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No distance too far for Zipfer!
Zipfer Urtyp action packed TV ad makes you long for a beer.

Zipfer, the premium brand that achieves the highest returns in retail trade
(source: ACNielsen), created and produced a new TV ad with FCB Kobza that
shows daredevil stunts and illustrates that Zipfer aficionados will go that extra
mile. The innovative Austrian brand breathes love of life and makes you long for
beer as the modern way to quench a thirst. The brand new TV spot has been on
air since December 2nd.

Linz, December 2006. The story of the 30-seconds spot: A group of friends meet for a
party in a stylish loft, but unfortunately they run out of Zipfer far too early. To avoid an
embarrassing situation, the host simply gets more Zipfer from the party on the other
side of the street. To get there he does a daredevil stunt: after jumping onto the boom
of a crane, a little bit of abseiling and most refined trampoline manoeuvres on an
awning, he comes back to serve his guests sparkling premium beer.

Action and humour convey love of life
In addition to pure excitement and entertainment value, the new TV ad conveys the
most important brand features of Zipfer: pure love of life, refined enjoyment, in tune
with the times, ultimate quality. The short film gets the point across with its successful
mix of surprise, action and fine humour. The dynamic production is unique in Austria’s
beer world.

“Zipfer, the innovative top brand breathes the love of life. With the new TV ad, we want
to underline the positioning and properties of the Zipfer brand just as well as its
premium status. And to do that we DID go that extra mile. The message we would like
to get across is: Zipfer beer brings out the best in me; Zipfer shows that I have good
taste and I win the appreciation of my guests”, says Alexander Gerschbacher, head of

Premium production for a premium brand
Director of the spot was award-winning commercials director Kaspar Wedendahl; the
ad was produced by “Wiener Klappe”. Outcome: a TV ad to a top technical standard, of
the best quality and of international calibre.

Brau Union Österreich AG:
Richard Lorenzoni, Mag. Thomas Dietachmair

FCB Kobza:
Customer relationships: Alexander Bauer, Mag. Robert Steininger, Stephi Rossek
Strategic planning: Mag. Alice Nilsson
CD: Joachim Glawion
AD: Esben Ehrenreich
Concept: Joachim Glawion
Text: Joachim Glawion, David Petermann
Sound: Soundfeiler
Film company: Wiener Klappe Filmproduktions GesmbH
Director: Kasper Wedendahl

If you have any further questions, please contact Veronika Fiereder, Head of Communications, at:
phone: 0043 (0) 732/6979-2670, fax: 0043 (0) 732/6979-2672, e-mail:,

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