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By: Taylor Pickell
 The islands in the Bahamas are mainly low lying and have no
 mountains. They were formed from coral, which is why they are
 very low. The highest point in the Bahamas is only 63 meters high
 which is located on Cat Island, but the island of New Providence
 only reaches about 37 meters high. The Little Bahama Bank, the
 Great Bahama bank, and the Cay Sal Bank are three oceanic banks
 that surround the Bahamas. The land is mostly rocky or made up
 of swamps. Some of the main islands in the Bahamas are the
 Grand Bahama, the Great and Little Abaco, the Biminis,
 Eleuthera, Cat Island, San Salvador, the Great and Little Exuma,
 Long Island, Crooked Island, Acklins Island, New Providence, the
 Great and Little Inagua, and the Andros.
Bodies of Water
    Some of the bodies of water in the Bahamas are:

•    Conch Sound
•    Glass Window
•    Graham’s Harbor
•    Pipe Creek
•    Salt Pond
•    Sandy Point.
•    Dean’s Blue Hole
•    Grottoes
•    Ocean Hole
              Major Language

Some people in the Bahamas speak English, but they do not have a
                        major language.

The Bahamas’ type of government is constitutional parliamentary democracy.

The Prime Minister or head of government is currently Hubert

   •   New Years Day: 1st January
   •   Good Friday: Friday before Easter · 21 March
   •   Easter: 23 March
   •   Easter Monday: Day after Easter · 24 March
   •   Whit Monday: 12 May
   •   Labor Day: 2 June
   •   Independence Day: 10th July
   •   Emancipation Day: First Monday in August · 4 August
   •   Discovery Day: 12 October
   •   Christmas Day: 25th December
   •   Boxing Day: 26th December

The Bahamas’ economy is mainly based on tourism, which is mostly
in Nassau and Grand Bahama. Tourism and construction are largely
responsible for a GDP growth of about 4 percent since 1996.
Another thing that is important is financial services, which places
the Bahamas with the world’s leading financial centers. After the
impact from Hurricane Floyd, the center was back to full strength in
less than three working days and made a huge contribution to
disaster relief efforts, both individually and through financial

Tourism accounts for more than 60% of GDP but manufacturing and
agriculture together only account for a tenth of GDP.
• 35% Baptists
• 15% Anglicans
• 8% Pentecostals
• 5% Church of God
• 5% Seventh-day Adventist
• 4% Methodist
• 14% Roman Catholic
  National Bird

The national bird is the flamingo.
                 National Flower

The national flower is the Yellow Elder, which is a yellow flower with
  fine red stripes on each petal. The Yellow Elder Tree can grow to be
                            up to 20 feet high.
                      National Tree

The national tree is the lignum vitae (or “tree or life.”) It is made up of
      very heavy wood and is cover with small blue flowers at the
                               branches tips.
            The Bahamian Flag

The colors of the Bahamian flag are black, gold, and blue. The black
  represents the Bahamian people, the gold represents the sun, and
                the blue represents crystal clear waters.

The population of the Bahamas is about 250,000 people.

The Bahamas has a 95% literacy rate. There are 51 schools on the
island of New Providence and 159 in the Family Islands. It also has
several schools of adult education. The Princess Margaret Hospital
has its own School of Nursing. The University of The West Indies
Centre for Hotel and Tourism Management is located in Nassau at
Oakes Field and it offers B.Sc. degrees in Hotel Management and
Tourism. The College of The Bahamas was founded in 1974 in
Nassau, it is the only educational institution in the Bahamas offering
a wide range of programs leading to the Associate Degree.
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