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January 2010pub


									 Career Services
                                                                                          January 2010 Issue

People in Profile                                            Since 1975, 90.3% of DeVry University graduates in the active job
                                                             market system-wide were employed in career-related positions
                                                             within 6 months of graduation.

                                     Company Information:                What are your current job
                                                                         duties and a brief statement
                                     ARAMARK is a leader in profes- about your interaction with
                                     sional services, providing award- Career Services:
                                     winning food services, facilities
                                     management, and uniform and         Career Services was very
                                     career apparel to health care in- supportive and offered
                                     stitutions, universities and school assistance with resumes and
                                     districts, stadiums and arenas,     mock interviews. My current job
                                     and businesses around the           duties include preventive main-
                                     world. In FORTUNE magazine's tenance and repairing of hospital
                                     2008 list of "America's Most Ad- equipment, and maintaining the
                                     mired Companies," ARAMARK           complete nurse call system in-
                                     was ranked number one in its        cluding GCMs, database, paging
                                     industry, consistently ranking      system, and nurse call.
                                     since 1998 as one of the top
 Name:                               three most admired companies in What would be your advice to
                                     its industry as evaluated by        current students?
 Trina Dheeb
                                     peers and analysts.                 Professors are valuable and
 Program:                                                                knowledgeable resources; take
 Electronics Engineering             Job Title:
                                     Biomedical Technician I             full advantage of your time with
 Technology (BSEET)                                                      them. Live up to your abilities
 Graduating Class:                   Who was your favorite               and push yourself beyond your
 October 2009                        Professor?                          expectations; you are worth the
                                     Professor Chatterjee                effort. Always strive to be the
 Employer Name:                                                          best that you can be; failure is
 Aramark                                                                 NOT an option.
                                     What was your favorite Class?
                                     Signal Processing

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People in Profile:   Article:             Meet Our Intern:       Meet the Career
                                                                 Services Staff
Trina Dheeb          10 Reasons You       David Cain
                     Won’t Get                                   Game:
                     Promoted This Year
                                                                 January 2010
                                                                 Sudoku Game
                                  CAREER SERVICES EMPLOYMENT NEWS                                     PAGE 2

    10 Reasons You Won't Get Promoted This Year
    (Hint: It's not the economy)
    Rachel Zupek, writer

                                        ticed that you call in sick on Mon-     making presentations? Well, you're
   f the economic climate did any-      days and Fridays. And it's not your     not. Many employees think that
   thing in 2009, it served as a        fault you've missed a few deadlines     doing such tasks is "beneath them"
scapegoat for everyone's problems.      or turned down a few projects. You      and that if they could start doing
While most of the people who are        had things to do like (insert most      more meaningful work, they would
unemployed, never got a raise or        recent excuse here).                    care a little more about their jobs.
who went bankrupt last year legiti-                                             We've got news for you: You aren't
mately suffered because of the          Reason No. 3:                           going to get that chance if you don't
economy, there are also plenty of       You don't go above and beyond           pay your dues first. Show your em-
people using it as an excuse.           No one can say you're a slacker.        ployer you're willing to do whatever
                                        You show up on time, you leave          is asked of you, and you'll be much
Now, at the beginning of                                                        more likely to be given more re-
2010, employees face performance when you're supposed to and you                sponsibility.
reviews and talks of prospective        meet your goals. But that's the
raises and promotions. When your problem -- just meeting goals or               Reason No. 6:
boss tells you that it's just not going doing work that is "adequate" or        You don't dress the part
to happen this year, you may feel       "OK" will probably allow you to
inclined to shrug and tell yourself     keep your job, but it's not enough to   Do you come to work dressed slop-
it's because of the economy -- but      get you promoted. Arrive early, stay    pily or inappropriately? Does
that might not be the case.             late, offer innovative ideas, beat      "casual Friday" mean shorts and
                                        deadlines and do excellent work. If     flip-flops or jeans and a sweatshirt?
Here are 10 reasons you might not you don't go the extra mile for your          If so, it's no wonder you aren't be-
receive a promotion any time soon employer, don't be surprised if your          ing seen as management material.
-- and they're not because of the       employer doesn't go the extra mile      Take a cue from those working in
economy.                                for you.                                the position that you want to be
                                                                                promoted to and dress similarly. If
Reason No. 1:                           Reason No. 4:                           you look the part, it will be a lot
You are unprepared -- and               You haven't shown leadership            easier for decision-makers to see
clueless                                                                        you in that role.
                                        You can't follow others and do a
Just because your boss or other         good job; you need to lead others       Reason No. 7:
decision-makers in the promotion        and be the example. Do what you         Your boss doesn't want
process may know you, it doesn't        can to get noticed by the people        to lose you
mean that you don't still have to       who have the power to promote
prove yourself to them. Highlight       you. Take on a project that is out-     You know you're great at your job --
your skills, knowledge and              side of your job duties; volunteer to   and so does your boss. If you're the
strengths, and show how you can         lead committees or organize group       best associate your boss has ever
improve the company's bottom            outings; or head up your depart-        had, is it any wonder he doesn't
line. Convince them that you have       ment's holiday gift-giving program.     want you to go anywhere? Make
new ideas and that those ideas will     All of these things will throw your     sure your boss knows that you
help the company achieve and sur-       name into the mix of people who         want to move up in the company.
pass its goals.                         always step up and increase your        Offer to help him find an equally
                                        chances of a promotion.                 great employee so that you both
Reason No. 2:                                                                   get what you want.
You're a slacker                        Reason No. 5:
                                        You think you're entitled               Reason No. 8:
So what if you're always late to                                                You have a bad attitude
work and you're the first one to        Think you're above making coffee,
leave? And, like anyone has no-         stapling reports, writing bylines or    No one likes a poor sport -- espe-
                                 CAREER SERVICES EMPLOYMENT NEWS                                      PAGE 3

cially in management. If you don't       Reason No. 9:                          Reason No. 10:
have a positive attitude at all times,   Your co-workers are superstars         It's all about you
even when times are tough, it will
be hard for decision-makers to sup-      The reality is that some industries    Your supervisors want to know
port you. Also, do you have any          are more competitive than others,      what you can do for them, not the
enemies at work? Anyone who              and a promotion is going to be         other way around. So, in a discus-
doesn't like you can make it more        harder, no matter what. In such a      sion about a promotion, don't over-
difficult for you to get ahead; espe-    field, you are going to have to do a   use the terms "my career" or con-
cially if those people have the ear      phenomenal job instead of just a       tinually talk about taking your ca-
of the person who can promote            good one. Do more of the things        reer to the next level. Instead, talk
you. Make nice with the right peo-       we've mentioned, work to separate      about how you are committed to
ple and your chances of getting that     yourself and show that you're man-     doing everything you can to help
promotion are greatly increased.         agement material, too.                 the company grow and succeed.

 Meet Our Intern: David Cain

                                         Where are you employed/title:          Who is your favorite
                                                                                professor and why?
                                         Co-op Assistant, Columbus
                                         Career Services Department          This is a very hard one, because I
                                                                             have several favorite professors.
                                         What are your job duties:           All three of my Networking profes-
                                                                             sors would be at the top, but I can-
                                         My job consists of posting job      not forget the Math and English
                                         leads for HireDeVry and contacting professors who always made time
                                         employers for follow-up, as well as to help me. I would also have to
                                         any office support that is needed. recognize my Psychology and Eth-
                                                                             ics professors as well.
                                         What do you like best about
                                         working in the CSO?                 Give a brief statement
                                                                             about yourself:
                                         I like the “meeting new people”
                                         part. Corresponding back and forth I am a hard working student as
 Name:                                   with employers is great for using   well as a hard working employee
 David A. Cain                           the skills that I have learned from here at the school. I am looking
                                         my English Professors and Speech forward to graduating in the new
 Program:                                Professor as well.                  year.
 Network and Communications
 Management (NCM)                        What has been your favorite
                                         class and why?

 Expected Graduation Date:               Well, my major is networking so I
 October 2010                            love the things that I have learned
                                         as well as what is yet to come for
                                         the new year, but I am a well
                                         rounded individual because of my
                                         other classes, too.
                                  CAREER SERVICES EMPLOYMENT NEWS                                PAGE 4

                      Meet the Career Services Staff
     Kathy Hoff                   Dean of Student Affairs
     Amy Raab                     Director of Student and Career Services
     Dave Fogg                    Associate Director
     Kenrena Mam                  Career Services Coordinator
     Veronica Schroeder           Senior Career Advisor for Computer Information Systems, Electronics and
                                  Computer Technology, Game and Stimulation Programming and
                                  Web Graphic Design
     Roni Accountius              Senior Career Advisor for Electronics Engineering Technology, Computer
                                  Engineering Technology, Network Systems Administration, Network and
                                  Communication Management and Biomedical Engineering Technology
     Jenna Giancaterino           Career Advisor for Technical Management
     Nicole Hardy                 Career Advisor for Business, Information Technology and
                                  Health Information Technology
     Amanda Stoots                Career Advisor - Co-op Program
     Tracy Hanson                 Career Advisor - Alumni and Keller Graduate School of Management
     Beth Robinson                Employer Liaison
     Terra Cecconi                Intern
     David Cain                   Intern

Fill in the blank squares
so that each row, each                                                            4         1
column and each 3-by-3
block contain all of the
digits 1 through 9.
                                                     1                                             7        6
If you use logic you can
solve the puzzle without
                                                     7      8                     5         3               2
Answer:                                              9            4         6     7         5
                                                     6      3                               7      1
 1   9    8   2   5   3   7   4    6

 7   6    2   8   4   1   9   3    5

                                                            4     2         3     1                8
 5   3    4   6   9   7   2   8    1

 9   8    6   1   3   2   4   5    7

                                           1                2     7                         4      3
 4   1    7   9   8   5   3   6    2
 3   2    5   7   6   4   1   9    8

                                           5         3                                             6
 8   5    1   4   7   9   6   2    3

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