LIFT-RITE PALLET TRuCKS                                                                   Standard	Series	Trucks

                                      All	trucks	have	loop	handle	with	fingertip,	3	position,	release	
                                          t                                                                  -
                                      con	 rol	 (raise,	 neutral	 and	 lower).	 Reliable,	 double	 sealed	 hy	
                                      draulic pump with automatic pressure bypass when fully raised.
                                                                              j a
                                      Has	entry	and	exit	rollers	and	ad	ust	 ble	push	rods	on	forks.	
                                      Sealed	ball	bearings	used	on	load	and	steer	wheels	for	excellent	
                                      rollability.	Hard	chrome	plated	pump	piston.	5000	lbs.	capacity.
                                      Code 40300, 27" x 48"           Code 40450, 20.5" x 48"
                                      Other sizes available
                                                                                                                 Also available in Low Profile Models

                                                                                            Lift-Rite Power-Start-Technology,
ERGO-LIFt®                                                                                  PSTTM, gives your hand pallet
	               •	 Boost	productivity	and	create	a	safer	work	environment                   truck a flying start
	               •	 Use	where	raising	and	lowering	actions	are	more	frequent
	               	 i.e.	printing	presses,	feeding	conveyors	and	more                         Ask any operator about the force of inertia. Until
	               •	 Loop	handle	with	inside	hand	control                                     now,	it	has	required	a	lot	of	muscle	to	get	a	heav-
	               •	 Works	and	rolls	like	a	pallet	truck	with	a	180°	steering	arc             ily loaded	hand	pallet	truck	in	motion.	Getting	a	
	               •	 Solid	steel	bar	scissor	construction                                     load rolling was like pulling it over a hilltop. The
	                                            •	 Excellent	rollability	with                  greater	the	load,	the	greater	the	effort.
	                                            	 8"	diameter	load	wheels                      Lift-Rite	 PST	 5000TM helps reduce the starting
	                                            	 and	3"	diameter	load	rollers                 resistance to a minimum. The principle is based
	                                            •	 Electric	model	includes:                    on a power transfer from the towbar to the steer-
                                                12 volt battery and a built-in              ing	wheel.	Lifting	or	lowering	the	towbar	causes	
	                                            	 charger	(110/1/60)	                          the steering wheel to rotate and the hand pallet
                                                                                            truck to accelerate in the intended direction. The
                                                                                            force thus achieved is sufficient to overcome
                                                                                            resistance during the entire acceleration phase.

    Model          Lift Height         Fork Size       Weight        Capacity
    Manual	      3	1/4"	-	31	1/2"	     7	x	48"	L	      390	lbs.	     3000	lbs.
    Electric	    3	1/4"	-	31	1/2"	     7	x	48"	L	      680	lbs.	     3000	lbs

•	 For	hauling	pallets,	bales,	drums,	stocking	shelves,
   loading/unloading	trucks,	and	die	and	mold	handling
•	 Standard	unit	powered	by	a	deep	cycle	12	volt	battery,                    tWO StAGE tELESCOPIC StACKER
   110 volt charger and heavy duty cord                                      two standard series available - Lt132, Lt144,
•	 4"	phenolic	wheels	in	straddle,                                           with maximum fork heights of 132", 144"
   5"	phenolic	swivel	casters	for	steering                                   •	 Series	LT144	have	a	capacity	of	2000	lbs;
•	 Does	the	job	at	a	fraction	of	the	cost	of	lift	trucks                        Series	LT132	have	a	capacity	of	1500,	2000	or	2500	lbs.
	                       •	 All	rollers	are	ball	bearing	mountings            •	 24"	load	centre
	                       •	 Straddle	ID	is	recommended	to	be                  •	 Straddle	dimensions:	inside:	42	to	50",	outside:	48	to	56"
                           2"	greater	than	the	overall	pallet	               •	 Fork	length	of	36,	42	or	48"	(hook	type)
                           width;	straddle	OD	is	6"	                         •	 Lowered	height:	2	1/2"
                           greater	than	straddle	ID                          •	 24"	wide	apron
	                       •	 Please	specify	straddle	ID	                       •	 Straddle	length:	30	1/2"
                           when ordering
                                                                             Slip-on Platform
                                                                             •	 24	W	x	36"	Ø
                           SINGLE StAGE StACKER SERIES LL68                  Fifth Wheel with Pull Handle
                           •	 24"	load	centre                                •	 Increases	maneuverability	&	enables	operator
                           •	 Straddle	dimensions:                              to enter pallets precisely
                           	 inside:	42"	to	50";	outside:	48"	to	56"
                           •	 Fork	Length	of	26"	(hook	type)                 Remote Control Unit
                           	              •	 24"	wide	apron                  •	 Allows	you	to	stand	back	&	get	a	better,
                           	              •	 Height	of	fork:	68"                safer view of task at hand
                           	              	 raised,	2	1/2"	lowered
                           	              •	 Capacities:                     Boom (26") with Swivel Hook
                           	              	 1500,	2000	or	2500	lbs.          •	 For	picking	up	slings	or	chains‑


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