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									SFE News Flash (Mar 2007)
A Warm Welcome to New SFE Members

As we begin a fresh financial year, we want to thank all our SFE partners for
supporting the family through the SFE programme. We would also like to extend a
warm welcome to the 30 new schools that joined the SFE Family in FY 2007. To date,
we have 140 schools on board of the School Family Education (SFE) Programme.

Marriage Convention 2007 - Strong and happy marriages don't just happen. They are

Whether you are married go or just dating, Marriage Convention 2007 is a good platform for
couples to learn the secrets of a success marriage. Held during 30 March to 1 April 2007 at
Suntec Convention Centre, the Marriage Convention 2007 is an MCYS-supported programme.
Schools can tap on the SFE funds and include the FLE hours as part of the SFE hours.

Please encourage school staff and parents to attend the seminar. We are certain they will find
fresh insights and new strategies for building a lifetime for love!

Tickets for the different language seminars are available from SISTIC, Muzika Records & Original
M3. For more details, log on to
www.wearemarried.com.sg or www.mediacorpradio.sg/marriage2007

Due to overwhelming response, tickets for the English seminar is sold out.

Summary Evaluation Report - New Software to Make Your Work Easier

SFE coordinators/administrators have been doing data entry/analysis of collated feedback forms
from participants and compiling them for the Summary Evaluation Report. MCYS has recently
procured a user-friendly programme to make the task easier and faster (5 to 10 minutes) for
coordinators/administrators. The programme, titled Evaluation Form Summary Count (For
Parents/Staff and For Students), will be available online at www.sfe.org.sg from 30 March 2007.

Training on the use of this friendly programme will be conducted during the next SFE coordinator
training in May 2007. Look our for the announcement in the SFE website.

Parent Facilitator Training Programme

The next run of the Parent Facilitator Training course is scheduled to start in May 2007. MCYS
will send email notification to SFE schools on more details. Information on the Parent Facilitator
Training course is also available online at the SFE website.

Each SFE school can send up to a maximum of 4 participants per year. If there are more than 4
interested parents from each school, they will be put in the waiting list. Schools should nominate
suitable parents to sign up for the courses. Priority should be given to parents who have younger
children studying in the school (i.e., in Pri 1-4 and Sec1-2).

Request for MCYS Resource Materials

Every year, MCYS will print and deliver resource materials such as the SFE Parent
Guide, Essential Parenting Tips and Beyond the Vows to all SFE schools. We will send
an email reminder to all to put up your requests to us in April 2007. Please start to
plan the type of materials and the quantity you need.

Change in SFE Service Provider/Coordinator/School Personnel

Please inform MCYS on the changes in service provider, coordinator and school contact persons
so that we may update our database accordingly and ensure smooth correspondence. Schools
and service providers should also ensure that there is proper handover from existing to new
service provider/coordinator.


Take Charge of Your Life

The key to achieving work-life harmony lies in your ability to take charge of your life.
Here are some ideas to help you get started:


Take stock and prioritise on what really matter to you - be it your family, friends,
work, communities or spiritual self. Evaluate personal growth and achievements. Set
new meaningful and realistic goals where necessary and drop unnecessary activities
and commitments that are consuming your time and energy.


Time-management is the simplest of solutions to today's work-life culture. It creates
personal freedom and enjoyment over what we do. Organise your time according to
your availability and motivation. Remember to reward yourself by celebrating little


Think again about foregoing time you intend to spend with people you love and
things you love doing. Your private time deserves the same respect as your
professional one - protect them from unimportant distractions.


Rely on help from friends, family or even your employer if you need it. You never
know how much they are willing to support you. Just remember to add to their
blessings too.


Take time out to pursue your interests such as sports, arts or go on outings and
unwind as a family. Learn to relax and have fun for greater well-being.


Learning to laugh at yourself and things around you helps defuse stress and prevent
burnout. So go on and have a laugh; it will do you a whole lof of good.

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