Roses _ Blooms June 08 by fjzhangweiqun


									Jacqueline Coates Studio
Roses & Blooms
The Stockroom as at June -08
These reduced prices are for cash, Visa or MC as I am revenue raising for my gallery renovation. The gallery opens in
October! Packaging and Freight to Adelaide CBD free. Paintings under 140cm circumference can be posted. Larger
paintings via interstate courier. Approx $60 to $100 for Sydney depending on size.

Above; Sweet Peas and Roses Panel Oil on canvas Panel 90cm x 1.5m Was $4850 SALE $3850

                                                                  French Roses and David
                                                                  Austen Roses
                                                                  Mitsouko Roses and Papi Delbard paintings
                                                                  above based on the beautiful Delbard Roses
                                                                  created in France.

                                                                  Below Left on following page; Papi Delbard
                                                                  Roses (French Roses series) 90 x 120cm Acrylic
                                                                  on canvas & oil glazes 2006.
                                                                  Was $3650 SALE PRICE $2350
                                                                  LEFT; Mitsouko Roses 120cm x 100cm Oil on
                                                                  canvas 2006.
                                                                  Was $3850 -$4,200 SALE PRICE $3350
                        Below Left; Summer Bouquet (David Austen
                        Just Joey Roses) Oil on canvas approx 1.2m x
                        1.8m This piece looks stunning on a wall. You
                        don’t have to have huge walls to have huge
                        Was $8800-9800 Sale Price $7200

Dutch Still Life influenced paintings
One Left; Dahlia. Acrylic on canvas with crackling medium allowing
dark background to show through. Oil glazes.120cm x 90cm
Was $2350 SALE PRICE $1750
Roses and Peonies
                    Top Left; Peony Blooms Oil on canvas 86cm x
                    111cm. Lots of careful detail to create
                    feathery feminine petals. Can send a high res
                    pic.which is crisper than this
                    Was $3850 SALE PRICE $2650

                    Below Left; Soft Pink Peony.
                    Oil on canvas 1.4m Painted in the year 2000.
                    One of my foundation pieces from my first
                    exhibition of roses that I traded to get back.
                    Soft, pretty colours, easy to live with. Very
                    feminine.Willing to part with in order to have
                    my gyprock walls!
                    Was $5,500 SALE PRICE $4200.

                    Also available as a Soft Pink Peony print on
                    canvas 1.2m square Newly printed and
                    stretched, glazed and ready to hang
                    Was price$1200 Sale Price$980
                    Right: Velvety Red Rose Oil on canvas 1.8m x
                    1.1m Beautifully rich reds, pinks, crimsons.
                    Magentas and burgundies.
                    Was $5,500 SALE PRICE $3600
Left; Lavender Pinocchio Roses Panel oil on canvas 35cm x 1.2m Can be
hung vertically or horizontally.WAS $1880 SALE PRICE $1750

Above; Lavender Roses in jug. Can send a higher res pic of this. Soft
apricot colours with coffee tones and the cool and dark greens of the
jug and the leaves. Was $1880 SALE PRICE $1480

Impasto Oils on canvas range of paintings and The New French
Garden Series also available at Jacqueline Coates Studio or
by viewing online at

Or visit The Barn 4 Mary Street Kapunda 5373

Please pass the news of the sale to any friends you think
might be interested.

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