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					                                                 BSNL Tower Profile

                              Name of SSA

                                                  Name of site
                                                                             Tower      Height of the
                Name of                                       Ownership     mounting       tower
                Circle                                      BSNL own

                                                            land            RTT/GBT       (Meters)
    1   Bihar             Arrah             Agian           BSNL          GBT          80M
    2   Bihar             Arrah             Arrah           BSNL          GBT          40M
    3   Bihar             Arrah             Arrah           BSNL          GBT          40M
    4   Bihar             Arrah             Arrah           BSNL          GBT          60M
    5   Bihar             Arrah             Arrah           BSNL          GBT          40M
    6   Bihar             Arrah             Arrah           BSNL          GBT          80M
    7   Bihar             Arrah             Babura          BSNL          GBT          40M
    8   Bihar             Arrah             Chaugain        NBSNL         GBT          40M
    9   Bihar             Arrah             Dhoba Bazar BSNL              GBT          40M
   10   Bihar             Arrah             Gangauli        BSNL          GBT          40M
   11   Bihar             Arrah             Gidha           BSNL          GBT          40M
   12   Bihar             Arrah             Jitaura         BSNL          GBT          40M
   13   Bihar             Arrah             Jamalpur        BSNL          GBT          40M
   14   Bihar             Arrah             Kesath          BSNL          GBT          40M
   15   Bihar             Arrah             Khuta Bazar     BSNL          GBT          40M
   16   Bihar             Arrah             Kishagarh       BSNL          GBT          40M
   17   Bihar             Arrah             Koilwar         BSNL          GBT          40M
   18   Bihar             Arrah             Koransarai      NBSNL         GBT          40M
   19   Bihar             Arrah             Majharia        BSNL          GBT          40M
   20   Bihar             Arrah             Narayanpur      NBSNL         GBT          40M
   21   Bihar             Arrah             Narhi Chandi BSNL             GBT          40M
   22   Bihar             Arrah             Karnampur       BSNL          GBT          40M
   23   Bihar             Arrah             NawaNagar       NBSNL         GBT          40M
   24   Bihar             Arrah             Pawna           BSNL          GBT          40M
   25   Bihar             Arrah             Pratap Sagar NBSNL            GBT          40M
   26   Bihar             Arrah             Rampur Dehri BSNL             GBT          40M
   27   Bihar             Arrah             Saraiya         BSNL          GBT          40M
   28   Bihar             Arrah             Shahpur         NBSNL         GBT          40M
   29   Bihar             Arrah             Sikathi         BSNL          GBT          40M
   30   Bihar             Arrah             Simri           BSNL          GBT          40M
   31   Bihar             Arrah             Sonvarsa        BSNL          GBT          40M
   32   Bihar             Arrah             Tarari          BSNL          GBT          40M
   33   Bihar             Arrah             Udwantnagar BSNL              GBT          40M
   34   Bihar             Arrah             Unwas           BSNL          GBT          40M
   35   Bihar             Begusarai         Bagdov          BSNL          GBT          40M
   36   Bihar             Begusarai         Banwaripur      NBSNL         GBT          40M
   37   Bihar             Begusarai         Barhangama BSNL               GBT          40M
   38   Bihar             Begusarai         Barauni O Mile NBSNL          GBT          40M
   39   Bihar             Begusarai         Bhagwanpur      NBSNL         GBT          40M
   40   Bihar             Begusarai         Bihat           NBSNL         GBT          40M
   41   Bihar             Begusarai         Bishnapur       BSNL          GBT          40M
   42   Bihar             Begusarai         Birpur          BSNL          GBT          40M
   43   Bihar             Begusarai         BTPS            BSNL          GBT          40M
   44   Bihar             Begusarai         Cheria BariarpurBSNL          GBT          40M
45   Bihar   Begusarai   Chhaurahi       NBSNL   GBT   40M
46   Bihar   Begusarai   Dandari         NBSNL   GBT   40M
47   Bihar   Begusarai   Gara            BSNL    GBT   40M
48   Bihar   Begusarai   Garhpura        NBSNL   GBT   40M
49   Bihar   Begusarai                   NBSNL
                         Lakhminia (Ballia)      GBT   40M
50   Bihar   Begusarai   Lakho           BSNL    GBT   40M
51   Bihar   Begusarai   Manjhaul        NBSNL   GBT   40M
52   Bihar   Begusarai   Mansoorchak BSNL        GBT   40M
53   Bihar   Begusarai   Matihani        BSNL    GBT   40M
54   Bihar   Begusarai   Nawkothi        BSNL    GBT   40M
55   Bihar   Begusarai   Rajaura         NBSNL   GBT   40M
56   Bihar   Begusarai   Rani            NBSNL   GBT   40M
57   Bihar   Begusarai   Sadpur          BSNL    GBT   40M
58   Bihar   Begusarai   Samho Akha KurhaNBSNL   GBT   40M
59   Bihar   Begusarai   Tilrath         BSNL    GBT   80M
60   Bihar   Bettiah     Alamganj Bazar BSNL     GBT   40M
61   Bihar   Bettiah     Amalwa(Chuhari) BSNL    GBT   40M
62   Bihar   Bettiah     Bairia          BSNL    GBT   40M
63   Bihar   Bettiah     Bharoganj       BSNL    GBT   40M
64   Bihar   Bettiah     Chautarwa       BSNL    GBT   40M
65   Bihar   Bettiah     Chowthki Patti BSNL     GBT   40M
66   Bihar   Bettiah     Englishia       NBSNL   GBT   100M
67   Bihar   Bettiah     Gahiri Kothi    BSNL    GBT   40M
68   Bihar   Bettiah     Gaunaha         NBSNL   GBT   40M
69   Bihar   Bettiah     Hirapakar       BSNL    GBT   40M
70   Bihar   Bettiah     ITI Colony      BSNL    GBT   40M
71   Bihar   Bettiah     Kehunia         BSNL    GBT   40M
72   Bihar   Bettiah     Lal Saraiya     BSNL    GBT   40M
73   Bihar   Bettiah     Lohiria         BSNL    GBT   40M
74   Bihar   Bettiah     Madhopur        NBSNL   GBT   60M
75   Bihar   Bettiah     Majholia        NBSNL   GBT   40M
76   Bihar   Bettiah     Mathura         BSNL    GBT   40M
77   Bihar   Bettiah     Mishrauli       NBSNL   GBT   40M
78   Bihar   Bettiah     Pirari          BSNL    GBT   40M
79   Bihar   Bettiah     Sabia           NBSNL   GBT   40M
80   Bihar   Bettiah     Sariswa Bazar BSNL      GBT   40M
81   Bihar   Bettiah     Sathi           BSNL    GBT   40M
82   Bihar   Bettiah     Valmikinagar BSNL       GBT   40M
83   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Akbarnagar      BSNL    GBT   40M
84   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Barahat         BSNL    GBT   40M
85   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Bharko          BSNL    GBT   40M
86   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Bihpur          BSNL    GBT   40M
87   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Borohiya        BSNL    GBT   40M
88   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Bounsi          NBSNL   GBT   40M
89   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Chandan         NBSNL   GBT   40M
90   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Dhoria          BSNL    GBT   40M
91   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Dariyapur       BSNL    GBT   40M
92   Bihar   Bhagalpur                   BSNL
                         Gauripur (Kharik)       GBT   40M
93   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Ghogha          NBSNL   GBT   40M
94   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Ishipur Barahat NBSNL   GBT   40M
 95   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Parbatta)       BSNL    GBT   40M
 96   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Jagatpur        NBSNL   RTT   12M
 97   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Jagdishpur      BSNL    GBT   40M
 98   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Jhandapur       BSNL    GBT   40M
 99   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Jiccho          BSNL    GBT   40M
100   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Kahalgaon       BSNL    RTT   18M
101   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Kahalgaon       BSNL    RTT   12M
102   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Kahalgaon       BSNL    GBT   40M
103   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Kahalgaon       BSNL    GBT   40M
104   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Khesar          BSNL    GBT   40M
105   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Khiribandh      BSNL    GBT   40M
106   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Mathurapur      NBSNL   RTT   18M
107   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Nathnagar       BSNL    GBT   40M
108   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Panjwara        BSNL    GBT   40M
109   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Phulidumar      BSNL    GBT   40M
110   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Pirpainti Bazar NBSNL   GBT   40M
111   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Pithana         NBSNL   GBT   40M
112   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Puraini TE      BSNL    GBT   40M
113   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Rangra          BSNL    GBT   40M
114   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Sahebganj       NBSNL   GBT   40M
115   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Saidpur         NBSNL   GBT   40M
116   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Sanokher        BSNL    GBT   40M
117   Bihar   Bhagalpur   Vijayhat        BSNL    GBT   40M
118   Bihar   Chapra      Afrad More      NBSNL   GBT   60M
119   Bihar   Chapra      Andar           BSNL    GBT   40M
120   Bihar   Chapra      Barkagaon       BSNL    GBT   40M
121   Bihar   Chapra      Basant          NBSNL   GBT   40M
122   Bihar   Chapra      Basantpur       BSNL    GBT   40M
123   Bihar   Chapra      Batua Bazar     NBSNL   GBT   40M
124   Bihar   Chapra                      BSNL
                          Bhagwanpur (Siwan)      GBT   60M
125   Bihar   Chapra      Bheldi          NBSNL   GBT   60M
126   Bihar   Chapra      Bijaipur        BSNL    GBT   40M
127   Bihar   Chapra      Daroanda        NBSNL   GBT   40M
128   Bihar   Chapra      Daudpur         NBSNL   GBT   60M
129   Bihar   Chapra      Derni                   GBT   40M
130   Bihar   Chapra      Dighwa Dubauli NBSNL    GBT   40M
131   Bihar   Chapra      Doriganj        NBSNL   GBT   60M
132   Bihar   Chapra      Ekma            BSNL    GBT   40M
133   Bihar   Chapra      Garkha                  GBT   40M
134   Bihar   Chapra      Gopalpur        BSNL    GBT   40M
135   Bihar   Chapra      Hasanpura       BSNL    GBT   40M
136   Bihar   Chapra      Hussenganj      BSNL    GBT   40M
137   Bihar   Chapra      Issuapur        BSNL    GBT   40M
138   Bihar   Chapra      Jalalpur        BSNL    GBT   60M
139   Bihar   Chapra      Janta Bazar     BSNL    GBT   40M
140   Bihar   Chapra      Jeeradei        BSNL    GBT   40M
141   Bihar   Chapra      Khaira          NBSNL   GBT   40M
142   Bihar   Chapra      Kopa            BSNL    GBT   40M
143   Bihar   Chapra      Lakri Dargah BSNL       GBT   40M
144   Bihar   Chapra      Madarpur       BSNL     GBT   60M
145   Bihar   Chapra      Maker          BSNL     GBT   40M
146   Bihar   Chapra      Manjhagarh     NBSNL    GBT   40M
147   Bihar   Chapra      Manjhi         BSNL     GBT   40M
148   Bihar   Chapra      Marhowrah      BSNL     GBT   60M
149   Bihar   Chapra      Mirjapur (NB) NBSNL     GBT   40M
150   Bihar   Chapra      Mishribathra   NBSNL    GBT   40M
151   Bihar   Chapra      Mohammedpur BSNL        GBT   40M
152   Bihar   Chapra      Mora(Katiya)   BSNL     GBT   40M
153   Bihar   Chapra      Mushehari      BSNL     GBT   40M
154   Bihar   Chapra      Nagra          BSNL     GBT   40M
155   Bihar   Chapra      Nayagaon       NBSNL    GBT   60M
156   Bihar   Chapra      Pachrukhi      BSNL     GBT   40M
157   Bihar   Chapra      Panapur        BSNL     GBT   40M
158   Bihar   Chapra      Phulwaria      NBSNL    GBT   40M
159   Bihar   Chapra      Rasulpur       BSNL     GBT   40M
160   Bihar   Chapra      Sasamusa       NBSNL    GBT   40M
161   Bihar   Chapra      Siswadhala     BSNL     GBT   40M
162   Bihar   Chapra      Siswan         BSNL     GBT   40M
163   Bihar   Chapra      Siwan          NBSNL    GBT   80M
164   Bihar   Chapra      Sonbarsa       NBSNL    GBT   40M
165   Bihar   Chapra      Tajpur         BSNL     GBT   40M
166   Bihar   Chapra      Tarwara        BSNL     GBT   40M
167   Bihar   Chapra      Taraiya        BSNL     GBT   40M
168   Bihar   Chapra      Thave          BSNL     GBT   40M
169   Bihar   Darbhanga   Baghant        NBSNL    GBT   40M
170   Bihar   Darbhanga   Bhalpatti      NBSNL    GBT   40M
171   Bihar   Darbhanga   Bharwara       NBSNL    GBT   40M
172   Bihar   Darbhanga   Biraul         BSNL     GBT   60M
173   Bihar   Darbhanga   Bithauli       NBSNL    GBT   40M
174   Bihar   Darbhanga   Bairampur      BSNL     GBT   40M
175   Bihar   Darbhanga   Darbhanga      BSNL     GBT   60M
176   Bihar   Darbhanga                  B
                          Deora Bandhauli SNL     GBT   40M
177   Bihar   Darbhanga   Ghanshyampur BSNL       GBT   40M
178   Bihar   Darbhanga   Hanuman NagarNBSNL      GBT   40M
179   Bihar   Darbhanga   Jahangir Tola BSNL      GBT   40M
180   Bihar   Darbhanga   Kachhua ChakutiBSNL     GBT   40M
181   Bihar   Darbhanga   Kamtaul        BSNL     GBT   40M
182   Bihar   Darbhanga   Keoti          BSNL     GBT   40M
183   Bihar   Darbhanga   Khutwara       NBSNL    GBT   40M
184   Bihar   Darbhanga   Kiratpur       NBSNL    GBT   40M
185   Bihar   Darbhanga   Ladari         NBSNL    GBT   40M
186   Bihar   Darbhanga   Lahta          BSNL     GBT   40M
187   Bihar   Darbhanga                  NBSNL
                          Majhaulia (Darbhanga)   GBT   40M
188   Bihar   Darbhanga   Makrampur      NBSNL    GBT   40M
189   Bihar   Darbhanga   Malpatti       NBSNL    GBT   40M
190   Bihar   Darbhanga   Manigachi      BSNL     GBT   40M
191   Bihar   Darbhanga   Nehra          NBSNL    GBT   40M
192   Bihar   Darbhanga   Paghari        NBSNL    GBT   40M
193   Bihar   Darbhanga   Parri          NBSNL    GBT   40M
194   Bihar   Darbhanga   Pindaruch      BSNL     GBT   40M
195   Bihar   Darbhanga   Pukhopatti         BSNL    GBT   40M
196   Bihar   Darbhanga   Rajo               NBSNL   GBT   40M
197   Bihar   Darbhanga   Sakatpur           NBSNL   GBT   40M
198   Bihar   Darbhanga   Saraiya (Darbhanga)NBSNL   GBT   40M
199   Bihar   Darbhanga   Shivnagarghat NBSNL        GBT   40M
200   Bihar   Darbhanga   Simri              BSNL    GBT   40M
201   Bihar   Darbhanga   Sonaki             NBSNL   GBT   40M
202   Bihar   Darbhanga   Surha              NBSNL   GBT   40M
203   Bihar   Darbhanga   Tarsarai           BSNL    GBT   60M
204   Bihar   Darbhanga   Ughara             BSNL    GBT   40M
205   Bihar   Gaya        Amba                       GBT   40M
206   Bihar   Gaya        Anderwari          BSNL    GBT   60M
207   Bihar   Gaya        Aranda                     GBT   40M
208   Bihar   Gaya        Arwal              BSNL    GBT   40M
209   Bihar   Gaya        Arwal              BSNL    GBT   40M
210   Bihar   Gaya        Bandhuganj         BSNL    GBT   40M
211   Bihar   Gaya        Bankey Bazar BSNL          GBT   40M
212   Bihar   Gaya        Bara               NBSNL   GBT   40M
213   Bihar   Gaya        Belaganj           BSNL    GBT   60M
214   Bihar   Gaya        Bhadeya(Sherghati) BSNL    GBT   40M
215   Bihar   Gaya        Chakand            BSNL    GBT   40M
216   Bihar   Gaya        Dobhi              BSNL    GBT   40M
217   Bihar   Gaya        Goshi, Jahanabad NBSNL     GBT   40M
218   Bihar   Gaya        Gurpa              NBSNL   GBT   40M
219   Bihar   Gaya        Gurua              BSNL    GBT   40M
220   Bihar   Gaya        Jamune             BSNL    GBT   40M
221   Bihar   Gaya        Kashichak          BSNL    GBT   40M
222   Bihar   Gaya        Khandail           BSNL    GBT   40M
223   Bihar   Gaya        Kinjar(Arwal)      BSNL    GBT   40M
224   Bihar   Gaya        Konch                      GBT   40M
225   Bihar   Gaya        Kothi              BSNL    GBT   40M
226   Bihar   Gaya        Manjhway           BSNL    GBT   40M
227   Bihar   Gaya        Maigra             BSNL    GBT   40M
228   Bihar   Gaya        Mau                BSNL    GBT   40M
229   Bihar   Gaya        Mehandia                   GBT   40M
230   Bihar   Gaya        Mohanpur           BSNL    GBT   40M
231   Bihar   Gaya        Nardiganj                  GBT   40M
232   Bihar   Gaya        Narhat             NBSNL   GBT   40M
233   Bihar   Gaya        Neem Chak Bathani NBSNL    GBT   40M
234   Bihar   Gaya        Nimadargang BSNL           GBT   40M
235   Bihar   Gaya        Orahanpur          BSNL    GBT   40M
236   Bihar   Gaya        Paraiya            NBSNL   GBT   40M
237   Bihar   Gaya        Raniganj           NBSNL   GBT   40M
238   Bihar   Gaya        Siris              NBSNL   GBT   40M
239   Bihar   Gaya        Sonwan             BSNL    GBT   40M
240   Bihar   Gaya        Tankuppa           NBSNL   GBT   40M
241   Bihar   Gaya        Tandwa             BSNL    GBT   40M
242   Bihar   Gaya        Thali              BSNL    GBT   40M
243   Bihar   Gaya        Upthu              NBSNL   GBT   40M
244   Bihar   Hajipur     Belsar             BSNL    GBT   40M
245   Bihar   Hajipur     Basudeopur         BSNL    GBT   40M
246   Bihar   Hajipur   Birnalakhansen BSNL     GBT   40M
247   Bihar   Hajipur   Chak Sikandar BSNL      GBT   60M
248   Bihar   Hajipur   Chehrakala      NBSNL   GBT   40M
249   Bihar   Hajipur   Desari          BSNL    GBT   40M
250   Bihar   Hajipur   Fulhara         BSNL    GBT   40M
251   Bihar   Hajipur   Ghataro         BSNL    GBT   40M
252   Bihar   Hajipur   Goraul          BSNL    GBT   40M
253   Bihar   Hajipur   Guru Chowk      BSNL    GBT   40M
254   Bihar   Hajipur   Harpur Belwa BSNL       GBT   40M
255   Bihar   Hajipur   Jandaha         BSNL    GBT   60M
256   Bihar   Hajipur   Kanchanpur      BSNL    GBT   40M
257   Bihar   Hajipur   Kanhauli        NBSNL   GBT   40M
258   Bihar   Hajipur   Kumar Vajitpur NBSNL    GBT   40M
259   Bihar   Hajipur   Laxmanpur       NBSNL   GBT   40M
260   Bihar   Hajipur   Premraj         BSNL    GBT   40M
261   Bihar   Hajipur   Raghopur        BSNL    GBT   40M
262   Bihar   Hajipur   Raja Pakar      NBSNL   GBT   40M
263   Bihar   Hajipur   Sahdei          NBSNL   GBT   40M
264   Bihar   Hajipur   Sarai           BSNL    GBT   60M
265   Bihar   Katihar   Amdabad                 GBT   40M
266   Bihar   Katihar   Azamnagar               GBT   40M
267   Bihar   Katihar   Balua Kaliaganj         GBT   40M
268   Bihar   Katihar   Barharkothi     NBSNL   GBT   40M
269   Bihar   Katihar   Barsoni                 GBT   40M
270   Bihar   Katihar   Bhawanipur      NBSNL   GBT   80M
271   Bihar   Katihar   Birauli Bazar   NBSNL   GBT   40M
272   Bihar   Katihar   Dandkhora       BSNL    GBT   40M
273   Bihar   Katihar   Dhamdaha        BSNL    GBT   80M
274   Bihar   Katihar   Dighri          BSNL    GBT   40M
275   Bihar   Katihar   Dumar Bazar BSNL        GBT   40M
276   Bihar   Katihar   Falka                   GBT   40M
277   Bihar   Katihar   Gurubazar       BSNL    GBT   40M
278   Bihar   Katihar   Harda           BSNL    GBT   40M
279   Bihar   Katihar   Hasanganj               GBT   40M
280   Bihar   Katihar   Jankinagar      BSNL    GBT   40M
281   Bihar   Katihar   Kajha           BSNL    GBT   40M
282   Bihar   Katihar   Kanharia        BSNL    GBT   40M
283   Bihar   Katihar   Kohbara         BSNL    GBT   40M
284   Bihar   Katihar   Korha           BSNL    GBT   40M
285   Bihar   Katihar   KrityanandanagarNBSNL   GBT   60M
286   Bihar   Katihar   Kumaripur       BSNL    GBT   40M
287   Bihar   Katihar   Kursela         BSNL    GBT   40M
288   Bihar   Katihar   Kurumhat        BSNL    GBT   40M
289   Bihar   Katihar   Lava            BSNL    GBT   40M
290   Bihar   Katihar   Madanpur        BSNL    GBT   40M
291   Bihar   Katihar   Mansahi         BSNL    GBT   40M
292   Bihar   Katihar   Manjheli        BSNL    GBT   40M
293   Bihar   Katihar   Mirdaul         BSNL    GBT   40M
294   Bihar   Katihar   Mirganj         NBSNL   GBT   40M
295   Bihar   Katihar   Narpatganj      NBSNL   GBT   40M
296   Bihar   Katihar   Palasi          NBSNL   GBT   40M
297   Bihar   Katihar      Parwaha          NBSNL   GBT   40M
298   Bihar   Katihar      Ranipatra        BSNL    GBT   40M
299   Bihar   Katihar      Salmari          BSNL    GBT   40M
300   Bihar   Katihar      Sarsi            NBSNL   GBT   40M
301   Bihar   Katihar      Seemapur         BSNL    GBT   40M
302   Bihar   Katihar      Simraha          BSNL    GBT   40M
303   Bihar   Katihar      Sonaili                  GBT   40M
304   Bihar   Katihar      Srinagar         NBSNL   GBT   40M
305   Bihar   Khagaria     Khagaria         NBSNL   GBT   60M
306   Bihar   Khagaria     Maheshkhunt NBSNL        GBT   60M
307   Bihar   Khagaria     Alauli           BSNL    GBT   40M
308   Bihar   Khagaria     Bandhera         BSNL    GBT   40M
309   Bihar   Khagaria     Haripur          BSNL    GBT   40M
310   Bihar   Khagaria     Jalkaura         BSNL    GBT   40M
311   Bihar   Khagaria     Khagaria         BSNL    GBT   80M
312   Bihar   Khagaria     Mansi            NBSNL   GBT   40M
313   Bihar   Khagaria     Parbatta         BSNL    GBT   40M
314   Bihar   Khagaria     Satish Nagar BSNL        GBT   40M
315   Bihar   Khagaria     Belasimri        BSNL    GBT   40M
316   Bihar   Khagaria     Dumaria Khurd NBSNL      GBT   40M
317   Bihar   Khagaria     Gazi Shumbha GhatBSNL    GBT   40M
318   Bihar   Khagaria     Khajratha        BSNL    GBT   40M
319   Bihar   Khagaria     Marar            BSNL    GBT   40M
320   Bihar   Khagaria     Panswala         BSNL    GBT   40M
321   Bihar   Kishanganj   Kishanganj       BSNL    GBT   60M
322   Bihar   Kishanganj   Ruidhasa         BSNL    GBT   40M
323   Bihar   Kishanganj   Altakamalpur BSNL        GBT   40M
324   Bihar   Kishanganj   Bishanpur        BSNL    GBT   40M
325   Bihar   Kishanganj   Chhagalia        NBSNL   GBT   40M
326   Bihar   Kishanganj   Powakhali        BSNL    GBT   40M
327   Bihar   Kishanganj   Dighalbank       BSNL    GBT   40M
328   Bihar   Kishanganj                     MW)
                           Desiatoli (DarniaBSNL    GBT   40M
329   Bihar   Kishanganj   Janta Hat        BSNL    GBT   40M
330   Bihar   Kishanganj   Tulsia           BSNL    GBT   40M
331   Bihar   Madhubani    Arer             BSNL    GBT   40M
332   Bihar   Madhubani    Aunsi                    GBT   40M
333   Bihar   Madhubani    Basaitha                 GBT   40M
334   Bihar   Madhubani    Basopatti        BSNL    GBT   40M
335   Bihar   Madhubani                     BSNL
                           Basuki (Madhwapur)       GBT   40M
336   Bihar   Madhubani    Belahi                   GBT   40M
337   Bihar   Madhubani    Bhat Simri               GBT   40M
338   Bihar   Madhubani    Bhataura                 GBT   40M
339   Bihar   Madhubani    Bheja                    GBT   40M
340   Bihar   Madhubani    Bikrampur Balia          GBT   40M
341   Bihar   Madhubani    Chhatauni                GBT   40M
342   Bihar   Madhubani    Gandhwara                GBT   40M
343   Bihar   Madhubani    Ghanghaur                GBT   40M
344   Bihar   Madhubani    Gonauli          NBSNL   GBT   40M
345   Bihar   Madhubani    Hanuman NagarBSNL        GBT   40M
346   Bihar   Madhubani    Harri            BSNL    GBT   40M
347   Bihar   Madhubani    Ijra             BSNL    GBT   40M
348   Bihar   Madhubani   Kaluahi          BSNL      GBT   40M
349   Bihar   Madhubani                    NBSNL
                          Kapileshwar Asthan (V.1)   GBT   40M
350   Bihar   Madhubani                    NBSNL
                          Khajedih (Ladania)         GBT   40M
351   Bihar   Madhubani   Khirihar         BSNL      GBT   40M
352   Bihar   Madhubani   Khopa            BSNL      GBT   40M
353   Bihar   Madhubani   Khutauna         BSNL      GBT   40M
354   Bihar   Madhubani   Koilakh          BSNL      GBT   40M
355   Bihar   Madhubani   Kothia           BSNL      GBT   40M
356   Bihar   Madhubani   Lakhnaur         BSNL      GBT   40M
357   Bihar   Madhubani   Laukahi          NBSNL     GBT   40M
358   Bihar   Madhubani   Loha (V.1)       NBSNL     GBT   40M
359   Bihar   Madhubani   Marauna          BSNL      GBT   40M
360   Bihar   Madhubani   Muralichak       BSNL      GBT   40M
361   Bihar   Madhubani   Narhar           NBSNL     GBT   40M
362   Bihar   Madhubani   Narsam (V.1) NBSNL         GBT   40M
363   Bihar   Madhubani   Nirmali          NBSNL     GBT   40M
364   Bihar   Madhubani   Pali             BSNL      GBT   40M
365   Bihar   Madhubani   Palimohan        BSNL      GBT   40M
366   Bihar   Madhubani   Pandaul (V.1) BSNL         GBT   40M
367   Bihar   Madhubani   Parjuar          BSNL      GBT   40M
368   Bihar   Madhubani   Rahika           NBSNL     GBT   40M
369   Bihar   Madhubani   Rajnagar         BSNL      GBT   40M
370   Bihar   Madhubani   Rampatti         BSNL      GBT   40M
371   Bihar   Madhubani   Sarsopahi        NBSNL     GBT   40M
372   Bihar   Madhubani   Sibipatti        BSNL      GBT   40M
373   Bihar   Madhubani   Simara           BSNL      GBT   40M
374   Bihar   Madhubani   Sugapatti        BSNL      GBT   40M
375   Bihar   Madhubani   Tamauria         BSNL      GBT   40M
376   Bihar   Madhubani   Trimuhan         BSNL      GBT   40M
377   Bihar   Madhubani   Tulapatganj      BSNL      GBT   40M
378   Bihar   Madhubani   Umgaon (Harlakhi)BSNL      GBT   40M
379   Bihar   Motihari    Banjaria         BSNL      GBT   40M
380   Bihar   Motihari    Bankatwa         BSNL      GBT   40M
381   Bihar   Motihari    Chhauradano BSNL           GBT   40M
382   Bihar   Motihari    Damodarpur       BSNL      GBT   40M
383   Bihar   Motihari    Gaighat          BSNL      GBT   40M
384   Bihar   Motihari    Ghorasahan       BSNL      GBT   40M
385   Bihar   Motihari    Gulwara Madhuban BSNL      GBT   40M
386   Bihar   Motihari    Harnattha        BSNL      GBT   40M
387   Bihar   Motihari    Kalyanpur        BSNL      GBT   40M
388   Bihar   Motihari    Khajuria Chowk BSNL        GBT   40M
389   Bihar   Motihari    Kotwa            BSNL      GBT   60M
390   Bihar   Motihari    Lakhaura         BSNL      GBT   40M
391   Bihar   Motihari    Melahi           BSNL      GBT   40M
392   Bihar   Motihari    Motihari         BSNL      GBT   60M
393   Bihar   Motihari    Narha Panapur BSNL         GBT   40M
394   Bihar   Motihari    Pachpakari       BSNL      GBT   40M
395   Bihar   Motihari    Pakridixit       BSNL      GBT   40M
396   Bihar   Motihari    Patahi           BSNL      GBT   40M
397   Bihar   Motihari    Phenhara         BSNL      GBT   40M
398   Bihar   Motihari    Piprakothi       BSNL      GBT   40M
399   Bihar   Motihari      Puran Chapra    BSNL    GBT   40M
400   Bihar   Motihari      Ramgarhwa       BSNL    GBT   60M
401   Bihar   Motihari      Sangrampur      BSNL    GBT   40M
402   Bihar   Motihari      Sataha          BSNL    GBT   40M
403   Bihar   Motihari      Sekhauna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
404   Bihar   Motihari      Semra           NBSNL   GBT   40M
405   Bihar   Motihari      Semra Bazar     BSNL    GBT   40M
406   Bihar   Motihari      Siswa Patna     BSNL    GBT   40M
407   Bihar   Motihari      Tarkaulia       BSNL    GBT   40M
408   Bihar   Motihari      Tetaria         BSNL    GBT   40M
409   Bihar   Munger        Aliganj         NBSNL   GBT   40M
410   Bihar   Munger        Bamdah          BSNL    GBT   40M
411   Bihar   Munger        Barahiya        BSNL    GBT   60M
412   Bihar   Munger        Barhat          BSNL    GBT   40M
413   Bihar   Munger        Chakai          BSNL    GBT   80M
414   Bihar   Munger        Chewara         NBSNL   GBT   40M
415   Bihar   Munger        Dharhara        BSNL    GBT   40M
416   Bihar   Munger        Gangta More     BSNL    GBT   40M
417   Bihar   Munger        Ghorghat        BSNL    GBT   60M
418   Bihar   Munger        Ghosaith        BSNL    GBT   40M
419   Bihar   Munger        Gidhaur         BSNL    GBT   40M
420   Bihar   Munger        Hemjapur        BSNL    GBT   40M
421   Bihar   Munger        Kajra           NBSNL   GBT   40M
422   Bihar   Munger        Lakhisarai      BSNL    GBT   60M
423   Bihar   Munger        Mallehpur       BSNL    GBT   40M
424   Bihar   Munger        Medini Chowki   BSNL    GBT   40M
425   Bihar   Munger        Mehus           BSNL    GBT   40M
426   Bihar   Munger        Nadiama         NBSNL   GBT   40M
427   Bihar   Munger        Nawagarhi       NBSNL   GBT   40M
428   Bihar   Munger        Pattam          BSNL    GBT   40M
429   Bihar   Munger        Ramchandrapur NBSNL     GBT   40M
430   Bihar   Munger        Ramgarhchowk BSNL       GBT   40M
431   Bihar   Munger        Rampur          BSNL    GBT   40M
432   Bihar   Munger        Sangrampur      BSNL    GBT   40M
433   Bihar   Munger        Shekhopur Sarai BSNL    GBT   40M
434   Bihar   Munger        Sikandra        BSNL    GBT   40M
435   Bihar   Munger        Simultalla      BSNL    GBT   40M
436   Bihar   Munger        Sono            BSNL    GBT   40M
437   Bihar   Munger        Tarapur         NBSNL   GBT   40M
438   Bihar   Munger        Tetarhat        BSNL    GBT   40M
439   Bihar   Munger        Tetia Bamber BSNL       GBT   40M
440   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Bajpatti        NBSNL   GBT   40M
441   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Aurai           NBSNL   GBT   40M
442   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Barkagaon       BSNL    GBT   40M
443   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Bairgania       BSNL    GBT   60M
444   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Basantput Patti BSNL    GBT   60M
445   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Beri Behta      BSNL    GBT   40M
446   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Bochacha        BSNL    GBT   40M
447   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Bela            NBSNL   GBT   40M
448   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Bokhra          BSNL    GBT   40M
449   Bihar   Muzaffarpur                   B
                            Bela Bahadurpur SNL     GBT   40M
450   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Berari                  BSNL    GBT   40M
451   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Chorout                 BSNL    GBT   40M
452   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Dardha                  BSNL    GBT   80M
453   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Dheng                   BSNL    GBT   40M
454   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Fulwaria                BSNL    GBT   40M
455   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Gorhari Chak            BSNL    GBT   40M
456   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Gokhula                 BSNL    GBT   40M
457   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Gaighat (Muzaffarpur)   BSNL    GBT   40M
458   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Jaitpur                 BSNL    GBT   60M
459   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Jamalabad               BSNL    GBT   40M
460   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Karja                   BSNL    GBT   40M
461   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Karma                   BSNL    GBT   40M
462   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Karnaul                 NBSNL   GBT   40M
463   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Kathaiya                BSNL    GBT   40M
464   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Korlahia                BSNL    GBT   40M
465   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Majorgang               BSNL    GBT   40M
466   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Marwan                  BSNL    GBT   40M
467   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Majhaulia               BSNL    GBT   40M
468   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Manaine                 BSNL    GBT   40M
469   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Juran Chapra            NBSNL   GBT   40M
470   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Muzaffarpur                     GBT   40M
471   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Muzaffarpur                     GBT   40M
472   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Muzaffarpur                     GBT   40M
473   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Muzaffarpur                     GBT   40M
474   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Nanpur                          GBT   40M
475   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Parsauni                        GBT   40M
476   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Premnagar               BSNL    GBT   40M
477   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Pupri                   BSNL    GBT   40M
478   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Purnahia                BSNL    GBT   40M
479   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Raipur                  BSNL    GBT   40M
480   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Rasalpur                BSNL    GBT   40M
481   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Sarfuddinpur            BSNL    GBT   40M
482   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Sariya                  BSNL    GBT   40M
483   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Sheohar                 BSNL    GBT   40M
484   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Siho                    BSNL    GBT   40M
485   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Sitamarhi               BSNL    GBT   40M
486   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Sitamarhi               BSNL    GBT   40M
487   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Sitamarhi               NBSNL   GBT   40M
488   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Sutapatti               NBSNL   GBT   40M
489   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Sitamarhi               NBSNL   GBT   40M
490   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Sonbarsa                NBSNL   GBT   40M
491   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Tengrahi                BSNL    GBT   40M
492   Bihar   Muzaffarpur   Turki                   BSNL    GBT   40M
493   Bihar   Patna         Barh                    BSNL    GBT   60M
494   Bihar   Patna         Bihar Sharif            BSNL    GBT   80M
495   Bihar   Patna         Devisarai               BSNL    GBT   60M
496   Bihar   Patna         Dhamauli                NBSNL   GBT   40M
497   Bihar   Patna         Dulhinbazar             BSNL    GBT   40M
498   Bihar   Patna         Masaurhi                BSNL    GBT   40M
499   Bihar   Patna         Masaurhi                BSNL    GBT   40M
500   Bihar   Patna         Sankartola              BSNL    GBT   40M
501   Bihar   Patna     More         BSNL    GBT   60M
502   Bihar   Patna     Nadaul       BSNL    GBT   40M
503   Bihar   Patna     Nagarrnausa BSNL     GBT   40M
504   Bihar   Patna     Nalanda      BSNL    GBT   60M
505   Bihar   Patna     Naubatpur    NBSNL   GBT   60M
506   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
507   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
508   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
509   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
510   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
511   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
512   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
513   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
514   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
515   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
516   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
517   Bihar   Patna     Patna        BSNL    GBT   40M
518   Bihar   Patna     Patna        BSNL    GBT   40M
519   Bihar   Patna     Patna        BSNL    GBT   40M
520   Bihar   Patna     Patna        BSNL    GBT   40M
521   Bihar   Patna     Patna        BSNL    GBT   40M
522   Bihar   Patna     Patna        BSNL    GBT   40M
523   Bihar   Patna     Patna        BSNL    GBT   40M
524   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
525   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
526   Bihar   Patna     Patna        BSNL    GBT   40M
527   Bihar   Patna     Patna        BSNL    GBT   40M
528   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
529   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
530   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
531   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
532   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
533   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
534   Bihar   Patna     Patna        NBSNL   GBT   40M
535   Bihar   Patna     Patna        BSNL    GBT   40M
536   Bihar   Patna     Patna        BSNL    GBT   40M
537   Bihar   Patna     Patna        BSNL    GBT   40M
538   Bihar   Patna     Patna        BSNL    GBT   40M
539   Bihar   Patna     Patna        BSNL    GBT   40M
540   Bihar   Patna     Patna        BSNL    GBT   40M
541   Bihar   Patna     Simra        BSNL    GBT   40M
542   Bihar   Patna     Telhara      BSNL    GBT   40M
543   Bihar   Patna     Telmar       BSNL    GBT   40M
544   Bihar   Patna     Tharthari    BSNL    GBT   40M
545   Bihar   Patna     Walmi        NBSNL   GBT   40M
546   Bihar   Saharsa   Balua Bazar  BSNL    GBT   40M
547   Bihar   Saharsa   Balwahat     BSNL    GBT   60M
548   Bihar   Saharsa   Bangaon      BSNL    GBT   60M
549   Bihar   Saharsa                BSNL
                        Bina Bhabangama      GBT   60M
550   Bihar   Saharsa   Fulaut               GBT   40M
551   Bihar   Saharsa   Garh Baruari         GBT   40M
552   Bihar   Saharsa      Ghailarh                      GBT   40M
553   Bihar   Saharsa      Gwalpara                      GBT   40M
554   Bihar   Saharsa      Haripur (Sonbarsa Kachhari)   GBT   40M
555   Bihar   Saharsa      Kapsia                        GBT   40M
556   Bihar   Saharsa      Karjain Bazar                 GBT   40M
557   Bihar   Saharsa      Madhepura          BSNL       GBT   40M
558   Bihar   Saharsa      Madhepura          BSNL       GBT   40M
559   Bihar   Saharsa      Madhepura          BSNL       GBT   40M
560   Bihar   Saharsa      Mahisi             BSNL       GBT   40M
561   Bihar   Saharsa      Maroofganj Market BSNL        GBT   40M
562   Bihar   Saharsa      Nauhatta           NBSNL      GBT   40M
563   Bihar   Saharsa      Panchgachia BSNL              GBT   40M
564   Bihar   Saharsa      Puraini            BSNL       GBT   40M
565   Bihar   Saharsa      Ratanpura          BSNL       GBT   40M
566   Bihar   Saharsa      Saharsa            BSNL       GBT   40M
567   Bihar   Saharsa      Saharsa            BSNL       GBT   40M
568   Bihar   Saharsa      Saharsa            BSNL       GBT   40M
569   Bihar   Saharsa      Saharsa            BSNL       GBT   40M
570   Bihar   Saharsa      Saharsa            NBSNL      GBT   40M
571   Bihar   Saharsa      Salakhua           NBSNL      GBT   40M
572   Bihar   Saharsa      Singheshwar Asthan NBSNL      GBT   40M
573   Bihar   Saharsa      Sonbarsaraj        BSNL       GBT   40M
574   Bihar   Saharsa      Sour Bazar         BSNL       GBT   40M
575   Bihar   Saharsa      Sukhpur                       GBT   40M
576   Bihar   Saharsa      Supaul             BSNL       GBT   40M
577   Bihar   Saharsa      Supaul             NBSNL      GBT   40M
578   Bihar   Saharsa      Telia Hat          NBSNL      GBT   40M
579   Bihar   Saharsa      Udakishanganj NBSNL           GBT   40M
580   Bihar   Samastipur   Shivaji Nagar BSNL            GBT   30M
581   Bihar   Samastipur   Bangra             BSNL       GBT   60M
582   Bihar   Samastipur   Bithan             BSNL       GBT   60M
583   Bihar   Samastipur   Chakbidulia        BSNL       GBT   60M
584   Bihar   Samastipur   Chakmehsi          NBSNL      GBT   40M
585   Bihar   Samastipur   Chakwakhar         BSNL       GBT   40M
586   Bihar   Samastipur   Chandchor          BSNL       GBT   40M
587   Bihar   Samastipur   Chhatauna          BSNL       GBT   40M
588   Bihar   Samastipur   Dasaut             NBSNL      GBT   40M
589   Bihar   Samastipur   Kapan              BSNL       GBT   40M
590   Bihar   Samastipur   Kariyan            BSNL       GBT   40M
591   Bihar   Samastipur   Mohraur            BSNL       GBT   40M
592   Bihar   Samastipur   Morwa              BSNL       GBT   40M
593   Bihar   Samastipur   Musharigharari BSNL           GBT   40M
594   Bihar   Samastipur   Patsa              BSNL       GBT   40M
595   Bihar   Samastipur   Raghunathpur Bela BSNL        GBT   40M
596   Bihar   Samastipur   Rasalpur           BSNL       GBT   40M
597   Bihar   Samastipur   Rosera             BSNL       GBT   40M
598   Bihar   Samastipur   Sadpur Simraha BSNL           GBT   40M
599   Bihar   Samastipur   Samartha Kalyanpur BSNL       GBT   40M
600   Bihar   Samastipur   Samastipur         BSNL       GBT   40M
601   Bihar   Samastipur   Samastipur         BSNL       GBT   40M
602   Bihar   Samastipur   Samastipur         BSNL       GBT   40M
603   Bihar   Samastipur   Samastipur       BSNL    GBT   40M
604   Bihar   Samastipur   Samastipur       BSNL    GBT   40M
605   Bihar   Samastipur   Singhia          BSNL    GBT   40M
606   Bihar   Samastipur   Singhia Ghat     BSNL    GBT   40M
607   Bihar   Samastipur   Sonsa                    GBT   40M
608   Bihar   Samastipur   Sripur Gahar             GBT   40M
609   Bihar   Samastipur   Tajpur                   GBT   40M
610   Bihar   Samastipur   Ujiyarpur                GBT   40M
611   Bihar   Samastipur   Vidyapatinagar           GBT   40M
612   Bihar   Samastipur   Waini                    GBT   40M
613   Bihar   Sasaram      Baraon           BSNL    GBT   40M
614   Bihar   Sasaram      Bhabhua          BSNL    GBT   40M
615   Bihar   Sasaram      Bhabhua          BSNL    GBT   40M
616   Bihar   Sasaram      Bhabhua          BSNL    GBT   40M
617   Bihar   Sasaram      Bhokhari         BSNL    GBT   40M
618   Bihar   Sasaram      Barhari          BSNL    GBT   40M
619   Bihar   Sasaram      Dalmianagar      BSNL    GBT   40M
620   Bihar   Sasaram      Dalmianagar      BSNL    GBT   40M
621   Bihar   Sasaram      Dalmianagar      NBSNL   GBT   40M
622   Bihar   Sasaram      Dumri            NBSNL   GBT   40M
623   Bihar   Sasaram      Debhalia         BSNL    GBT   40M
624   Bihar   Sasaram      Daranagar        BSNL    GBT   40M
625   Bihar   Sasaram      Jamuhar          BSNL    GBT   40M
626   Bihar   Sasaram      Karakat          BSNL    GBT   40M
627   Bihar   Sasaram      Karamnasa        NBSNL   GBT   40M
628   Bihar   Sasaram      Kharari          BSNL    GBT   40M
629   Bihar   Sasaram      Koath            BSNL    GBT   40M
630   Bihar   Sasaram      Kuchhila         NBSNL   GBT   40M
631   Bihar   Sasaram      Mauna            BSNL    GBT   40M
632   Bihar   Sasaram      Mirzapur         BSNL    GBT   40M
633   Bihar   Sasaram      Mohania          BSNL    GBT   40M
634   Bihar   Sasaram   Mujan          BSNL            GBT              40M
635   Bihar   Sasaram   Nahauna        BSNL            GBT              40M
636   Bihar   Sasaram   Nauhatta       BSNL            GBT              60M
637   Bihar   Sasaram   Parsathua      BSNL            GBT              40M
638   Bihar   Sasaram   Pusauli        BSNL            GBT              40M
639   Bihar   Sasaram   Pusauli        BSNL            GBT              40M
640   Bihar   Sasaram   Raipurchor     BSNL            GBT              40M
641   Bihar   Sasaram   Rohtas         NBSNL           GBT              40M
642   Bihar   Sasaram   Sanjhauli      BSNL            GBT              40M
643   Bihar   Sasaram   Saisar         BSNL            GBT              40M
644   Bihar   Sasaram   Sasaram        NBSNL           GBT              40M
645   Bihar   Sasaram   Sasaram        NBSNL           GBT              40M
646   Bihar   Sasaram   Sasaram        NBSNL           GBT              40M
647   Bihar   Sasaram   Sasaram        NBSNL           GBT              40M
648   Bihar   Sasaram   Sasaram        BSNL            GBT              40M
649   Bihar   Sasaram   Shivsagar      BSNL            GBT              40M
650   Bihar   Sasaram   Sikaria        BSNL            GBT              40M
651   Bihar   Sasaram   Sonhan         BSNL            GBT              40M
652   Bihar   Sasaram   Sukulpipra     BSNL            GBT              40M
653   Bihar   Sasaram   Surajpura      BSNL            GBT              40M
654   Bihar   Sasaram   Tilauthu       BSNL            GBT              40M

                   Note: 1. On 40 met. GBTs , 4 slots have been taken , out of which
                                min. 1 slot have been reserved for BSNL Use.
                            2. On all above sites , where vaccant slots are available ,
                         Battery , Power plant , DG and Media Upgradation would be

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