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                    HOMEBOUND CATALOG – FALL 2009

                                              Bunn, T. Davis
Kava, Alex                                    The Centurion’s Wife
Whitewash                                     Caught up in the maelstrom following
Scientist Sabrina Galloway finds              the death of an obscure rabbi in the
herself caught in a web of corporate          Roman backwater of first-century
intrigue and government corruption as         Palestine, Leah finds herself also
a new chemical process is being               engulfed in her own turmoil—facing
developed that turns organic waste into       the prospect of an arranged marriage to
a biofuel that could bring energy             a Roman soldier, Alban, who seems to
independence to the U.S.                      care for nothing but his own ambitions.

ADVENTURE SERIES                              Gabhart, Ann
                                              The Outsider
Cussler, Clive                                In Kentucky in the early 1800s,
 Arctic Drift (Dirk Pitt)                     Gabrielle Hope and her mother join a
                                              Shaker community after the death of
 Corsair (Oregon Files)                       her brother, but her loyalty to the
                                              Shakers and their chaste way of life is
 Medusa (NUMA Files)                          challenged when she meets an
                                              outsider, a doctor brought in to save
 The Navigator (NUMA Files)                   the life of a young man.

CHRISTIAN                                     Gould, Leslie
                                              Scrap Everything
Austin, Lynn N.                               Shortly after Elise Shelton and her
Until We Reach Home                           family arrive in Oregon, she visits
Sisters Elin, Kirsten, and Sofia leave        Rebekah Graham’s scrapbooking
Sweden after the death of their parents       store, and is drawn into the supportive
and in a journey to America which is          community of women who gather
fraught with hardships, each woman            there to crop photos, lay out pages, and
comes to understand her secret                share their lives.
longings and the meaning of home.
                                              Kincaid, Gregory D.
                                              A Dog Named Christmas

When a developmentally challenged              experience that changes both of their
young man living on his parents’               lives forever.
Kansas farm hears that a local animal
shelter is seeking temporary homes for
its dogs during the days leading to            Shepherd, Linda E.
Christmas, he knows exactly what he            The Secret’s in the Sauce (Potluck
wants for the holidays, and what               Catering Club)
follows from his small act of kindness         The women of The Potluck Club have
teaches his town about peace on earth          launched a catering business that's a lot
and good will toward men—and                   like them—saucy, spicy, and well-
animals.                                       seasoned—but personal secrets may
                                               cause the business to crumble before it
Morris, Gilbert                                gets off the ground.
The Homeplace
Fourteen-year-old Lanie Belle                  Young, William P.
Freeman of Fairhope, Arkansas has              The Shack: Where Tragedy
high hopes for her future, but when            Confronts Eternity
unexpected tragedy strikes during the          Four years after Mackenzie Allen
Depression it is left to Lanie to keep         Philips’ youngest daughter has been
the family together and hold on to their       abducted and brutally murdered in an
home.                                          abandoned shack deep in the Oregon
                                               wilderness, Mack receives a suspicious
Parrish, Christa                               note inviting him back to the shack for
Home Another Way                               a weekend, where what he finds will
Self-centered urban sophisticate Sarah         change his world forever.
Graham is forced to move from the
city to the country to claim her               CHRISTIAN SERIES
inheritance, where the flawed but
faithful townspeople help heal her life.       Bateman, Tracey Victoria
                                               Laney’s Kiss: A Heart Adrift Finds a
Samson, Lisa                                   Place to Dwell in This Romantic
Bella                                          Story (Kansas Home)
For Jose the cook and Nina the
beautiful waitress life has not turned         Baumbich, Charlene Ann
out the way either had planned, but the        Dearest Dorothy, If Not Now, When?
events of one ordinary day in New              (Dearest Dorothy)
York City turn into an unforgettable
                                               Carlson, Melody
Winter Wonders (Tales From Grace
Chapel Inn)

Kelly, Clint                               CLASSICS
Echo (Sensations)
                                           Bronte, Emily
LaHaye, Tim F.                             Wuthering Heights
Luke’s Story: By Faith Alone (Jesus
Chronicles)                                Dickens, Charles
                                           Oliver Twist
Lewis, Beverly
The Longing (Courtship of Nellie           Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Fisher)                                    The Great Gatsby

Morris, Gilbert                            Hammett, Dashiell
The Miracle (Singing River)                The Maltese Falcon

Palmer, Catherine                          Hemingway, Ernest
Winter Turns to Spring (Four               Farewell to Arms
                                           Melville, Herman
Peterson, Tracie                           Moby-Dick, or, The Whale
 The Hope Within (Heirs of
Montana)                                   Twain, Mark
                                            The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
 An Unexpected Love (Broadmoor)
                                            A Connecticut Yankee in King
Seitz, Rebecca                             Arthur’s Court
Coming Unglued (Sisters, Ink)
                                           Wharton, Edith
Snelling, Lauraine                         The Age of Innocence
Sisters of the Confederacy (A Secret
Refuge)                                    FANTASY

Woodsmall, Cindy                           Allen, Sarah Addison
When the Soul Mends (Sisters of the        Garden Spells
Claire Waverley, a caterer who                The Little Book
prepares dishes with mystical plants,         Following a physical assault, Stan
has always remained tied to the legacy        "Wheeler" Burden is precipitated into
of her peculiarly gifted family, until        the past — 1897 Vienna, to be exact
her peaceful life is transformed by           — from 1988 San Francisco, where he
Tyler Hughes, an art teacher and new          changes the course of modern history
next-door neighbor, and by the return         and culture.
of her prodigal sister, Sydney.
                                              MacAlister, Katie
Bradbury, Ray                                 Zen and the Art of Vampires
We’ll Always Have Paris                       Pushing forty and alone, Pia
Never before published, these 22 short        Thomason heads to Europe on a
stories from the prolific—and                 singles tour, and finds romance with
increasingly nostalgic—author of              two very handsome, very mysterious,
classics such as Fahrenheit 451 and           and very undead men.
The Martian Chronicles explore the
extraordinary experiences of ordinary         Maguire, Gregory
people.                                       Wicked: The Life and Times of the
                                              Wicked Witch of the West
Bretton, Barbara                              An astonishingly rich re-creation of the
Casting Spells                                Land of Oz, this book retells the story
Chloe Hobbs, owner of Sticks &                of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the
String, a popular knitting shop, is a         West, who wasn't so wicked after all.
sorcerer's daughter in search of Mr.
Right—and she has found him in Luke           Meyer, Stephenie
MacKenzie, a cop investigating Sugar          Twilight
Maple, Vermont's very first murder.           In this suspenseful and sensual tale,
                                              17-year-old Isabella moves to a small
Castle, Jayne                                 town in Washington State and gets
Silver Master (Harmony)                       more excitement than she bargained
Escaping scandal, psychic Celinda             for when she falls for an enigmatic
Ingram arrives in Cadence City to start       classmate—who happens to be a
a new life only to find herself drawn         vampire.
into a mystery involving a powerful
relic and a gorgeous fellow psychic           Phillips, Carly
and security specialist.                      Lucky Charm
                                              Every Corwin male is doomed by a
Edwards, Selden                               witch’s curse to lose the woman he
marries for love, and though Derek
Corwin tries to outsmart the curse, he
ends up divorced and broke anyway—
until his first love returns determined
to defeat the curse and rekindle their        GENERAL FICTION
                                              Albom, Mitch
FANTASY SERIES                                For One More Day
                                              Chick Benetto, after recovering from
Kenyon, Sherrilyn                             an attempted suicide, tells the story of
Acheron (Dark-Hunter)                         his family—revealing secrets through
                                              supernatural encounters and in the
Maguire, Gregory                              process restoring love to a soul that he
 A Lion Among Men (Wicked Years)              wasn't sure deserved it.

 Son of a Witch (Wicked Years)                Anaya, Rudolfo A.
                                              Bless Me, Ultima
Meyer, Stephenie                              When a curandera (one who heals with
 Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga)                herbs and magic) comes to stay with a
                                              young Hispanic boy and his family in
 Eclipse (Twilight Saga)                      New Mexico in the 1940s, he tests the
                                              bonds that tie him to his culture and
 New Moon (Twilight Saga)                     finds himself exploring the secrets of
                                              the past.
Moning, Karen Marie
Faefever (Fever)                              Andrews, Mary Kay
                                              Blue Christmas
Roberts, Nora                                 Weezie Foley is bent on winning
The Pagan Stone (Sign of Seven)               Savannah’s downtown window-
                                              decorating contest, but as soon as she
Shayne, Maggie                                picks up the hot glue gun, strange
 Angel’s Pain (Wings in the Night)            things start happening: her boyfriend
                                              grows distant, her dog disappears, and
 Lover’s Bite (Wings in the Night)            a woman is found sleeping in her
Showalter, Gena
The Darkest Pleasure (Lords of the            Andrews, V. C.
Underworld)                                   Delia’s Crossing (Delia)
Orphaned at fifteen, rural Mexican              With insight, humor, and compassion,
Delia Yebarra goes to live in Palm              Binchy tells the stories of the newly
Springs, California, where her wealthy          hired director of a cardiac-care center,
aunt relegates her to servants’ quarters,       Dr. Clara Casey, who balances life as a
a licentious language tutor is intent on        female medical professional and the
exploiting her, and her cousin Sophia           single mother of two daughters with
is cruel, manipulative, and resentful—          the family, friends, patients, and staff
a heartbreaking chain of events that            who are part of a heart clinic in a
eventually sends her spiraling back to          community caught between the old and
a Mexico she hardly recognizes.... Will         the new Ireland.
Delia find a place to call home?
                                                Brown, Janellepha
Baker, Tiffany                                  All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
The Little Giant of Aberdeen                    When Paul Miller’s pharmaceutical
County                                          company makes his family IPO
Truly Plaice—whose size and                     millionaires, his wife, Janice, is sure
stature isolate her from daily                  this is the windfall she’s been waiting
social life in her upstate New York             years for — until she learns via
provincial community—never loses                messenger letter that her husband is
her grit and determination in spite of          divorcing her (for her tennis partner!)
all the heartache she endures.                  and cutting her out of the new fortune.

Barnes, Kim                                     Canin, Ethan
A Country Called Home                           America, America
Newly married Thomas and                        This marvelous tale
Helen Deracotte—he a young, poor                about class, politics, money, and media
doctor, she a stifled, moneyed rebel—           in the Nixon era through the present
abandon the comfort of upper-class              day concerns Corey Sifter, a young
Connecticut and stake their claim in            working-class man who goes to work
1960s Fife, Idaho, in Pulitzer-finalist         for a powerful family and ends up
Barnes's exquisite novel.                       entangled in a political debacle.

Binchy, Maeve
Heart and Soul
                                                Cleave, Chris
Little Bee                                    serves as the catalyst for changes in the
A violent incident on a Nigerian beach        lives of four estranged schoolmates he
has tragic echoes in posh London in           left behind in England and who reunite
this haunting novel about the tenuous         after 20 years.
friendship that blooms between two
disparate strangers---one an illegal          Greenwood, T. (Tammy)
refugee, the other a recent British           Two Rivers
widow.                                        A small town widower with a legacy
                                              of guilt over the part he played in a
Enright, Anne                                 brutal murder finds an unexpected
Yesterday’s Weather                           chance at atonement when he rescues a
Thirty-one deeply moving stories              pregnant black teenager from a train
about a rapidly changing Ireland: a           wreck, and finds that her appearance is
land of family and tradition, but also,       not the simple case of happenstance it
increasingly, of organic radicchio,           first appeared to be.
cruise-ship vacations, and casual
betrayals.                                    Hannah, Kristin
                                              True Colors
Fraser, Gail                                  The story of the Grey sisters is set in a
Stealing Lumby                                small Washington town and follows
The bucolic Pacific Northwest town of         Winona, Aurora and Vivi Ann from
Lumby is thrown into the spotlight            the time of their mother's death, when
when one of the most important                they are young teens in 1979, on
paintings of the twentieth century, The       through adulthood, cataloging their
Barns of Lumby, is stolen.                    trials and the men who typically come
                                              bearing them.
Glass, Julia
I See You Everywhere                          Harrison, Jim
Glass's tale of two sisters, one who          The English Major
wants nothing but the best in life, and       Harrison’s reflective, big-picture
the other who lives on the edge, is a         American novel, replete with wicked
refreshing look at the bonds of               wit, concerns a Michigan farmer who,
sisterhood.                                   divorced and robbed of his farm by a
                                              late-blooming real estate shark of an
Green, Jane                                   ex-wife, embarks on a road trip across
Second Chance                                 America, armed with a childhood
After a terrorist attack on an Amtrak         puzzle of the United States and a
train kills 39-year-old Tom, his death        mission to rename all the states and
state birds to overcome the banal              Becky's life is perfect with a job at
names men have given them.                     London's biggest new store, house-
                                               hunting with husband Luke, and a
                                               baby on the way, until she discovers
                                               that her new celebrity obstetrician is
Harrison, Jim                                  Luke's glamorous ex-girlfriend.
Returning to Earth
In the aftermath of a Chippewa-                Landvik, Lorna
Finnish man's death from Lou Gehrig's          The View from Mount Joy
disease, his wife, daughter, and               Shadowed his entire life and tormented
brother-in-law read the family history         by the vivacious Kristi Casey, Joe
he has left behind, study his                  Anderson discovers the values of a
philosophy about death, and struggle           simple life filled with integrity, love,
to redeem their own pasts.                     and kindness.

Jacobs, Kate                                   Macomber, Debbie
Knit Two                                       74 Seaside Avenue
Continuing the warm-and-fuzzy saga             In Cedar Cove, Washington,
begun in her popular The Friday Night          international chess grandmaster
Knitting Club, Jacobs stitches together        champion Bobby Polgar drops out of a
another winning tale of the New York           tournament in which he is one of the
City knitting circle, more a sisterhood        favorites when he receives threats that
than a hobby group, five years after the       someone will kill his “queen,” his
unexpected death of club leader and            beloved wife Teri, if he plays.
shop owner Georgia Walker.
                                               Martin, Charles
Kinsella, Sophie                               Where the River Ends
Remember Me?                                   Defying her powerful father, a
Lexi loses her memory of the past              husband honors his dying wife's wish
three years after an accident and while        for a wilderness canoe trip, in southern
trying to put the pieces together              Christian-fiction author Martin's
discovers that her life inexplicably           secular debut.
underwent a Cinderellaesque
transformation in those three years.           Morsi, Pamela
                                               Bitsy’s Bait & BBQ
Kinsella, Sophie
                                               Emma Collins uses her divorce
Shopaholic & Baby
                                               settlement to buy what she thinks is an
                                               Ozark’s bed-and-breakfast, only to
discover that the perfect place to raise        Set in the rural Kaw River Valley,
her small son is a Bait-and-Barbecue            where the author grew up, and sparked
(B-and-B in the ad), and she has no             by a feud between two families that
choice but to roll up her sleeves and           pioneered this farm region during the
get to work.                                    1850s, this multigenerational narrative
                                                bristles with the prickly social issues
Munro, Alice                                    of bigotry, lawlessness, and rampant
The View from Castle Rock                       Biblical fundamentalism.
A compilation of short fiction about
the author’s family heritage, from a            Picoult, Jodi
ship en route from Scotland to the New          Keeping Faith
World, to a family odyssey from                 Faith, a seven-year-old girl whose
Illinois to Canada and in and around            family is torn apart by divorce, begins
Lake Huron.                                     talking to God and performing
                                                miracles, thereby thrusting her family
Ondaatje, Michael                               into a media circus of believers, critics,
Divisadero                                      medical professionals, and lawyers.
Fleeing the violence that destroyed her
family and separated her from her               Picoult, Jodi
sister Claire and Coop, an enigmatic            The Pact
young man who lives with them, Anna             A romance between teenagers of two
finds refuge in an isolated house in            families who have been lifelong
south-central France while she                  friends and neighbors culminates
struggles to reconcile the past and             tragically in an abortive suicide pact,
present.                                        leading to a gripping courtroom drama.

Packer, Ann                                     Plain, Belva
Songs Without Words                             Crossroads
Chronicles the long-time friendship             Jean Wright lovingly raises the
between Liz and Sarabeth, a                     daughter of a deceased friend, but they
relationship that is forged in childhood        become estranged in adulthood—until
and sustained through the decades that          the young woman has a child of her
follow, until both women are forced to          own.
re-examine their lives in the wake of a
friend’s attempted suicide.                     Price, Richard
                                                Lush Life
Paretsky, Sara                                  Master of the Bronx and Jersey
Bleeding Kansas                                 projects, Price turns his unrelenting
eye on Manhattan's Lower East Side in
this manic crescendo of a novel that
explores the repercussions of a                Steel, Danielle
seemingly random shooting.                     The Good Woman
                                               Nineteen-year-old Annabelle
Proulx, Annie                                  Worthington was born into a life of
Fine Just the Way It Is: Wyoming               privilege, but everything changed on
Stories 3                                      an April day in 1912, when the sinking
These stories about multiple                   of the Titanic changed her family and
generations of Americans struggling            her world forever.
through life in the West are a
ferocious, dazzling panorama of                Steel, Danielle
American folly and fate.                       Matters of the Heart
                                               Steel tells a powerful and unusual
Rice, Luanne                                   story of one woman’s journey from
The Geometry of Sisters                        darkness into light, as she fights to
Rice explores the complex emotional            escape a mesmerizing sociopath who
equations of love and loyalty that hold        holds her in his thrall.
together three pairs of remarkable
sisters.                                       Thayer, Nancy
                                               Moon Shell Beach
Rice, Luanne                                   Two women struggle to rekindle a
What Matters Most                              childhood friendship damaged by
Sister Bernadette Ignatius has returned        harsh words, betrayal, and the passing
to Ireland in the company of Tom               years.
Kelly to search for the past—and the
son—they left behind when Bernadette           Wray, John
chose her calling to the church over           Lowboy
her love for Tom.                              A teenaged paranoid schizophrenic
                                               risks his fragmenting grasp of reality
Sittenfeld, Curtis                             in a quixotic attempt to save a world
American Wife                                  threatened by global warming.
An elementary school librarian marries
the least promising son of an old-             GENERAL FICTION SERIES
moneyed, intensely competitive
Republican family and sticks by him            Andrews, V. C.
as he rises from hard-drinking fool to          Delia’s Heart (Delia)
unpopular U.S. President.
 Delia’s Gift (Delia)                        The author of the acclaimed Jane
                                             Austen mystery series delivers a
Chiaverini, Jennifer                         remarkable gem of historical suspense
 The Lost Quilter (Elm Creek Quilts)         revolving around the recent death of
                                             Prince Albert, the beloved husband
 The Winding Ways Quilt (Elm                 and consort of Queen Victoria, an
Creek Quilts)                                event that raises many questions about
                                             the behavior of her courtiers and other
Fraser, Gail                                 royal family members.
Lumby’s Bounty (Lumby)
                                             Benioff, David
Macomber, Debbie                             City of Thieves
 8 Sandpiper Way (Cedar Cove)                This thriller and coming of age story
                                             set in WWII concerns two bumbling
 Summer on Blossom Street                    miscreant boys in besieged and
(Blossom Street)                             starving Soviet Leningrad who will
                                             receive a stay of execution if they can
McCall Smith, Alexander                      locate a dozen eggs for a stern Soviet
The World According to Bertie (44            colonel who needs them for his
Scotland Street)                             daughter's wedding cakes.

Medlicott, Joan                              Bernhardt, William
Promises of Change (Covington)               Nemesis: The Final Case of Eliot
HISTORICAL                                   Based on true events and new
                                             discoveries about Eliot Ness, the
Archer, Jeffrey                              legendary lawman, this takes place in
Paths of Glory                               Cleveland, Ohio in the fall of 1935
The tale finds its inspiration in the        when Ness had a fateful duel with a
real-life mystery surrounding                terrifyingly new kind of criminal:
adventurer George Mallory, who may-          America’s first serial killer.
or may not-have reached the summit of
Mount Everest in 1924 before                 Bondurant, Matt
perishing in the ice and snow.               The Wettest County in the World
                                             Drawing on his real life relatives and
Barron, Stephanie                            actual events, Bondurant sends past-
A Flaw in the Blood                          his-prime author Sherwood Anderson
                                             into the hollows of western Virginia in
the mid-1930s to report on the saga of        on the outskirts of her Colorado farm
the hard-living, bootlegging Bondurant        town and the murder of a disabled
brothers and their bloody defiance of         white girl divides the town in
corrupt attorney Charles Carter Lee.          suspicion and fear.

Boyle, T. Coraghessan                         Delaney, Frank
The Women                                     Shannon
A mesmerizing reimagining of Frank            A tale of spiritual redemption set in the
Lloyd Wright's tortured relationships         summer of 1922, when Robert
with his wives and lovers—and his             Shannon, a young American priest and
obsession with Taliesin, his home in          shell-shocked hero of WWI, lands in
Wisconsin, which suffered no less than        Ireland and is thrust into a maelstrom
the architect or his women.                   of Irish politics, while the myths,
                                              beliefs, traditions, and humor of the
Brennert, Alan                                people unfurl healingly before him.
This sweeping, epic novel follows Jin,        Doig, Ivan
a young “picture bride,” from her             The Eleventh Man
homeland of Korea to a new life in a          An old-fashioned greatest generation
ramshackle town that becomes a great          story, well told, in which 11 starters of
modern city in the blossoming                 a close-knit Montana college
Hawaiian Islands.                             championship football team enlist as
                                              the U.S. is caught up in WWII and are
Cornwell, Bernard                             capriciously flung around the globe in
Agincourt                                     various branches of the service.
An exhilarating story of one of the
most dramatic victories in British            Downie, Ruth
history, in which undermanned and             Medicus: A Novel of the Roman
overwhelmed English forces were               Empire
pitted against a French army                  After a ruinous divorce and his father’s
determined to keep their crown out of         death, Gaius Petreius Ruso, a military
English King Henry's hands.                   medicus (doctor), transfers to remote
                                              Britannia, where his rescue of an
Dallas, Sandra                                abused slave girl who won’t talk and
Tallgrass                                     can’t cook drags him into new
In this powerful coming-of-age story,         troubles—including murder.
Rennie Stroud recalls 1942, when a
Japanese internment camp was opened
                                                during an uprising led by the Castro
Ebershoff, David                                Lehrer, James
The 19th Wife                                   Oh, Johnny
Ebershoff intertwines his epic tale of a        A young ex-Marine pursues two
junior wife of Mormon Patriarch                 ideals, a major-league baseball career
Brigham Young attempting to rid                 and a young woman he knows only as
America of polygamy with a 20th                 Betsy, in Lehrer's bittersweet novel.
century murder mystery involving the
world of polygamous families on the             Lott, Brett
remote Utah-Arizona line.                       Ancient Highway
                                                One man's aspirations to become a
Ford, Jamie                                     famous Hollywood actor reverberate
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and               over three generations.
Jamie Ford's first novel explores the           McCullough, Colleen
age-old conflicts between father and            The Independence of Miss Mary
son, the sadness of what happened to            Bennett
Japanese Americans in the Seattle area          At the conclusion of Jane Austen's
during World War II, and the depths             Pride and Prejudice, Mary, bookish
and longings of true love.                      and unmarriageable, is sentenced to a
                                                dull, provincial existence in the
Gulland, Sandra                                 backwaters of Britain, but here
Mistress of the Sun                             McCullough rescues her and brings her
Strong, sensitive characterizations and         to life as an idealistic social reformer.
vivid period imaginings are highlights
of this life of Louise de la Vallière           Morton, Kate
(1644-1710), the most-beloved                   The Forgotten Garden
mistress of Louis XIV, France's Sun             A four-year-old girl abandoned aboard
King.                                           a ship touches off a century-long
                                                inquiry into her ancestry, and a cottage
                                                on the Cornish coast is home to the
Kushner, Rachel                                 secrets that pull together the three
Telex From Cuba                                 generations of women involved,
This stunning debut novel tells a truly         despite the decades and oceans that
inspired and unforgettable tale of two          separate them.
young children, Everly and K.C., who
live and work on a sugar farm in Cuba
Pearl, Matthew                                 HUMOROUS
The Last Dickens
After Charles Dickens dies in 1870, a          Belzer, Richard
series of suspicious deaths leads his          I Am Not a Cop
U.S. publisher, James Osgood, to               Law & Order: SVU's Richard Belzer's
suspect they may be connected to the           off-camera persona comes to life on
solution of Dickens’ unfinished novel.         the page, employing investigative
                                               know-how and comedic timing in
Sickels, Noelle                                equal measure to solve the mystery
The Medium                                     surrounding the disappearance of a
In a compelling historical, Noelle             trusted friend.
Sickels spins the story of The Medium,
a young woman burdened with a                  Graff, Laurie
terrible gift on the brink of WWII.            The Shiksa Syndrome
                                               New Yorker Aimee Albert, a
HISTORICAL SERIES                              thirtysomething single Jewish woman,
                                               wanting to find "a nice Jewish boy,"
Griffin, W.E.B.                                attempts to pass for a shiksa (non-
The Double Agents (Men at War                  Jewish woman), and when a
Series)                                        handsome, eligible, Jewish man takes
                                               the bait, Aimee attempts to hide her
HORROR                                         religion and true self to hilarious
Saul, John
Faces of Fear                                  Hanif, Mohammed
Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Peter            A Case of Exploding Mangoes
Dunn is certain he can turn his teenage        This is a sly, riotous send-up of
stepdaughter Alison into a vision of           Mideast politics, the unintended and
loveliness, but as her transformation          often disastrous consequences of
begins her terror grows, since she is          American foreign policy, the hypocrisy
now beginning to bear a striking               of Islamic fundamentalism, and last
resemblance to Peter’s first wife.             but not least, the far, if not lighter, side
                                               of tyranny and torture.

                                               Harbison, Elizabeth M.
                                               Shoe Addicts Anonymous
What begins as a support group for
four women addicted to designer shoes
quickly becomes a lifeline as the               Sarvas, Mark
women become a crucial part of each             Harry, Revised
other’s complicated lives.                      In L.A. blogger Sarvas's debut, a guilt-
                                                ridden 40-something doctor, stunned
Keillor, Garrison                               by his wife's death during cosmetic
Pontoon: A Novel of Lake Wobegon                surgery, tries to remake himself with
A sprightly 82-year-old’s secret life of        the aid of two waitresses, an abridged
romance and adventure is revealed               edition of The Count of Monte Cristo
after her death, sending her astonished         and a podiatrist.
daughter on a quest to end destructive
patterns in her own life while honoring         Wood, Geoffrey
her mother’s final wishes.                      Leaper: the Misadventures of a Not-
                                                Necessarily-Super Hero
Miller, Rebecca                                 In this quirky, kooky debut novel,
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee                  Wood imagines what it might be like if
Fifty-year-old Pippa lives a contented          a 30-year-old, divorced, over-
life with her older husband until he            caffeinated coffeehouse barista were
announces that they are leaving                 suddenly endowed with a superpower
Manhattan for a retirement community            that allows him to leap through space.
and she realizes that she may still have
more to offer than a perfectly golden           MYSTERY/CRIME/THRILLER
crème brûlée surrounded by
octogenarians.                                  Adams, Alina
                                                The Man From Oakdale
Mitchell, Mary E.                               Desperate to locate her missing
Starting Out Sideways                           granddaughter, high-powered
Roseanna Plow is perfectly content              businesswoman Lucinda Walsh hires
with her nice, simple life on Long              Henry Coleman, Oakdale’s self-styled
Island, until her husband’s infidelity          Cary Grant, for the job.
and the discovery of a painful family
secret hidden behind years of lies              Alpert, Mark
propel her along a wacky road to self-          Final Theory
discovery, happiness, acceptance and            In what can be described as a The
even love.                                      DaVinci Code for Einstein enthusiasts,
                                                the FBI and a hired killer scramble to

find Einstein's last, unpublished              Carson delves into the string of deaths
theory.                                        from which Jordan has profited
                                               handsomely, the more convinced he is
Atwell, Sarah                                  dealing with a cunning, unstoppable
Through a Glass, Deadly                        killer.
Tucson glassblower Emmeline                    Barton, Beverly
Dowell’s friendship with troubled              The Dying Game
newcomer Allison McBride takes a               Judd Walker is still suffering from the
dangerous turn when Allison's husband          brutal murder of his wife almost four
turns up dead in Em's studio.                  years earlier, so the last thing the
                                               bitter, reclusive attorney wants is to
Barnard, Robert                                become involved once more with the
Last Post                                      Beauty Queen Killer.
A sympathy card radically upends a
daughter's memories of her mum, and            Black, Benjamin
with only a blurred postmark for a             Christine Falls
clue, she sets out to locate the writer        A Dublin pathologist follows the
and take a dangerous journey into her          corpse of a mysterious woman into the
own past.                                      heart of a conspiracy among the city’s
                                               high Catholic society.
Barrett, Lorna
Murder Is Binding                              Box, C. J.
When mystery bookstore proprietor              Three Weeks to Say Goodbye
and Stoneham, N.H. city refugee                In this stand-alone thriller set in
Tricia Miles discovers her unpleasant          Denver, Jack and Melissa McGuane
cookbook store neighbor stabbed to             stand to lose their adoptive baby
death and a rare book missing, Tricia          daughter to her birth father, a teenage
soon finds herself under the sheriff's         psychopath who never relinquished his
surveillance and dubbed the village            paternal rights, and his father, a
jinx.                                          ruthless, well-connected federal judge.

Barton, Beverly                                Brennan, Allison
Cold Hearted                                   Fear No Evil
Two husbands, her college fiancé, an           Lucy Kincaid is destined to die
influential boss—every man who gets            horribly—live on the internet—while
close to Jordan Price is made to pay in        hundreds of heartless viewers watch
blood, and the more Investigator Rick          and vote on the method of her
slaughter unless FBI agent Kate                Gretchen Lowell is a beautiful serial
Donovan can zero in on the chamber             killer that cons her victims into doing
of horrors and reach Lucy first.               things for her or with her, followed by
Britton, Vickie                                their demise in a slow deliberate way.
Stone of Vengeance
When wealthy cattle baron Charles              Campbell-Slan, Joanna
Kingsley is fatally shot in his home, a        Paper, Scissors, Death (Scrap-n-Craft)
“vengeance stone” like the one                 When her husband is murdered, the
notorious gunslinger Tom Horn left             only things that keep Kiki Lowenstein
behind with those he killed in the             sane are scrapbooking, her daughter
1800s is placed beneath his head, and          Anya and, of course, her unauthorized
modern day sleuth Kate Jepp                    investigation.
                                               Carter, Stephen
Brown, Sandra                                  Palace Council
Play Dirty                                     Eddie Wesley, a writer and member of
Disabled after a tragic accident, an           African-American high society, finds
eccentric millionaire hires a disgraced        himself thrust into a shadowy world of
football hero to impregnate his wife, a        murder and espionage, forced to use
plan that results in an obsessive love         his authorial skills to uncover the truth
affair and life-threatening                    in this suspenseful story of secret
consequences.                                  societies, political intrigue, and the
                                               social swirl of Harlem's 1950s elite.
Brown, Sandra
Smoke Screen                                   Clark, Mary Higgins
Charleston, S.C., TV reporter Britt            Just Take My Heart
Shelley wakes up in bed next to the            In her new thriller, Mary Higgins
dead body of police detective Jay              Clark delves into a legal battle over the
Burgess, and as the investigation into         guilt or innocence of a man accused of
Jay's death intensifies and suspicion          murdering his wife.
against Britt mounts, firefighter Raley
Gannon, who suffered a similar shock           Connelly, Michael
five years earlier, teams with her to          The Scarecrow
look into a nasty arson coverup related        Laid off newspaperman Jack McEvoy
to the deaths.                                 has two weeks to find the creep who's
                                               been raping and killing attractive long-
Cain, Chelsea                                  legged women and dumping their
Heartsick                                      remains in car trunks—if his young
replacement doesn't beat him to the             Max Moreton is a rising culinary star
story.                                          until his guests fall victim to severe
Connolly, Sheila                                food poisoning and a bomb blast rips
One Bad Apple                                   through a luncheon he is catering, two
Newcomer Meg Corey has agreed to                close calls which cause him to vow to
rehab a 200-year-old house in                   protect his name, and himself, before
Granford, Massachusetts while looking           it’s too late.
for a new job and when her ex-lover is
found murdered and bobbing around in            Garwood, Julie
her brand new septic tank, she is               Fire and Ice
immediately suspect.                            Sophie Rose, a tough Chicago
                                                newspaper reporter, quits her job when
Deaver, Jeffrey                                 asked to write an expose of her father,
The Sleeping Doll (Kathryn Dance)               a notorious thief, and goes to work at a
Kathryn Dance of the California                 small Alaska newspaper, where an
bureau of Investigation works to                attempt is made on her life and she
recapture a dangerous escaped killer            forms an uneasy alliance with brash
with the help of three victims from his         and sexy Jack MacAlister, the FBI
former cult and the lone survivor from          agent assigned to protect her.
a family he slaughtered.
                                                Gerritsen, Tess
Doogan, Mike                                    The Bone Garden
Skeleton Lake (Nik Kane Alaska)                 The discovery of the skeleton of a
Three different stories separated by            woman murdered two centuries earlier
decades propel Doogan's stellar Alaska          sends medical examiner Maura Isles
police procedural: PI Nik Kane's                on the trail of a long-dead serial killer
poverty-stricken, fatherless youth in           who terrorized Boston with crimes in
Anchorage during the early 1960s;               which Norris Marshall, then a Harvard
Nik's first murder case at age 36, the          Medical School student, had become
unsolved homicide of fellow cop                 the prime suspect.
Danny Shirtleff in 1985; and the
aftermath of a shooting in 2007 in              Gibbins, David J. L.
which Nik's son, Dylan, took a fatal hit        The Lost Tomb
from a stray bullet from Nik's own              Marine archaeologist Jack Howard and
gun.                                            his team of scientific experts and ex-
                                                Special Forces commandos make a
Francis, Dick                                   shocking find while searching for the
Dead Heat                                       legendary shipwreck of the apostle
Paul, and when a second artifact is             car trunk at the drive-in while
uncovered in the ruins of a buried city,        thousands gather in the nation's capital
they are on the verge of a discovery            for the March on Washington with
that could shake the world to its               civil rights leader Martin Luther King
foundations: the handwritten words of           Jr.
Jesus Christ himself.
                                                Grisham, John
Glidewell, Jeanne                               The Associate
Leave No Stone Unturned                         Kyle McAvoy, a callow Yale Law
Kansas widow Lexie Starr is about to            School student, dreams of a public
become a grandma, but when she                  service gig on graduation, until
discovers that her new son-in-law may           shadowy figures blackmail him with a
have murdered his previous wife and             videotape that could revive a five-year-
unborn child, she fears for her                 old rape accusation.
daughter’s life and takes a leave from
her job to head for Schenectady, New            Harper, Karen
York to discover what really happened           The Hiding Place
in his past.                                    Lost-child tracker Tara Kinsale begins
                                                to investigate her life after 11 months
Goldenbaum, Sally                               in a coma, during which time her best
Death by Cashmere (Seaside Knitters             friend was murdered and the child she
#1)                                             gave birth to while comatose
Izzy Chambers gives up her life as a            disappeared.
lawyer in Boston in order to open the
Seaside Knitting Studio in Sea Harbor,          Hill, Suzette A.
Massachusetts where she spent her               Bones in the Belfrey
childhood, and an informal knitting             When the vicar of Molehill
group of eccentric characters formed            accidentally strangles a lady
around the shop vows to discover who            parishioner and a sleazy art dealer
hated recently arrived Angelina Archer          gives him an alibi, the vicar is asked to
enough to want the gorgeous                     return the favor by storing stolen
researcher dead.                                paintings in the church belfry.

Gorman, Edward                                  Howell, Dorothy
Fools Rush In (Sam McCain)                      Handbags and Homicide
In America's heartland, PI Sam                  Howell's humorous debut introduces
McCain seeks justice for a black                Haley Randolph, a self-described
college student who is found dead in a          "crazed, obsessive, handbag whore,"
who loses her accounting job with a
prestigious Los Angeles law firm
because of suspected embezzlement              Kaminsky, Stuart
and takes a part-time job at Holt's            People Who Walk in Darkness
Department Store, where she becomes            (Inspector Porfiry Rostnikov)
a murder suspect after finding the             A murder and possible theft at a
corpse of Holt's despised assistant            diamond mine leads Rostnikov and his
manager.                                       detectives on a merry chase with
                                               stunning international complications.
Isleib, Roberta
Deadly Advice (Advice Column)                  Kelly, Clint
As a clinical psychologist and author          Scent: A Dark Secret Hidden in
of an online advice column, Dr.                Petals of Pink (Sensations)
Rebecca Butterman can’t believe she            “Cassandra” is the “very breath of
missed the signs when her young next-          beauty,” a fragrance from the New
door neighbor is found dead from an            Guinea rain forest which will save
apparent suicide. But not everything is        Nick and Cassie Dixon’s struggling
adding up.                                     perfume business—if the unforeseen
                                               enemy in the fragrance itself doesn’t
Jackson, Lisa                                  destroy them first.
Most Likely to Die
A 20-year reunion at St. Elizabeth’s           Khoury, Raymond
High School triggers a series of brutal        The Sign
murders committed to avenge an old             Set against a backdrop of ancient and
grievance.                                     modern religious conflict, this solid
                                               thriller from bestseller Khoury (The
Jordan, Richard Tyler                          Last Templar) explores a number of
Remains to be Scene (Polly Pepper #1)          current planetary preoccupations, from
Polly Pepper, an aging, Emmy-                  far-right political demagoguery to
winning TV actress and Carol Burnett-          global warming.
like sleuth, aided by her party-planner
son and wise-cracking housekeeper,             McRae, Cricket
puzzles her way through Tinsel Town            Heaven Preserve Us (Home Crafting)
gossip, champagne drinking and                 Stirring up the town with talk of
general mayhem to solve the murder of          murder by preserves, can Sophie Mae
a longtime rival actress.                      and her handsome boyfriend Detective
                                               Barr Ambrose spoil a mad murderer's
                                               poisonous plans?
                                                 Teacher’s lessons, he realizes he has
                                                 just hours to save New York from the
Montanari, Richard                               greatest disaster in its history.
Philadelphia homicide detectives                 Patterson, James
Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano take             You’ve Been Warned
on a high-profile cold case in                   Kristin Burns, a New York City nanny
Montanari's superior thriller, which             and aspiring photographer, is devoted
combines a genuinely creepy villain              to the two children under her care, but
with fully fleshed-out victims.                  her risky, torrid affair with their father
                                                 leads to recurring guilty nightmares of
O’Flynn, Catherine                               increasing violence that convince her
What Was Lost                                    everyone she loves is in mortal danger.
Twenty years after her brother is
hounded from his home by rumors                  Roberts, Nora
about his alleged role in a young girl's         High Noon
disappearance, Lisa and her security             Attracted to a talented police lieutenant
guard friend become increasingly                 who serves as Savannah’s top hostage
curious about a child they glimpse on a          negotiator, Duncan Swift endeavors to
mall's surveillance cameras.                     become a part of both her personal and
                                                 professional lives.
Parrish, P.J.
South of Hell                                    Robotham, Michael
With one phone call from a man he                Lost
barely recalls meeting years ago, South          Det. Vincent Ruiz is pulled from the
Florida detective Louis Kincaid heads            Thames with a bullet in his leg and no
to the Michigan town of his college              memory in his head of why he was
days to reopen a disturbing cold case            carrying a photograph of a kidnapped
— and finds himself confronting                  child long since thought dead.
painful past secrets that risk his future
with the woman he loves.                         Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor
                                                 The Cheater
Patterson, James                                 Lily Forrester, the edgy California
Run For Your Life                                crusader for justice who got away with
A calculating killer called The Teacher          killing the criminal she thought raped
is killing arrogant, rich Manhattanites          her daughter in Mitigating
and when Detective Michael Bennett               Circumstances(1993) and whose
discovers a secret pattern in The                daughter took care of the real rapist in
Buried Evidence(2000), tangles with a          Normally, Callie Valentine Jones
female serial killer in this unsettling        spends her days fixing up the hairdos
thriller from bestseller Rosenberg.            of the dead, but when the corpse of
                                               prominent physician goes missing it's
Ross, JoAnn                                    bad for business, and she has no choice
No Safe Place                                  but to take her hound dog Elvis and
Chicago detective Kate Delaney                 her wake-caterer cousin in hot pursuit
travels to post-Katrina New Orleans to         of the recently embalmed, last seen
investigate the suspicious suicide of          bound for Vegas.
her twin sister.

Scottoline, Lisa                               Winspear, Jacqueline
Look Again                                     Among the Mad
A knock-out novel about a woman                On Christmas Eve 1931, psychologist
who comes to suspect that her adopted          detective Maisie Dobbs is injured
child is actually another couple's             when a war veteran-turned-beggar
kidnapped child.                               blows himself up on a crowded
                                               London street, and when the prime
Spindler, Erica                                minister receives menacing letters
Breakneck                                      demanding that the government
Detective Kitt Lundgren and her                immediately render aid to alleviate the
partner, Mary Catherine Riggio, of the         suffering of unemployed war veterans,
Rockford, Ill., Violent Crimes Bureau          Maisie partners with Scotland Yard to
pursue a serial killer ripped from             prevent the loss of even more life.
Internet urban legend. Sequel to
Copycat.                                       Woods, Stuart
                                               Mounting Fears
Washburn, L.J.                                 The incumbent U.S. president, William
Frankly, My Dear, I’m Dead                     Jefferson Lee, faces a series of various
Gone with the Wind provides the                foreign and domestic crises in an
inspiration for Washburn's fun Literary        election year, not least of which is that
Tour mystery, the first in a new cozy          his newly appointed vice president has
series.                                        got himself entangled in a messy
                                               divorce as well as a sordid love
Webb, Peggy                                    triangle that, if exposed, could become
Elvis and the Dearly Departed                  front-page fodder for the tabloids and
(Southern Cousins)                             all but destroy Lee's re-election bid.

MYSTERY/CRIME/THRILLER                    Brightwell, Emily
SERIES                                    Mrs. Jeffries Holds the Trump (Mrs.
Albert, Susan Wittig
The Tale of Briar Bank (Cottage           Burke, James Lee
Tales of Beatrix Potter)                  The Tin Roof Blowdown (Dave
Atherton, Nancy
Aunt Dimity Slays the Dragon              Cannell, Dorothy
                                          She Shoots to Conquer (Ellie
Atwell, Sarah                             Haskell)
Pane of Death (Glassblowing)
                                          Cannell, Stephen
Barr, Nevada                              On The Grind (Shane Scully)
Borderline (Anna Pigeon)
                                          Carl, JoAnna
Barton, Beverly                           The Chocolate Snowman Murders
Dying For You (Protectors)                (Chocoholic)

Beaton, M. C.                             Child, Lee
 Death of a Scriptwriter (Hamish          Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher)
                                          Childs, Laura
 Death of a Witch (Hamish                  Dragonwell Dead (Tea Shop)
                                           Oolong Dead (Tea Shop)
Bowen, Rhys
 In A Gilded Cage (Molly Murphy)          Clark, Carol Higgins
                                           Cursed (Regan Reilly)
 In Dublin’s Fair City (Molly
Murphy)                                    Laced (Regan Reilly)

Brett, Simon                              Clark, Mindy Starns
 Blood at the Bookies (Fethering)         Elementary, My Dear Watkins (Smart
 Death Under the Dryer (Fethering)

Clement, Blaize                             Dunn, Sharon
Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof (Dixie         Death of A Six-Foot Teddy Bear
Hemingway)                                  Estleman, Loren D.
                                            American Detective (Amos Walker)
Coben, Harlen
Long Lost (Myron Bolitar)                   Evanovich, Janet
                                             Lean Mean Thirteen
Coel, Margaret
Blood Memory (Wind River)                    Plum Spooky (Stephanie Plum
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
Scarpetta (Kay Scarpetta)                   Ferris, Monica
                                            Thai Die (Needlecraft)
Coulter, Catherine
Double Take (FBI)                           Flynn, Vince
                                            Extreme Measures (Mitch Rapp)
Coyle, Cleo
Espresso Shot (Coffeehouse)                 Fluke, Joanne
                                            Cream Puff Murder (Hannah
Craig, Philip R.                            Swensen)
 Vineyard Chill (Martha’s Vineyard)
                                            Francis, Dick
 Vineyard Stalker (Martha’s                 Under Orders (Sid Halley)
                                            George, Elizabeth
Davidson, Diane Mott                         Payment in Blood (Inspector
 Fatally Flaky (Culinary)                   Lynley)

 Sweet Revenge (Culinary)                     What Came Before He Shot Her
                                            (Inspector Lynley)
Douglas, Carole Nelson
 Cat in a Red Hot Rage (Midnight            Gerristen, Tess
Louie)                                      The Mephisto Club (Jane Rizzoli and
                                            Maura Isles)
 Cat In a Sapphire Slipper (Midnight
Louie)                                      Goldberg, Lee
                                            Mr. Monk Is Miserable (Monk)
Grace, Margaret                            Hughes, Mary Ellen
Mayhem in Miniature (Miniature)            Paper Thin Alibi (Craft Corner)

Grafton, Sue                               Hunter, Stephen
T is for Trespass (Kinsey Millhone)        Night of Thunder (Bob Lee Swagger)

Greeley, Andrew M.                         Jance, Judith
 The Archbishop in Andalusia                Cruel Intent (Ali Reynolds)
(Blackie Ryan)
                                            Justice Denied (J.P. Beaumont)
 Irish Tweed (Nuala Anne McGrail)
                                            Without Due Process (J.P.
Griffin, W. E. B.                          Beaumont)
Black Ops (Presidential Agent)
                                           Johnston, Linda O.
Grippando, James                           Double Dog Dare (Kendra
Born To Run (Jack Swyteck)                 Ballantyne)

Haddam, Jane                               Kaminsky, Stuart M.
Cheating at Solitaire (Gregor              Bright Futures (Lew Fonesca)
                                           Kellerman, Faye
Harris, C. S.                              The Mercedes Coffin (Peter Decker
Where Serpents Sleep (Sebastian St.        and Rina Lazarus)
                                           Kellerman, Jonathan
Hart, Carolyn                               Gone (Alex Delaware)
Dare To Die (Death on Demand)
                                            True Detectives (Alex Delaware)
Hess, Joan
Damsels in Distress (Claire Malloy)        Kimberly, Alice
                                           The Ghost and the Femme Fatale
Higgins, Jack                              (Haunted Bookshop)
 A Darker Place (Sean Dillon)
                                           King, Laurie
 Rough Justice (Sean Dillon)               The Language of Bees (Mary Russell)

                                           Tea Time for the Traditionally Built
Krentz, Jayne Ann                         (The #1 Ladies Detective Agency)
Running Hot (Arcane Society)              McGarrity, Michael
                                          Dead or Alive (Kevin Kerney)
Lakin, Rita
Getting Old Is A Disaster (Gladdy         McInerny, Ralph M.
Gold)                                      Ash Wednesday (Father Dowling)

Lamb, John J.                              The Green Revolution (University of
The Clockwork Teddy (Bear                 Notre Dame)
                                           The Wisdom of Father Dowling
Leon, Donna
The Girl of His Dreams (Guido Brunetti)   Michaels, Fern
                                           Final Justice (Sisterhood)
Lustbader, Eric
The Bourne Deception (Bourne)              Under the Radar (Sisterhood)

MacInerney, Karen                         Muller, Marcia
Murder Most Maine (Gray Whale             The Ever-Running Man (Sharon
Inn)                                      McCone)

Maron, Margaret                           Myers, Tamar
Death’s Half Acre (Deborah Knott)         Better Off Dead (Pennsylvania
Martini, Steve
Shadow of Power (Paul Madriani)           Parker, Robert
                                          Night and Day (Jesse Stone)
Mayor, Archer
The Catch (Joe Gunther)                   Parker, T. Jefferson
                                          The Renegades (Charlie Hood)

                                          Patterson, James
McCall Smith, Alexander                   The 8th Confession (Women’s Murder
  The Comforts Of A Muddy Saturday        Club)
(Isabel Dalhousie)
                                          Perry, Anne
                                          Execution Dock (William Monk)
                                           Stewart, Mariah
                                           Cry Mercy (Mercy Street)
Pronzini, Bill                             Tapply, William G.
Schemers (Nameless Detective)              Hell Bent (Brady Coyne)

Reichs, Kathy                              Vachss, Andrew H.
Devil Bones (Temperance Brennan)           Another Life (Burke)

Robb, J. D.                                White, Randy Wayne
 Glory in Death (In Death)                 Dead Silence (Doc Ford)

 Immortal in Death (In Death)              Woods, Stuart
                                            Loitering with Intent (Stone
 Promises in Death (In Death)              Barrington)

 Salvation in Death (In Death)              Santa Fe Dead (Ed Eagle)

 Strangers in Death (In Death)                  ♥♥♥     ROMANCE       ♥♥♥
Ross, Ann B.                               Anderson, Catherine
Miss Julia Delivers The Goods (Miss        Star Bright
Julia)                                     Faking her own death to escape her
                                           murderous husband, Rainie Hall takes
Rowland, Laura Joh                         refuge in the rural community of
The Fire Kimono (Sano Ichiro)              Crystal Falls, where she finds work as
                                           a bookkeeper on a horse ranch run by
Sala, Sharon                               dangerously good-looking Parker
Bad Penny (Cat Dupree)                     Harrigan.

Sanford, John
Wicked Prey (Lucas Davenport)
                                           Balogh, Mary
Stabenow, Dana                             First Comes Marriage
Whisper To The Blood (Kate Shugak)         Vanessa is a proud and daring young
                                           widow who has her own reason for
Stanley, J. B.                             pursuing the most eligible bachelor in
Stiffs and Swine (Supper Club)             London, one that has nothing to do
                                           with love—or does it?
                                               money, scandal, and love unfolds,
                                               Lord Ashe loses his heart.
Carlyle, Liz
Never Lie to a Lady (Neville Family            Eagle, Kathleen
Trilogy)                                       Mystic Horseman
The Marquis of Nash gets more than             Dillon Black Bear will do almost
he had bargained for when he                   anything to see his dream of a horse
encounters a mysterious lady, Miss             camp for at-risk Lakota kids become a
Xanthia Neville, who draws him into a          reality, even agree with his ex-wife's
dangerous world of smugglers,                  plan to have Mystic Warrior Horse
intrigue, espionage, and passion.              Camp become an episode on a national
                                               make-over reality TV show with high-
Dailey, Janet                                  powered producer Ella Champion, a
Something More                                 woman who rejected the Lakota half of
When he stumbles upon the key to               herself years before.
solving an old mystery involving a
stolen fortune in gold, rancher Luke           Enoch, Suzanne
McCallister decides to help the great-         After the Kiss
granddaughter of one of the bandits            (Notorious Gentleman #1)
find the treasure.                             Sullivan Waring, the most respected
                                               horse breeder in England, plunders the
Deveraux, Jude                                 ton's most opulent homes by night to
Someone to Love                                reclaim the inheritance stolen from
Still grieving three years after his           him, and his quest is going
fiancée’s mysterious suicide, Jace             swimmingly . . . until the night he is
Montgomery discovers a clue about              discovered by an entrancingly different
her death that leads him to purchase an        kind of plunder, and how can a thief
English fortress, where he encounters a        resist stealing a kiss?
headstrong ghost who died under
similar circumstances.                         Foley, Gaelen
                                               Her Only Desire (Spice Trilogy #1)
Dunn, Carola                                   Having sworn off marriage until she
The Improper Governess                         can find a man who will treat her as an
Lord Ashe offers lovely actress Lissa          equal, the beautiful and
Findlay a position as governess to his         unconventional Georgiana Knight is
nephew after she rejects his amorous           drawn to Ian Prescott, the Marquess of
advances, and as a drama involving             Griffith, a mysterious diplomat in
                                               India on a mission to prevent the
outbreak of war, and her feelings              Librarian C. J. Adams thinks marriage
entangle her in a web of danger and            is a fine tradition for somebody else,
passion that will transform her life           until her close friends resolve to find
forever.                                       her a soul mate during a trip to Aspen
                                               and C. J.’s plan to stay a step ahead of
Goodnight, Linda                               them by enlisting a gorgeous stranger
Winning the Single Mom’s Heart                 to pose as her lover proves far more
Single mom Natalie juggles creating            convincing than she expected.
fantastic cakes for the Wedding Belles
with raising her troublesome twins,            Johansen, Iris
until a new job leads old flame Cooper         Stormy Vows
Sullivan to her door ready to win her          For a struggling actress, a private
heart.                                         audition with a young Hollywood Turk
                                               like Michael Donovan is the break of a
Henley, Virginia                               lifetime, but Brenna Sloan refuses to
The Decadent Duke                              be intimidated by the temperamental
Lady Georgina's four sisters have all          and sensually overwhelming
married prominent dukes or earls, and          filmmaker, even if it does cost her the
to her dismay she is expected to marry         dream role.
Francis Russell, the dull Duke of
Bedford—but she cannot deny the                Johnson, Diane
passionate sparks between her and a            Lulu in Marrakech
different man, John Russell, the duke's        A tale of espionage in the post-9/11 era
younger brother.                               starring a not-very-savvy spy who
                                               struggles to resolve two missions, one
Holm, Stef Ann                                 on behalf of U.S. national security, the
All That Matters                               other, a matter of romantic insecurity.
Chloe Lawson’s custom cakes and
pastries are becoming the talk of              Krentz, Jayne Ann
Boise, and when a megastore grocery            Joy
chain threatens to shut down her new           A Caribbean trip seemed like the
boutique bakery, handsome, widowed             perfect way to test the waters of a new
John Moretti turns out to be just the          relationship for Virginia and A.C.,
champion she needs.                            until A.C. wins an emerald bracelet
                                               with a mysterious past that turns their
Hooper, Kay                                    days and nights into a reckless roller
C. J.’s Fate                                   coaster of adventure and deadly peril.

                                                Olivia Lowell always believed her
                                                father's claim that her mother died in
                                                childbirth, until the shocking day a
Lindsey, Johanna                                lawyer informs her that her mother has
The Devil Who Tamed Her                         just passed away, leaving her a fortune
Regency-era novel in which a beautiful          which comes with a caveat and a
but ruthless gossip meets her match in          confession.
a dashing rake who sets out to change
her wicked ways.                                Michaels, Fern
                                                The Marriage Game
London, Julia                                   When Samantha Rainford returns
The Book of Scandal                             home from her honeymoon to find
When Nathan Grey, the Earl of                   divorce papers waiting, she discovers
Lindsey, infamously known as the                that she's not the first to be
Libertine of Lindsey, hears gossip that         abandoned—she is one of four (or
his estranged wife, Evelyn, is about to         maybe more) ex-Mrs. Rainfords—so
be named in The Book of Scandal, he             she decides it's time to get even.
kidnaps her from court, pretending
they have reconciled in order to save           Michaels, Fern
the family’s reputation.                        Mr. and Miss Anonymous
                                                In this love-at-second sight romance
Macomber, Debbie                                about illegal experiments on humans,
Christmas Letters                               Peter and Lily, financially desperate
Katherine O'Connor, a Seattle medical           students at Berkeley, resort to selling
transcriptionist, has a booming sideline        their genetic material to a local fertility
business writing other people's                 clinic.
Christmas letters, but a run-in with Dr.
Wynn Jeffries ruins her holiday cheer.

Medlicott, Joan                                 Michaels, Fern
Come Walk With Me                               Up Close and Personal
After her husband’s death, Claire               For generations, the Windsors have
Bennett finds the courage to begin a            lived on the family's grand estate in
journey that will lead to a whole new           Crestwood, South Carolina, and after
life.                                           her daughter Emily's death, Sarabess
                                                Windsor believes she may be the last
Michaels, Fern                                  to carry the family name—unless she
Fool Me Once
can find her second daughter, Trinity,         had—how will everyone in her former
who disappeared fifteen years ago.             life handle this humble homemaker
                                               turned vivacious vixen when she
                                               returns home?
Miller, Linda Lael                             Spindler, Erica
A Wanted Man (Stone Creek)                     Red
Determined to ignore the attraction            A Cinderella story of Becky Lynn Lee,
between them, schoolteacher Lark               who rises from the “wrong side of the
Morgan and Marshal Rowdy Rhodes,               tracks'' in Mississippi to the pinnacle
both of whom are hiding dark secrets,          of Los Angeles's modeling world.
form a tentative alliance when the past
collides with the present.                        ♥♥♥ ROMANCE SERIES ♥♥♥

Palmer, Diana                                  Balogh, Mary
Heartless                                       At Last Comes Love (Huxtable)
A handsome rancher-tycoon and his
shy, sheltered stepsister fall in love.         Then Comes Seduction (Huxtable)

Palmer, Diana                                  Bly, Stephen A.
Nora                                           Wish I'd Known You Tears Ago
When innocent, wealthy Nora                    (Horse Dreams Trilogy)
Marlowe came to visit the Wild West,
she was as wide open to adventure as           Bradley, Celeste
the vast Texas horizon, until the wrong        The Duke Next Door (Duke)
cowboy decided to take the elegant
heiress down a notch!                          Brennan, Allison
                                               Playing Dead (Prison Break)

                                               Carlyle, Liz
                                               Never Romance a Rake

Small, Bertrice                                Carr, Robyn
Dangerous Pleasures                            A Virgin River Christmas (Virgin
Widowed with five children,                    River)
restless stay at home mom Annie
Miller wins a week at a luxurious spa          Collins, Jackie
and suddenly she's living out erotic           Drop Dead Beautiful (Lucky
dreams she didn't even know she                Santangelo)
Enoch, Suzanne
Before the Scandal (The Notorious
Gerard, Cindy                              WESTERN
Whisper No Lies (Black Ops Inc.)
                                           McCoy, Max
Jordan, Nicole                             I, Quantrill
 To Bed a Beauty (Courtship Wars)          Bloody Bill Quantrill, one of the most
                                           notorious and brutal guerrilla fighters
 To Seduce a Bride (Courtship Wars)        for the South in the Civil War, later
                                           riding with the James brothers and
Miller, Linda Lael                         slaughtering his enemies mercilessly,
A McKettrick Christmas (McKettrick)        tells his side of the story.

Morsi, Pamela                              Olmstead, Robert
Last Dance at the Jitterbug Lounge         Far Bright Star
(Harlequin Romance)                        Set in 1916, Far Bright Star follows
                                           Napoleon Childs, an aging
Palmer, Diana                              cavalryman, as he leads an expedition
Winter Roses (Long, Tall Texans)           of inexperienced soldiers into the
                                           mountains of Mexico to hunt down
Quick, Amanda                              Poncho Villa and bring him to justice.
Perfect Poison (Arcane Society)
                                           WESTERN SERIES
Smith, Debra White
Brittan (Debutantes)                       Johnstone, William W.
                                           Massacre at Whiskey Flats
Wiggs, Susan                               (Sidewinders)
 Fireside (Lakeshore Chronicles)
                                           Parker, Robert B.
 Snowfall at Willow Lake (Lakeshore        Brimstone (Virgil Cole and Everett
Chronicles)                                Hitch)

SHORT STORY SERIES                         NON-FICTION

More Sweet Tea (Sweet Tea)                 Agin, Brent
                                           Healthy Aging for Dummies
Look to this book for advice,
techniques, and strategies to help             Burrough, Bryan
people stay vigorous and healthy as            The Big Rich: The Rise and Fall of
they grow older.                               the Greatest Texas Oil Fortunes
Blum, Howard                                   Award-winning Vanity Fair journalist
American Lightning: Terror,                    Bryan Burrough doesn’t keep his
Mystery, Movie-making, and the                 subjects’ secrets as he traces the "black
Crime of the Century                           gold" boom through the lives of the
Acclaimed investigative journalist             postwar oil barons known as the Big
Blum relates the events of October 1,          Four: H. L. Hunt (1889-1974), Roy
1910, when the Los Angeles Times               Cullen (1881-1957), Sid Richardson
building was bombed and America's              (1891-1951), and Clint Murchison
greatest detective, William J. Burns,          (1895-1969).
uncovers a massive plot by labor
activists, who will eventually be
defended by Clarence Darrow and                Camp, Joe
documented by legendary filmmaker              The Soul of a Horse: Life Lessons
D.W. Griffith.                                 from the Herd
                                               Hundreds of other books about horses,
Browne, Jill Connor                            training, and equine management have
American Thighs: The Sweet Potato              been published, but Camp's easy-to-
Queens’ Guide to Preserving Your               read prose, humor, and enlightening
Assets                                         tales bring readers to question what
This “sort of handbook and memoir for          truly is best for the horse.
the hot and flashy” is a laugh-out-loud
guided tour for readers who are ready
to embrace their upcoming geezerdom.           Carter, Jimmy
                                               We Can Have Peace in the Holy
Browne, Sylvia                                 Land: A Plan That Will Work
All Pets Go To Heaven: The Spiritual           Jimmy Carter argues that the present
Lives of the Animals We Love                   moment is a unique time for achieving
Sharing heartwarming stories from              peace in the Middle East and offers a
pets on both sides of life, Browne             bold plan to do just that.
examines how our animals live in the
afterlife, whether we will see them on
the Other Side, how their presence
                                               Coren, Stanley
affects us daily, and where animals fit
into the whole of Creation.
The Modern Dog: A Joyful
Exploration of How We Live With
Dogs Today
Coren's insights into dog-human
interaction in such books as Why Does
My Dog Act That Way? and How to
Speak Dog have attracted large                   Fraunfelder, Frederick T.
numbers of devoted readers who will              Retirement Rx: The Retirement
delight in this collection of shorter            Docs’ Proven Prescription for Living
essays on our relationships with and             a Happy, Fulfilling Rest of Your Life
emotional bonds to our dogs.                     The happiest retirees share eight key
                                                 traits that help them maintain their
Drury, Bob                                       vitality, interests, and zest for life, and
The Last Stand of Fox Company                    Fraunfelder presents a prescriptive
The true story of a Marine company's             guide to all of them.
heroic last stand during one of the
Korean War’s darkest moments.                    Grann, David
                                                 The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly
Faust, Drew Gilpin                               Obsession in the Amazon
This Republic of Suffering: Death                After stumbling upon a hidden trove of
and the American Civil War                       diaries, acclaimed New Yorker writer
Civil War social historian Drew Gilpin           David Grann set out to solve "the
Faust, recently installed as president of        greatest exploration mystery of the
Harvard University, has written an               twentieth century": What happened to
eye-opening, thoroughly researched,              the British explorer Percy Fawcett and
and highly original account of how the           his quest for the Lost City of Z?
Civil War generation dealt with the
daily, horrific realities of death.              Grisham, John
                                                 The Innocent Man: Murder and
Felner, Kevin                                    Injustice in a Small Town
COPD for Dummies                                 The real life case of Ron Williamson, a
Your reassuring guide to                         mentally ill former baseball player
understanding and managing COPD                  who was wrongfully convicted and
and getting on with your life by an              sentenced to death for the 1982 murder
assistant professor at New York                  of a 21 year-old woman in his
University School of Medicine in New             Oklahoma town.
York City who is an expert in
pulmonary and critical care medicine.            Grogan, John
Marley and Me: Life and Love With              who become her "tonic" and greatest
the World’s Worst Dog                          consolation following her husband's
The heartwarming and unforgettable             death after a long battle with
story of a family in the making and the        Alzheimer's disease.
wondrously neurotic dog who taught
them what really matters in life.
Haynes, Fred                                   Kalish, Mildred
The Lions of Iwo Jima: The Story of            Little Heathens: Hard Times and
Combat Team 28 and the Bloodiest               High Spirits on an Iowa farm during
Battle in Marine Corps History                 the Great Depression
A heart-thumping blend of narrative            This unpretentious yet deeply
history and memoir—by a survivor               intelligent memoir of growing up on a
and a military historian—that puts a           central Iowa farm in the throes of the
human face on one of the great battles         Great Depression radiates the joy of a
of WWII.                                       vanished way of life as Kalish recounts
                                               what appear to contemporary eyes as
Iacocca, Lee A.                                unendurable deprivations.
Where Have All the Leaders Gone?
Retired CEO Iacocca issues a call to           Keller, Timothy
action, summoning Americans back to            The Reason for God: Belief
their roots of hard work, common               in an Age of Skepticism
sense, integrity, generosity, and              In this apologia for Christian faith,
optimism.                                      Keller mines material from literary
                                               classics, philosophy, anthropology and
Isaacson, Rupert                               a multitude of other disciplines to
The Horse Boy: A Father’s Quest to             make an intellectually compelling case
Heal His Son                                   for God.
In this intense, polished account, the
Austin, Texas, parents of an autistic          Latus, Janine
boy trek to the Mongolian steppes to           If I Am Missing or Dead
consult shamans in a last-ditch effort         A heart wrenching, beautifully crafted
to alter his unraveling behavior.              memoir about two intelligent,
                                               attractive sisters—one of whom
Jennings, Kate                                 escaped years of abuse by men—and
Stanley and Sophie                             one who did not.
Jennings has penned an affectionate
memoir of life with two rambunctious           Lawrence-Lightfoot, Sara
Border Terriers, Stanley and Sophie,
The Third Chapter: Passion, Risk,               The heartwarming story of Dewey
and Adventure in the 25 Years After             Readmore Books, the beloved library
50                                              cat of Spencer, Iowa, as told by his
Renowned sociologist Sara Lawrence-             owner and companion of nineteen
Lightfoot challenges the still-                 years, Vicki Myron, the librarian who
prevailing and anachronistic images of          found him on a frigid January morning
aging by documenting and revealing              when he was abandoned as a kitten in
the ways in which the years between             the book drop slot.
ages fifty and seventy-five—the third           Obama, Barack
chapter—may, in fact, be the most               The Audacity of Hope:
transformative and generative time in a         Thoughts on Reclaiming the
person's life.                                  American Dream
                                                In this stirring volume, then Senator
McPherson, James M.                             Obama shares his thoughts about
Tried By War: Abraham Lincoln As                healing the divisions in our country.
McPherson, a bestselling historian of           Osgood, Charles
the Civil War, illuminates how Lincoln          A Funny Thing Happened On the
worked with—and often against—his               Way to the White House: Humor,
senior commanders to defeat the                 Blunders, and Other Oddities from
Confederacy and create the role of              the Presidential Campaign Trail
commander in chief as we know it.               Charles Osgood, one of America's
                                                favorite news personalities, offers a
Meyer, Joyce                                    rib-tickling compendium of anecdotes
The Confident Woman: Start Today                from the last seventy years of
Living Boldly and Without Fear                  presidential campaigns.
Meyer encourages women to identify
the physical, emotional, mental, and            Philbrick, Nathaniel
spiritual barriers in their lives and to        Mayflower: A Story of Courage,
develop a self-confidence that stems            Community and War
from living honestly, being positive in         In this electrifying new history of the
their actions and having faith in both          pilgrims, the story of Plymouth Colony
God and themselves.                             was a fifty-year epic that began in peril
                                                and ended in war.
Myron, Vicki
Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat               Pollan, Michael
Who Touched the World                           The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural
                                                History of Four Meals
If you ever thought “what's for dinner”        Only Ann Rule, who unknowingly
was a simple question, you'll change           worked alongside the smart and
your mind after reading Pollan's               charming Ted Bundy — America's
searing indictment of today's food             most notorious serial killer — could
industry—and his glimpse of some               lend her razor-sharp insight into these
inspiring alternatives.                        cases of the spouse, lover, family
                                               member, or helpful stranger who is
                                               totally trusted but whose lethally
Ramsland, Katherine M.                         violent nature, though masterfully
True Stories of C.S.I.: The Real               disguised, can and will kill.
Crimes behind the Best Episodes of
the Popular TV Show                            Scotti, R. A.
Forensic specialist Ramsland digs up           Vanished Smile: The Mysterious
the real life corollaries to 25 popular        Theft of the Mona Lisa
episodes and looks into the                    In this charming account of the brazen
authenticity of the forensic                   1911 theft of the Mona Lisa from the
investigations recreated for the               Louvre and the two-year quest to bring
dramatizations as well as the                  her home, Scotti explores not only the
painstaking real-life forensic process         puzzling crime but also the source of
employed in every one of the actual            the painting's universal appeal and its
cases.                                         provenance.

Roizen, Michael F.                             Servan-Schreiber, David
You, Being Beautiful: The Owner’s              Anticancer: A New Way of Life
Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty               A moving story of a doctor's inner and
With their usual candor and honesty,           outer search for healing which is
Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz break down the           radical, inspiring and cautionary in its
mechanics of beauty and explain how            certainty that cancer cells lie dormant
little adjustments in your routine can         in all of us—and we all must care for
help you become a happier, healthier           the "terrain" in which they exist.
                                               Snyderman, Nancy L.
                                               Medical Myths That Can
                                               Kill You: and the 101 Truths
                                               That Will Save, Extend, and Improve
Rule, Ann                                      Your Life
Mortal Danger and Other True Cases             Snyderman, Chief Medical Editor for
                                               NBC News, examines some common
medical myths—that only old people            “wilderness,” to a Mayflower-themed
get heart attacks and strokes, that           waterslide. Thou shalt enjoy it.
"natural" means safe—explaining why
they have become so prevalent, why
they are wrong, and what sensible
approaches people can take to avoid
inadvertently damaging their health
because of false beliefs.
Stanley, Charles F.                           Walsh, George
Finding Peace: God’s Promise of a             50 Plus One Great Books You Should
Life Free from Regret, Anxiety, and           Have Read (but probably didn’t)
Fear                                          This is a fascinating look at the beliefs
Filled with encouragement to lift the         and teachings of some of the greatest
soul, Finding Peace offers insight on         minds throughout the centuries.
what causes us to live without God's
peace in our lives, and how we can            Webster, Patti S.
reverse course and open our hearts to         It Happened In Church: Stories of
receive it.                                   Humor from the Pulpit to the Pews
                                              Gathered from friends, family, favorite
Torre, Joe                                    celebrities, and the personal
The Yankee Years                              experiences of Patti Webster, a third
Torre, one of the most successful             generation Christian leader, each
major league managers of all time,            laugh-worthy story is topped off with
describes how he and the Bronx                scripture and reflection.
Bombers survived and thrived in the
Age of Steinbrenner.

Vowell, Sarah
The Wordy Shipmates
The Puritans who                              Zimbardo, Philip G.
settled in 1692 in the Massachusetts          The Time Paradox: The New
Bay Colony, were “fascinating                 Psychology of Time That Will Change
killjoys” and in Vowell’s witty brand         Your Life
of armchair history, she takes us from        This is a compelling and practical
the modern-day reenactment of an              primer (filled with quizzes and tests)
Indian massacre to the Mohegan Sun            on making every moment count by
casino, from old-timey Puritan poetry,        helping you overcome the mental
where “righteousness” is rhymed with          biases that keep you too attached to the
past, too focused on immediate                  Bernstein, Carl
gratification, or unhealthily obsessed          A Woman in Charge: The Life of
with future goals.                              Hillary Rodham Clinton
                                                A contemporary political biography
                                                that traces the childhood, college years
                                                and political accomplishments of this
                                                state senator and presidential
NON-FICTION SERIES                              Bernstein, Harry
                                                The Invisible Wall
Chicken Soup For the Soul: Older                At age 93, first-time author Bernstein
and Wiser : Stories of Inspiration,             gives voice to a childhood version of
Humor, and Wisdom About Life at a               himself who witnesses his older
Certain Age                                     sister’s love for a Christian boy break
                                                down the invisible wall that kept
BIOGRAPHY                                       Jewish families apart from Christians
                                                across the street.
Alda, Alan
Things I Overheard While Talking to             Canellos, Peter S.
Myself                                          The Last Lion: the Rise and Fall of
The award-winning actor and director            Ted Kennedy
describes growing up with a                     A respectful but not stuffy portrait of
schizophrenic mother and renowned               Edward Kennedy, the playboy of
actor father, looking at the various            legendary appetites turned senior
turning points in his life from the             statesman.
turbulence of the sixties to the ache of
September 11th and beyond.                      Carter, Jimmy
                                                A Remarkable Mother
Barra, Allen                                    This is President Carter's loving,
Yogi Berra: Eternal Yankee                      admiring, wry homage to Miss Lillian
An accomplished sports biographer               Carter, who championed the underdog
gives us a comprehensive and                    always, even when her son was
incredibly engaging life, showing Yogi          president.
Berra as a signal example of
immigrant success, an emblem of faith,          Compton, Lynn D.
family, and the rewards of                      Call of Duty: My Life Before, During,
determination.                                  and After the Band of Brothers

Lt. Buck Compton of the WWII Easy              down-home values and the success
Company (Band of Brothers) tells his           secrets of her restaurant to her
own story from his years as a two-             struggles with agoraphobia and a
sport UCLA star who played baseball            difficult marriage.
with Jackie Robinson and football in
the 1943 Rose Bowl, through his
legendary post-World War II legal
career as a prosecutor, in which he
helped convict Sirhan Sirhan for the           Dickinson, Emily
murder of Robert F. Kennedy.                   The Mighty Queens of Freeville: A
                                               Mother, A Daughter, and the Town
Cooper, Helene                                 That Raised Them
The House at Sugar Beach: In                   In a gutsy debut memoir about family,
Search of a Lost African Childhood             resolve and the secret of survival, farm
This stunning memoir by journalist             girl turned syndicated advice
Helene Cooper relates her early years          columnist “Ask Amy” Dickinson
living at the Sugar Beach estate in            plows to the root of her down-to-earth
Liberia until a coup d'état drove her          American know-how.
mother, sister and her to America,
where they attempted to fit in.                Doty, Mark
                                               Dog Years: A Memoir
Dallek, Robert                                 A moving and intimate memoir
Harry S. Truman                                interwoven with profound reflections
A preeminent presidential historian’s          on our feelings for animals and the
concise biography of Truman, who               lessons they teach us about life, love,
during and immediately after his               and loss.
presidency was reviled as a mediocre
and corrupt ward heeler but later was          Dougan, Terrell Harris
reevaluated as a man of principle and          That Went Well: Adventures
one of the great presidents of the 20th        in Caring For My Sister
century.                                       In her moving, funny, and
                                               unforgettable memoir about life with
Deen, Paula                                    her mentally disabled sister Irene,
Paula Deen: It Ain’t All About the             Terrell Dougan shows that love,
Cookin’                                        humor, and compassion are enough to
The popular Food Network personality           heal us, every single day.
shares stories from her private life,
from the events that inspired her              Douglas, Kirk
Let’s Face It: 90 Years of Living,                Winging It: Dispatches from an
Loving and Learning                               (Almost) Empty Nest
An engrossing memoir that provides                Witty and erudite, ranging over the
an indelible self-portrait of a great star        vagaries of dating after divorce to
while sharing the wit and wisdom                  shedding a reviewer's opinion of her as
accumulated over a lifetime.                      a "suburban matron," the author, along
                                                  with her 16-year-old daughter, Harper,
                                                  manages to meet the challenge of their
Eliot, Marc                                       inevitable separation with aplomb.
Reagan: The Hollywood Years
Set against the glamorous and often               Hazen, Marcella
combative background of Hollywood’s               Amarcord--Marcella Remembers:
Golden Age, celebrity biographer Eliot            The Remarkable Life Story of the
provides an exceptionally nuanced, no-            Woman Who Started Out Teaching
holds-barred examination of the B-                Science in a Small Town in Italy, But
movie actor and uncovers the startling            Ended Up Teaching America How to
origins of the legend.                            Cook Italian
                                                  Amarcord means "I remember" in
Fox, Michael J.                                   Marcella's native Romagnolo dialect,
Always Looking Up: The Adventures                 and here the eighty-four-year old looks
of an Incurable Optimist                          back on the adventures of a life lived
In this memoir of his last decade,                for pleasure and a love of teaching,
humorously told through the themes of             and the twists and turns that brought
work, politics, faith, and family, Fox            her love, fame, and a chance to forever
describes how he became a happier,                change the way we eat.
more satisfied person by recognizing
the gifts of everyday life.                       Homes, A. M.
                                                  The Mistress’s Daughter
Gelles, Edith B.                                  This powerful examination of family
Abigail and John: Portrait of a                   and self, of adopted versus biological,
Marriage                                          is the story of what happened when a
Gelles culled her research from the               child put up for adoption before she
letters of John and Abigail Adams,                was born is sought 30 years later by
using their words to tell the story of            her birth parents.
their marriage in a dual biography
which reads much like fiction.                    Leuchtenburg, William Edward
                                                  Herbert Hoover
Goldhammer, Catherine
In this addition to the American
President series, veteran historian             Obama, Barack
Leuchtenburg provides a slim,                   Dreams from My Father: A Story of
thoroughly satisfying account of the            Race and Inheritance
president overwhelmed by the Great              Obama, the son of a white American
Depression.                                     mother and a black African father,
                                                writes an elegant and compelling
                                                biography that powerfully articulates
Lopez, Steve                                    America's racial battleground and tells
The Soloist: A Lost Dream, An                   of his search for his place in black
Unlikely Friendship, and the                    America.
Redemptive Power of Music
Los Angeles Times columnist Lopez               Phelps, Michael
brings empathy, intelligence and                No Limits: The Will to Succeed
humor to his poignant portrait of               With help from award-winning sports
Nathaniel Ayers, a homeless musician            journalist Alan Abrahamson, 23 year
who once studied at Juilliard.                  old, world record-holding swimmer
    ♫         ♫        ♫        ♫               Phelps chronicles his life, from
                                                Baltimore childhood to triumph in
Mudd, Roger
The Place to Be: Washington,
                                                Price, Marjorie
CBS, and the Glory Days of
                                                A Gift from Brittany: A Memoir of
Television News
                                                Love and Loss in the French
A vivid behind-the-scenes portrait of
the personalities, the drama, and the
                                                The story of a young artist from
passion at CBS News during its peak
                                                Chicago who ventures to Paris to
years, by one of its best newscasters.
                                                pursue her dreams, falls in love, moves
                                                to the countryside to restore
Mundy, Liza
                                                farmhouses with him and their family,
Michelle: A Biography
                                                and then makes the friendship of a
In this carefully reported biography,
                                                lifetime after her marriage falls apart.
drawing upon interviews with more
than one hundred people, including
one with Michelle herself, Mundy
paints a revealing and intimate portrait
of a complex woman and the
                                                Reichl, Ruth
remarkable life she has lived.
Not Becoming My Mother: And                    Got Me Through the Toughest
Other Things She Taught Me Along               Journey of My Life
the Way                                        Alternately laugh-out-loud funny and
In this intimate study Reichl comes to         deeply moving, Cancer on $5 a Day is
understand the lessons of rebellion,           a stirring account of how a stand-up
independence, and self-acceptance that         comedian’s face-off with a deadly
her mother—though unable to guide              disease helped him better understand
herself—succeeded in teaching her              himself and ultimately changed his
daughter.                                      life.
Santopietro, Tom                               Stoll, Ira
Sinatra in Hollywood                           Samuel Adams: A Life
Oftentimes brilliant, occasionally off-        In this stirring biography, Samuel
kilter, but always compelling, Frank           Adams joins the first tier of founding
Sinatra, emblematic of “The American           fathers, a rank he has long deserved,
Century,” here receives his full due as        since with an eloquence equal to that
the serious artist he was, the actor           of Thomas Jefferson and Tom Paine,
about whom director Billy Wilder               and with a passionate love of God, he
emphatically stated, “Frank Sinatra is         helped ignite the flame of liberty and
beyond talent.”                                made sure it glowed even during the
                                               Revolution's darkest hour.
Sheff, David
Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey              Tillman, Mary
Through His Son’s Addiction                    Boots On the Ground By Dusk: My
What had happened to my beautiful              Tribute to Pat Tillman
boy? What did I do wrong? Those are            This gripping and emotional memoir
the wrenching questions that haunted           by Mary Tillman relates the tragic
every moment of David Sheff’s                  story of her son Pat who gave up
journey through his son Nic’s                  dreams of playing in the NFL to fight
addiction to drugs and tentative steps         in Afghanistan and lost his life at the
toward recovery.                               hands of his fellow soldiers.

                                               Woodworth, Steven E.
                                               Concise without sacrificing important
                                               details, this book analyzes the qualities
Schimmel, Robert                               of personality and leadership that made
Cancer on Five Dollars a Day*                  William Tecumseh Sherman a great
(*chemo not included): How Humor
general and an essential partner with
Ulysses S. Grant to win the Civil War.


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