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					     Harbour Exchange Management Company Limited

                        HARBOUR EXCHANGE PROCEDURES
1.     General Access

       Harbour Exchange Square offers 24-hour access and CCTV coverage with manned
       security throughout the period. The Security Control Room is situated at the entrance of
       the Building 1 Exchange Tower Car Park.

2.     Parking

       Staff that have parking allocations within the 10 building basement car parks must display
       windscreen stickers. This will assist security at the main entrance barriers and help in the
       prompt and efficient entry of vehicles to the site.

       There are no parking facilities for staff in the external surface “visitor” parking bays
       around Harbour Exchange Square.

       Bicycles must not be chained to external railings or posts. Provision has been made
       within Exchange Tower for bicycle parking for XT tenants. However, these ramps must
       not be used to store bicycles for long periods and may result in bicycles being removed if
       parked for long periods (over two weeks).

       There are limited motorbike parking facilities within the Exchange Tower car park for
       Exchange Tower staff use but these are available on a first come, first served basis and
       cannot be reserved.

3.     Visitors to Harbour Exchange Square

       Visitors entering the Square through the main vehicle entrance barriers will be issued
       with a “Two Hour Parking Permit” - if any visitor is likely to be over 2 hours we request
       that tenants make provision for parking in their own allocated spaces within their
       underground car parks. Please contact security if you have any problems in arranging

       Only one 2hr pass will be issued to each visitor a day. A 2 hour pass may be extended
       (by 1hour) if security are notified on 020 7515 8574 before 1 hour has elapsed of the
       issued pass time. Extension is subject to site management/security approval.

       If security have not received or have denied a request to extend the parking permit and
       that permit has over run, then approximately half hour grace will be given before a notice
       will be placed on the vehicle.

       Vehicles will have notices put on their car if:

       a) A valid pass is not shown clearly.
       b) The pass has over run.
       c) The vehicle has not parked in a designated parking bay.
       d) The vehicle is parked in the VIP bay at entrance to Building 1 & 2.
       Vehicles who repeatedly abuse the site procedures may be refused entry to
       Harbour Exchange Square.

           The Management Suite · Exchange Tower · 1 Harbour Exchange Square · London E14 9GE
                               Tel: 020 7538 0007     Fax: 020 7538 4286
     Harbour Exchange Management Company Limited

                           Site Safety Rules for Contractors

1.     Contractors

       Unless prior arrangements have been made with the HEMCo site management
       contractors will not be allowed to park their vans at Harbour Exchange Square. 30
       minutes is allowed for delivery of materials and tools, but once delivered the contractor
       must remove his vehicle from site.

       Site contractors should carry photo ID passes which should be displayed to site security
       at the main barriers or in the security control office.

       Any works to be carried out in the external areas, out of normal working hours, should be
       notified to security control.

2.     Deliveries

       There has been congestion at Harbour Exchange Square with lorry deliveries causing an
       obstruction on the roads. Therefore we require all buildings to use their goods lift
       entrances and not to take deliveries through main entrances where possible.

       Should tenants require extra large deliveries by means of articulated lorry then security
       must be informed at least 2 days in advance. The delivery must take place after hours
       between the hours of 18.00hrs - 08.00hrs or at weekends. Any large lorries arriving on
       site during 08.00hrs -18.00hrs Monday to Friday may be denied access.

3.     Storage of materials

       Materials are not to be stored on roads or pathways at Harbour Exchange Square.
       However, under certain circumstances it may be necessary, in which case prior
       arrangements will have to be made with the site management.

4.     Work Authority

       All works on roads/pavement areas at Harbour Exchange Square are subject to a Work
       Authority system. Contractors must provide method statements/risk assessments of
       proposed works and sign Work Authority Forms taking full responsibility for the work
       being undertaken and their contractors. Any works which will alter the external
       appearance of buildings or demised areas, or which will entail significant structural
       alteration and/or modification, will require approval of the building owners and/or
       managing agents and the site owners and/or managing agents.

          The Management Suite · Exchange Tower · 1 Harbour Exchange Square · London E14 9GE
                              Tel: 020 7538 0007     Fax: 020 7538 4286
     Harbour Exchange Management Company Limited

5.     Trench Work/Cable Pulling Works

       The above works are all subject to prior agreements being in place (see Item 10). All
       reinstatements are to be to the satisfaction of the site management, including damage to
       existing planting/fencing. All new trenches and ducts will be the subject of way leave

6.     Cranes

       Should a building require carrying out cranage works, then the building manager must
       inform the site manager of HEMCo at least 4 weeks in advance and these works must be
       carried out, out of normal working hours. It is the responsibility of each building manager
       to ensure that all documentation is in place before commencement of crane/heavy lifting
       works, these include: - statutory approvals, insurance documents, risk assessments,
       method statements and over sail agreements. All Building Managers must ensure that
       the HEMCo managing agents, and site managers are in receipt of these documents
       before commencement of works.             (See Item 10 for contacts)
       Employers Indemnity = £10,000,000
       Third party / Public / Products Indemnity = £5,000,000

7.     Skips

       Skips will be allowed on site for building works, although prior permission must be
       obtained from the HEMCo site managers, who will need to know the precise location
       intended for the skip. Where practical, skips are to be located to the rear of the buildings.

       In order to avoid accidents all areas around skips must be kept clean at all times. Paths
       and roads must be swept regularly and contractors are to ensure that the contents of the
       skip do not over spill on to the pavements and roads, which may cause injury or damage
       to property.

       For security reasons the skips must be the covered lockable type, well lit at night, and
       positioned in a non-visually obtrusive area so as not to pose an obstruction to
       pedestrians and other road users.

8.     Commercial Signage

       Permits will need to be obtained for free standing signs on pathways. These permits are
       obtained by writing to the Site Manager of HEMCo. Permits will be issued at the
       discretion of the Site Manager. Signs must be situated in an area where they will not
       cause an obstruction or hazard to pedestrians

9.     Hoardings

       All hoardings must be approved by site management, they should be enclosed and not of
       the open kind. The colour must be compatible to Harbour Exchange, i.e. the same colour
       blue (RAL 5008) as the cranes, bollards and lampposts.

           The Management Suite · Exchange Tower · 1 Harbour Exchange Square · London E14 9GE
                               Tel: 020 7538 0007     Fax: 020 7538 4286
      Harbour Exchange Management Company Limited


                                      IMPORTANT NOTICE

          Permission/agreements for all major works must be applied for at least
          four weeks in advance of the planned works. Agreement must be
          obtained for all works prior to commencement on site. Applications to be
          sent to:

          The Managing Agents acting on behalf of HEMCo and the
          Landlords, Hammerson UK Properties plc:
          [For all Estate Works including major installations, which involve cranes
          or heavy machinery being situated on site, Way leave
          licenses/cabling/underground works]

                                     Cushman & Wakefield
                                          Capital House
                                     85 King William Street
                                           EC4N 7BL
                            Tel: 020 7152 5251 Fax: 020 7152 5398
                                     Contact: Kevin Sensier

          The HEMCo Site Managers:
          [Copies of all proposals]

                                     The Management Suite
                                        Exchange Tower
                                  1 Harbour Exchange Square
                                           E14 9GE
                            Tel: 020 7538 0007 Fax: 020 7538 4286
                              Contact: David Jones/Val Wridgway

         The Management Suite · Exchange Tower · 1 Harbour Exchange Square · London E14 9GE
                             Tel: 020 7538 0007     Fax: 020 7538 4286

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