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									North Texas Tollway Authority
1st Vendor Outreach Symposium (11/20/08)
Attendee Sign-In Sheets

Name                     Service/Product                                                        Phone                       Fax                            Email                             Prime M/WBE         DBE Certifications
Sharon McLellan          Design, Construction, Construction Management                          214-637-4308                214-637-4306                  sharon@2cmdinc.com                 Yes   Yes           Yes   Texas HUB/SBE/MBE
Azeem Yasin              CM Engineering                                                         214-637-4308                                              azeem@2cmdinc.com                  No    No            Yes
Clifford G. Martin       Engineering and Surveying                                              817-921-0080                817-921-0212                  clifford@abaxial.net               No    Yes           No    Texas HUB
Hank Lopez               Structure Cable and Fiber Optics                                       972-660-2253                972-660-2254                  ehlopez@ablecomm.net               No    Yes           No    Texas HUB
Manuel A Abola           Structural Engineering                                                 972-934-2470                                              mabola@abola-associates.com        No    Yes           Yes
Adolphus OJI             Civil Engineering                                                      469-231-8355                214-342-1409                  A.oji@sbcglobal.net                No    Yes           Yes   Texas HUB
John P. Kelly            General Engineering                                                    210-296-2187                972-735-3090                  john.kelly@aecom.com               Yes   No            No
Jeff Windsor             Inspections/Subsurface Investigations                                  817-268-1381                                              Jeff@a-e-i.net                     No    Yes           Yes
Linda McClellen          Sub-surface Investigations                                             817-268-1381                                              linda@a-e-i.net                    No    No            Yes   Texas HUB
Will Cephus              Temporary Staffing                                                     214-426-2700                                              wcephus@alltemps1.com              No    Yes           Yes
Mark Amos                R/W and Relocation                                                     214-731-8191                                              mark@americanacquisition.com       Yes   No            No
Jessica Alvarez          Electrical                                                             214-221-3746                                              jessica+47@yahoo.com               No    Yes           No
Darrell Hall             Electrical                                                             972-757-2695                                              amex@embarqmarz.com                No    Yes           No
Conrad Alvarez           Electrical Contracting                                                 214-221-3746                                              amex_electric@hotmail.com          No    Yes           No    Texas HUB
Anuj Patel               Engineering and Construction                                           972-754-1173                                              anuj-patel@sbcglobal.net           No    Yes           Yes
Ken Bohuscav             Prime Contractor                                                       512-567-8045                                              kbohuscav@arcadis-us.com           Yes   No            No
Jamshid Jahangiri        Engineering                                                            512-567-8045                                              Jamshid.Jahangiri@arcadisus.com    Yes   No            No
Joe Lee                  Prime Contractor                                                       817-640-3898                                              jlee@walshgroup.com                Yes   No            No
Kim Sheldon              CM                                                                     817-640-3898                                              ksheldon@walshgroup.com            Yes   No            No
Bruce Bacon              CM                                                                     817-640-3898                                              bbbacon@walshgroup.com             Yes   No            No
Jennifer Carnal          CM                                                                     817-640-3898                                              jcarnal@walshgroup.com             Yes   No            No
Roy R. Brunz             Civil Engineering and Surveying                                        214-341-9900                                              rbrunz@azb-engrs.com               No    No            Yes
Mike Landen              Prime Contractor                                                       214-596-7300                                              Mlanden@Austin-Ind.com             Yes   No            No
Bryan Danielsen          General Contractor                                                     214-952-3635                                              bdanielsen@austin-ing.com          Yes   No            No
Eugene Walker            CM/GC                                                                  214-443-5700                                              eugenew@austin-ind.com             Yes   No            No
Simeon Terry             General Contractor                                                     214-443-5660                                              Sterry@austin-ind.com              Yes   No            No
Troy Flinchbaugh         Electrical Contracting                                                 817-596-5556                817-596-5557                  Tf.all@sbcglobal.net               No    No            No    WBE, NCTRA
Michael Nguyen           IT.                                                                    817-469-7077                                              Mike@xyzstaff.com                  No    Yes           No
Joel Morris              Structural and Miscellaneous Steel-Fab and Erect                       214-905-0612                214-905-2041                  joelm@azteca-omega.com             No    Yes           Yes   Texas HUB
Bill Brooks              Signs, Banners, LED, Business Cards, Wraps, Promo Items                972-403-7770                972-403-7010                  BBrooks@prismsigngroup.com         No    Yes           No
Jim Webster              Prime Contractor                                                       512-707-0797                                              Jwebster@bbiius.com                Yes   No            No
Deshonna Barnes          Executive Recruiting and Staffing                                      972-418-5300                                              dbarnes@barnesbredall.com          No    In Progress   No    Texas HUB in progress
Melinda Eldridge         Executive Recruiting and Staffing                                      972-418-5300                                              meldridge@barnesbredall.com        No    Yes           No
Taoreed O. Badmus        Engineering Services                                                   214-747-2500                214-747-2567                  tbadmus@bdstechnologies.com        No    Yes           No
Shauna Bowman            Civil Engineering                                                      214-315-5631                                              Shauna@bowmanengineers.com         No    Yes           No
Tom Cincotta             Environmental Consulting                                               214-363-5996                                              Tom@benchmarkenviro.com            No    Yes           Yes
Mansoor Ahsan            Engineering                                                            972-231-8800                                              ahsan@bridgefarmer.com             Yes   No            No
Charles Kroboth          Printer                                                                972-250-2226                                              charles.kroboth@brother.com        No    No            No
Stephen James            CM/Engineering                                                         817-887-6143                                              sjames@browngay.com                Yes   No            No
Dave Johnston            Engineering                                                            281-558-8700                                              djohnston@browngay.com             Yes   No            No
Chris Kuykendall         Engineer                                                               972-464-4806                                              ckuykendall@browngay.com           Yes   No            No
Gerald Little            Hawling Materials                                                      682-465-2923                                              bullknowstrucking@sbcglobal.net    No    Yes           Yes   Texas HUB
Royce Clater             Aggregate Haulers                                                      817-625-4441                817-625-7315                  cstrucking@mail.com                No    Yes           Yes
James Young              Aggregate Haulers                                                      817-625-4441                817-625-7315                  jeyoungiii@gmail.com               No    Yes           Yes
Gilbert Ybarra           Civil Engineering/Construction Management                              469-877-5820 972-680-8089                                 ybarral@tx.rr.com                  No    Yes           No    Texas HUB
Roberto E. Diaz, AIA     Architectural Services                                                 972-934-7600                972-934-7601                  Rdiaz@camargocopeland.com          No    Yes           Yes   Texas HUB
Doug Corder              General Contractor                                                     214-352-8515                                              dcorder@carconindustries.com       No    Yes           Yes
Gregory Craig Leedap     Landscape Architecture Planning                                        214-485-7055                                              gregc@craigdgi.com                 No    No            No
Daisy Mclaus             General Contractor/Construction                                        214-868-1418                                              cdw_gcs@yahoo.com                  No    Yes           No
Cathy Carter             General Contractor                                                     214-695-5710                                              cdw_gcs@yahoo.com                  No    Yes           No
Phil Yerby               Prime Contractor                                                       972-638-2216                                              Phil.Yerby@CH2M.com                Yes   No            No
Dan Bircen               Advertising Graphic Design                                             972-948-2776                                              dan@changodesign.biz               No    Yes           Yes
William Johnson                                                                                 817-392-6124                                              william.johnson@fortworthcov.org   No    No            No
Ken Gottleaber           Civil, Structural, Traffic Engineering                                 214-703-5150                                              ken@civilassociates.com            No    Yes           Yes
James E. Browne          Civil Engineering - roadway, bridge, retaining wall, drainage design   214-221-4477                214-221-4479                  jbrowne@civilstructuresinc.com     No    No            Yes   Texas HUB
David Hosseiny           Civil/Structure                                                        214-221-4477                                              dhosseiny@civilstructuresinc.com   No    Yes           Yes
Larry Oby                Full Service Engineering Firm                                          817-244-9006                                              loby@cha-llp.com                   Yes   No            No
Monica Bailey            CM                                                                     214-637-6200                                              mbailey@cmtsinc.com                No    Yes           Yes

NTTA 1st Vendor Outreach Symposium Sign-In Sheets
                                                                                                                                           K Strategies Group LLC                                                                              1
North Texas Tollway Authority
1st Vendor Outreach Symposium (11/20/08)
Attendee Sign-In Sheets
Floyd Scurry             Engineering                                                       713-462-3242                                          tscurry@cobfen.com                Yes   No    No
Jeff Hagerich            GC, Land Acquisition, Program Management                          817-640-4420            817-640-4430                  jhagerich@con-real.com            Yes   Yes   No
Connie Cooper            Planning and Engineering                                          214-228-0211            214-520-0729                  ccconniecooper@cs.com             No    Yes   Yes
Enrique Garcia           Civil Engineering Design                                          972-392-9092            972-392-9192                  egarcia@criadoassociates.com      No    Yes   No    Texas HUB
Randy Spear              Row Acquisitions                                                  972-548-0392                                          rspear@crosslandacquisition.com   No    No    No
Daryl Brown, P.E.        Industrial Engineering/Operations MGT                             972-567-4140            972-867-2166                  DCBrown_PE@yahoo.com              No    Yes   Yes   Texas HUB
Mark Lorance             Engineering                                                       972-239-2002                                          Mark.Lorance@DannenBaum.com       Yes   No    No
Jim Dannenbaum           Engineering                                                       713-527-6482                                          jdd@dannenbaum.com                No    No    No
Greg Vowels              Engineering                                                       972-239-2002                                          greg.vowels@dannenbaum.com        Yes   No    No
Len Waterworth           Engineering Design                                                713-899-7917                                          Len.waterworth@dannebaum.com      No    Yes   No
Tom Darnold              Trans Engineering                                                 281-630-2814                                          thomas.darnold@dannenbaum.com     Yes   No    No
Curtis Franklin                                                                            817-540-4100            817-540-4101                  cfranklin@dsei.com
Jamey Tasker             A/E                                                               972-957-3405                                          Jtasker@Davidmason.com            No    Yes   No
Rickey Edwards           Heating and A/C and Facilities Maintenance                        817-875-9653            817-483-6511                  Rickey@designcomforttx.com        No    No    Yes
Lisa Morgan                                                                                214-630-0747                                          lisa@dfwmbdc.com                  No    No    No
Lucious Williams         Engineering Planning/Contract Management/ Project Management      214-634-8844            214-638-7406                  lwilliams@dikita.com              Yes   Yes   Yes   Texas HUB
Wayne Warren             Professional Services-Const. Management                           214-634-8844                                          wwarren@dikita.com                Yes   Yes   Yes
Carl Simpson             Engineering                                                       214-634-8844                                          Csimpson@dikita.com               No    Yes   Yes
Sherita Clevedan                                                                                                                                 scleveland@lanestaff.com          No    No    No
Allen Smith              Utility/Paving                                                    972-957-3450                                          Asmith@Davidmason.com             No    Yes   No
Dorothy Ortiz            Fiber and Installation, PVC, Innerduct                            972-602-7901            972-602-7909                  dotortiz@dotcom-online.info       No    No    Yes   Texas HUB/WBE
Curtis Franklin                                                                            817-540-4100            817-540-4101                  cfranklin@dsei.com                No    Yes   No    Texas HUB/SBE/WBE
Cathy W. Dougherty       Evironmental/ Hazardous Materials                                 817-540-4100            817-540-4101                  www.dsei.com                      No    Yes   No    Texas Hub/SBE/SBA/WBE/WBENC
Evan U. Evans            Architecture/Construct Inspections                                214-340-4440            214-340-0205                  eevans@eevansassoc.com            No    Yes   Yes   Texas HUB/SBE/MBE
Elvenn Richardson        Business Consulting Insurance Svcs                                214-282-8108                                          ejarstar@msn.com                  No    Yes   No
Jeannie Brown            Environmental                                                     972-484-3854                                          jrbrown@enercon.com               Yes   No    No
Bruce Meek               Environmental                                                     972-484-3854                                          bmeek@enercon.com                 Yes   No    No
Edgardo Brandao          Structural Engineering                                            972-239-5495            972-239-5495                  ebrandao@epbassociates.com        No    Yes   Yes   Texas HUB
Peggy Betzer             Right of Way Services                                             281-642-3608                                          pbetzer@yahoo.com                 Yes   Yes   No
Famour Nwanze            Supplier                                                          214-664-6663                                          Nwanze@hotmail.com                No    Yes   Yes
Manuel Carballo          Bridge Engineers                                                  214-363-3444                                          Mcarballo@figgbridge.com          No    No    No
Dan Stoppenhagen         Engineering Consulting                                            512-468-6298                                          dan.stoppenhagen@fluor.com        Yes   No    No
Debra Loudd              Acctg/Auditing                                                    214-337-5000                                          dloudd@fraziergills.com           No    Yes   No
Yolanda Gills            Accounting/Audit Services for Construction and Support Services   214-337-5000            214-337-5030                  ygills@fraziergills.com           No    No    No    Texas HUB/MBE
Roy Grant                CMT and Geotech                                                   817-284-9595                                          rgrant@fugro.com                  Yes   No    No
Jim Swann                Moving                                                            817-625-0060                                          colts@garrett-atlas.com           No    No    No
Diana Flores             Resource Agency                                                   214-523-3432                                          diana@gdhcc.com                   No    No    No
Trudy Laird              Labor                                                             817-261-5005                                          Tlaird@glsystems.com              No    Yes   No
Don Rasmussen            Prime Contractor                                                  952-853-1252                                          don.rasmussen@gcinc.com           Yes   No    No
Karimah Hickman          Prime Contractor                                                  972-874-8724                                          karimah.hickman@gconc.com         Yes   No    No
Curtis Dobson            General Contractor                                                972-353-6248                                          curtis.dobson@gcinc.com           Yes   No    No
Julio C. Lyner           Dry Wall                                                          469-358-2829                                          Gteedgenconst@yahoo.com           No    Yes   Yes
Cynthia Herrera          Recruiter                                                         972-385-1222                                          cynthia@gururecruits.com          No    Yes   Yes
Jesse Saldana            Nonprofit                                                         972-786-0909                                          jesse@hcadfw.org                  No    Yes   No
Sylvia Davila            Minority Business Development                                     972-786-0909                                          Sylvia@hcadfw.org                 No    No    No
Hutch Hutchens           Land Services                                                     817-698-9393                                          LHutchens@Hollandacq.com          Yes   No    No
Denise Nolan             Land Service Company Row, Title Search                            469-231-3194            817-698-9396                  dnolan@hollandacq.com             No    No    No
Bill Kallas              Engineering Design                                                214-728-7863                                          wkallas@huitt-zollars.com         Yes   No    No
Dixie Cawthorne          Geotechnical Materials Testing Engineering                        214-678-0227            214-678-0228                  dcawthorne@hvj.com                Yes   Yes   Yes   Texas HUB
Shakeel nAhmed           Engineering/Construction                                          214-884-4253 ext 101                                  sahmed@ieaworld.com               No    Yes   Yes
Bruce Nipp               Engineering Services                                              469-362-6170                                          bnipp@iqtengineering.com          Yes   No    No
Rich Shaffen             General Contractor                                                214-688-0525                                          Rshaffen@JDAbrams.com             Yes   No    No
Donna R. Parker          Engineering                                                       214-920-8129                                          Donnaparker@jacobs.com            Yes   No    No
Javier Rodriguez         Solar Energy                                                      214-483-6005                                          javier_rodriguez@jladvanced.com   No    No    Yes
Jewel Chadd              Land Surveying                                                    817-431-4971 ext: 301                                 jon@jphls.com                     No    No    No
Mark Hilderbrand         D-B Contractor                                                    817-337-7000                                          mark.hilderbrand@kiewit.com       Yes   No    No
John Lamb                Design and Engineering, Land Surveying and Constr. Mngmt.         214-440-3600            214-440-3601                  John.lamb@lamb-star.com           No    No    Yes   Texas HUB
Milton Richter           Engineering Design                                                214-765-8719                                          mwrichter@lan-inc.com             No    No    No
Y. Lynn Clark            Environmental Consulting                                          972-241-6680 ext23      972-241-6689                  maryann@lcaenvironmental.com      No    Yes   Yes   Texas HUB
Mary Ann Clark           Environmental Engineering and Consulting                          972-241-6680 ext23      972-241-6689                  maryann@lcaenvironmental.com      No    Yes   Yes   Texas HUB
Daniel Lim               Civil Engineering/Land Surveying                                  214-698-1888 ext 201    214-698-9881                  LimAssoc@aol.com                  No    No    Yes

NTTA 1st Vendor Outreach Symposium Sign-In Sheets
                                                                                                                                  K Strategies Group LLC                                                                           2
North Texas Tollway Authority
1st Vendor Outreach Symposium (11/20/08)
Attendee Sign-In Sheets
Massoud Manesh           Consulting Engineering                                               214-979-1144                                                 massoud.manesh@ltraengineers.com         No    Yes           Yes
Lina Ramey               Engineering, Survey, Subsurface Utility Engineering                  214-979-1144                   214-979-2480                  Lramey@ltraengineers.com                 No    Yes           Yes     Texas HUB/SBE
Dwaylyn Holland          I.T. Commodity Products/Supplies                                     972-771-7979                   972-772-8429                  sales@m3technologies.net                 No    Yes           No      Texas HUB
Anthony MBROH            Electrical Engineering                                               972-364-9090                                                 ambroh@mbroh.com                         No    No            No
William Cox              Land Surveying and Construction                                      214-331-9967                   214-331-9966                  cox976@aol.com                           No    No            Yes     Texas HUB
Rita Phillip             Construction                                                         210-871-3219                   210-871-6908                  rita.phillip@zachrycorp.com
Kyle Masters             Construction                                                         972-991-5500                                                 kmasters@mccarthy.com                    Yes   No            No
Sheila Nemati            Illumination Engineering-Electrical/ Mechanical Engineering          817-590-8211                   817-590-8214                  sheila@mep-engineers.net                 No    Yes           Yes     Texas HUB/SBE
Lour Frisbie             Engineering                                                          214-534-2830                                                 Lrfrisbie@metroinfrastructure.com        No    Yes           Yes
Don Harris               Engineering                                                          817-987-4900                                                 DMHarris@Mbakercorp.com                  Yes   No            No
Martin De La Rosa        Structural Engineering                                               972-672-9347                   972-258-1297                  martindelarosa@sbcglobal.net             No    Yes           Yes
Mandy Vassigh            Civil Engineering                                                    972-733-3618                                                 Mvassigh@mv_Engineering.com              No    Yes           Yes
Michael Nguyen                                                                                817-469-7077                   817-394-1616                  michael@nxtsolar.com
Jeff Heimer              G.C. Utility, Paving etc                                             214-689-3815                                                 jeffh@azteca-omega.com                   No    Yes           No
Tre' Black               Outsound logistical service                                          214-941-4885                                                 Tblack@otsl.com                          No    Yes           No
Kelsey De la Torre       Public Affairs                                                       817-332-0404                                                 kelsey@openchannelsgroup.com             No    Yes           Yes
Tonya Veasey             Public Relations/Advertising/Government Affairs                      817-332-0404                                                 tonya@openchannelsgroup.com              No    Yes           Yes
Phillip K Agboje         Flat Work Construction/Utilities, Program Management                 817-975-6139                                                 pkagboje@paeecorp.com                    Yes   Yes           Yes
Kundan Pandey            Geotechnical Engineering Professional                                469-877-8844                   214-350-7510                  kundan@pandeyengineering.com             No    No            Yes
Pat Murray               IT Distributor                                                       817-831-9406                                                 pmurray@paradigmtraffic.com              No    No            No
Eric Halvorson           Design                                                               972-224-6000                                                 Eric.Halvorson@parsons.com               Yes   No            No
Ann Scruggs              Row Acquisitions, Relocation,and Project Management                  972-800-9117 817-306-4553      817-306-4553                  Ascruggs@pinnaclegroup.biz               No    Yes           Yes
Christian Osorio         G.C.                                                                 214-597-6365                                                 cosorio@phillipsmay.com                  No    Yes           Yes
Chris Heiser             Remaining Walls Sound Barriers                                       940-395-7401                                                 chris@premiercrete.com                   No    Yes           Yes
Gabriel Prieto           Precast sound walls and Retaining Walls                              940-648-5602                                                 Gprieto@premiercrete.com                 No    Yes           Yes
Ian Norfold              Professional Services                                                817-521-8577                                                 in@profile-eng.com                       Yes   Yes           Yes
Dan Warner               Civil/Structure                                                      817-385-8833                                                 dkw@profile-eng.com                      No    Yes           Yes
Rey Roca                 Engineering, Architecture, GIS, and Commissioning                    817-385-8833                   817-385-8838                  mail@profile-eng.com                     No    Yes           Yes      Texas HUB/MBE
Steve Harris             geo                                                                  214-952-5860                                                 steve.harris@psiusa.com                  Yes   No            No
Orlando Davila           General Contractor                                                   214-486-6005                                                 odavica@puccioconstruction.com           Yes   Yes           No
Walter Ragsdale          Engineering                                                          214-893-3230                                                 Walter.ragsdale@ragsdaleconsulting.com   No    Yes           Yes
Raymond Boothe           Construction Management and Inspection Services                      214-649-4468                                                 Rbcc@sbcglobal.net                       No    Yes           No
Elizabeth Waters         Fiber Optic Supplies and Construction and Building Materials         214-690-9307                   214-599-0074                  Elizabeth@refastenersllc.com             Yes   Yes           Yes      Texas HUB
Bryan Thompson           Network Engineering, Security Cameras                                214-708-4084 or 972-599-3900                                 Bryan@rmbb.net                           No    No            Yes
Michael Reily            Security I                                                           972-644-7157                                                 michael.reily@redhawk-us.com             No    Yes           No
Don Glenn                Design                                                               713-914-4417                                                 donald.glenn@rsandh.com                  Yes   No            No
Michael Riojas           Engineering                                                          210-706-5801                                                 mcriojas@sbinfra.com                     Yes   No            No
Ed Nueste                Engineer Design                                                      817-732-3939                                                 ednueste@sbinfra.com                     Yes   No            No
Ed Stinnent              Engineering Services                                                 713-906-8971                                                 Stinnett@Tx.rr.com                       Yes   No            No
Jesse S. Covarrubias     Engineering Services                                                 210-735-9202                                                 sea@seatx.com                            No    Yes           Yes
Kathy Sipes              Promotional Item                                                     817-423-4001                                                 Sipespromo@sbcglobal.net                 No    Yes           No
Roque Solis              IT Services/Software Outsourcing                                     214-256-3083                   214-256-3493                  roque@solisystems.com                    No    Yes           Yes
Ed Christmas             Security Integration Services and Access Control Systems             972-792-9300                   972-792-9301                  Ed.christmas@eyesthere.com               Yes   Yes           No       Texas HUB
James Earl Estes         Surety Support Program - Bonding, Insurance, etc                     214-220-9098                   214-220-9072                  jestes@sspcconsulting.com                Yes   Yes           No       Texas HUB/MBE
Eric Garcia              Geotech, CMT, QA/QC, Environmental                                   469-564-0029                                                 egarcia@shengineers.com                  No    Yes           Yes
David Covarrubias        Structural Engineering Design Services-Bridges and Retaining Walls   210-735-9202                   210-735-2074                  dcovarrubias@seatx.com                   No    Yes           Yes      Texas HUB/SBE/MBE
Joe Willix               Solar Energy Wind Energy Geothermal Cooling                          214-870-4332                                                 jwillix@swgenergy.com                    No    In Progress   In Progress
Ralph Mansour            Geotechnical Engineering/CMT                                         214-574-5510                   214-574-5512                  ralph@syntecengineeringgroup.com         No    Yes           Yes      Texas HUB
Ron Smith                CM/PM & Project Controls                                             214-760-1966                                                 rsmith@teiconstruction.com               Yes   Yes           Yes
Bobby McLellan           Program Project and Construction Management                          214-760-1966                   214-760-1943                  Bmclellan@telconstelconstruction.com     No    Yes           No       Texas HUB
Tony Tenney              Concrete and Masonry                                                 713-413-4719                   713-413-3718                  Tenneymasonryco@sbcglobal.net            No    Yes           No       Texas HUB
Ajit Govindan            Geotechnical Drilling Testing/Foundation Engineering                 972-552-9433                   214-492-2155                  ajirg@terra-eng.com                      No    Yes           Yes      Texas HUB
Syed Haneefuddin         Drilling/Geo and CMT                                                 972-900-2748                                                 Syed@terra-eng.com                       Yes   Yes           Yes
Elvenn Richardson        MWBE Compliance                                                      214-282-8108                                                 elvenn@theburrellgroup.net               No    Yes           No
Thelma Johnson           Consulting                                                           972-596-8000                                                 thelma@theburrellgroup.net               No    Yes           Yes
Al Ramirez               Products                                                             972-266-7960                                                 prodesk_0507@Homedepot.com               No    No            No
E. Edward Okpa           Real Estate:Right of Way, Appraisal, Acquisition                     972-960-1417                   972-960-1880                  eokpa@post.harvard.edu                   No    No            Yes      Texas HUB
Tracy Delce              Fencing, Metal fabrication, Welding services                         817-288-6116                                                 tracy@tinmanenterprises.net              No    Yes           Yes      Texas Hub/MBE,List Agency
Bruce Dinkheller         CM                                                                   214-819-5955                                                 Dinkheller@psword.com                    Yes   No            No
Francis Hill             Industrial Engineering/Consulting Services                           817-359-2950                   817-359-2959                  fhill@transsolutions.com                 No    Yes           Yes      WBE
Bob Bagwell              LED Lighting                                                         972-480-0880                                                 bbagwell@trastarusa.com                  Yes   No            No

NTTA 1st Vendor Outreach Symposium Sign-In Sheets
                                                                                                                                            K Strategies Group LLC                                                                                           3
North Texas Tollway Authority
1st Vendor Outreach Symposium (11/20/08)
Attendee Sign-In Sheets
Robert May               MSE Wall System, Precast Concrete Products   281-931-9832                  281-931-0061                  Rmay@Triconprecast.com             No    No    Yes   Texas HUB/SBE/MBE
Eric Brown               General Contractor                           214-503-0549                                                Ebrown@Tmvllc.us                   Yes   Yes   No
Asif Khan                Engineering                                  214-405-0407                  214-252-1600                  asifkhan@urbanengineersgroup.com   No    Yes   Yes   Texas HUB
Juan Sierra              Engineering                                  817-390-1010                                                Juan_sierra@urscorp.com            Yes   No    No
Cathy Arnett             Utility Relocation Design and Coordination   817-226-8101ext: 20                                         carnett@utilitysys.com             No    Yes   No    WBE
Victor Jones             Concrete                                     817-455-4435                  817-783-2123                  VPRemodelingrepair@yahoo.com       No    Yes   No
Noelle Ibrahim           Engineering and Environmental Compliance     972-786-6968                  972-381-2791                  Noelle@vertex-eng.com              No    Yes   Yes   Texas HUB
Corinne Moraee           CM                                           972-381-2877                                                corinne.m@vertex-eng.com           No    Yes   Yes
Joe Jackson              Fiber Optic/IT Communication                 972-247-0747                                                Jmjackson@Volt-Telecom.com         Yes   No    No    Texas HUB
Mike Villarreal          Prime Contractor                             817-277-2267                                                Mvillarreal@wwwebberllc.com        Yes   No    No
Bukky Adeyeoluwa         Engineering and Procurement                  469-556-9962                                                bukkyadey04@yahoo.com              No    Yes   Yes
Gabriel Otuyelu          Procurement                                  469-363-2427or 469-556-9962                                 Gabyelu@yahoo.com                  No    Yes   Yes
Roger Kittrell                                                        214-740-6200                                                rkittrell@walterpmoore.com         Yes   No    No
Srini Sangineni          Engineering                                  214-740-6254                                                ssangineni@walterpmoore.com        No    No    No
Bob Lanham               General Contractor                           713-522-9821                                                blanham@wbctx.com                  Yes   No    No
Donc Pitcock             General Contractor                           713-522-9821                                                dpitcock@wbctx.com                 Yes   No    No
Bill Doreen              General Contractor                           713-522-9821                                                bdoreen@wbctx.com                  Yes   No    No
Seth Schulgen            General Contractor                           713-522-9821                                                sschulgen@wbctx.com                Yes   No    No
Kim Anoing               Staffing                                     817-469-2717                                                kim@xyzstaff.com                   Yes   Yes   No
Rita L. Phillip          Prime Contractor                             210-871-3219                                                rita.phillip@zachrycorp.com        Yes   No    No
Joe Tabaee               Underground Utility/Concrete Pavement        214-695-7610                  972-788-0266                  zagrosconstruction@yahoo.com       No    Yes   No

NTTA 1st Vendor Outreach Symposium Sign-In Sheets
                                                                                                                   K Strategies Group LLC                                                                  4

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