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					                                                      Steve McGinnis
                                          Animator, Illustrator, and Creative Guru

E XPE RIE N C E                                                                     E D U C AT I O N
Launch                                                                              School of Visual Arts
Compositor, Background Artist, April-May 2009                                       Bachelor of Fine Arts, May 2005 (Animation Major)
  Combined 3d elements and characters with 2d backgrounds and                       University of the Arts of Philadelphia
  effects using Adobe CS4. Created 2d backgrounds and effects.
                                                                                    Pre College Animation Program, summer 2000
Renegade Marketing Group                                                            Keystone College
Character Designer, Feb. 2009                                                       Figure drawing classes, 1996 – 1999
 Created character designs for an amazing new tech support company
 called iYogi. Made sure character was animation ready for Flash and
 After Effects.
                                                                                    ACCOMPLISHMENTS & ACT IVIT IES
Little Airplane Productions
Animator-Senior Animator, Jan. 2007– Aug. 2008                                      • Currently working on pitch for Wigz, an
                                                                                     original animated comedy series. Pitch process
  Worked closely with creative director Jen Oxley to create
                                                                                     has included character design, story
  original animation for Nick Jr’s Wonder Pets! and the BBC’s new
                                                                                     development, and writing a script.
  animated series 3rd and Bird. I also led a team of animators and made
  sure animation was done on time and to company standards.
                                                                                    • Designed, directed, scripted and animated two
Summerland Studios                                                                    five-minute shorts The Elephant’s Child and
Illustrator and Character Designer, Animator, Game Developer March -                  Fuzzy Flees.
   Created the characters and images of the Soukie Greentree children’s
   books. Also created, designed and executed web games and                         • Received pre production and post production
   animation for the books’ website.                                                  grants for senior thesis film, The Elephant’s
                                                                                      Child (based on concept art, script, storyboards,
Out to Play Productions                                                               and pencil test)
Storyboard Artist and Character Designer, Oct. – Dec. 2005
  Worked closely with creator Brendan Gallagher to create                           • Eagle Scout (designed and completed a
  storyboards for the animated short The Nightmare Machine.                           memorial mural incorporating original and
  I also designed two characters (main and secondary).                                already established
Renegade Marketing Group
Storyboard Artist, Character Designer and Animator, Sept. – Oct. 2005
  Created storyboards and designed characters that were used                        PROGR AMS
  in three commercials for Panasonic’s Oxyride Batteries. I had also                Adobe Photoshop
  animated the third commercial.
                                                                                    After Effects
Worlds Away Productions LTD                                                         Final Cut Pro
Storyboard Artist, Character Designer, Layout Artist, Compositor                    Flash
May – Sept. 2005                                                                    Maya
  Worked closely with creator Bob Balaban to create storyboards, back-              3D Studio Max
  grounds, and secondary characters for the IFC animated series Hope-
  less Pictures. Also did post production work on NY lottery commercials.
Noodle Soup Productions
Internship, June-August 2004
4Kids Entertainment
Video Encoder, June – Dec. 2004
  Worked with a team encoding video for the Juice Box followed
  by quality checks of finished work.

                                                References available upon request

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