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   Guaranteed To Make You Your First
                $250 in
                30 days

               Before Anything Else... Disclaimer

It has taken me hours to write this report, and weeks upon weeks to
make the research to compile the information and strategies that i will

be revealing in few minutes from now. So i will like to make some
disclaimer which i want you to read carefully.

Some individuals have the resell rights to this package that means
the license to sell this material and keep all the profit to themselves, if
you happen to be one of them congratulation, but if you are not and will
like to be one, you know how to reach me.

But the point is this, on no account is anyone allowed to giveaway this
report either at a price or for free without my permission. Anyone
caught involve in such act will face the wrath of my lawyer...and i hate
to pay that guy.

Some of the resources i gave here like websites and forums where valid
when compiling this package but as time goes on there is a probability
that some of them might no longer be functional. And i won’t be held
responsible for it/them.

Emphatically NO! You read that correctly you cannot make $250 in the
next 30 days just by reading this report... Yes you cannot!

OK, before you start dialing my number asking for a refund as i
promised to do in the money back guarantee i want you to read the
information below.

You CANNOT make $250 in the next 30 days just by reading this
manual, but you CAN make $250 in the next 30 days by reading
and applying the techniques that are in this report.

Did you see the difference?
The responsibility is on you. If you don't apply them nothing will work.
So a refund is only for those who applied any of the strategies that i
explained here without making money from them[which of course is
practically impossible].
You see in the past 900 days[about 2 years ago] i have sold more than
12 different products to Nigeria's and apart from my [don't bother to order as i am going to
give it to you for FREE!] report that has brought more testimonies than
any of my packages i have found out that the reason a lot of Nigerians
don't make money online is simple due to one word.

Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is only potential power. It only
becomes power when it is applied or used. For example: Picture a class

with about 240 students and one of them happens to be a very clever
boy by the name Sunday.

Not only does this Sunday boy seems to love mathematics's more than
any other subjects but he just never answers any question in the class.
He knows the answer but won't answer them. My question is this: Did
Sunday knowledge in mathematics's produce power for him?.

The answer is obvious. Now imagine if they are having a text in
mathematics and still yet this boy named Sunday, still wont answer any
of the mathematics question even though he knows them. Will he be
able to pass the text?. Once again the answer is
obvious. If you are a parent and you have such child. I don't think you
will be happy with him.

Even though he knows the answer to the mathematics question, it still
wont determine his promotion into the next class. His promotion
into the next class with come not from his knowledge of the
answers to the question but in answering the question.

Do you understand that?
Apply that same strategy to yourself and you will see the results. No
new knowledge is useful to you until it has an effect in your
business. You don't need to know 101 ways to make money online
before you can make money online, you only need 1 or 2 ways and the
focus your energy on it until you start seeing
the results...I mean in cash!

Build A Business And Not A Money Maker.
The major difference between the guy that earn's $4 a month and the
one that earn's $4,000 month in the same business is mostly due to the
above headline. One sees it as a money maker and the other sees it as a
business. I mean real business.

Think of online survey as a business and not just a money maker. I
mean for example as a business you should be ready to go the extra
mile. You should be ready to put some hours every week, you should
be ready to invest some cash if necessary.
See what you are about to learn as a business and not just as a money
maker. For example, if you are used to Google ad sense, i bet you will
agree with me that it is a BAD program because google only pays you a
dime per click. I mean imagine them paying you just 3 cent per click...
That is a token right?

Well let me prove you wrong. Are you aware that some people are
making as much as $10,000 a month just from google ad sense?. Infact
the quote” build a business and not a money maker” i learnt
from someone who goes by the name of JOHN REESE this guy
generated over $500,000 in 2002 from Google ad sense alone. He is the
same guy who made over $1,000,000 in just one day selling a single

What will determine if you will be able to make $25, $75, $85, $250 or
even $1,000 will not be based on what you will learn from this report
alone. They will be based on the application of what you will learn
from this report.

Before I start sounding like a motivational speaker, Let me stop here
and begin sharing the strategies of making between $12 - $35 per hour
or making your first $250 in 30 days just from working with top online
survey websites... Let's Begin.

[1]Change Your I.P Address: The secret to making it BIG in any
online survey business as a Nigerian is to ensure that you don't use a
Nigerian I.P address when registering with the survey website. Before
registration ensure you change your I.P address from a Nigerian I.P to a
U.S.A I.P address. When you do so you increase the probability of
receiving jobs consistently by 110%.
There are several ways you can change your I.P address. But before i
show you how to do that, let us know what the I.P of the system that
you are using is, to do that you should go now to:
and look at the top left side of the page it will display your I.P address
and your country.

So to change your I.P address, i will show you how i do mine right
now. Go to .Once you get there, you
will see something like this: Click it and follow the steps and in a
minute it will be installed on your system. You can do this even if you
are browsing from a cyber-cafe. Once it get installed on the desktop of
the system that you are using, double click it and it will bring up a new
page confirming that your I.P address has been changed. To confirm
that you may need to go to and check it again to see
if your I.P address has been changed.

Another way to solve the problem of Nigerian I.P is to NEVER visit a
survey site when you want to do a job without going through

When you arrive at : it will bring up a
new page that will have a search button like in that search
button type in the name of the survey website that you want to visit.
That way you will be recognized as a U.S.A citizens.

[2]Fill the Registration Form Completely: Nobody is a fool,
especially a large corporation. When registering ensure you complete
your full and original information correctly. This is the secret that many
Nigerians don't know about online survey. For example if while
registering is a survey company, you are asked
what field you are into, and you choose an Internet user. The truth is
when a survey job that is related to a health product is available it will
not be sent to you.

Unfortunately you cannot escape this but ensure you put in your full
and correct information. Use a different email address from the one that
you are currently using so that when the jobs start coming they wont
affect this other, depending on what you are doing with it anyway

[3]Use a virtual address: Brother [ maybe sister], This is the most
important aspect of the whole deal. Listen 98% of online survey
jobs will not be sent to you, if you use a Nigerian address.
This is a secret may don't know.

Miss this part and I doubt if you will make more than $30 in the whole
of this month. Not only should you change your i.p address,
you must change your address to a foreign ,especially a
U.S.A address . This is my secret of making money from online

Introducing... GRAPHCARD
I bet that you must have heard about graph card. Even if you haven't go
to their websites at and learn more.

This is so much about this website and i will explain more on it later.
But for now, you must have a graph card account, and to do that you

should hurry to read about them and open an
account. It is free!

Like i said above there is so much this website can do for you. One of
the benefit is that once you open a graph card account, you can request
for a virtual address. A virtual address, is an address that is made
just for you. I mean it will be personalized for you. To get a graph card
virtual address you will be asked to pay the sum of just $5 monthly. So
for $5 you graph card will send you a distinct virtual address.

Virtual Address and How To Collect Your Survey Money In
I know that i am suppose to start showing you where to get jobs. But it
is very important i do this so that you will know the end from the

So many survey websites or survey companies that you will get to
know in minutes from now, pay through different methods. Some will
pay you only through if you get to find such all you
need to do is to read the “ How To Open A Paypal Report” that came
with this e-book. But majorly some of them will want to send checks to

The easiest way i do that is through like i said,
you must
open an account with them. And after opening the account, login and
read everything you can about their services. And by funding your card
with $5 you will instantly order for a virtual address and it will be made
right here for you.

To fund your account just reach them on the following means:
Another benefit of owning a graph card account is that you will be able
to collect your survey check right here in Nigeria. Let me give you a
step by step guide: Let me assume that the address: Graph card gives to
you is:

PMB: 1212, 8101 Sandy Spring Road
Suite 220, Laurel MD 20707

[Note: that all graph card address are the same, the way they use to
differentiate is through the PMB]. With this address you go to a survey
website and you try to register.

In the process of registration the survey website will always ask for
payee name which is the name you want your check to be sent to. In
this case don't use your name rather use LFR COMMUNICATIONS

That is the name of GRAPH CARD organization. With this name once
your check gets to them, and it normally does in less than 3 days after
the survey company have sent the check. Graph card will look at your
PMB, and through that PMB number they will be able to detect that it
is you. Once they do that, they will convert the money that is one the
check and pay it into your graph card account. Their commission is 5%.

When you have confirmed that your graph card account has been
funded. You will then look for the withdraw button after you have log
into your graph card account and click it. The best two withdraw
methods that are good for us in Nigeria is:
Western Union and Direct Bank Payment.

If you choose western union, graph card sends you the money through
western union so all you need do is to go to the bank and collect your
money…cool cash. If you choose them other method which i prefer
you will need a GTBank savings account. With that account you will be
able to wire your money directly from your graphcard account into
your GTBank account... No story!

That i believe is very explanatory, though you should go back and read
it again. You can also reach their Nigerian representative through:

I believe i have been able to explain a simple way to receive your
online survey earnings right here in Nigeria.

Meanwhile if you are financially constraint at the moment and you
don't have the $5[which is less than N1,000] that graph card will ask
you to pay before you can get your own personalize address. A way
you can do that is by using a fake address. Don't let that disturb you a
fake address is ok.

All you do is that [since it is not like you will be collecting checks
everyday] once your money in an online survey account has
accumulated a bit, let say you have been able to make $200 in 3 weeks,
all you have to do is to change your address from the fake one into the
virtual one that graph card gives you. I believe
that by the time you start seeing $200 or more in your online account,
getting $5 won't be a restriction.

So my friend before i start giving you where and how to get jobs, i have
been able to show you: that you must always change your i.p
address when you are signing up in any survey website. If you
don't do this you will limit the number of jobs you will get AND i
even went ahead and show you a secret software that is
free and that you can use to change your i.p address from a
Nigerian I.P to a foreign i. In minutes. Infact i even said if that
one is too hard for you then just go through the survey website

Not only that i have been able to show you the importance of using a
foreign address [U.S.A or U.K] along side your new I.P. As this will
boost your probability of getting jobs constantly. I said with $5 you can
get a virtual address from graph card and if you say you don't have $5
then you a fake address, when the money start rolling in change it.

I finally showed you how to receive your earnings here in Nigeria
safely by ensuring that in ALL the survey websites that you use, you
put LFR COMMUNICATIONS INC, as the payee name. And that once
your check gets to them , the money will be funded into your graph
card account and with your GTBank account or western union you will
receive your money in your hands.

If you don't understand of that part so far, Just stop reading. Go back
and read every single word again and again. But if you, Congratulation
because right now i will begin to unveil unto you the secrets, strategies
and methods of making money daily using the power of online survey.

Let's Begin!

In this method i want to introduce you to a survey website called
CASH CRATE and their website is . This
is a fantastic website because once join this website now, you are paid
$1 instantly and not just that you will get like 50 jobs waiting for

Right now as i am typing this just checked my account and i have more
than 67 jobs waiting for me to complete and the minimum each job is
offering me is 30 cent that is $0.30. Which means if i decide to
complete all of the jobs i would make like $20.1 right now [ i mean in
less than 1 hr which will be like $300 at the end of the month]

The awesome thing again about this website called: is that they will pay you 20% of what your
referrals make, which means anytime you invite someone to the
website and the person takes a survey, what ever amount he is paid, you
will get a percentage of 20%. And when the person gets to $10 [which
can be done the same day of registration] you will be paid a whooping
$3 instantly. So get 20 of your friends and if they make $10 each you
will get an extra $3 plus 20% income in whatever they are paid!.

So get started today at: and sign up. Read
all their instruction and get to work. The way to ensure you make $250
in 30 days from now is to do the followings: Open like 3 to 5 different
account with them... using different emails. Then fill up all the jobs in
all the account that you have
opened with them and like i said, a U.S.A I.P address and virtual
address is important. Then go ahead and start referring people to join
the website through you referral link that will be given to you
immediately you register.

Don't worry about ways to get people to join your referral link as i have
dedicated some pages in this e-book talking about that. So you just
keep reading! Once again is an online
survey website that gives you jobs instantly.

How To Get More Jobs From Cash Crate
If you have a debit card, i can guarantee you more than $500 from this
website alone. You see every body wants to deal with someone serious
right? So is this website. As you scan through their jobs you will see
some jobs that are willing to pay you more than $3 or more, i have seen
jobs as high as $16 from just a 4 minutes survey.

Unfortunately this offer will be completed with a credit or debit card.
Before we finish this report i will also state how to get a debit card
cheap, right here in Nigeria.

                     this website will pay you $10 for every lead you
send to them!!!
Yes oh! You read me correctly, if you send someone to them and the
person gets to their website and just put in his information even if he
doesn't buy anything you will be paid $10 instantly. Get 100 people to
sign-up in a month and you will be talking of $1,000.

You can check it directly at: Like i said if you can
send just 35 people to join this website by filling in their details which
if free, you will make $250. Once again before we get to the end of this
report i will show you some ways to get people to join a survey site
through you! is another great online survey site you
should join. It involves no work. All you have to do is to make sure you
have change i.p which I have explained earlier and open several
accounts with them, this way you are guaranteed of getting jobs daily
from them.
This website that i have been showing you are simple but if you play
your cards well you will make bastard money from them.
Two Things To Do In Any Survey Website You Want To Join

[1] Open several accounts with them using different emails.

[2]Ensure you change your I.P address and always browse from a
U.S.A I.P address.

By opening several accounts in a survey website using different emails,
you are guaranteed of getting several jobs a week. If one account will
bring $70 a month for you through the several online jobs you have
gotten through-out the month it means that having 5 different accounts
will bring more money to you. This is a
great website. They act as agents to online survey companies. If you
have been visiting all the websites i have revealed so far and even the

ones i will reveal you will notice that all of them are online survey
website agents. That means their own job is to get you online survey
companies that needs your service. Some of the companies that will
send you online survey job will pay you as high as $50 per survey no

Like i said this is a great website you can start with. Fortunately they
accept Nigerians. That means even though you will change your I.P
address, you can use your home address and the check will be sent
down to you right here in Nigeria and if you have a Dorm account
which you can open with $100 at Guarantee Trust
Bank you will be able to cash your money after 21 days!

But if you don't have that much time to wait, then use the graph card
method I explained earlier on, that is, you get to pay $5 to get a virtual
address which is less than N1,000 and once your check gets to them,
your graph card account will be funded immediately and in less than 3
days you will be able to receive your money
either through western union and Guarantee Trust Bank without paying
any extra cash except for the 5% that graph card will remove from you.
The website once again is .

Another great website, i mean a REALLY great website and method
that i will reveal here is .
Read this well: Even if you decided not to work or register in any
survey website, except this one, if you do it well you can make $500 to
$1,000 in 60-90 days from now without investing more than 4 hours a

Here is what you should do, I would have love to give you a web-page
guide but i am writing this material under great pressure because of
time constraint so i will just give you a direct guide so if you need any
extra help, you know how to reach me.

[1] Go to and register, you either change your I.P
address or you register by using

[2]In your registration, you can use a Nigerian address, so like i said in
the above page you either use graph card address or your home address.
The choice is yours!

[3]After your registration you can start browsing from the normal
Nigerian I.P address, just ensure that you register using a foreign I.P

[4]This is an important part, you will be asked to pay about $3 to
complete your registration. My friend this is very vital and you should
consider doing it. Your registration of $3 is not to withdraw your
money but like i said earlier its just to prove to them that you are really

To get a graph card VISA CARD you only need to fund your graph
card account with $10. $5 for your virtual address and $3 for
registration in To fund your graph card account you need
to reach the graph card address on the number i gave above. The same
day you graph card account will be funded and
once it is funded you will be able to generate a visa card instantly. That
means you can start now and the same day get your visa card and start
getting jobs immediately.

Once you have finalize your registration. Go to bed!. Because jobs will
be sent to you almost daily and they are always highly priced, i am
talking of jobs from $20 to $50 that means four to five jobs a month is
all you need to make your $250. And once the money start coming you
can open multiple accounts to double or triple your income. But get
wise, when opening multiple accounts use different systems, if they
know they might close your accounts. So my friend are you ready to
make $250 in 30 days, then is a great online survey
agent that can make that happen for you! this is a website that you might be familiar
with. They pay you $5 instant for joining, Open 10 accounts a day and
that is $50 instantly without even doing anything.

This online survey websites makes a lot of money so don't
get surprised if they say they will pay you instantly because
once they see that you are a registered user the companies
that needs you to take their surveys will pay them for it.

The unfortunate thing about them is that they don't pay too much, they
pay about 5 cent to 50 cent per surveys. But the recent i love to work
with them is because, they send lot of surveys a day that means you are
easily crap in $20 a day from
your 10 accounts that you have registered.

Survey method No 3 will be short and straight but very powerful.

In the previous survey method, i showed you three websites that you
can use to make BIG money at least BIG enough to keep you going. In
this method i will show you a simple method that i have NEVER
revealed to anyone except members of my PROJECT BAD MAN at I even told them
which i am also going to say now and that is , we Internet marketers
don't always reveal all our money making method to people i mean our
student, despite the amount they paid. Not because we are being stingy
but because once more and more people gets to find out, there is a great
probability that it could increase the rate of fraud.

For example look at now they are having BIG problems
with US government. What about and they not
accepting Nigerians any more? All because of what someone or a group
of people can do.

So right here i am going to show you a simple method that you can use
to turn $5 into $10 in just 24hrs!. Which means if you can turn $5 into
$10 in one day, it means you can turn $10 into $50 without doing
anything... I mean anything. This
method is called H.Y.I.P, which fully means high yield investment

And the website that does this well is: a
great company in the U.S.A, what they do is that for every money you
invest and you can start with $5 you will get a return of 27% profit at
the end of the day for four days. After that you can decide to withdraw
your money or still use it for more
investment. Your own is to put the money, their own is to give you
27% profit at the end of the day. They actually have three methods
once again check them out Here is how it works, Firstly the
minimum to start with is $5 and you must fund your Euro Wide Invest
Account using a liberty reserve card, and there are several ways to do
that, one of the easiest way to get that is through a website owned by Oluwafisayo and as at the
time of writing this, he sells it for N142 that means even if you are
starting with $5 you also need N710.
For 27% profit daily for four days that will mean when you put in $5 at
the end of the day you will get at least $1.35 profit and by the end of
four days that will be like $5.4 cool profit. Re-invest that $5.4 and $5
initially and by the end of another four days you will be looking at $11
profit. Repeat this and by 30 days
time, you would have grown your $5 into like $100 and remember you
are not doing anything you only put the money and see the returns.

The more money you put the money you are likely to make. You can
turn $100 into $208 in 4 days... which is a pure $108 profit without
doing anything... I mean anything. The same way you receive your
money through graph card is the same way you
will withdraw your money from them. My advise for you is that you
start with a small amount, after all i am not the owner of the website
neither will i get paid for sending you to them, even if you invest
$100,000. So start small and when you start seeing the returns, the cash
you can then increase your seed investment.


Hope you enjoyed the previous survey method. Here, i want to show
you what I call the MASSIVE STRATEGY.

It is about getting 100's of survey website and the registering with as
many as you can. I want to introduce you to a life time access of and that is

Once you land at this website you will see LOTS i mean hundreds of
survey websites that you can register with, pay to read emails, pay to
watch videos, paid to take surveys, paid to shop and many others. Once
you get to the website you can pick like 70-90 of the survey website
and one by one register with all of them. You can use one email for all
the registration.

By doing this, you can get close to 10 surveys a day such that even if
each survey is paying you 90 cent per click 10 surveys will mean $9 a
day which is $270 in 30 days time. Just be wise when registering. Use a
U.S.A I.P and for the places where they don't accept Nigerians just
used a fake u.s.a address or get a real one from
All this i have explained above.

This is getting more and more . I mean i am reducing this report as
much as I can by just giving Point AND Kill methods of generating
stupendous cash through online surveys.
These are websites and methods are what you don't see anywhere they
take research but they are very good earners.
In this method i want to show you like 9 OF MY TOP online survey
websites are they are all FREE!!!. They are great money makers.

[1] w this is a Singapore base website but you
can participate from anywhere. Strangely you will get surveys that will
require you to call before confirmation and some of the surveys will
even ask you to come in person But they also have surveys that you an
take through emails. But they pay
anywhere from $5 to $200 per survey. No Kidding

[2] If you cant make money from this website, then
i don't know what else to tell you. Infact all i will say is take out like 30
minutes just studying this website alone. It is really great!

[3] a company with over 50 years experience
dedicated to skin care and house hold products. You can make up to
$1,000 amount from this website. Check it out.

 [4] a great survey website that pays $2 for
every completed survey you do and $1 for every survey your referral
does and complete.

[5] another great website that i love so much and
they pay through paypal. You get between $5 to $15 per survey
completed a month. And you will be paid instantly into your paypal

[6] They pay from $5 to $25 per
survey and they also offer incentives too like software's and many other

[7] An awesome website that i love so
much. They pay a minimum of $3 per survey and the way you get your
money is by check.

[8] As long as the name
goes so it the way they pay. They pay a whooping $35 per survey that
they send out to you.

They don't normally send out surveys but when they do you can expect
a great pay out. You only need to complete 10 surveys a month to grant
you more than $300 as income and they are free to join.

[9] an awesome website that you should see for

[10] They pay
you $75 to $150 per survey. Now you can see why i could boast that
making $250 in 30 days
is Guaranteed!

It is 2:10 am and i am still typing. All this website i have listed here are
great but you need focus. Pick like 10- 20 of all the websites i have
stated here and take out 1-2hrs to study all of them. Pick the ones that
are more convenient for you in terms
of cash make sure you register in as many website as you can using
different accounts like i have already explained. My own is to show
you the website, their own is to send you the jobs, your own is to fill

the survey and complete it well and the relax for your cash to be sent to

This is a method that will determine if you will make $100 a month or
$1,000 a month,In the sense that it can easily increase the amount you
will make from any survey website without adding more survey
websites or getting more survey jobs.

The Blogger Approach.
That is what i call it. It simply means setting up a blog and then getting
millions of people to come and read it daily, that way you will make so
much money from referrals.

Let me show the step by step guide:
[1]Set-up a blog domain name at it is free. For a
complete guide on how to set-up a blogger account i am giving you a
147 page manual by Ewen Chia that sells for $47 in its website. Here is
the e-book:

You should spend time to read from page 129 to page 138. It shows
you a step by step guide on how to set-up a blog from scratch.

[2]After setting u your blogger account which you can do in less than
15 minutes. The next thing will be for you will be to pick about 5 tom
10 different online survey website that you want to work with and
generate a referral link this referral link will be given to you almost
immediately when you register in a survey
website. For example gets to pay you $1 for
every job your referral complete that means if you can get 300 people
to that website and they complete just 1 job a month each that will be
an extra $300 for you without doing anything. If they get to complete 4
jobs a month that will be an extra $1,200
a month also without doing anything.

So make sure you read this section very well. Get like 5-10 or even
more referral links from those online surveys website that you have
registered with

[3]Write two articles a day and submit one in your blog and one in an
article directory. Read from page 86 to 92 to learn more about
how to open an ezine directory account and how to submit
articles. This is not hard so don't make it hard on your self.

Believe me or not there are millions of people that are interested all
over the world about online surveys and by creating a blog for them
where you continually update them you will start seeing a good
thousands troop into your blog daily.

I know a good friend that does this and today he owns . If you go to that website you will notice that
he doesn't sell anything. All he does is to place online surveys websites
link and banner, that way he gets thousands of
people to join online survey programs through him which has been
responsible for more than $2,000 a month direct income for him! So
who said you cant do it.

By posting articles in ezine directories you will be able to drive traffic
to your blog.

My boast.
If you post just 1 article a day, which will take you less than 45 minutes
a day and you do than for 3 months, you will be making at least $1,000
for the next two months without writing anymore article. You can even
sell affiliate programs on
that same website.

Your blog will have banners of different survey programs and each
article you write will be talking about a particular online survey
program. For example is and by getting like 40
people join a particular online survey program a day you would have
had more than 1200 people under you in a given month.

So get started today! You don't need any more proof. And remember
this wont cost you a dime.

In this method i am going to be telling you about pay per lead

They are a little different that the normal survey. For example i told
about earlier about and how that they are going
to pay you $7 for every one that signs up in their website through you.

In this category i planned on giving you so many pay per lead programs
that I know of but unfortunately i won't. Because a lot of them are
related to e-gold and with the problem e-gold is having at the moment,
its better we just put our money where our mouth is.

One great pay per lead program is a site that will
pay you $0.10 for every one you refer to them as long as you have
completed one survey offer yourself. Which means if i play the blogger
approach and i will be able to make a good amount of cash monthly
just by sending people to the website.

Another great pay per lead program is i love
this so one much. Each time you send someone to them that downloads
their free software through your referral link they pay you $0.40
instantly. All the visitor needs is just to download the software which is
free and you will be paid $0.40 for it. Can you beat that?

In this section i will leave you in the hands of a guru called Ewen Chia
hope you have heard about him. And here he will show you through his
$47 page e-book that he sells at: about 10 pay
per lead and pay per install programs that can make you quick cash.
Infact in the first website and strategy that he gave he explained a
method on how you can use the technique to make $104 a day.

This method too is going to be dead short. It is called the
Membership Site Method. I wanted to use this method sometimes
next year but i decided not to rather i am going to reveal it to you. It is
a great method that i wanted to use for
the Nigerian market and be be making a consistent N75,000 to
N100,000 monthly without doing anything and also be generating $500
or more from various survey websites without too much effort.

Here is what you can do, open up a website, something like a
membership site and then go to a Nigerian Newspaper like Success
Digest Extra and place an advert about it. You simply state that you
will be giving out genuine online survey
website with step by step guide on a monthly basis and then give a fee
for your membership site.

For example N2,500 a month. Trust me you will get massive people
trooping to join your membership site. I know that from the kind of
response i got when I placed an advert on SDE! About this product. It
was one of the best response i
have ever gotten. I mean in just 3 days after placing that advert i had
gotten more than 15 sales of a N7,000 product all in just 3 days.

You put up a one page website and to show you how easy it is to design
a one page website like the one you see in i am
giving you a material that presently sells for N9,000 in all from
the approval of my friend oluwafisayo.
Once your site is up place an advert. You only need a small advert and
just 30 paying you N2,500 a month is enough to give you N75,000 and
trust me a single N6,500 advert in SDE! Can bring that figure.

The next step will be to offer what your promised that way you will
give them let's say 5 websites a month plus full step by step guide. By
doing this you will have every one on your membership to register

with those website that you gave them and that way for every job they
complete you will get a certain commission.

This way not only do you make extra money in Naira but also you get
paid monthly by those five [or depending on the number of sites you
talk about]survey website you teach them out monthly. Repeat this
monthly and you will be making N150,000 in your local bank account
and a constant check of like $400.

Friend, this is your call. If you want me t help out with this, i mean set-
up a full website for you that you can use for this approach and set up
everything for you, just reach me on my
contact details. This offer will be for just 5 people so that there wont be
too much competition and the fee is N10,000 non-negotiable.

“The land is green, it's green. The harvest is plenty cos HE told me
so...” That is a line from one of the most famous musician of our time
by the name TY BELLO. This is a short one and i am going to make it
as quick as i can. Like i said it is not in the length but in the information
revealed in it.

PICTURES ONLINE FOR PROFIT This is a great website that sells pictures and
each time someone gets to download your picture you are paid 25 cent
for it. That means if you get 100 downloads a week thats $25 for just
one picture in just one website and you can put as many picture as you
want to.

I was going to make it well detailed, then i though to myself, why not
give you direct access to the same person i got to learn it from. So here
i am giving you a 200 page e-book on how to make a killing daily
income from selling pictures online. To do that i want to give you this
material that sells for $39.99 at for free

In this report i have given you directly more than 20 websites both free
and paid and these are the websites i use and have tested and they work,
really work! I went as far as given you access to materials that cost me
a total of $260 sells for $47 sells for $47 sells for N9,000 sells for $39.99 sells for $47

These are great materials that would have cost you a fortune, so you
will be wicked to get a $260 material and not do anything with it, you
will be really wicked.

I agree that it seems that i have a lot of website and that you might not
know where exactly to start, well the best two that i can say you should
start with is and and if you have an
extra cash go for or

At least if you start with the first two website, i mean you go over and
register and in 4 days from now you have not made at least $30 as total
profit. Then there is a big problem. Yeap! I also
gave you and i said if you cant make money from
this website then i don't know what else to tell you.

Some of you have a resell right to this package, so my advise is that if
you have that license go ahead and start placing advert on this material[

i will be watching, so don't try to sell if you don't have the rights]. Sell
for a lower price and in a two week period you would have made more
than 5 times what it cost you to get this material.

If you have any question or comments or you want me to help you with
survey method No 8 just reach me on the contact details below.
Also i will like you to send me an email of testimonials when you start
seeing results at:
Nwosu Desmond ,


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