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									                        Medical Transcription Services Company

Medical Transcription Services Company
A company providing medical transcription services is of great assistance to hospitals,
clinics and other healthcare facilities. Recognized service providers ensure full-fledged
HIPAA compliant transcription services. These companies offer medical transcription
services in various branches of medicine including orthopedics, cardiology, pediatrics,
gastroenterology, internal medicine, radiology, chiropractic and podiatry.

Dedicated Services for a Range of Medical Records

Medical transcription is the process of converting dictated information provided by
physicians and other healthcare professionals into written text format. Medical
transcription companies accept dictations as audio files via the internet. Dictations are
also accepted on tapes. Convenient options such as toll free number comprising state-of-
the-art facilities such as digital recorders, and computer based dictations are also offered.
Medical transcription service is available for history and physical reports, clinic notes,
office notes, operative reports, consultation notes, discharge summaries, letters,
psychiatric evaluations, emergency room notes, laboratory reports, x-ray reports and
pathology reports.

Medical transcription service providers have a dedicated team of qualified medical
transcriptionists and supporting staff to ensure quality medical transcription services.
These companies utilize high-tech infrastructure, dictation platform and HIPAA
compliant software and tools to provide the most advanced and flexible services.

Quality Assurance and Other Benefits

As part of medical transcription service, transcription companies guarantee quality
assurance and accuracy. Other benefits include:
    • Digital recording or toll free dictation
    • HL-7 transcription interface
    • 3 levels of quality assurance
    • Transferring of files through FTP and browser based 256 bit AES encryption
    • Competitive pricing
    • Quick turnaround time

When you outsource your medical transcription requirements to a good service provider,
you can eliminate the drawbacks of paperwork, increase your efficiency in patient care
and significantly reduce overhead costs.

Choose the Right Provider

Today, there are a number of medical transcription service companies, which offer
exceptional customer support and customized services. Select the right solution provider
for easy, efficient and cost-effective transcription service by doing a comparative study
regarding the companies, services and price structure.

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