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					                                   Megan Christofferson
                                     12157 Iron View Row
                                     San Diego, CA 92128

                                 PHONE: (559) 776-8907

PROFILE: Recently graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz in June 2007,
Megan Christofferson now holds a B.A. in Film and Digital Media under the production
concentration. She is skilled in videography, photography, and web design/development and has
a creative eye for lighting, angles, framing and color. Megan is known specifically for having an
edge in cinematography. She will always go the extra mile to make sure that any job presented is
finished and done correctly. Megan’s goal is never to meet the expectations of her client, but to
far exceed them.

 Responsible for writing, directing, shooting, producing and editing five shorts while at the
 Conception of thought-provoking, meaningful and thesis-driven story lines
 Execution of scripts and screenplays including dialogue
 A responsible director concerned with the well-being of actors, crew, and all involved on set
 Extremely passionate about cinematography and operating the camera during a shoot
 Able to budget time and money of productions while also securing actors, equipment, crew
   members, costumes, props, and locations
 Adept at capturing and editing all final footage and eventually writing to DVD
 High level of experience with most video equipment including: various types of lighting kits,
   audio kits, microphones, tripods, tracking dolly and cobra crane

 Eight years of HTML web development experience
 Over four years of Photoshop experience with intermediate to expert level photo-manipulation
 Great eye for layout and design that is clean, professional, unique and most importantly
   obtains intuitive navigation and usability.
 Intermediate experience with JavaScript and CSS
 Basic experience with database management using MySQL and PHP

 Comprehension of and ability to use proper aperture, shutter speed and ISO
 Understanding of the importance and mechanics of light in photography
 Skilled in lighting subjects and most pre-production procedures
 Natural eye for proper framing and composition
 Especially skilled and passionate about using color and light in unique ways

 Experienced on both Macintosh and P.C. computers—Owns both.
 Advanced user of Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver, Adobe Lightroom
 Basic experience with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Flash, Adobe After Effects,
   Fireworks, ImageReady, DVD Studio Pro, Filemaker Pro
 Equipment owned includes: Panasonic DVX100B, Canon 20D, Canon EF 24-70mm L lens,
   Bogen/Manfrotto tripod with 3221 legs and 501 fluid head, Macbook Pro, and most software
   mentioned above.

                                   WORK HISTORY:

   NAS Productions                                           April 2008-Present

           Videographer/Graphic Designer: Operates cameras and designs/sets up
           lighting for internet news show “Viral” and other smaller shoots for various clients.
           In charge of primary cinematography. During non-shoot hours produces graphic
           design and promotional material for clients. Also tends to various PA work such
           as studio set up, studio design, and location photography.

   KFTV Univision Channel 21                                 August 2007-January 2008

           Camera Operator/Audio Switcher: Part of the production staff for the morning
           talk show “Arriba Valle Central”. In charge of setting up the studio and
           equipment such as cameras, lights, and microphones. Tested audio levels and
           white/black balance prior to show. Set up guests for interviews. Main duties
           included operating cameras and audio switchboard. Cueing and retrieving tapes,
           assisting on outside informational shoots, and various clerical duties also
           performed. Obtained valuable experience shooting live news at the Fresno Fair
           for two weeks.

   Film/Video Checkout Lab                                   September 2006-June 2007

           Checkout Assistant: As a checkout assistant was responsible for checking in
           and out University film and video equipment to students in production classes.
           Performs comprehensive and routine tests of equipment that is checked in to
           determine correct functionality. Fixes broken or non-functioning equipment using
           basic logic. Tends to various odd jobs such as organization/cleaning of checkout
           lab, data entry, inventory, and creative projects.
           Equipment that was used, checked and repaired includes: Libec and Cartoni
           tripods. Canon GL-1, Canon XL-1, Sony PD-150 camcorders. Strand, Lowel, Arri,
           Caselite, and Tota light kits. Marantz audio kits. Various cardiod, shotgun, and
           lavaliere microphones. Various lighting and microphone support such as C
           stands. Reflectors, flags, and clamps.

   Ashford Advertising Agency                                June-August 2006

           Web Design/Production Intern: Worked as an intern building websites from
           scratch and updating pre-existing client websites using HTML, CSS,
           Dreamweaver, Javascript, and some advanced programming. Other duties
           included: build and design ads for newspaper and magazine print, business card
           reproduction, assist in creating commercials using Final Cut Pro, help with
           various designs and ads using Adobe Illustrator. Also assisted with some general
           office and clerical work and securing newspaper ad placements.

   Publix Deli (Westchase)                                 June-July 2005
           Deli Clerk: Made subs, sliced deli meat, general customer service and

      College Dining Hall                                    April-June 2005
              Dishroom Worker: Stacked dishes in dishroom and re-distributed to dining hall
              or put away. Cleaned tables, organized various foods.
      QC Construction Products                               June-August 2002
              Website Redesign: Updated entire company website using knowledge of HTML
              and web design skills.

       References and employment contact information available on request


   Recently graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz in June 2007 with a
   B.A. in Film and Digital Media under the production concentration.

Related Classes I have completed:
     Film 196A: Senior Project in Film and Video
     Film 173: Narrative workshop
     Film 20A: The Film Experience
     Film 20B: TV, Culture, and Society
     Film 20P: Film Production Technique
     Film 20C: Intro to Digital Media
     Film 134B: American Cinema 1960-Present
     Film 134A: American Cinema 1930-1960
     Film 170A: Digital Media Production
     Film 170B: Film and Video Production
     Film 120: Film Theory
     Art 119: Digital Video

                               OTHER/VOLUNTEER WORK:

      Director of Photography on Clavey Reflections, an environmental documentary, which
       recently won the Katherine Knight Award in the Earthvision Film Festival.
      Photographer- Conducted full photo shoot for Lil Niqo, hip-hop artist
      Valley Public Television- Production Assistant on the set of children’s show “Hey Mom,
       I’m Hungry”
      Black Belt- Achieved first degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo Martial Arts.
      Helen Woodward Animal Center- Cleaning cat cages, interacting with animals,
       assisting at “critter camp”
      Greyhound Rescue- Walked, played, and socialized with greyhounds that have been
       rescued from racing
      Tutor- Tutored young Japanese student with English homework


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