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Cutting edge
ISO Accredited
Member BAPSC
Fully licensed and registered in Iraq
Blue Hackle
Blue Hackle is unique
We are the only UK private security company to use the military anti-
terrorist methods and skills developed post 9/11. This means we can
operate with maximum safety and efficiency to meet your company’s
objectives. Our people are of the highest standard: trained and
experienced former Special Air Service (SAS) and other specialists in
hostile environment security. We are a market leader in Iraq and also
have a strong presence in Afghanistan.

We never forget that our job is to enable you to do yours
We understand business. Our clients are multi-national companies
who share the same goal: to achieve their aims as clearly and effectively
as possible by minimising the risks and overcoming the challenges of
the environment.

We work at maintaining solid relationships with the local population and
this is a key element of our successful strategy.

We maintain a low profile, backed up by the highest quality resources in
terms of planning, people and equipment.
We go the extra mile:

Personal Security Detail (PSD)
• PSD teams travel countrywide or maintain an on-site escort
• PSD teams contracted long term or on a standby/ad hoc basis

Close Protection
• Individual close protection officers, short or long term
  We use Expat and Local National personnel, all highly trained, vetted
  and experienced. We blend in with the local population while giving you
  the highest level of security.

Asset Protection
• Static Guard, Manned Guarding, Force Protection
  Large or small guard forces for major sites, corporate office compounds
  and residences, countrywide. We use highly trained and fully equipped
  Local Nationals or Third country Nationals (e.g. Ghurkas and Filipinos)
  managed by Western professionals.
• ESD (Explosive Search Dog) teams

Payroll Delivery
• Low visibility, efficient solutions for corporations or government
  agencies with cash payroll commitments anywhere in Iraq

Security Consultancy
• Outsourced Security Management
  If you do not have an in-house security manager or department,
  we will provide highly experienced, mature security managers to
  produce and manage Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for
  in-country executives.
• Evacuation Planning

Security Reviews and Site Surveys
• Full security reviews for accommodation and offices across the country
• Site surveys to assist with business proposals and tenders
• Quality Assurance advice on existing suppliers
• Logistics Planning

• Pre-deployment to a hostile environment
• SOP training (this can be done in-country)
• In-house training school

Life Support Service
• Pre-deployment planning
• Provision of secure accommodation
• Access badges
• Accommodation management

Cutting edge, Dedicated, Comprehensive
Client Partnership
We deliver to the highest standard because we:

•   Help you meet your deadlines by making use of our knowledge of
    the country and its people. We are available to discuss your needs,
    in any area, on a daily basis.

•   Constantly think ahead, re-evaluate the threat and thoroughly plan
    all operations.

•   Understand that close co-operation with the local population is
    crucial, so we employ a high ratio of Local Nationals. This means that
    loyalty is at a premium.

•   Liaise with the relevant military authorities to make movements
    throughout the country as simple as possible.

•   Remain positive and proactive, but always flexible so that we can
    respond quickly whenever the need arises.
Client Testimonials
… teams are manned by outstanding individuals … Blue Hackle’s ap-
proach to security has been second to none.

Outstanding … all of our personnel who have travelled with Blue Hackle
have felt completely secure while doing so.

Extraordinary professionalism … Blue Hackle stands out as my pre-
ferred security company.

Blue Hackle demonstrates regularly a willingness to go above and
beyond the call of duty.

I am convinced that the operational concept developed by Blue Hackle
was what allowed this project to be the first of its type to be completed
in Fallujah.

Full testimonials from these clients are available on request.

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