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Haringeys Safer


									          Haringey’s Safer


         Nomination Form

Recognising outstanding contributions by our
   communities and partnership teams to
 improving the quality of life and community
      safety for everyone in Haringey
Haringey’s Safer Communities Awards 2010
Haringey is getting safer. We could not have achieved so much without the help of our communities and
partners across the borough. We know that people are working tirelessly in a variety of ways to make the
borough a safer place. We value your contribution, commitment and dedication and we want to take this
opportunity to say THANK YOU! Without your contributions, we could not go that extra mile to making our
borough safer and a better place for us all.

You are welcome to nominate as many people as you like across all the categories listed
                                        NOMINATION CATEGORIES

   1. Most Outstanding Contribution by an individual over 60 – Do you know someone over the age of 60 -
      or a group of older people - who deserve special recognition for their contribution to improving safety
      and reducing the fear of crime in their community or in neighbouring communities within Haringey?

   2. Most Outstanding Community Safety contribution by a young person or group of young people. –
      (Anyone under the age of 18 can be nominated) – It is especially important to recognise the positive hard
      work and contributions of our young people. Would you like to reward special young individuals or a
      group of young people for helping others who may be vulnerable as victims or perpetrators; for
      improving the local environment or having creative ideas about crime prevention?

   3. Best Community Safety Project, developed by an individual resident, group of residents or
      Residents’ Association. – We know that our tenants and residents groups are helping to make their
      estates safer but we want to know more. For example, do you know people who are exemplary
      neighbours or who take a stand against anti-social behaviour? Do you know anyone who has shown the
      courage to be a witnesses or who has worked hard to improve the safety of communal areas?

   4. Best Community Safety Partnership Project Initiative – Are you aware of a partnership project or
      initiative that is providing an exceptional service to the local community by, for example, increasing
      confidence, offering reassurance and support or helping to improve the quality of life in the community?
      Any Council, Police, Voluntary Sector or other Community Partnership Team can be nominated.

   5. Most Outstanding Community Crime Fighter or Special Constable – This award recognises the
      unique contribution made by members of the community who go that extra mile to serve the people
      around them as a Special Constable or Community Crime Fighter. Do you know someone who regularly
      gives up their time to put the people of Haringey first by providing that link between the safety services
      and the community?

   6. Best Environmental Solution to Designing out Crime by a Resident – We want to thank individuals
      who are working hard to, for example, improve the condition of their local park and open spaces or by
      working with the Police, Fire service, Local authority or agencies such as victim Support to come up with
      solutions to environmental crime and other community safety concerns.

   7. Most Outstanding Volunteer within the Criminal Justice System – Volunteering with the Police,
      Probation, Court service or the many varied voluntary organisations in the borough can be difficult and
      demanding but it is necessary and hugely appreciated. It requires a range of skills, sensitivity,
      confidentiality and dedication. The support that many volunteers provide in these areas goes a long way
      to helping people feel safe and confident in the services provided.

   8. Best Community Safety initiative by a Local Business – Are you aware of business owners or
      employees who are helping to make their area safer or leading by example. They may be developing
      projects through a trader’s association; volunteering in the community or creating a socially conscious

   9. Most Outstanding contribution from a member of front-line staff across the Safer Communities
      Partnership – We know that it is not easy and sometimes very hard to be on the front line of crime
      services and we want to acknowledge people who do this work diligently and passionately day after day.
      Nominate that Police Officer, Neighbourhood Manager, Youth Worker, Probation Officer, Community
      Development Officer or Team!

   10. Special Award Category Haringey Community Safety Citizen of the Year 2010 – This award speaks
       for itself. Nominations in this category are for those people who you think make an outstanding
       contribution to the safety and confidence of all people in Haringey.

                                      What happens next?
Once you have sent us your completed nomination form, a panel of judges will meet to decide the overall
category winners. The deadline for applications is 8 th January 2010 . Successful nominees will be
notified by phone/letter. If you need advice completing the form or further information please contact Louraine
Palmer on 020 8489 6957 or – better still - email her at

Please send completed forms to:

Louraine Palmer
Community Safety Team
Haringey’s Safer Communities Awards 2010
Alexandra House 6th Floor
Station Road
Wood Green
N22 7TR

Alternatively you can complete the form online at

• Entrants must work, study, own a business, attend groups, volunteer or be a resident of the London Borough
   of Haringey.
• All entries should be verified by someone who can support the application. For example, professionals,
   Local Councillors, Teachers, the Chair of a Voluntary/Community sector Organisation, Tenants and
   Residents groups, Housing or Neighbourhood Managers, businesses.
• The judging panel’s decision is final

              THANK YOU

                                      Nomination Form

Contact details of the person you would like to nominate
(you can nominate an individual or a group of people)

Title (Mr/Ms/Mrs/Dr etc)
First Name/Group Name
Telephone No/Email

                                                      Post Code
Your contact details (if different from above)

Title (Mr/Ms/Mrs/Dr etc)
First Name/Group Name

                                                      Post Code

What Category are you nominating the individual or group for:
                           (state category here)

For your entry to be valid please provide details of someone who can support this
application, e.g. police or council officers, local councillors, housing or neighbourhood
officers or youth workers.
Title (Mr/Ms/Mrs/Dr etc)
First Name/Group Name

                                                      Post Code
If the person you are nominating is under 18 a parent or guardian must sign below

Parent/Guardian name                                Signature

1. Why do you consider the person or group nominated deserve to win in the category
you have chosen? Tell us about what they have done

2. Tell us what happened as a result of their involvement

If you do not want to be part of any publicity as a result of this nomination please tick
the box [ ]


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