FY 2004 Organizational Charts, Goals, Objectives by plb12673


									Department of Public Works
  American Samoa Government
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799

                                         FY 2004
                                  Organizational Charts,
                                    Goals, Objectives,
                                  Actions, and Strategies
              Department of Public Works
                                                                                                       FY 2004
                                                                                               General Goals, Objectives,                 Director                          P1
                   American Samoa Government                                                    Actions, and Strategies
                                                                                                  To maintain good                                                   Special Asst.
                                                                                             work ethics, equal          Senior Admin                                 To Director
      Mission Statement                                  Director’s                          employment opportunity,       Assistant
         The primary mission of the                                                                                                          concepts,
                                                          Office                             safe and qualitative work
                                                                                                                                             and training
Department of Public Works is to                     The Director’s Office provides          performance
provide high quality construction                                                                                                            techniques,
                                          management oversight, assistance and                   • The general goal of
                                                                                                                               Clerk         by the Governor
engineering, design, construction         support to all the divisions and branches of           the Department of
                                                                                                                            (Special)                                  Technical
                                                                                                                                             of American
management, construction,                 the department. Specifically, the office               Public Works is to                                                    Assistant
maintenance, renovation, and repair       develops reviews, and issues policies and              provide top quality
services of ASG infrastructure,           directives to the various divisions of the             and professional service delivery to
                                                                                                                                              Cross-trains a minimum of 40% of
                                          department. The Director’s Office reviews              residents and businesses and
equipment and facilities throughout                                                                                                       employees
                                          and approved official department                       government departments assuring
the territory. Within this framework,                                                            complete satisfaction.
                                                                                                                                             • A massive training program have
                                          correspondence, maintains the official                                                             been deployed for all divisions of the
the Department of Public works
                                          correspondence files of outgoing and                                                               Department, emphasizing ‘local
endeavors to employ                       incoming mail, and serves as the focal point           To increase operation funding from the
environmentally sound, culturally                                                                                                            training’ preference. This will allow
                                          for official requests for department services      CIP 2004 Grants, to support the various
                                                                                                                                             more participants for training rather
sensitive, socially responsible and       and information flow. The office provides          department goals as proposed.
                                                                                                                                             than a few to travel off-island to be
cost effective practices in all service   direct management oversight of the DPW                • We will request the Governor of
areas, programs and projects.             Spare Parts and Supply and Engineering                American Samoa to increase Public
                                          Information coordinates activities with local,        Works CIP allocation budget for fiscal
                                          state and federal officials for the department.       year 2004.                                     To ensure that dependable and
         The Public Works                                                                                                                 adequate public infrastructure that supports
Department is a large and complex         The office schedules and coordinates
                                          meetings, manages conference facilities and         To expand and unify a centralized GIS       the existing and future development needs
organization comprised of eight                                                          database to serve all government                 of the Territory.
                                          provides necessary planning and support
divisions: Office Of The Director,        services for the DPW Director.                 departments and emergency services, e.g.,            • Provide needed capital improvements
Finance/Administration, Land &                                                           fire/ambulance/etc.                                  to repair or replace obsolete or worn
Survey, Civil/Highway, Architectural                                                                      • The appointment/                  out infrastructure facilities, eliminate
& Engineering Services, Building                                                                          selection of the                    existing deficiencies and meet the
Inspection, Maintenance &                                                        Governor                 Department of Public                needs of future development and
Operation and Manu’a M & O.                                                  American Samoa               Works to develop and                redevelopment.
                                                                                                         maintain a fully integrated          • Maintain and improve existing
Public Works Organizational Policy                                                                                                            drainage facilities in areas that have
                                                                                                         Geographic Information
is to maintain government property                                                                       and Facilities Management            capacity deficiencies and a history of
in a safe and acceptable manner                                                                          System, to provide                   flood complaints, while using
and support other departments in                                             Director’s Office           Computer aided Design                generally accepted design criteria for
the performance of their daily                                   P1           Dept. of Public            support in the latest                current and future projects.
functions and in emergency                                                                               technologies, management

 Admin/Finance/               Land &                    Civil/                 Architectural &               Building               Maintenance &                Manu’a
 Personnel/MIS                Survey                  Highways                  Engineering                Inspections               Operations              Maint/Operation

       P2                     P3/4                        P5                            P6                       P7                       P8                           P9
                                                    Continue to improve staff efficiency
  Administration/Finance/                                                                         • Implement increments on a timely
                                               by making greater use of computer                  basis                                          Server 2000 to 2003
  Personnel/MIS Division                       technologies and programs to provide                To provide an in-service training             • Work with Personnel to develop in-
                                               accurate and useful information to project     program for all employees to improve               house quarterly training program on
            This Division prepares and         enginners:                                     their performance:                                 networking/Windows/Office
analyzes the budgetary needs of the                • Review available software to handle               • Apply for OMIP grant for                 To provide superior administrative
department, reviews the propriety of all           transactions                                        Autocad, GIS, and Inspector          information system technologies that will
purchase requisition and processes them            • Create an integrated database of all              training                             permit the implementation of the most
accordingly through the ASG procurement            Contract Section transactions                       • Provide in-house Windows/MS        cost-effective administration, the best
system, tracks expenditures against budget         • With Personnel and MIS, coordinate                Office/Networking training           services to other government agencies for
and reconciles them with treasury records,         training sessions                                   programs                             planning and decision making
analyzes the performance measures of each          • Provide monthly reports to Director           To increase quality of communication          • Implement motor pool fleet software
division and prepares quarterly                    and project engineers                      between the Director, Manager,                         -Bring in trainer to jump start
performance reports, as well as other              • Monthly reconciliation with              supervisors, and employees:                            implementation
regular financial reports as required. In          Treasury records                               • Prepare Organizational Charts for                -Implement electronic transfer
addition, the Finance/Administration                Ensure compliance with local and              Divisions                                          interface with handheld device
Division processes employees                   Federal labor laws, equal opportunity              • Initiate seminars on correct and                 -Install report writer add-in
recommendations to the DPW Director,           policies and affirmative action plans:             proper written and oral                            -Add 2 workstations for data
initiates training programs and to provide         • Contract employee seminars on                communications                                     entry
financial and administrative support to all        local and Federal laws                   IT Section                                           • Implement M&O work order
DPW divisions in meeting their objectives.    Personnel Section                                    To provide a robust and reliable              software
                                                    To ensure that he best qualified          technology infrastructure that supports                -Additional training on software
             FY 2004                           personnel are recruited and employed           the department’s needs.                                -Add 5 workstations for data
        Goals, Objectives,                     according to local and federal laws:               • Install wireless network at EOB and              entry
                                                   • Develop recruitment policies and             M&O                                             To provide immediate response to
      Actions, and Strategies                                                                                                               technical support on hardware and
                                                   guidelines                                     • Initiate centralized file storage for
Accounting Section                                 • Educate/train personnel staff on             all DPW critical files                    software level and keep server downtime
      To increase the availability of              local and federal hiring laws                                            • Link M&O      to the minimum:
 accurate and useful financial data to aid          To provide staff compensation,              Administrator               and Manu’a           • Keep inventory of parts for
 the administration in planning for the        benefits and working environment                                             via VPN              immediate computer repairs
 future.                                       sufficient to attract and retain qualified                                   connection           • Additional computer personnel to
     • Issue monthly financial reports for     employees:                                       Division Head I             • Upgrade            provide tech support
     Director and Managers                         • Follow up on reclassification                                          Windows              • Regular training programs for IT
     • Monthly reconciliation with                 corrections                                                                                   personnel
     Treasury records
     • Upgrade accounting
     software and train                    MIS                              Contracts                                   Accounting                            Personnel
     accounting personnel        Computer Specialist                        Supervisor                                  Supervisor                        Senior Admin Asst
      To de-centralize budget
 and expense controls to
 division level                       Vacant(Tech)                         Accountant I                              Admin Asst II                            Admin Asst II
     • Provide budget
     information to divisions
      To develop performance measures
 for each division in order to analyze                                     Admin Asst II                             Clerk (Special)                           Apprentice II
 cost effectiveness in future budget

Contracts Section
                                                                          Clerk (Special)                           Clerk (Special)                             Apprentice I
               Land and                         ASSUMPTIONS                                       realized that the scope of SLID had
                                                       SLID is confident that the following       expanded to provide critical land
                Survey                           scenarios will improve utilization of its        information so that government and             respect in the work place. Create and
                                                 resources and application of best practices      landowners can sustainable manage their        maintain outstanding relationship with
                                                 in the delivery of its tasks and services:       land and the resources it provides.            staff and clients with customer focus
            The Lands and Survey provides             • Recognizes the need for an interim
field survey, mapping and survey review                                                                            Internal                      services, respect, competency in service,
                                                      revision to accommodate any possible                                                       well presented and friendly.
services for the American Samoa                       shifts in priority on the part of                SLID recognizes the importance of
Government. Utilizing the latest technology                                                       providing good quality services to its              Team Work Promote collective effort,
                                                      government                                                                                 coordination, participatory approach, open
available in the territory, the Land and              • That Government policies and              stakeholders through strengthening the
Survey Division conducts a compliance                                                             following areas:                               communication, and information sharing.
                                                      strategies will remain the same over                                                            Equity Promote and maintain equal
review of all official survey documents prior         the remaining duration of the plan              • Clearly defined functions and
to title registration. The division also                                                              responsibilities;                          opportunities for all, neutrality, gender
                                                      • That stakeholders will continue to be                                                    balance and strengthen high staff morality.
develops and maintains the official                   supportive of government programs               • Appropriate policies and legislation;
Geographical Information System (GIS) for                                                             • Streamlining operational systems and          Efficiency Concern with doing
                                                      • Good partnership with other                                                              something better through effective
land boundaries and maintains the official            government agencies, private sector             procedures;
inventory for government lands, In addition,                                                          • Improved levels of accountability,       management; sees events as opportunities.
                                                      and the general public on areas of                                                         (Cutting through red tapes to get things
the division strives to prove accurate and            common interest                                 transparency, and good governance;
updated survey information to government                                                              • Provision of adequate resources;         done).
                                                      • That the government provide                                                                   Identity Solidifying one’s sense of
and the general public.                               sufficient resources, monetary, human           • Better cooperation amongst divisions,
                                                                                                      sections and individuals within PWD        belonging and affiliation as a foundation of
                                                      and physical,to implement activities                                                       pride and identity and, which forms the
                                                                                                      and other Government agencies
                                                                                                      • Setting priorities in line with          basis for strengthening working relations
             FY 2004                            MANDATE                                                                                          and teamwork.
                                                                                                      available resources
        Goals, Objectives,                            SLID through the Asst. Director, is the                                                         Self-respect Conscious of and
                                                 government contact for all required                               External                      adherence to prevailing social principles
      Actions, and Strategies                    surveying work. Its role on ensuring the                                                        that encompass strict observations of
                                                                                                       The external factors and conditions
                                                 professionalism of the professional is           that may affect the achievement of SLID        sanctioned conduct, customary rituals and
INTRODUCTION                                     recognized made reference to Registration                                                       norms and, beliefs and values of which
                                                                                                  objectives include: Duplication of services
       This planning statement to provide a      for Professional Surveyors (AMLIS)                                                              together forms a basis of enhancing one’s
                                                                                                  by other government agencies on areas of
  mission, a management plan and an              within SLID, extends its mandate as being                                                       self-development and utmost dignity.
                                                                                                  common interest; Support and
  indicative budget required to implement        the focal point on all cadastral data and        coordination from other line ministries;
  the proposed management plan. The              any GIS data generated by the division.          Sharing of and access to information;         MANAGEMENT PLAN
  management plan demonstrates a                 While it is generally accepted that SLID         Policies to be consistent with the                  This management plan provides a
  consolidation of the Division’s                through the Asst. Director as the                Government key strategic outcomes              logical framework for achieving the
  responsibilities and the continuing focus      mandatory agency for all land surveys and                                                       objectives of the Planning Statement
  on more effective regulatory systems and       cadastral work, it had been realized that is    ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE                          within the specified timeframe. The plan
  efficient service delivery. It is envisage     not well reflect on in any act or regulation.         The division aims at providing high       is arranged so that the outcomes to meet
  that this planning statement will set the      It critical that this role and recognition be    quality services through the adoption of       the objectives are in harmony with the
  scene of a corporate plan for SLID which       legally in place to support all governments      the following key principles and values        annual budget.
  presents 3 years planning horizon on the       and community development efforts where          maintain good governance, be fully
  proposed structure and roles of the            this service is required.                        accountable for their professional behavior   KEY PRIORITY
                                                                                                  and total transparency:                             Key areas along with other ongoing
       The statement is geared to enhance       OPERATING ENVIRONMENT                                  Quality Management Efficient and          activities that SLID would be earmarking
  understanding of the division that will            SLID is currently operating under the        effective services and products; critically    within the proposed budget are as follows:
  enhance the focus and further improve          umbrella of the DPW, Provision of survey         assessing the degree of achievements               • It requires a full review of relevant
  understanding amongst staff on the roles       services for works program had been the          against desired standards, demonstrating a         regulation and rules that should
  and responsibility of SLID in serving the      key role of SLID. In the past decade, the        total quality approach in own work and in          provide a Mandate for SLID through
  interest of all stakeholders.                  physical pressure on land as a resource for      dealing with others.                               the Asst. Director as the key agency for
                                                 development and improvement had                       Professional IntegrityTake pride in           approval and consent for all survey
                                                                                                  your work; humility in services and
           Land and
                                               and workflow.
                                              Survey Mission Statement:
                                                    Surveying, and particulary that area
                                                                                                      Develop cadastre Data-Base Registry
                                                                                                      Catagorize cadastral guidelines
     work on behalf of Government. It          called land surveying, and its related                 Develop a computer registers for          Objectives:
     would require Funding for a legal         function of boundary has been closely tied        freehold land                                         Act as a searcher, Real Estate Titles
     personnel.                                in to the progress of civilization.                    Develop interest registers for leases,           Contacting property owners
     • The growth in technology and its        Boundaries have played and still do play          other interests that freehold                         Draw up necessary documents to
     administration requirements confirms      an important part in each person’s life.               Develop a computer registers for             contact property owners
     the need for an allocation to fund        Boundaries are necessary to delineated the        communal land and individual own                      Examines agreements and documents
     consultancy services on an ad hoc         area extent of interest and estates in land       land, etc.                                        to detech errors and omissions in legal
     basis.                                    and the resultant obligation of ownership.             Develop partnership with Registrar of        form and procedures
Mission Statement:                             Boundaries in and of themselves function          Land Titles to develop a Data-Base                    Standardized procedures
      To develop and implement best            as a dividing lines, commencing at the            in Lands Registry                                     Files approved grants and related
 practice in Land Surveying and Spatial        lowly property line between contiguous                 Computerize all Lands Registry               correspondence
 Data Management in our Land Information       neighbors or farms that are guarded by                 Provide technical services to support
 System (LIS) and Geographical                 simple fence separating the two national          the sustainable infrastructure project of
 Information System (GIS) is to provides a     and international boundaries guarded by           ASG and Federal Government
 comprehensive computer services that          armies. Therefore our mission is to                    Documentation of all right of way land
 include defining information needs and        develop the new technology we have                acquisition
 translating those need requirements into      access to, to modify our new system of
 computer programs, administering network      surveying, and develop a methodology to
 systems hardware and software, and            upgrade all cadastral survey, leases,
 computer room operations. Those two           freehold, communal land, individual land
 systems also provides a help desk service,    and right of way survey, court claimed, and                   Assist. Director
                                                                                                             Assist. Director
 together with application support and a       anything pertaining to land and etc.
 wide range of training programs,a citizens    Provide new survey equipment to meet
 action lines, a geographic system, Land       new technology challenge.
                                                                                                               Division Head
                                                                                                               Division Head                                        STAFF
 Information System, and imaging of                                                                                                                             Admin. Assistant
                                                                                                                                                                Admin. Assistant
                                                                     GPS Specialisrt
                                                                     GPS Specialisrt
 records and documents, in order to develop                                                                                                                       Clerk Typist
                                                                                                                                                                  Clerk Typist
 a spatial data management.
      Create functions to download data
 from the server to a spreadsheet and train                         SURVE3Y SECTION                                                                         GIS SECTION
                                                                    SURVE3Y SECTION                                                                         GIS SECTION
 users to do it.                                                       Supervisor
                                                                        Supervisor                                                                            Supervisor
     Address and implement server security
 issues for accessing files from the PC.
      Improve network data backup system
 performance and reduce length of run time.       Chief Computer
                                                  Chief Computer                                                                          GIS Analyst
                                                                                                                                           GIS Analyst                        Chief Computer
                                                                                                                                                                              Chief Computer
                                                                                       Chief Surveyor
                                                                                       Chief Surveyor
                                                    Draftsman                                                                             Programmer
                                                                                                                                          Programmer                            Draftsman
      Reduce workload on main server and
 improved performance on network.
                                                Computer Draftsman
                                                Computer Draftsman                                                                        Application
                                                                                                                                           Application                     Computer Draftsman
                                                                                                                                                                           Computer Draftsman
     Analyze and develop new application                                               Staff Surveyor
                                                                                       Staff Surveyor
                                                   Technician II
                                                   Technician II                                                                      Analyst Programmer
                                                                                                                                      Analyst Programmer                      Technician II
                                                                                                                                                                              Technician II
 projects as requested.
      Complete photo control survey,            Computer Draftsman
                                                Computer Draftsman                                                                        Operation
                                                                                                                                           Operation                       Computer Draftsman
                                                                                                                                                                           Computer Draftsman
 planimetric mapping, digitizing maps, and         Technician II
                                                   Technician                                                                             Technician
                                                                                                                                          Technician                          Technician II
 orthophoto production.
      Develop standards for indexing and           Technician III
                                                   Technician III                      Technician III
                                                                                       Technician III
                                                                                                                                       Operation Support
                                                                                                                                       Operation Support                      Data Processor
                                                                                                                                                                              Data Processor
 destruction of documents.
      Implement computer output laser disk,
 document capture, forms processing                                                    Technician II
                                                                                       Technician II
         Civil/ Highways                         Goals:                                                           Responsibilities:
                                                      Enhance accessibility for all roadway                             The Civil/Highways Division is
             Division                             users;                                                           primarily responsible for the following
                                                      Provide exceptional customer service;                        duties:                                                       Environmental Excellence: We
            The Civil/Highway Division of the         Improve safety for all roadway users.                             • Planning and Design,                              conduct our business activities in a manner
Department of Public Works is committed to                                                                              • Materials testing,                                that respects American Samoa’s natural
serve the community by building and                     Methods used to achieve goals shall                             • Fiscal programming and cost                       and historic resources.
repairing the territorial highways, secondary      be, but not limited to:                                              accounting,                                              Action and Accountability: We know
roads and connecting roads in order to                 • develop and train qualified personnel                          • Public Transportation Planning                    what our job is and we do it. If we have a
provide for the publics’ safety, design and            to provide quality service to ensure                       Division Values                                           question, we ask. We are willing to stand
build roads for the uninterrupted traffic flow         safe and comparable transportation                               Truth, Trust and Teamwork: By                       up for our actions and to accept
of public and commercial vehicles and                  system;                                                     always seeking and telling the truth, we                 responsibility for them.
DThe Highway Division of the Department                • build and equip a certified materials                     create trust. Trust fosters true teamwork,                    Results and Respect: We take action
of Public Works in committed to serve the              laboratory;                                                 with all of us pulling our share and sharing             to produce results and measure our
community by building and repairing the                • update design and construction                            out talents.                                             progress. By producing results, we earn,
territorial highways, secondary roads and              standards on a consistent basis;                                 Safety and Security: Safety will never              gain, and retain respect of customers and
connecting roads in order to provide for the           • establish building blocks to obtain                       be compromised. Security of our people                   partners.
publics’ safety. Design and build roads for            higher degree of efficiency and                             and our assets must never be taken for
the uninterrupted traffic flow of public and           accountability in operations, as well as                    granted.
commercial vehicles and develops highway               service to the public;
infrastructure for local commerce, foster              • upgrade and improve territorial-wide
social and industrial growth with roads                drainage systems.
constructed for future needs.The mission of
the Civil/Highways Division is to serve                                                                                                Asst. Director
the public by providing a transportation
                                                                                                                                                                                ADMININSTRATIVE STAFF
                                                                                                                                                                                ADMININSTRATIVE STAFF
system and services that emphasize                                                                                                      ASSISTANT (PE)
                                                                                                                                        ASSISTANT (PE)                            Administrative Assist. II
                                                                                                                                                                                  Administrative Assist. II
quality, safety, cost effectiveness,                                                                                                      (VACANT)                                Administrative Assist II
                                                                                                                                          (VACANT)                                Administrative Assist II
economic vitality, sensitivity to the                                                                                                                                                    Clerk II
                                                                                                                                                                                         Clerk II
environment, at the same time
preserving the unique culture and
landscape of American Samoa                                                                              CONSTRUCTION/
                                                                                                          CONSTRUCTION/                                                                        LABORATORY SERVICE
                                                                                                                                                                                               LABORATORY SERVICE
                                                                                                         DESIGN SERVICES
                                                                                                         DESIGN SERVICES                                                                           SUPERVISOR

             FY 2004
        Goals, Objectives,                                                                                                                                                    Technician III
                                                                                                                                                                              Technician III                    Technician II
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Technician II
                                                           Engineer III
                                                           Engineer III                    Engineer II
                                                                                           Engineer II                   Engineer II
                                                                                                                         Engineer II                    Engineer II
                                                                                                                                                        Engineer II                                               (vacant)
      Actions, and Strategies
Vision:                                                     Engineer II
                                                            Engineer II                    Engineer II
                                                                                           Engineer II                   Engineer II
                                                                                                                         Engineer                  Construction Surveyor
                                                                                                                                                   Construction Surveyor
      Create a safer highway system,                         (vacant)
                                                              (vacant)                      (vacant)
                                                                                             (vacant)                     (vacant)
                                                                                                                           (vacant)                      (vacant)
 enhance the highway environment and
 improve the overall quality of
 transportation service for American Samoa.
 Further, to represent a practical approach                                                              INSPECTORS
 to transportation that is consistent with and
 reflects the demands and expectations
 citizen’s place on local government.
                                                  Sr. Adm. Assist.        Technician III      Technician II        Technician II       Technician II        Technician II
        Architectural and
                                                                FY 2004
                                                           Goals, Objectives,                             To Introduce Quality Project
                                                                                                       Management System
                                                         Actions, and Strategies                         • A project quality manual is to be
                                                                                                         produce by the office quality group
           The Architectural Engineering (A/            To recruit a Registered Architect                within the year.
E) is to become the primary force in                    • An Architect is required to
establishing the highest quality built                  compliment the present design team.
                                                                                                            To provide training in the use of the
environment in American Samoa. The A/E
                                                                                                       new Software Auto Desk Building
Division protects the safety of the citizens by         To successfully complete all the CIP           Electrical and Mechanical programs for the
enforcing the Uniform Building Code and             projects                                           ongoing professional development for
other laws of the territory for all buildings.          • A & E is expected to be involved in a        A&E staff members.
In addition, the A/E Division provides                  wide variety of building projects                  • Trainer from AutoDesk shall run a
design and construction management                      during the course of the next year.                two weeks seminar series for the new
services for government projects, and
                                                                                                           products that will be introduced this
updates the public on the best and safest               To provide training of A & E staff in              year.
building design and technologies. A primary         AutoCAD and Project Management.
goal of the A/E Division is to provide                 • It is proposed that a trainer from off
appropriate, cost effective and safe                   island shall be brought in to train in
government facilities for employees and the            the use of Autodesk products and
general public through the design, and                 Project Management.
implementation of capital improvement
building projects, facilities maintenance and                                         Assistant Director
                                                                                      Assistant Director
renovation services. The division will                                                  Associate A.I.A.
                                                                                        Associate A.I.A.
continually strive for improvement in
methods and results to better serve the                                         DIVISION HEAD Architect (A.I.A.)
                                                                                DIVISION HEAD Architect (A.I.A.)
citizens of the territory.                                                                 (vacant)
                                                                                                                                               SECRETARY // CLERK
                                                                                                                                               SECRETARY CLERK
                                   ADMINISTRATIVE ASSIST.
                                   ADMINISTRATIVE ASSIST.                                                                                            (vacant)

          ARCHITECTURAL                                 PLAN REVIEW
                                                         PLAN REVIEW                                CONSTRUCTION
           & ENGINEERING
           & ENGINEERING                                                                                                                                     DRAFTI
                                                    Engineering Technician IV
                                                    Engineering Technician IV                        MANAGEMENT
              // DESIGN

              A & E/ DESIGN
              A & E/ DESIGN                                                                                MANAGERS
             Electrical Engineer
             Electrical Engineer                                                                                                           Engr. Tech. IV
                                                                                                                                           Engr. Tech. IV

              A & E/ DESIGN
               A & E/ DESIGN
             Structural Engineer
             Structural Engineer
                                                                                                           Engr. Tech. IV
                                                                                                           Engr. Tech. IV                  Engr. Tech. III
                                                                                                                                           Engr. Tech. III

              A & E/ DESIGN
               A & E/ DESIGN
             Structural Engineer
             Structural Engineer

                                                                                                           Engr. Tech. IV
                                                                                                           Engr. Tech. IV                  Engr. Tech. II
                                                                                                                                           Engr. Tech. II
             A & E/ DESIGN
             A & E/ DESIGN
            Mechanical Engineer
            Mechanical Engineer

         SPECIFICATION WRITER                                                                              Engr. Tech. IV
                                                                                                           Engr. Tech. IV                  Engr. Tech. II
                                                                                                                                           Engr. Tech.

            URBAN PLANNER
            URBAN PLANNER
              Building                               To train and certify all inspectors for        To provide uniforms, safety gears, and
                                                 structural, plumbing, and electrical          official ID badges
             Inspections                         inspection
                                                                                                  • The inspection of federal projects has        possession of a communication device
                                                     • Application for a training grant will      resulted in great alarm. The inspectors         in order to communicate with the main
          The Building Inspection Division                                                                                                        office, in cases of emergencies and
                                                     be submitted to the CIP committee and        were not allowed on job sites, because
provides effective and efficient building                                                                                                         other related work responsibilities.
                                                     to be funded by the OMIP program.            they couldn’t provide valid
inspection services for the territory of
                                                     This will enable the inspectors to           identifications and safety gears.
American Samoa. Structural, electrical,
                                                     perform complex and sensitive
mechanical, and emergency inspections
                                                     building inspections in more than one        To provide vehicles and
performed by the Building Inspection
                                                     specialty area.                           communication devices for the inspectors
Division are carried out in accordance with
Uniform Building Code (UBC), and
applicable federal and local regulations that                                                     • Due to limited personnel, it is
                                                     To purchase a computer ‘building             necessary for an inspector to maintain
apply to construction. In addition, it is the
                                                 control system’ program                          an average of 8 projects per month.
responsibility of the division to inspect and
issue stop and condemnation notices for                                                           Therefore, each inspector must have a
                                                     • A computer program that will enable        vehicle to travel to each of these
structures in violation of building codes and
                                                     the inspector to document inspections,       locations. In addition, they must be in
regulations, and certificates of occupancy for
                                                     code violation procedures, and
structures constructed to approve standards.
                                                     maintain accurate records and files.
The Building Inspection Division is also                                                                      Asst. Director
                                                                                                              Asst. Director
responsible for developing territorial policy
and procedures as they related to
                                                                                                            DIVISION HEAD
                                                                                                            DIVISION HEAD
construction requirement. The Building
Inspection Division functions are designed to                                                                  (vacant)
                                                        ADMINISTIVE ASSIST. II
                                                        ADMINISTIVE ASSIST. II                                                                            ADMINISTIVE ASSIST. II
                                                                                                                                                          ADMINISTIVE ASSIST.
ensure buildings in the territory meet
compliance standards so as to enhance the
overall safety of the public.

                                                                      SUPERVISOR                                                                       SUPERVISOR
                                                              (PRIVATE SECTOR PROJECTS)
                                                               (PRIVATE SECTOR PROJECTS)                                                         (GOVERNMEN PROJECTS)
                                                                                                                                                  (GOVERNMEN PROJECTS)

             FY 2004
        Goals, Objectives,
                                                                      BUILDING INSPECTOR III
                                                                      BUILDING INSPECTOR III                                                 BUILDING INSPECTOR II
                                                                                                                                             BUILDING INSPECTOR II
      Actions, and Strategies
     To provide minimum standards to                                                                                                         BUILDING INSPECTOR II
                                                                                                                                             BUILDING INSPECTOR II
                                                                           TECHNICIAN III
                                                                           TECHNICIAN III
 safeguard life, health, property, and public
                                                                       BUILDING INSPECTOR II
                                                                       BUILDING INSPECTOR II                                                 BUILDING INSPECTOR II
                                                                                                                                             BUILDING INSPECTOR II
     • By regulating and controlling the
     design, construction, quality of
     materials, use of occupancy, location                             BUILDING INSPECTOR II
                                                                                                                                             BUILDING INSPECTOR II
                                                                                                                                             BUILDING INSPECTOR II
                                                                       BUILDING INSPECTOR II                                                        (vacant)
     and maintenance of all buildings and                                                                                                            (vacant)
     structures within the jurisdiction of the
     Building Inspection Division.                                                                                                           BUILDING INSPECTOR
                                                                                                                                             BUILDING INSPECTOR
                                                                       BUILDING INSPECTOR II
                                                                       BUILDING INSPECTOR II                                                       (vacant)

                                                                       BUILDING INSPECTOR
                                                                       BUILDING INSPECTOR                                                    BUILDING INSPECTOR
                                                                                                                                             BUILDING INSPECTOR
                                                                               (vacant)                                                            (vacant)
        Maintenance and                         a. Operations                                           small and commercial vehicles. These
                                                       This new internal service division               tow trucks will provide off-road
          Operations                              maintains all machines and heavy                      services and towing of illegally used           • To repair and maintain street lights
                                                  equipment of the division. Machines and               vehicles by the departments.                    • To install speed bump as
                                                  heavy equipment operators will be the                 To justify the annual fuel budget               recommended
           The Maintenance and Operation          integral part of thjis grup and their             decrease for FY2004.                                • To plant trees along roadside
Division provides effective and efficient         assignments will be based on daily                    • Due to the decrease of the fuel budget        • To cut weeds and grass along
maintenance services for government               schedules. additional activities include              for FY2004 by 25%, the reduction of             roadside
facilities and equipment. The division            determining machine and heavy equipment               fuel coupon allocation to departments     d. Building Maintenance & Construction;
provides emergency services whenever              requirements, performing preventive                   will be in affect.                               This branch is tasked with
public safety is compromised. In addition,        maintenance and repairs and disposing of        c. Road Maintenance;                              construction of many buildings required to
the division provides personnel to carry out      surplus equipment.                                    This branch provides for safe               facilitate the operations of the other
special projects for government. Whenever       b. Motor Pool;                                      vehicular and pedestrian passage                departments of the government. They are
feasible, the division supports local                  This branch will provide for vehicle         throughout the territory. The road activities   also responsible for structural, mechanical,
community projects where the interest of the      and equipment management and                      concentrate on providing safe and               plumbing, and electrical maintenance,
general public is clearly advanced. Working       maintenance. Activities include                   comfortable road surface conditions             including repairs to buildings, systems,
within the framework of a streamlined             determining fleet requirements in                 through resurfacing, asphalt overlaying,        and general areas such as painting,
organizational structure, the division            collaboration with departments; preparing         pavement reinforcement, and base repair.        cabinetry construction and floor tile, too
identifies maintenance needs and funding          specifications for acquisition; performing        Other road activities include the following;    name a few.
requirements while incorporating innovative       preventive maintenance and repairs to the             • To keep the roads clean                       • Complete the Solaita Baseball Field
and planning techniques for the provision of      fleet; providing fuel; and disposing of               • To keep the roads in good condition           project
reliable, high quality, cost effective            surplus equipment.                                    by repairing cracks and potholes                • Complete the sub-division of the
maintenance and responsive emergency                   To provide new, improve technology,              • To clean street inlets,                       M&O building
services in the territory.                        and networking programs.                              catch basins and lines that    Maintenance
                                                       To provide training and certification.           connect inlets to the             Operation
                                                       To purchase equipment and tools                  interceptor storm sewer        Asst. Director                    Mech. Maint.
             FY 2004                                  • The Analyzer machine, to diagnose                                                                                 Specialist
        Goals, Objectives,                            vehicles problems, can be very cost                                              Division Head
                                                                                                           Admin.                                                          Control
      Actions, and Strategies                         effective not only in auto parts but                  Staff                                                          Services
                                                      vehicle down-time. OTC Diagnose
      There is no question that as population         scanner and Dual Trace Oscilloscope
                                                      are just some of the equipment needs.                                                                                  Bldg. Maint. &
 grows, so does the number of                                                                          Operation              Motor Pool              Road Maint.
                                                       To purchase 5000(2) Gallons Gas                  Branch                Supervisor               Supervisor
 infrastructure development, increase of                                                                                                                                       Supervisor
 vehicles and maintenance services.               Tanks for gasoline and diesel storage
     • Emphasis in training, technical                • The existing tank capacity is 3000               Equipt.                   Vehicle
                                                      gals. and is filled three times a week to                                                            Seawall                Plumbing
     assistance, information automation,                                                                Operators                Inv / Contr.
     workforce certification and properly             accommodate a purchase order total.
     equipped with tools and equipment are            This causes delay in payments to the            Heavy Equipt.                  Fuel                  Drainage                   Electric

     priority areas.                                  vendors and the distribution of
     • The annual budget for the division             coupons to the departments.                        Machine                    Vehicle               Pav / Conc
                                                                                                          Shop                    Inspectors                Maint.
     should be increased to some reasonable            To provide monitoring system at the
     amount to take care of its expenses and      gas pump station                                    Heavy Equipt.                                     Legend/Curve
                                                                                                                                 Fleet Maint.                                      Painting
     to be equipped with essential tools and          • A high-tech gas pump must be install           Mechanics                                          Painting

     other means for carrying out its                 with capability of pumping the exact
     functions and responsibilities.                  amount of gasoline desire.                                                  Mechanics
                                                                                                                                                                                 Sheet Metal

     • Salaries for the employees should be            To purchase tow trucks for
     adjusted to be commensurate with the         government vehicles.                                                            Body Shop                                        Welders
     work they are performing rather than             • We will apply through CIP for a grant
     the length of their employment.                  to fund the purchase of tow trucks for                                                                                      Grounds-
Maintenance & Operations
                                                     shipment. In addition, we believe that
                                                     if the fuel shipment can be
                                                     administered by Public Works, it
                                                                                                    To provide training opportunities for
                                                                                               all employees.                               Public Works holiday.
                                                     would not only be cost effective but it
                                                     would eliminate the continuous fuel           • There is a definite need for some         • We are proposing to the Director of
           The Manu’a Maintenance and                shortage on our end.                          training programs and seminars to           Public Works that “Labor Day” maybe
Operation Division provides effective an                                                           educate our work                                           utilize as a memorial
efficient maintenance and landscaping                                                              force with the new                                         day for all the Laborers
services for government facilities. In
                                                      To increase and improve the inventory
                                                  of equipment, tools and vehicles.                technology of today.
                                                                                                                             Manu’a                           of the department. That
addition, the division provides emergency
services whenever public safety is                   • The recent inventory of equipment,
                                                                                                   Training programs
                                                                                                   to regain, restore,
                                                                                                                           Operation                          the Public Works
                                                                                                                                                              employees should
compromised. Whenever feasible, the
division supports local community projects
                                                     tools and vehicles conducted by the           and refresh their      Asst. Director                      celebrate this holiday
                                                     main office can provide evident to the        knowledge.                                                 together with their
where the interest of the general public is          fact of this request. Example: Because                                                                   families and friends.
clearly advanced. Working within the                 of no crane or forklift, we have to           “Labor Day” as
framework of a streamlined organizational            unload the cargo by hand from the boat    a Department of
structure, the division identifies maintenance       on to the flatbed truck, and off-load                                          GM
needs and funding requirements while                 again at its destination. This is time
incorporating innovative management and              consuming and very strenuous on our
planning techniques for the provision of             elderly workers.
reliable, high quality, cost effective
maintenance and responsive emergency
                                                     To secure the perimeters of operation
services in the Manu’a Islands.
                                                  compound in Ta’u and Ofu.                    Ta’u Operation                                        Ofu Operation
                                                                                                  Branch                                                Branch
                                                     • Both locations are in need of fencing
             FY 2004                                                                              Manager                                              Manager
                                                     around its compound perimeters for
        Goals, Objectives,                           security and safety of personnel and
      Actions, and Strategies                        properties.

      To increase the manpower for both               To secure emergency communication
                                                                                                      Admin.                                                  Admin.
  Ta’u and Ofu.                                   equipment for Ta’u and Ofu.                         Assist.                                                 Assist.
      • In the past, we had a total of 55            • Past experience have proven the
      employees. We are currently operating          importance of having these equipment
      with 30 employees. This has been a             for Ta’u and Ofu incase of emergency.
      stressful situation in trying to schedule      If possible, they can also improve our           Facility                                                Facility
      work assignments without adequate              communication on daily operation                 Maint.                                                  Maint.
      manpower, not mention the safety for           matters. (Maybe a short-wave radio)
      the workers. We have vacant positions
      in our budget and would request that            To develop a community awareness
      we fill them immediately.                   program for Tutuila viewing.
                                                                                                Road Maint.                                              Road Maint.
       To improve the processing and                 • Filming of on-going and completed        /Construct.                                              /Construct.
  transportation of materials, supplies, and         projects of Manu’a can be broadcast in
  fuel.                                              the evening for Territorial residents
                                                     viewing. This community awareness
      • The processing procedures must be            program can also justify our
      revise to allow immediate release of           accomplishments here in Manu’a with         Equipment                                                Equipment
      goods for ample time to prepare for            great sense of pride in our Department
                                                     of Public Works.
                                                                                                   Maint.                                                   Maint.

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