Adelman Travel Group’s customers benefit from the backing of an experienced travel management firm with
the resources, expertise and personalized touch to see them through times of crisis. Adelman Travel Group
takes a serious, focused approach to managing through these events with our SECURE plan:

      A-alert: Adelman notifies travelers of travel warnings prior and during travel via email through our
       automated notification system, A-alert. Also delivered via A-alert are Consular Information sheets for
       each country that is part of an international itinerary.
      Pre-trip International Warning: Prompts action on behalf of your consultant to inform and re-confirm
       travel plans to locations with State Department Warnings prior to ticket issuance.

En-route Traveler Assistance
      24/7 Coverage: Adelman has staff available to travelers around the clock, whenever an incident might
       occur. We can be reached 24 hours a day toll free or by calling collect from outside the country.
      Radius: Through our global partnership in Radius, Adelman has sister agencies throughout the world
       to assist stranded travelers in attaining local accommodations and ultimately, a safe return home. You
       may visit to find a Radius Company

      Computer Networks: In the event of regional outages, connectivity to the Sabre reservations system
       for all of our sites is assured through our multiple pipe frame-relay networks. All critical systems have
       complete redundancy and in the event of a power outage our Headquarters office has a generator to
       keep key systems working.
      Disaster Recovery Plan: Adelman Travel Group has in place a complete disaster recovery plan
       following standard protocols.
      Traveler Profiles: Adelman backs-up all traveler profile information contained in Sabre in our internet-
       based profile product: Profile Sync.
      Telephone Coverage: Call re-rerouting parameters are in place in the event of a telecom disaster for
       each of our offices, utilizing any of our 4 reservation centers or other ATG sites.

      ATG Newsline: Our internal support departments keep our accounts appraised of the latest
       developments in crisis situations via email through frequent, pertinent news bulletins.
      ATG website – Adelman reports up to the minute industry information on the
       front page of our website.

      A-view: our on-line reporting tool gives Adelman clients real-time access to the whereabouts of each of
       their travelers. Our customized drill-down reports can be downloaded in seconds in either Excel or pdf
       format and forwarded to anyone in your corporation from your desktop.
      En-route Traveler Locator (ETL): In a crisis situation, All Adelman clients will receive a systematic
       delivery of reports detailing the location and travel plans of en-route personnel. Reports will be delivered
       automatically via email to the designated account liaison throughout the duration of an event to enable
       ongoing traveler tracking.
      Immediate Response: In the event of a disaster, Adelman will automatically search flight manifests to
       identify travelers from our corporate accounts that may have been affected and notify the account

Effective Support
      Account Management: In crisis situations, our account management group remains in very close
       contact with our accounts. They provide assistance in identifying alternate travel arrangements for
       stranded travelers, customized reports for upper management, and any other support needed by the

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