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					                 Strengthening and Stretching Exercises

Sitting Straddle Stretch
To do this stretch, you should sit on the floor and spread their legs as far to the side as is
comfortable. Toes should be pointed, but legs should be relaxed. Members should lean
forward into the stretch, making sure to keep the lower back as flat as possible. This will
stretch the hips more than the hamstrings, which is essential to seeing a difference in the
actual jump.

The Importance of the Hip Flexor
The hip flexor is a very important part of jumps as well. It helps jumpers whip their legs
out and back together, ensuring that the jump is quick and lands together. If you
consistently land your jumps with your feet apart or at slightly different times, then this
hip flexor exercise will dramatically improve your ability to land smoothly.

Hip Flexor Exercises
To strengthen the hip flexor, squad members can sit on the floor in the straddle position
with their arms in front or behind them for stability or wrapped around the body for
added difficulty. Members should raise one leg at a time, holding it steady above the
floor or pulsing the leg up and down for a bigger workout. The leg should be turned out
at all times to train the hips which position to hit in the air. After doing each leg
separately, the legs can be lifted simultaneously to work both at once. Throughout the
entire exercise, the lower back should be kept as straight as possible. Letting the back
curve lessons the impact and puts strain on a different part of the leg.