Two local media personalities are by decree


									WINTER • 2008

                              NEWSLETTER FOR DONORS AND FRIENDS OF                        S T . J O S E P H ’ S H E A LT H C A R E

                                     Look who’s going

                                           wo local media personalities are        AM 900 CHML. A native Hamiltonian
                                           taking on the Around the Bay            and the play-by-play voice of the
                                           Road Race and helping to raise          McMaster Marauders, Ted’s baritone
                                     $150,000 to support St. Joseph’s              is one of the most recognizable in the
                                     Healthcare Foundation. Read on to             business. On Sunday, March 30th, he’ll
                                     discover their reasons for going the          be running the 5k race and his reason
                                     extra mile!                                   for getting involved is very simple,
                                                                                   “I’m going the extra mile because at
                                     Connie Smith, co-anchor of CHCH               St. Joseph’s, they’re great people doing
                                     News at Noon on weekdays and the host         great things.”
                                     and producer of Straight Talk on
                                     Saturdays is walking the 5k portion of        Ted is informing the community about the
                                     the race. During a press conference           great people doing great things through a
                                     announcing her involvement in the Bay         5-part documentary series featuring St.
                                     Race, Connie revealed that she is             Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and the
                                     fundraising for very personal reasons:        Around the Bay Road Race. The series
                                     “I’m going the extra mile because the staff   will aired on CHML during the week of
                                     in St. Joseph’s emergency room saved my       February 25th -29th and can still be heard
                      Connie Smith   son’s life.”                                  online at “This will be
                                                                                   my third year participating in the Around the
                                     Years ago, Connie brought her son             Bay Road Race and I’m really looking forward
                                     Calvin to St. Joseph’s Charlton Avenue        to it. I hope that Connie and I can encourage
                                     Emergency Department. He was in total         others in the community to get involved in
                                     systemic anaphylactic shock resulting         a world-class event right here in Hamilton
                                     from an allergic reaction. The staff          while also supporting St. Joseph’s Healthcare.”
                                     worked quickly to open his constricted
                                     airways and quite literally saved his life.   Together, Connie and Ted are hoping to
                                     But Connie’s connection to St. Joseph’s       raise $60,000 of the $150,000 total event
                                     Healthcare doesn’t end there. She was         goal. Funds raised will support
                                     also born at St. Joe’s and is a member of     innovative healthcare research, fund
                                     the Hospital’s Board of Trustees. Look for    essential equipment purchases, enhance
                                     Connie to feature the Around the Bay          patient care areas and ensure that
                                     Race on a special edition of CHCH’s           St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton will
                      Ted Michaels   Straight Talk.                                continue providing the very best care to
                                                                                   this community far into the future.
                                     Ted Michaels is the Afternoon News
                                     Anchor on Hamilton's News Talk Leader,        So walk with Connie or run with Ted.
                                                                                   If you’re not able to participate, you can
                                                                                   still get involved by sponsoring Connie,
                                                                                   Ted or your favourite participant. To
                                                                                   learn more, to register, or to sponsor a
                                                                                   runner in the Around the Bay Road Race,
                                                                                   visit or call
A Powerful Family
                                           A D ONOR ’ S S TORY :
Often it is the relationship
established with a donor and their
family that is the most rewarding
                                           A Power-ful Gift
part of facilitating a gift like the one   How and why Peter and Eugenia Powers are
profiled at right.
                                           giving back to St. Joseph’s
Aside from being generous donors,
the Powers are a fascinating family.

                                                     r. Peter Powers has worked at
A classically trained pianist, Eugenia               St. Joseph’s Healthcare
performed for Saskatchewan                           Hamilton for over 31 years. By
Premier Tommy Douglas at the               coincidence, it was on the 31st day of
tender age of only seven years.            January that he and his wife Eugenia
                                           announced “A Power-ful Gift” to
She has traveled the world playing         St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation –
concerts with various symphonies           $100,000 to support the Hospital’s
and performing in a Ukrainian song         upcoming capital campaign.
and dance troop called CHAIKA.                  Over the past three decades,
                                           Dr. Powers has witnessed many
Now a music teacher and freelance
                                           changes and evolutions at the Hospital,
writer, Eugenia’s talent for art in its    but perhaps none so innovative as the
various forms seems boundless.             shift to a filmless Diagnostic Imaging
                                           (DI) environment through the
She and Peter met almost 40 years
                                           implementation of PACS: Picture
ago at the University of                   Archiving and Communication System.
Saskatchewan where Eugenia was             There has also been a marvelous              From l to r: John, Eugenia and Peter Powers
completing her Bachelor of                 development in reporting on diagnostic
Education and Peter was pursuing           tests. Diagnoses from x-rays,                     “The St. Joseph’s we have come to
his BA in Chemistry.                       ultrasounds, CT/PET scans and MRIs           know is constantly changing, growing and
                                           used to be read by the radiologist,          adapting. They say that if you stop moving
They married in 1969 and came to           dictated, then transcribed, reviewed         forward, you might soon find that you’re
Hamilton in 1973 so that Peter could       and released. Now, voice recognition         moving backwards. We don’t believe that
pursue Hematology training at              transcription software is used.              would ever happen here at St. Joseph’s …
                                                “It’s incredible,” Dr. Powers states.   perhaps that’s why with this gift, we’re
St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.
                                           “Now with the PACS system, DI results        hoping to ensure that the legacy of
Six years later, John Powers was           are quite literally available in minutes.    innovation that has defined this Hospital
born at St. Joseph’s. John is a true       Within moments of the diagnostic             for so many years lives on.”
blend of his parents: while following      imaging test being completed, the                 It seems that legacy of caring in the
in his father’s professional footsteps,    radiologist can view the results             Powers family will live on too. Peter
he also shares Eugenia’s passion           onscreen, and dictate their findings         and Eugenia’s only son, John, is
                                           orally. The system translates the            finishing his MD at the University of
for the arts.
                                           dictation into text so that the test image   Windsor. He has completed his clinical
The Powers are active in their             and the corresponding analysis are           clerkship in Nashville, Tennessee and
church and, like many, support the         available to other integrated care-          hopes to have his own general practice
                                           providers almost instantly.”                 combined with anesthesia.
charities that are closest to their
                                                As a Hematologist, (specializing in          In recognition of their kind gift,
hearts. St. Joseph’s Healthcare            the study of blood, blood forming            St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation will
Foundation is honoured to accept           organs, and blood diseases) Dr. Powers       name a waiting room in the Hospital’s
the support of a family that has           understands the impact faster                recently redeveloped Diagnostic
shared such a long and rich history        diagnoses can have on the treatment,         Imaging area after Peter and Eugenia’s
with our Hospital.                         care and indeed sometimes survival of        parents – who were sources of immense
                                           a patient. When asked about the              support and guidance throughout Peter
                                           inspiration for their gift, Peter and        and Eugenia’s lives. The Maleschok-
                                           Eugenia offered a rationale founded          Powers Ultrasound Waiting Room is
                                           in experience:                               scheduled to open in the fall of 2008.

                 PA G E 2
                                                                                                 Ways of Giving:
                                                                                                 The Gift of Life Insurance
Bill & Hilda Line                                                                                Gifting a life insurance policy to
                                                                                                 St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation
Helping to bring the best equipment to St. Joseph’s MIU                                          provides many different opportunities
                                                                                                 for donors at different stages of
                                                                                                 their lives.

       ill Line recently wrote a cheque
       for $100,000 to help the McMaster                                                                       Option 1
       Institute of Urology (MIU) at
St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton                                                                 You can purchase a life insurance
acquire the very best equipment to                                                               policy and make St. Joseph’s
serve its patients. Bill didn’t want to                                                          Healthcare Foundation the owner and
publicly announce his gift, nor did he                                                           beneficiary of the policy. During your
want a room named in his honour.                                                                 lifetime, you will make the premium
Instead, he agreed to be featured in this                                                        payments, but will receive a charitable
edition of Foundation Matters…for one                                                            tax receipt for each payment. Upon
reason and one reason only: “To inspire,                                                         your passing, the proceeds of your
poke, or perhaps persuade others to consider                                                     policy will benefit the patients,
giving back to their community.”               Bill and Hilda Line                               staff and programs at St. Joseph’s.
     Bill has owned Burlington’s
Fairview Street Canadian Tire for              like Bill and Hilda Line that enables                           Option 2
26 years and is very fond of his               programs at St. Joseph’s to offer our             Alternatively, you could make
community. “My wife Hilda and I, along         community unparalleled care using                 St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation
with our four children, came here from         leading-edge technology, delivered as             the owner of an existing policy. You
Montreal, but Burlington is our home.”         always, in an environment focused on              will receive a donation receipt for the
Over the years, the Lines have                 dignity and respect.                              cash surrender value of the policy,
supported a number of local charities –             Bill offers a rather business-like           plus any accumulated dividends or
both personally and through their              rationale for his gift, “I didn’t have a          interest. Again, upon your passing,
business – and always under one                dream or a vision of doing something              the proceeds of the policy will benefit
guiding philanthropic philosophy:              grand. I came upon a situation that I didn’t      St. Joseph’s.
“It has to mean something to us. We like       know existed and I wanted to help.”
the programs and organizations we support           The MIU performs an important
to have a real impact on our friends, our      role as the regional lead for urologic
                                                                                                               Option 3
customers and our fellow community             services performing over 1,200                    Another method of making a gift of
members.”                                      procedures and 20,000 outpatient                  life insurance is for you to retain
     Last year, Bill was referred to the       consultations per year. The Institute             ownership of the policy while naming
McMaster Institute of Urology at St.           also performs over 80 kidney                      the Foundation as the beneficiary.
Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton for a             transplants per year, accounting for              Even a gift of Group Life Insurance
routine appointment. He was                    20% of Ontario’s live kidney                      can be made in this manner. Upon
impressed by the facilities and the staff      transplants and is considered the                 your passing, the proceeds will
at the Institute, and was not surprised        busiest laparoscopic kidney and                   become a donation to the Hospital
to learn that St. Joseph’s MIU has             prostate cancer surgery centre in                 and your estate will receive a
emerged as one of the premiere                 Canada.                                           charitable tax receipt for the value
urological programs in Canada. Bill                 Dr. J. Paul Whelan recognizes the            of the proceeds.
passed this sentiment along to his             role that private support plays in the
physician and the Institute Director,          future of healthcare. He states, “It’s            Before making a gift of life insurance,
Dr. J. Paul Whelan, who responded by           people like Bill and Hilda Line who are           we suggest that you speak with a
saying “You’re right Bill, but we could        helping to ensure that St. Joseph’s remains       financial advisor to learn more about
help even more people if we just had more      at the forefront of care. With gifts like this,   which gifting option would be most
of the right equipment.”                       we are able to acquire the best equipment.        tax advantageous based on your own
     Like many, Bill was surprised to          Having the best equipment and facilities, in      personal situation.
learn that the Federal and Provincial          turn, helps us to attract the best researchers
governments do not wholly fund all             and clinicians. That’s how we’ll continue to
equipment purchases for our hospitals.         offer the very best treatment and care to all
At times, it is the generosity of people       those in need.”

                                                                                                               PA G E 3
                                        S T . J OSEPH ’ S H EALTHCARE F OUNDATION
Coming Events                           Snap shots
114th Annual Around the Bay Road Race
Go the extra mile for St. Joseph’s       A Tea to Remember
Sunday, March 30th, 2008                 Gift planning donors and friends of
Run, Walk or Relay 5k or 30k             St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation were
To register or donate:                   invited to a Holiday Tea at the Art
905.521.6036                             Gallery of Hamilton on Wednesday,                  December 5th, 2007. Guests enjoyed
                                         high-tea and the soothing sounds of
23rd Annual St. Joseph’s Healthcare      classical guitarist Emma Rush. Celebrated
Foundation Golf Classic                  Canadian Artist, mental health advocate,
In Honour of Shirley Elford              and gift planning donor to St. Joseph’s,
                                         Shirley Elford (pictured at right with her
Thursday, June 12th, 2008                husband, Gerry) spoke eloquently on
Beverly Golf & Country Club
                                         philanthropy and the ways in which
Excellent sponsorship
opportunities available.
                                         estate and gift planning can enable
For more information, please call        everyday individuals to make a
Angeline at 905.522.1155, ext. 35981     significant impact on the causes that are
                                         closest to their hearts.

                                                                                      It Was a 'Wonderful' Gala
                                                                                      On Friday, November 16th,
            To learn more about the
                                                                                      2007, St. Joseph’s Healthcare
   Foundation programs and events                                                     Foundation hosted its 10th
       mentioned to the right, for a                                                  Annual Holiday Gala. Based
      calendar of upcoming events,                                                    on the festive film classic
       or to view more photos, visit                                                  It’s a Wonderful Life, the                                                     evening sparkled with old
                                                                                      Hollywood glamour as close to
                                                                                      400 guests enjoyed fine food,
                                                                                      dancing and dazzling
                                                   entertainment including a performance by famed tenor Michael
                                                   Burgess. An incredible $225,000 was raised to support research,
                                                   equipment and patient care at St. Joseph’s. It truly was a
                                                   Wonderful night. Pictured above is the 2007 Gala Committee
                                                   (from l to r): Renu Kapoor, Anna Lewis, Elisa Fracassi, Jane
                                                   Schwenger, Deanne Day (Chair), Joanna Adams-McGowan,
                                                   Angeline MacLeod and Anne Moore-Cox.

                                                                                      Celebrating a Defining Year
                                                                                      The Foundation’s 4th Annual
                                                                                      Check Up and Donor
Questions or                                                                          Reception took place on
                                                                                      Wednesday, October 17th,
Comments?                                                                             2007. Keynote speaker
                                                                                      Mr. Frank McKenna
Please contact us:                                                                    (former premier of New
                                                                                      Brunswick, former Canadian
St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation
                                                                                      Ambassador to the United
224 James Street South                                                                States and current Deputy
Hamilton ON L8P 3A9                      Chair, TD Bank Financial Group) engaged an audience of donors, friends
905.521.6036                             and community members with a rousing discussion of “Philanthropy in the
Web:             Canadian Context.” The evening also highlighted the relationships, gifts,
Email:          events and accomplishments that made the 2005-2006 fiscal “A Defining
                                         Year” for St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation. Pictured above (from l to r):
                                         Rob Donelson, Kevin Smith, Frank McKenna and Dean Mosca.

             PA G E 4

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