Nomination for by decree


									                                   Nomination for
                 Western Square Dancer of the Year 2007

Name of person or couple:________________________________________________

Name of nominating Club: _______________________________________________

How long has he/she been square dancing:__________________________________

Square dance activities and past club, association, or State Council positions:

Outside of square dancing activities:________________________________________

What has he/she done to promote square dancing in general, or for the general
welfare of your club:_____________________________________________________

Instructions: Every club determines for themselves how to handle the nomination
for Square Dancer of the Year. Whatever they feel is a contributing factor to the
welfare of the club or Sqaure dancing in general. This award is not meant only for
those that are on committees for State or National dances. This award is also for
those dancers that spend their time in the trenches, doing those jobs that need doing
to keep a club going, and do it the best they can. It is our aim to recognize people
that are there when called on, without complaint, and go that extra mile in support
of their club. Anything you can tell us, about what makes this person/couple special,
is good. Please include a 5“x7“ photo to be displayed on our website and at our
festival, where the award will take place. Please attach more sheets as needed to tell
us about your special dancers. Nominations need to be received no later than May
9th, 2007.

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