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									                                       DAVID LYNCH
1401 Smith Ave                                                                             (604) 997-4192
Coquitlam, BC, V3J 2Y1                                                         davidlynch86@hotmail.com


      Environment Artist for 1 project cycle on a next generation platform
      Four years of experience in a game production environment involving 2D/3D Modeling,
       Marketing, and Quality Assurance
      Proficient with Maya, 3D Studio Max, ZBrush, and Photoshop
      Experience in 7 shipped game titles, with the remaining one due for release
      Advanced Diploma of Game Art and Design


      Worked on a next generation Bioware game title exercising skills in Environment Art
      7 successful game titles between EA and Bioware in Marketing and Quality Assurance
      2 mods involving 2D concept to 3D modeling/texturing completion using Unreal technology
      6 years of experience utilizing Maya, and over 8 years using Photoshop. Other programs include
       Illustrator, Flash, and InDesign. Execution of programs are able to fit 3D and 2D project requirements
      Ability to cover key aspects of creating environments including modeling, texturing, level design, and
       concept art
      Skilled with using game engines such as the Unreal Editor, as well as Valve products for Level Design
       and cinematics
      Passion for video games and other entertainment media


    Mass Effect 2: Bioware
    Dragon Age Origins
    Fifa 10: PSP/PS2/PC – Electronic Arts
    Football Academy – Electronic Arts
    Fifa 09: Wii/PSP – Electronic Arts
    Need For Speed Pro Street – Electronic Arts
    Sims 2: Castaways – Electronic Arts
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 – Electronic Arts


Advanced Diploma of Game Art and Design                                                           2004-2005
Art Institute of Vancouver, Burnaby, BC

Environment Artist (Co-op)                                                                 Apr – Oct 2009
Bioware – Mass Effect 2/Dragon Age: Origins
Edmonton, AB
    Created 3D environments with Maya and 3D Studio Max to fit polygon budgets for next
      generation platforms
    Utilize 2D software to strengthen the power of texture maps while keeping to project guidelines
      and maximizing texture spaced used
    Strong knowledge of ZBrush and other mapping programs to create normal and specular maps
    Prepared and set up scene layout for lighting, texturing, and future detail on props and geometry

Marketing Assistant/Publicist
Bioware – Mass Effect 2
Edmonton, AB
    Assisting in execution of game trailers, screenshots, and other multimedia for website and PR
      events, including utilizing Unreal Tournament 3’s Kismet system to script matinee events
    Executing product PR campaigns across multiple franchises with primary focus on execution in
      North America media relations
    Working closely with franchise production teams to develop relationships with production while
      achieving an open communication channel to deliver press feedback and obtain product
    Contribute to major department events such as E3 Expo, Penny Arcade Expo, and Comic Con
    Partner with community relations manager to ensure consistent messaging and ensure that timing
      of activities are in sync

Quality Assurance Tester                                                            Apr 2007 – Mar 2009
Electronic Arts
Burnaby, BC
    Experienced in updating and organizing databases with art assets and references
    Manage several bug tracking programs for use of script writing, bug reporting, and data gathering
    Working with Excel to deliver test plans, alpha/beta checklists, as well as aid in design documents
       for both small and large scope projects
    Strong communication with the development team to regress fixed issues in a timely fashion
    Measure and test end player’s experience through means of presentation, game balance, stat
       progression, combat, and interface design
    Direct junior testers in software testing and provide guidance on testing procedures and practices

Concept Artist/Environment Artist/Level Designer                                            2004-2005
Geeks without Pants – Foreign Soil
Art Institute of Vancouver
Burnaby, BC
     Concept artist through pre-production phases utilizing Photoshop
     Environment artist and prop modeler using Maya
     Cinematic coordinator using Unreal 2004 Editor, including storyboards in concept phase, level
        design/world building, and camera movements for introductory and ending sequences
     Aiding in user interface design using Photoshop as the main tool
     Creating stylized special effects such as fire, water, and quicksand
                                       DAVID LYNCH
46110 Salish Way                                                                           (604) 997-4192
Chilliwack, BC, V2R 2R3                                                        davidlynch86@hotmail.com


   “I would recommend David for any company looking for a game artist to model and texture
environments. He is eager to learn as much as he can about creating great game graphics and as a result he
actively seeks out criticism for his artwork. He strives to understand the underlying reasons behind the
feedback and he immediately incorporates as much as he can as soon as possible. David is very respectful
and a pleasure to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to hire or work with David in the future.”

Sheila Nash, Bioware – Principal Technical Artist

   “David is a highly talented, driven and dedicated artist, with incredible creative instincts. I had the
pleasure and honor of working with David for 18 months and can not say enough good things about the
wonderful dynamic David brings to a team. He is supportive of his team-mates and will always go the
extra mile to get the job done right. I wouldn't hesitate a second to recommend David and hope to work
with him again in the future!”

Lani Blazier, NCsoft West – Associate Producer


Jarrett Lee                                                                          Work: (780) 430-0164
Bioware – Senior Product Manager

Chris Robbins                                                                           Cell: 778-388-8397
Electronic Arts Canada – Test Coordinator

Maggie Murray                                                                        Work: (604) 456-3873
Electronic Arts Canada – Project Manager

Todd Desgagne                                                                        Work: (604) 456-1562
Electronic Arts Canada – Project Manager

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