOCHA)
202-204, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka. Tel: +94 - 11 - 4528689 Ext. 384 / Fax: +94 - 11 – 4528690
Email: ochasrilanka@un org | Web site: http://www hpsl lk | http://ochaonline un org/srilanka/
                                   Standing Committee Country Team
                                   Colombo Sri Lanka
                                                        T&G                                           Three tons of mixed food dispatched to feed 167 IDPs in welfare centre.
                                                        Muttur                                        One month food supply of 62 MT of mixed food was dispatched to support 4,390 resettled
                                                        Seruwila                                      25 MT of mixed food commodities sent to feed 1,755 resettled people for one month.
                                                                                                      One metric tone of mixed food sent to MOH to support 13 health volunteers
       NFRI                  UNHCR                      Kaddaparaichan North                          201 Families and each family received 2 tarpaulins and Nylon ropes
                             NRC                        Muttur East, Pallikudiyeruppu,                NRC is providing the tool kit which is include the craw bar, Jungle knife, hammer and Shovel to
                                                        Thangapuram, Srinivasapuram,                  the resettled families through the UNHCR. Up to now 929 kits were distributed.
                                                        Veeramanagar, Sinnakulam, Ithikulam,
                                                        Nalloor, Neenakeni
       Capacity building     IOM                        Muttur                                        Information Sharing campaign on resettlement and IDP issues conducted for respective field
                                                                                                      officers and members from CENT.
                                                                                                      (AUSAID funding)
                             IOM                        Muttur                                        CBO formation and strengthening program conducted for respective Govt. field Officers (Grama
                                                                                                      Sevaka /SSO/Sports Officers/DO/RDO/Samurdhi Officers). AUSAID funding
                             IOM                        Paddalipuram                                  IOM and NRC jointly conducted awareness programs on Counter Trafficking and Legal
                                                                                                      documents. AUSAID funding

       Sector                Organisation               Location                                      Activity
                                                        Zahira College IDP camp in MN DS div
                                                                                                      Protection Monitoring in the camp and follow-up on the camp management issue of Palacholai
                                                        and Palacholai IDPs camp in Chenkalady
                                                                                                      IDP camp
                                                        DS div
                                                        Akirana and Minuminuthavely villages in
                             UNHCR                                                                    Protection monitoring and follow-up on protection issues ongoing
                                                        Muruthana GN in Kiran DS div
                                                        Kurukkalmadam IDPs camp in
                                                        Kaluwanchikudy DS div and Kovilkulam          Follow-up on the de-registration issues and protection monitoring
                                                        IDPs camp in Arayampathy DS div
                             Save the Children in SL/                                                 An awareness workshop on impact of alcohol consumption was conducted where 54 youths
                                                        Thikkodai in Vellavely DS div
                             PPDRO                                                                    participated.
                                                                                                      Conduct MRE activities and regular recreational and psychosocial activities for children in
                             UNICEF/ Sarvodayam         Selected resettlement areas in the district
                                                                                                      selected resettlement villages are on-going
                                                        Vavunatheevu DS div                           Supported the future planning workshop conducted by CBO.
       Child Protection
                                                        Kanchirankudah in Vavunatheevu DS div         Conducted "SWOT" training for VCRMC members, 15 members participated.
                                                        Vavunatheevu & Kaluwanchikudi DS
                                                                                                      Composed and released music album on 'Child Rights Convention'.
                                                                                                      Children's celebration was held; an average of 200 children and 30 parents participated in the
                             UNICEF/ Sarvodayam         Mathurankernykulam in Vaharai DS div
                                                                                                      programme. Children performed dance, songs and drama & theater and received toys
                             UNICEF/BCA                 IDPs camps in MN DS div                       Counseling support and group activities for children are ongoing
                                                        Punnakkulam in Vellavely DS div               Provided books and other materials to the library and had discussion with 30 members
                             Save the Children in SL/
                                                                                                      comprising of youths, parents and child protection committee members on usefullnes of children's
                                                        Sathurukondan II, Mavadivembu,
                                                                                                      Site assessment conducted in relation to camp management
                             NRC                        Alankulam IDPs sites
                                                        Kirimuddi Farm IDPs camp in Kiran DS div      Kit card (cell phone reload card) delivered to the camp management
       Emergency Shelter/                               Palacholai IDP camp in Chenkalady DS
                                                                                                      Repaired 2 shelter doors and 1 platform.
       Camp Coord/Camp Mgt                              div.
                                                        Saththurukondan IDPs camp in MN DS div        Repaired rear side fence and reinforced with timber polls, as well as repaired one shelter roof.
                                                        Sinhala M.V IDP camp in MN DS div             External lighting was set up around toilet area and bathing spaces.
                             IOM                        Pavatkodichchenai in Vavunatheevu DS          70 core houses are under construction

IASC CT Secretariat (UNOCHA)
202-204, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka. Tel: +94 - 11 - 4528689 Ext. 384 / Fax: +94 - 11 – 4528690
Email: ochasrilanka@un org | Web site: http://www hpsl lk | http://ochaonline un org/srilanka/
                                       Standing Committee Country Team
                                       Colombo Sri Lanka
                                                           Kathiravely in Vaharai DS div             Shelter need assesment ongoing
                                 NRC/ZOA                   Perillaveli GN in Kiran DS div            Detailed shelter needs assessment has been completed
                                                                                                     Rigid emergence shelter upgradation on progress in Koravely GN division. 1 community center
                                                           Kiran DS div
                                                                                                     has been provided in Pulipainthakal village in Koraveli GN division.
                                                           Koravely GN in Kiran DS div               28 damaged roofs have been upgraded so far
                                                                                                     Safe drinking water supply system construction is in progress in Thandiyadi School.
                                                           Vavunatheevu DS div
                                                                                                     Well construction is ongoing at Mullamunai School.
                                 arche noVa                                                          Safe drinking water supply system construction is in progress and hygiene promotion activities
                                                           Manmunai North DS div
                                                                                                     ongoing in Navatkerny School.
                                                           Kaluwanchikudy DS div                     Assessments in health care centres and schools to construct and upgrade watsan facilities
                                                           Kokkuvil III IDPs camp in MN DS div       Maintenance and repairs of drinking water facilities are ongoing
                                 UNICEF/arche noVa         IDPs camps in MN DS div                   Water quality monitoring in IDPs camps (water sampling) on going.
                                                           7 IDPs camps in MN and Kaluwanchikudy     Hygiene promotion activities ongoing. Weekly/ bi-weekly visits are being made. One day
                                                           DS divisions                              workshop on hygiene was held and organized cleaning event in Sinhala M.V camp in MN DS div.
                                                           Vadamunai and Uthuchenai GNs in Kiran     Another 2 sets of common temporary toilets (8 toilets) fitting is ongoing. Already 3 sets of
                                                           DS div                                    common temporary toilets (12 toilets) constructed and handed over to the resettled community.
                                                           Kithul, Rajapuram and Rugam in
       WASH                                                                                          3 common dug wells have been renovated
                                                           Chenkalady DS div
                                 UNICEF/PS- Chenkalady     Warakapola, Mavely Aaru and
                                                                                                     3 common wells constructed
                                                           Sarvothayanagar in Chenkalady DS div
                                                           Rajapuram GN in Chenkalady DS div         1 common toilet has been repaired
                                                           Kokkvil 3, Zahira School, Sinhala M.V,    27 GI buckets, 190 sunlight soaps, 12 rubbish bins, 27 harpic bottles, 27 toilet brushes, 27 fynol
                                                           Palameenmadu 2, Palameenmadu              bottles and 340 hygiene kits handed over to arche noVa to distribute among these camps
                                 UNICEF/arche noVa
                                                           Reverend Father land, Kokkvil Annex IDP
                                                           sits in MN DS div.
                                                           Sathurukondan I & II and Palacholai IDP   111 sanitary pads, 72hHarpic bottles, 34 ekle brooms, 100 coir brooms, 180 toilet brushes and
                                                           sites in MN DS div                        808 soaps handed over to UNOPS to distribute to these sites
                                                           Zahira College IDP camp and
                                                                                                     Shramadana (clean up campaing) was conducted
                                 IOM                       Saththurukondan IDPs camp in MN DS div
                                                           Veppavettuwan in Chenkalady DS div        WASH need assessment ongoing in this resettlement area
                                                                                                     Nutrition Rehabilitation Programme (NRP) is ongoing in 4 MOHs in Batticaloa. This week, 18
                                                           Valaichenai,Vaharai, Chenkalady & Kiran
                                 UNICEF/RDHS/MOHs                                                    under 5 children who were identified as severely acute malnourished and undergone treatments,
                                                           MOHs areas
                                                                                                     have been recovered from their severe acute stage.
                                                           Paddipalai, Vellaveli, Kaluwanchikudi &   04 packs of supplementary food distributed to underweight children, anemic pregnant mothers &
                                                           Vavunatheevu DS divisions                 postnatal mothers.
       Food and Nutrition
                                                                                                     1,552 IDPs residing in the camps received their entitled food rations for 2 weeks and 2,651 IDPs
                                                           MN, Chenkalady, Kaluwanchikudy and
                                                                                                     living with host families received 4 weeks rations during the period. Also 828 resettled persons
                                                           Vaharai DS divisions
                                 WFP                                                                 obtained their 2 weeks' ration.
                                                           Paddipalai,Vellavely,Vaharai and          4.45 MT of mixed food commodities dispatched to MOHs - for the distribution of 72 health
                                                           Oddamavady MOHs                           volunteers under the programme of Mother and Child Nutrition (MCN).
                                                           Paddipalai, Vellaveli, Kaluwanchikudi &   TDH nurses & health trainers supported MOH on 4 ANC clinics.
       Health                    TDH
                                                           Vavunatheevu DS divisions
                                                           Chenkalady,Kiran, Vellavely and Vaharai   Provided 275,000 KG of seed paddy for around 2,500 paddy farmers in these division for the
                                                           DS divisions                              'maha' cultivation season.
       Agriculture, Fisheries,   FAO
                                                                                                     Provided ground nut seeds & fertilizer to 70 beneficiaries, home garden seeds & fertilizer for 100
       Livestock, VT: Early                                Karadiyanaaru in Chenkalady DS div
                                                                                                     beneficiaries and green gram seeds & fertilizer for 70 beneficiaries
                                                           Thihilivettai and Mullivettuwan GNs in    Start Your Business (SYB) Training was completed, in which 75 beneficieries from these resettled
                                                           Kiran DS div                              areas were benefitted. Sewing training for 14 women ongoing and 25 beneficiaries completed the

IASC CT Secretariat (UNOCHA)
202-204, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka. Tel: +94 - 11 - 4528689 Ext. 384 / Fax: +94 - 11 – 4528690
Email: ochasrilanka@un org | Web site: http://www hpsl lk | http://ochaonline un org/srilanka/
                                   Standing Committee Country Team
                                   Colombo Sri Lanka
                                                                                                    Improve Your Business (IYB) training
                                                       Thihilivettai GN in Kiran DS div             Masonry, carpentry and heavy vehicle driving training ongoing for 49 beneficiaries.
                                                                                                    Carpentry, masonry, enterprise development for cement based products and wood carving
                                                       Poolakadu GN in Kiran DS div                 products, micro credit programme are ongoing; 44 beneficiaries are engaged in these activities
                                                                                                    and training programme
                                                       Mylavettuwan GN in Chenkalady DS div         Carpentry, heavy vehicle driving and sewing training ongoing for 31 beneficiaries in total.
                                                       Vivehanandapuram GN in Chenkalady DS         Enterprize development and micro credit programme conducted for the whole community in these
                                                       div and Ansarpuram in Kattankudy DS div      areas
                                                                                                    Micro credit support is being provided for 10 Fishing Cooperative Societies in total in these DS
                                                       9 DS divisions
                                                       Parilaveli GN in Kiran DS div                96 NFRI kits have been issued to the returnee families.
                                                       Pariyapullumalai GN in Chenkalady DS div     88 mosquito nets have been issued to 44 newly resettled families.

       NFRI                  IOM                       Some resettlement areas                      Transport assistance provided to Batticaloa Coconut Board

                                                       IDPs camps and host families in MN,
                                                                                                    Kerosene distributions for 1,355 families (561 host families + 794 families in IDP camp) have
                             NRC                       Chenkalady, Kiran and Arayampathy DS
                                                                                                    been completed.
                                                       Paddiruppu Education Zone (including
                                                                                                    419 student kits & 15 teachers’ kits were delivered to ZDE Paddiruppu to distribute among catch
                                                       Vellaveyi and Paddipalai resettlement
                                                                                                    up education (CUE) centres located in town and resettlement areas.
                                                       Katchenai, Mawadimunmari, Kollannulai,
                                                                                                    Awareness on the importance of education held for 220 parents of drop-outs children in
                                                       Kokkaddchicholai & Ampilanthurai in
                                                                                                    resettlement areas under this zones
                             UNICEF                    Paddiruppu Zone
                                                       Kirankulam/Baticaloa Education Zone          28 student kits & 12 teachers’ kits delivered to CUE centres
                                                       Karadiyanaru, Kottiyapola, Thandiyadi,
       Education                                       Pavakkodichchenai, Panchenai
                                                                                                    Awareness on the importance of education held for 178 parents of drop-outs children
                                                       (Vavunathivu resettled area) IN Batticaloa
                             IOM                       Vaharai DS div                               Reconstruction of the Vaharai maha vidyalayam is ongoing.
                                                       Batticloa Education Zone                     19 early childhood education (ECE) teachers participated in a training on Disability Manual
                                                       Brinthuraichenai Azhar Vidyalayam,
                             SCiSL                     Semmanodai Alhamra Vid, Meeravodai Al
                                                                                                    102 catch up education children received shoes and uniform material
                                                       Hithaya M.V and Kavathamunai Alameen
                                                       Vid in Batticaloa Central Zone

IASC CT Secretariat (UNOCHA)
202-204, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka. Tel: +94 - 11 - 4528689 Ext. 384 / Fax: +94 - 11 – 4528690
Email: ochasrilanka@un org | Web site: http://www hpsl lk | http://ochaonline un org/srilanka/
                                Standing Committee Country Team
                                Colombo Sri Lanka
       Sector                Organisation           Location                            Activity
                                                                                        Conducted "Child Protection Capacity Building" training for CBOs on child development. 23 CBO
       Protection                                                                       members participated.
                                                                                        Supported the Case Management meeting conducted by VCRMC.
                                                                                        Conducted training for CBO members on Financial Management., 31 members participated.
                                                                                        Distributed Child Rights Convention booklet to the community & Child Rights Convention music
                                                    Addalachenai DS
                                                                                        album released.
                                                                                        04 Focus Group Discussions on Hygiene Promotion.
       WASH                  TDH                    Padiyathalawa                       40 packs of Supplementary Food distribution to underweight children, anemic pregnant mothers
                                                                                        & postnatal mothers.
                                                                                        Done 22 dietary recall between 06 to 36 months old children in 3 locations in terms of identifying
                             SCiSL                  Kalmunai, Karaitivu
       Nutrition                                                                        the nutritional level of children
                                                                                        Organized a workshop on “Linkages between ECCD and Primary Teachers. 31 Teachers from
                                                                                        Kalmunai zone participated and got knowledged on how to link both ECCD and Primary
       Education                                                                        Teachers to share the knowledge the benefit of the children.
                                                                                        Conducted a workshop on Upgrading Knowledge / Skills of Teachers in facilitation disable
                             SCiSL                                                      children in class room. 26 Teachers from Kalmunai zone.
                                                                                        Distributed School kits to Schooling IDP children at Thekkancholai IDP camp
                                                                                        Conducted a workshop on “Child Friendly School System”. 25 Teachers from Ak/Perunavalar
                                                                                        Viddiyalayam Akkaraipattu participated.
                                                    Thirukkovil                         Distributed 8 Push Bicycles as follows
                                                                                        Provided training on “Technical Extension Service” on improving the out come of agriculture to 24
       Early Recovery                                                                   beneficiaries
                                                    Thirukkovil, Kalmunai, Karaitivu,   offered “The Unconditional Cash Transfers” to 197 families in our targeted villages to enhance
                                                    Addalachchenai                      the lifestyle and the Nutritional level of the children

IASC CT Secretariat (UNOCHA)
202-204, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka. Tel: +94 - 11 - 4528689 Ext. 384 / Fax: +94 - 11 – 4528690
Email: ochasrilanka@un org | Web site: http://www hpsl lk | http://ochaonline un org/srilanka/
                                                 Standing Committee Country Team
                                                 Colombo Sri Lanka

              * Manthai West is located in Mannar district but covered by the OCHA Kilinochchi Field Office                         ** Name used for easy reference.

   ACLG - Assistant Commissioner Local Government                         ECHO - Humanitarian Aid Department                               PS - Pradeshiya Saba
   ADGM - age, gender and diversity mainstreaming                         EHESP - Emergency House Hold Economic Security Program           QIP - Quick Impact Project
   AP - Anti-Personnel                                                    EHI - Essential Household Items                                  RDA - Road Development Authority
   ASC - Area Security Coordinator                                        EOD - explosive ordnance disposal                                RDHS - Regional Directorate of Health Services
   AWF - Affected Women Forum                                             EVI - Extremely Vulnerable Individual                            RDS - Rural Development Society
   BAC - Battle Area Clearance                                            FDL - Forward Defence Line                                       REERDO - Rural Economic, Education, Research and Development
   CBDRM - Community Based Disaster Risk Management                       FFE - Food for Education                                         Organization
   CBI - Classroom Based Intervention                                     FFW - Food for Work                                              RSG - Representative of the Secretary General
   CBO - Community Based Organisations                                    FSA - Field Security Advisor                                     RCTMS - Roman Catholic Tamil Mixed School
   CBSM - Confidence Building and Stabilization Measures                  FSD - Swiss Foundation for Mine Action                           rwh - rain water harvesting
   CCHA - Consultative Committee on Humanitarian Assistance               GAA - German Agro Action                                         SAA - Small Arms Ammunition
   CF - child friendly                                                    GND - Grama Niladari Division                                    SAC - School Attendance Committee
   CFA - Cease Fire Agreement                                             GP - Guiding Principles                                          SBM - School Based Management
   CFE - Child Friendly Environment                                       GRC - German Red Cross                                           SCC - Shelter Coordination Cell
   CM - Camp Management                                                   GS - Grama Sevaka                                                SCiSL - Save the Children in Sri Lanka
   C&M - Care and Maintenance                                             GTMS - Government Tamil Mixed School                             SDS - School Development Society
   COC - Chamber of Commerce                                              GVC - Gruppo Volontariato Civile                                 SFP - School Feeding Programme
   CRADA - Centre for Rehabilitation of Alcoholics and Drug               HALO - Hazardous Area Life Support Organization                  SLF - Sewa Lanka Foundation
   Addicts                                                                HRC - Human Rights Commission                                    SLMM - Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission
   CRC - Child Rights Convention                                          HSZ - High Security Zone                                         SLRCS - Sri Lanka Red Cross Society
   CRDO - Community Resource Development Organsiation                     LOLDDL - Land O’ Lakes Dairy Development Lanka                   SM - Social Mobilization
   CSB - Corn Soya Blend                                                  ICRC - International Committee of the Red Cross                  STF- Special Task Force
   CTF - Community Trust Fund                                             MA - Mine Action                                                 SOND - Social Organisation for Networking for Development
   CWBC - Child Well-Being Committee                                      MCN - Mother and Child Nutrition                                 SIYB - Start and Improve Your Business)
   DAPH - Department of Animal Production and Health                      MMIPE - Milinda Moragoda Institute For Peoples’                  TCCS - Thrift and Credit Co-op Societies
   DDG - Danish De-mining Group                                           Empowerment                                                      TDDA – Trincomalee District Development Association
   DMAO - District Mine Action Offices                                    MN - Manmunai North                                              TDH - Terre des hommes
   DDMC - District Disaster Management Coordinator                        ZEO - Zonal Education Office                                     ToT - Training of Trainers
   DDMU - District Disaster Management Unit                               MoD - Ministry of Defense                                        TS - Temporary Shelter
   DMU - Disaster Management Unit                                         MOH - Medical Officer of Health                                  TMVP - Thamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal
   DoA - Department of Agriculture                                        MRE - Mine Risk Education                                        TP - Transition Programme
   DPDHS- Deputy Provincial Director of Health Services                   MSF - Doctors Without Borders                                    VEP - Village Emergency Preparedness
   DPU - Deep Penetration Unit                                            NECORD - North East Community Restoration Development            VGF - Vulnerable Group Feeding
   DRMU - Disaster Risk Management Unit                                   NPA - Norwegian People Aid                                       VOSD - Voluntary Organization for Social Development
   DRR - Disaster Risk Reduction                                          NRP - Nutrition Rehabilitation Programme                         WC - Welfare Center
   DSD- Divisional Secretariat Division                                   NWS&DB - National Water Supply Drainage Board                    WV - World Vision
   ECCDC - Early Childhood Care and Development Centers                   PPCC - Professional Psycho-social Counseling Centre              WWDF - Working Women Development Foundation
   ECE - Early Childhood Education                                        PHM - Public Health Midwives

Abbreviations of places

Jaffna (Jaf)                         Sirupp - Siruppiddy                                 Nana - Nanaddan                                      KP - Koralai Pattu (**Valachchenai)   Pala- Palameenmadu
Alank - Alankulai                    Tell - Tellipalai                                   Umana - Umanakeri                                    DS                                    Kok - Kokkuvil
Chank - Chankanai                    Then - Thenmaradchi                                 Rasool - Rasoolputhuveli                             EP - Eravur Pattu (**Chenk) DS        Panich- Panichchankerny
Chava - Chavakachcheri               Thiru - Thirunagar                                                                                       KPC - Koralai Pattu Central           Mank - Mankerny
Guru - Gurunagar                     Udu - Uduvil                                        Trincomalee (Trinco)                                 Kalu - Kaluwanchikudy                 Paddip – Paddipalai
Kara - Karaveddy                     Uyara - Uyarapulam                                  Each - Eachchilampattai                              Padd - Paddiruppu
Karai - Karainagar                   Vada - Vadamaradchi                                 Kuch - Kuchchaveli                                   Vavuna - Vavunatheevu                 Ampara (Amp)
Karan - Karanavai                    Valik SW - Valikamam South West                     Kilive - Kililveddy                                  Valach - Valachchenai                 Akka - Akkaraipattu
Maddu - Madduvil                     Vatha - Vatharavathai                                                                                    Kodu - Koduwamadu                     Kal – Kalmunai
Maru - Maruthapuram                                                                      Batticaloa (Batti)                                   Panku - Pankudaveli                   Thiruk - Thirukkovil
Navan - Navanthurai                  Kilinochchi (Kili), Mullaitivu (Mullai)             Thampa – Thampalakamam                               Mara - Marapalam
Sahaya - Sahayapuram                                                                     Batti - Batticaloa                                   Ontha - Onthachimadam
Sandi - Sandilipay                   Vavuniya (Vavu), Mannar                             Aray - Arayampathy                                   Kuru - Kurukkalmadam
                                     Thalv - Thalvupadu                                  Chenk - Chenkalady
                                     Achch - Achchankulam                                KPN - Koralai Pattu North (**Vaharai) DS

IASC CT Secretariat (UNOCHA)
202-204, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka. Tel: +94 - 11 - 4528689 Ext. 384 / Fax: +94 - 11 – 4528690
Email: ochasrilanka@un org | Web site: http://www hpsl lk | http://ochaonline un org/srilanka/