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									                                          CITY OF FIFE
                                  PLANNING COMMISSION
                                   MINUTES OF MEETING

Fife Council Chambers                                                   October 1, 2007
                                                                        7:00 p.m.


The Planning Commission meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m. with the following
Commissioners present: Chairperson Gerald Albertson, Grant Neilson, Shannon Thornhill,
Jeffrey Brown, Jim Call and Richard Garchow.

Excused absence: Marian Wetsch.

Staff present: Community Development Director Carl Smith, PRCS Director Kurt Reuter,
Planner Chris Pasinetti, and Administrative Assistant Katie Bolam.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES – August 6, 2007

Commissioner Garchow moved, seconded by Commissioner Thornhill, to approve the
minutes of August 6, 2007 as presented. Motion carried unopposed.


   a. Proposed Business for 2008
Director Smith gave a synopsis of what each of these potential docket items pertains to.
Commissioners indicated interest in each of these, acknowledging the necessity for staff to make
application, and for Council to approve the review process. Director Smith advised
commissioners to let staff know of any other areas of interest.

                    i. Development Design Standards – This can play into the 20th St master plan,
                      speaking to aesthetics such as benches, artwork, signage, landscape, etc.
                      Commissioner Brown asked for clarity: this would speak in a more prescriptive
                      manner than the advisory context we currently employ under Design Review.
                   ii. Built Green strategies – This refers to making it advantageous for
                      development to use less energy and water, and more recyclables.
                  iii. Low-Impact Development Regulations – This is related to Built Green, but
                      concentrating mostly on water use and quality – would weave into Council’s goal
                      for a Holistic Storm Water approach.
                  iv. FMC Chapter 16 – Sign Code – Too large for one year – perhaps
                        concentration could relate to the 20th St Development for 2008 – Commissioners
                        Thornhill and Garchow asked for clarity: this pertains to private development, not
                        City or road signs, and electronic reader boards are included.
Fife Planning Commission
Minutes of Meeting
October 1, 2007 Page 2 of 5

                   v. FMC Chapter 18 – Subdivision Code – This would be to make sure it is
                      consistent with the state code and even the rest of the Fife code.
                  vi. General updates to the Comprehensive Plan – This Living Document can
                      get out of date – work to verify that it has remained relevant.
                 vii. City-wide review of zoning – This would amount to looking at the whole
                      zoning picture, making sure it makes logical sense to commissioners.


   a. Proposed Benthien (pronounced Ben-teen) Loop Annexation Update

Members of the community who were present and signed in:

       Rich Lott                     5505 4th St E
       Larry Wageman                 224 55th Ave E
       Willow Griswold Brown         212 55th Ave E
       Rhea M Nagel                  5801 4th St E
       Kevin Flannigan               321 54th Ave E
       Ron Arndt                     308 55th Ave E
       Pat Shandrow                  4408 59th St Ct E
       Steve Pringle                 318 55th Ave E
       Michelle Bunker               5905 4th St E
       John McKinley                 212 57th Ave E
       Bob Nims                      9 57th Ave E
       Donny Jordison                5601 4th St E

Planner Pasinetti opened with a brief update: After the Planning Commission recommended on
August 6 to maintain the current zoning in this area, City Council instructed staff to meet with
the residents to come to an agreement. This meeting took place on August 29, at which 15
residents were present and a large majority of them voted on Neighborhood Commercial zoning.

Several of the property owners present at this meeting were not at the 8/29 meeting. Much
discussion ensued, resulting in what most see as the most effective compromise available in the
NC land-use and pre-annexation zoning.

The spokesperson for the property owners, Mr. Rich Lott, was there to explain the majority
position and the necessity for the neighborhood to compromise on this issue. He emphasized the
confidence that he and others have with City services and schools, and the protection this
annexation will afford them from the County zoning plans. While some owners emphasized
their desire to remain strictly residential, Planner Pasinetti commented that the NC approach will
best accommodate both those who want residential as well as the businesses that are already
there, which Commissioner Neilson also emphasized. Property owner Ron Arndt spoke in favor
of both the annexation and the NC zoning, saying it works to “resolve potential conflicts with
existing businesses,” and that he has talked to, and received the support of, the businesses
Fife Planning Commission
Minutes of Meeting
October 1, 2007 Page 3 of 5

currently in operation in the neighborhood. Bob Nibbs spoke in dissent of this zoning, stating his
concern that bigger industry will encroach, and his feeling that the 60% formula is “unfair”. Mr.
Lott pointed out that is much more likely under the county’s plans than the City’s. The question
was posed, “What about the parcels that straddle the creek and would be divided between the
City and the county?” Director Smith explained that that issue is in legal review now, but the
hope is that the whole parcel would be included. Chairman Albertson asked Mr. Lott if the 60%
majority number has been reached, to which Mr. Lott answered, “Yes.” Some of the questions
posed included, under the proposed zoning:
             What if my house burns down – can I rebuild? The answer is Yes.
             If we keep it SLR, will it keep the Port out? The answer is no, there’s never a
                guarantee to keep the Port out.
             Are there limits to building size and use? Director Smith answered Yes.
             Are single-family and duplexes allowed? Yes.
Property owner John McKinley asked if they could annex with split zoning. Commissioner Call
answered that Council will not likely annex it that way, due to issues pertaining to street
standards, facilities, City services, etc. Planner Pasinetti reminded the owners that as long as
they own their property, it can stay the way it is now. Commissioner Call reminded owners that,
while nothing is “writ in stone,” with annexation, they will have representation and can be
involved with City elections and boards. Commissioner Neilson agreed, stating Neighborhood
Commercial is a very good compromise. PRCS Director Reuter offered the use of the
Community Center for a future neighborhood gathering to further discuss matters, in the spirit of
bringing this matter to a close. Mailing lists will be provided by Planner Pasinetti to Mr. Lott.

Chairman Albertson moved, seconded by Call to recommend to City Council the pre-
annexation zoning of Benthein Loop be adopted as Neighborhood Commercial. The
motion passed 4-2, with Commissioners Brown and Thornhill opposed.

Commissioner Call moved, seconded by Albertson, to take a short break at 8:42 pm. Motion
Chairman Albertson called the meeting back to order at 8:58 pm.

OLD BUSINESS continued

           b. Comprehensive Plan Annual Amendment Process

                   i. CPA07-05 – Amendments to the Parks and Recreation Plan

Chairman Albertson began the discussion asking for a clarification of use for the Plan as a
whole. He is concerned with the quality of all our park land, and he would like opportunity for
feedback from the public. The commissioners stated their understanding of the difficulties
facing the PRCS Dept, while emphasizing the need for increased diligence overall. Director
Reuter announced the recent Council approval for a new full-time parks employee to begin in
2008. Commissioner Call would like a detailed maintenance plan for each individual park.
Chairman Neilson asked what the dollar amount or percentage of a city’s budget is given to the
Fife Planning Commission
Minutes of Meeting
October 1, 2007 Page 4 of 5

Parks department. Director Reuter answered that it depends on the type of parks a city is
courting – well-groomed parks with major facilities will require more than parks allowed to grow
naturally with trails and limited facilities. It is an educational process, with a reminder necessary
of how new the park system is – it will take time to play catch-up. Commissioner Call stated
he’d like to see more police presence and more parks personnel than roads and sidewalks. He
also asked about putting the pressure on the apartment complexes to provide park space for
tenants. Director Smith answered that multi-family development pays a one-time park impact
fee on a per-unit basis. Commissioner Garchow commented that, while he understands the
desire to acquire land “just because” (aka. “land-bank”), he’d like to first maintain what we have
and acquire only what we can successfully graft into that maintenance. He also asked if school
land was included in the inventory figure. Director Reuter said no, not school district land, but
Dacca Park is, and importantly, so is the Gathering Place property.

Director Smith summed up that, so far, the commissioners are zeroing in on two main
prerogatives: proximity to residential areas and quality of parks. Commissioner Albertson
suggested the beginning of a Community Volunteer Force who would act as a security presence
at parks, as well as posting the laws to serve as a deterrent.

To sum up the discussion period, Director Reuter said that Council is mixed at this point – they
want to strive for the 30.4 acre level of available park land, stated as a goal in the 2001 parks
plan, but wrestle with the necessity to increase the size and scope of the department. Fife is
growing well ahead of the population projections from 2001. He asked the commissioners to
comment on “What is realistic in terms of that (acreage) Level of Service,” keeping in mind that
grants are reviewed and awarded, in part, by that criteria.

      Commissioner Call              quality over quantity – stay small with a diversity of park
      Commissioner Brown             keep the current level of 18 acres – don’t keep acquiring
                                      more land
      Commissioner Thornhill         concentrate on proximity to residential areas
      Chairman Albertson             proximity and trails primary concerns
      Commissioner Neilson           proximity – 30.4 acres too much
      Commission Garchow             22-25 acres would be a good goal, and more help

Director Reuter said he’d be back at the November meeting to share Council actions and to
discuss the 6- and 20-year CIP.

Chairman Albertson corrected the earlier vote on the Benthein Loop pre-annexation
zoning: he had reported the vote as 5-1, with only Commissioner Brown opposing;
Commissioner Thornhill’s opposition vote had been too quiet at the time. The vote stands
at 4-2.
Fife Planning Commission
Minutes of Meeting
October 1, 2007 Page 5 of 5

                  ii. CPA07-04 – Amendment to the City of Fife Land-use designation map
                      for the pre-annexation area

This was covered in the Benthien Loop discussion earlier.


Director Smith reported briefly on the Gathering Place Master Plan. The Economic Feasibility
Study by Burk & Associates is underway, with a draft due by the end of November and the final
due by early January. There’s nothing new from WSDOT – the environmental review is over
and they are buying up land as funding becomes available.

Director Smith advised the Commissioners on the upcoming time-period for individuals and
business interests to apply for amendments to Comprehensive Plan. The commissioners all
thought the one-month time-period too short, and were all in favor of extending that time-period.

Director Smith then formally invited and encouraged the Commissioners to come to the City
Council meeting of October 9. Commissioners Albertson and Garchow stated they would likely
be there.

Director Smith also reminded everyone of the Harvest Festival on October 6, encouraging all to


Commissioner Thornhill moved, seconded by Commissioner Brown, to adjourn the
meeting at 10:07 p.m. Motion carried.

Prepared by: Katie Bolam, Administrative Assistant
City of Fife – Community Development Department

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