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Media Type       Title                              Author

Book             100 Crafts for Preschoolers

Book             1986 Catholic Almanac              ?

CD               2min. Apologetics                  John Martignoni

Children's Book 3 in 1 (A picture of God)           Marxhausen, Joanne

Book             50 Things that really Matter       Various Authors
                 Abandonment to Divine
Book             Providence                         Pierre de Caussade

Book                                                Reagan,Ronald
                 Abortion and the conscience of the nation

Book             Abortion Questions and Answers     Willke,Dr, and Mrs.J.C

Book             About Sex and Marriage             West,Christopher

Book             Abraham Father of Believers        Gonzales, Angel

Book             Acts of Jesus' Apostles, The       Luke

Book             Acts of the Apostles, The          Harm, Densis

Book             Adult Confession                   Cowgill, Carol

Workbook         Adult Workbook

Book             All Grown Up and No Place To Go Elkmid, David
                 Altogether Gift , A Trinitarian
Book             Spirituality                       Downey, Michael

Book             Amos, Hosea, Micah                 Flanagan O,S,M, Neal

Book             And Would You Believe it!          Basset, Bernard S.J.
                 Apostolic Constitution on
Book             Indulgences                        Pope Paul VI

Book             Apostolic Fathers, The             Lightfoot, J.B.

Book                                               Madonnas
                 Apparitions, Healings and Weeping Schwebel,Lisa

                                                   Page 1

Book   Applause of Heaven, The          Lucando,Max

Book   Apples of Gold                   Petty, Jo

Book   Ashes to Easter                  Morneau, Robert F

Book   At Ease in the Classroom         Various

Book   At Home with the Word            Various

Book   August 9 1945                    McCarthy

Book   Awakening Call, The              Finley, James
       Basic Skills for Christians
Book   Counselors                       Vaughon, Richard R. S.G.

Book   Basics of a Balanced Life        Various Authors

Book   Be My Son                        Legere, J. Roy

Book   Becoming a Man                   Bausch, William J.
       Becoming the-Best-Version-of-
CD     Yourself                         Kelly, Matthew

Book   Before and After Baptism

Book   Beginning Spiritual Direction    Rosage,David E.

Book   Beginning Your Marriage          Thomas and Thomas

Book   Behold thy Mother                Burden, Shirley

Book   Believing in Jesus               Foley, Leonard

Book   Best Bible Crafts

Book   Beyond loneliness                Wakin, Edward

Book   Bible Stories

Book   Bless the Lord                   Wm. A Story DMS

Book   Bless the Lord                   Various Authors

                                       Page 2

Book            Blessing Cup, The                  Travinikar, O.F.M., Rock

Book            Book of Isaiah                     Stuhlmueller C.P., Carroll

Book            Book of Isaiah, The                McNamera M.S.C., M.

Book            Book of Mormon, The

Book            Book of Prayers for the family     Many

Book            Book of Sacramental Basics         Guzie, Tad

Book            Books of Jeremiah and Baruch       Stuhlmueller C.P., Carroll

Book            Breakaway                          Link, Mark SJ

Book            Breath of Love, The                Quoist, Michael

CD              Building Better Families           Kelly, Matthew

Book            Building the Faith                 de Chardin, Teilhard

Book            Call to Conversion, The            Wallis, Jim

Book            Called to be Friends               Ripple ESPA,Paula

Book            Can you find Jesus                 Galley, Phillip

Book                                            Herder and Herder
                Cardinal Newman's Best Plan Sermons

Book            Catechism of the Catholic Church various authors

Book            Cathedral Days                     Wolf, John V. STD
               Catholic Bible Study Handbook,
Book, Handbook The                                 Kodell, Jerome, O.S.B.
                Catholic Customs and Traditions
Book            A popular guide                    Dues, Greg

Book            Catholic Devotional, The

Book            Catholic Devotional, The           Various

Book            Catholic prayer Book               Fox, Robert J.

                                                  Page 3

Book            Catholicism                        Lubac, Henri

Book            Cenacles of the Marian Movement of Priests

Book                                             C
                Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. anfield, Jack
                Chicken Soup for the Woman's
Book            Soul                               Various

Book            Children and the Bible             Smither, Ethel

Book            Children's Mass                    Tos, Ald J.

Book            Child's First Dictionary           Dyches, Richard

Book            Christ Among Us                    Wilhelm CS. P, Anthony

Book            Christ: The Center of Life         Fichtner,Joseph O.S.C.
                Christian Commitment to God and
Book            to the World                    Guelluy, R

Book            Christian Life Patterns            Whitehoad, Evelyn
                Christian Mother Goose and
Book            Friends                            Decker, Marjorie

Book            Christian Under Pressure, The      Gallagher, Joseph
                Christianity, The Faith that Makes
Book            Sense                              McCallum, Dennis
                Churches the apostles left behind,
Book            The                                Fr. Brown, Raymond E.

Book            Come be Reconciled                 Various Authors

Book            Come Lord Jesus                    Deiss, Lucien
                Commandments Morahty and the
Book            new,The                      Lohkamp O.F.M, Nicholas

Book            Common Prayer, A                   Levnig

Book            Community, State and Church        Barth,Karl
                Concise Catholic Dictionam
Book            Features for parents + Religion    Ekstrom, Reynolds

Cassette Tape   Confession                         Richards, Father Larry

                                                  Page 4

                Confessions of Saint Augustine,
Book            The                                   Warner, Rex
                Consider Jesus: Waves of
Book            Renewal in Christology                Johnson, Elizabeth A.

Book            Contemplation in a World of Action Merton, Thomas

Book            Courage to Pray                       Bloom,Anthony

Book            Creativities                          Mathson, Patricia

Children's Book Crippled Lamb, The                    Lucado, Max

Book            Crisis                                Ornum, William Van

Book            Cross of Death, Tree of Life          Machar OCSO, Jerome

Book            crossing the threshold of hope        John Paul II

Book            Daily Guideposts, 1988                Various Authors

Book            Daily readings in catholic classes    Myers, Ranley

Book            Darkness in the Marketplace           Green,SJ,Thomas H.

Book            Day by day

Children's Book Day Jesus Died, The                   Davis, Bryan

Book            Days of the Lord II                   Storey, William

CD              Debate: Sola Fide                     John Martignoni

Book            Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul        Faustina,Saint Maria

Book            Dictionary of Saints                  Delaney, John

Book            Dictionary of the Bible               Mckenzie S.J., John

Book            Divine Intimacy                       Ignatius

Book            Divine Intimacy                       Ignatius

Book            Divine Mercy                          Kawalska, Sister M. Fausting

                                                     Page 5

Book            Do Whatever Love Requires          Various Authors
                Documents in Early Christian
Book            Thought                            Various
                Does God Know How to Tie
Children's Book Shoes?                             Carlstrom, Nancy

Book            Don't Sweat the Small Stuff        Carlson,Richard P.H.D.

Children's Book Dorothy Day: Catholic Worker       Collins, David R

Book            Early Christian literature

Book            Easter Story, The                  Neway, Marjorie

Book                                            John Paul
                Ecological Crisis: A Common Responsibility II
                Educational Guidance in Human
Book            Life

Book            Encountering Mary                  Zimdars-Swanty, Sandral L.

Book                                              Catoir,
                Enjoy the Lord: A path to Contemplation John T.

Book            Enough Koom for Joy                Clarke, S.J. Bill

Book            Evangelization in America          Bohr, David

Book            Every mans Way of the Cross        Enzler, Clarence

Book            Everyday Faith                     Rahner, Karl
                Everything Belongs: The gist of
Book            contemplative Prayers              Rohr, Richard

Book            Experience of Celibacy, An         Capuchin, Keith Clarr

Book            Experience of God, The             Lane, Dermot

Book            Experience of Praying, The         Coulfield, Sean

Book            Exploring the Road Less Traveled Howard, Alice and Walden

Book            Face to Face With God              Loew, Jacques

Book            Faith of Parents, The              Harris, Marla

                                                  Page 6

Book              Father McBride's Teen Catechism McBride, Alfred

Book              Father Speaks to his Children      D'Ascanio, Father Andrea

Book              Father's Splendor, The             Angelica, Mother M.

Book              Fathoming Bethlehem                Morneau, Robert F

Book              Feathers on the Wind               Hays, Edward

Book              Finding God in all Things          Barry S.J., William A.

Book              Finding Peace                      Coxe,Paula Peisner

Children's Book Fire Loaves and Two Fishes           Nixon, Joan Lowery

Book              Forgiveness of Sin, The            Guzie, Tad

Book              Francis and Clare                  Julian, Helen CSF

VHS Tape          Francis and Clasre of Assisi

Book              Francisco                          Leite, Fernando

Book              Friendship in the Lord             Hinnebusch O.P, Paul

Book              From darkness to light             Field, Anne

Book              From image to likeness             Simpson, William

Book              From the Stone Age to Christianity Albright, William Foxwell

Book              Gift of the Red Bird               D'Arcy, Paula

Children's Book Give Me Grace                        Rylant, Cynthia

Children's Book Giving Tree, The                     Silverstein, Shel

Children's Book Gloria the Christmas Angel           Asalone, Scott

Book              God and Man                        Archbishop Anthony Bloom

Children's book   God and me                         Heide, Florence

                                                    Page 7

Children's Book God is Like                         Walters, Julie
                God Speaks to us in feeding
Children's Book stories                             Getty-Sullivan, Mary Ann

Children's Book God's Lenten Invitation             Connors, Daniel
                 God's Passionate Desire and Our
Book             Response                        Barry S.J., William A.

Book             God's Promises

Children's Book Good Friday                         Ulmer, Louise
                 Good News According to Luke,
Book             The                                Rohr, Richard

Book             Gospel According to Peanuts, The Short, Robert

Book             Gospel Paradox, The                Javelet, Robert

Book             Gospel Spirituality                Chevignard OP, B.M.

Book             Great people of the bible and how they lived

Book             Growth in the Holy Spirit          Huyghe, Gerard

Book             Guideposts Christmas Treasury      Various

Book             Guilty, O Lord                     Basset SJ, Bernard

Workbook         Handbook for Today's Catholic      Various

Workbook         Handbook of Art Activities         Eros, Thea

Workbook         Handbook of Art Activities         Eros, Thea

Workbook         Handbook of Art Activities         Eros, Thea

Workbook         Handbook of Art Activities         Eros, Thea

Workbook         Handbook of creative activities    Various

Workbook         Handbook of creative activities    Various

Workbook         Handbook of creative activities    Various

                                                    Page 8

Book            Handbook on Abortion               Willke,Dr. and Mrs.J.C.

Cassette Tape   Handel: Messiah Highlights         London Symphony Orchestra

Workbook        Hands or Gospel                    Giunta, Patricia
                Harmony of the Words and Works
Book            of Jesus Christ, A             Pentecost, Dwight J.

Book            Have a Great Day-Every Day!        Peale, Norman Vincent

Children's Book Have you ever seen and Elephant Sneeze Bernadetta McGarver

Book            Healing Life's Hurts               Linn, Dennis

Book            Healing of Memories                Linn, Dennis

Book            Heart of Creation, The             Main, John

Book            Heaven in our Hands                Groeschel, Benedict

Children's Book Hey, God! Where Are You?           Gibwson, Roxie C.

Book            his Kingdom Came his Will Done     Donald E. Bossart Administration

Book            His Kingdom Came His Will Done Gruters, Peter

Book            His Kingdom Came His Will Done Gruters, Peter

Book            History of Israel, A               Bright, John

Book            History of the Catechumenate, A    Dujaries, Michel

Book            Holy Bell and Wonderful Smells     Hunt, Jeanne

Book            Holy Book and Holy Tradition       Bruce, F.F. and Rupp. E.G.

VHS             Holy Rosary, The

Book            Home Resource Book

Book            Hope Begin Where Hope Begins       Downey, Michael

Book            House of God                       Macfarlane, Bud

                                                  Page 9

Book           How Green is Green?                  LeBlanc, Rev. Etienne

Book           How to be Really With It             Basset, Bernard

Book                                               Powell, Carol and David
               How to Bring up children in the Catholic Faith

Book           How to survive Being Married to a Catholic
               How to talk confidently with your
Book           child about sex                      Buth, lenore

Book           Hurried child, The                   Elkind, David

Book           I Francis                            Carretto, Carlo

Book           I Sought and I Found                 Carretto, Carlo

Book           Idea of Catholicism, The             Various

Book           Images of Holiness                   Sheldrake, Phillip S.J.

Book           Imitation of Christ, The             Kempis, Thomas A.

Book           Imitation of Christ, The             Kempis, Thomas A.

Book           Improving Behavior                   Kostiuk, Nick

Book           In Face of Anguish                   Heath, Thomas R., O.P.

Children's Book In God's Name                       Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg

Book           In His Spirit                        Richard, Hanser J. S.J.

Book           In Jesus We Trust                    Maloney SJ, George A.
               In Our Image God's First
Book           Creatures                            Swartz, Nancy

Book           In search of the Beyond               Carretto, Carlo

Book           In the Center                        Rogers, Barbara J.

Book           Inheriting the Master's Cloak        Winjingaards M.H.M, John

Book           Initiation of Children

                                                   Page 10

?                Initiation of Children

Book             Inner Rainbow, The                 Fischer, Kathleen
                 Is the Virgin Mary Appearing At
Book             Medjugorie?                        Laurentm, Rupcic

Book             Iscariot                           Gartner, Bertil

Book             Israel's Wisdom Literature         Rankin, O.S.

Book             Jeremiah, Spokesman Out of time Holladay, william

Book             Jesus CEO                          Jones,Laurie Beth

Book             Jesus in Focus                     Sloyan, Gerard S.

Book             Jesus Our Eucharistic Love         Manelli FFI, Stenfano M.

Video            Jesus, The Son of God
                 Jewish and Christian Self-
Book             definition, Vol I                  Sanders, EP

Book             John The Maverick Gospel           Kysar, Robert
                Journey of Faith for Teen,
Children's Book Leader's Guide                      Reep, Debbie

Book             Journey to the Center              Keating, Thomas

Book             Journey Without End                Carretto

Book             Joy                                Weaver, Bertrand

Book             Joy in the Face of Death           de Parvillez S.J, Alphonse

Book             Joy to the world                   Perrotta, Louise

Book             Landscapes of the Soul             Hamma, Robert M.

Book             Late Have I Loved Thee             Muto, Susan

Book             Lay Ministry                       Rademacher, William

Book             Learning to Pray                   Bro, Bernard, O.P

                                                   Page 11

Children's Book Legend of the Candy Cane             Walburg, Lori

Book             Let Each Gospel Speak for Itself    Williams, R.Rhys

Book             Let My People Go                    Lindgren, Alvin

Children's Book Let us go to Bethlehem               Van Woerkam, Dorothy

Book             Lets Start Praying Again.           Basset, Bernard

Book             Letters to my lord                  Daniel A. Lord

Book             Letters to the Martyrs              Homan, Walker Helen

Book             Lettu Fire Fall                     Scanlan, Michael

Book             Life Within, The                    Hoffman, Dominic M.

Book             Lifeteen Presents: Spread the Word

Book             Lift Up Your Heart                  Sheen, Fulton J

Book                                                Freeman, Lawrence
                 Light Within- The Inner Path of Meditation

Book             Listening for Truth                 Keating, James

Book             Listening God, The                  Pollard O.C.S.O., Miriam

Book             Listening to the Music of Spirit    Lonsdale S.J, David
                 Little Way of Saint Therese of
Book             Lisiaux, The

Book                                                Taft, S.J.Robert
                 Liturgy of the Hours in East and West, The

Book             Living in the Question              Pennington, Basil M.

Children's Book Living Picture Bible                 God

Children's Book Living Picture Bible                 God

Book             Living the Christian Life           Mc Hugh, P.J.

Book             Living the richness of the cross    Dalrymple, John

                                                    Page 12

                Living Whole Without a Better
Book            Halb                               Widder, Wendy

Book            Looking at Jesus                   VanKaam, Adrian

Book            Lord of Confusion                  Orsy SJ, Ladislas M

Book            Lore beyond measure                Kownacki, Mary lou

Book                                                Hoover, Brett
                Losing Your Religion finding your Faith
                Love of Jesus and the Love of
Book            Neighbor                           Rahner, Karl

Book            Loves Mind                         Dunne,S. John

Book            Make space make symbols            Clark, Keith

Book            Making friends of enemies          Forest, Jim

Book                                             Ellis, Peter
                Man and the Message of the Old Testament, The

Biography/Book Man of the Beatitudes, A            Frassati, Luciana

Book            Man Who Wrestled with God          Sanford, John
                March for Love Heaven is On the
Book            Move                               Gruters, Peter

CD              Mary and the Bible                 John Martignoni

Book            Mary in the New Testament          Brown, Raymond

Book            Mary's Little Instruction Book     Freeman, Eileen Elias

Book            Mary's Little Instruction Book     Freeman, Eileen Elias

Cassette Tape   Mass Explained, The                Richards, Father Larry

Book            Mass in Other Words, The           Hubert van Zeller, Dom

Book            Mastering Sadhara                  Vailes S.J, Carlos G

Book            Med jugorJe the message            Weible, Wayne

Book            Mere Christianity                  Lewis, C.S.

                                                  Page 13

Book             Mid-Life Directions                  Brennan, Anne and Brewi, Janice

Book             Models of Jesus                      O'Grady, John F.

Book             Modern Spirituality: an Anthology     Anthology

Book             Moment of Christ                     Main, John

Book             Moral Development                    Ronald, Duska

Book             Mothers Heart, A                     Barbour

Book             My Daily Eucharist II                McHugh, Joan Carter

Book             My God                               Calman, Mel

Book             My Heart Cry                         Graham, Anne Lotg

Children's Book My Little Book of Feasts              Aschumacher, Alvin

Book             My Only Friend is Darkness           Dent, Barbara

Book             Mystical City of Gods, The           Mary of Agreda

Book             Nature and Grace                     Rattner SJ, Karl

Book             New American Bible, The

Book             New Life Liturgies                   Various

Book             New Order of Mass, The               Patino Rev.J.

Book             No man is on a Island                Merton,Thomas

Book             Noonday Devil, The                   Basset SJ, Bernard

Book             Not without Parable                  Doherty, Catherine

Book             Not Without Parables                 Hueck Doherty, Catherine

Children's Book O Happy Day! Story of Pentecost       Arch Books

Book             Of Human Life                        Pope Paul VI

                                                     Page 14

Book              Old Testament Prophets, The        Ellison, H.L.

Children's Book Old Turtle                           Wood, Doughs

Book              On the Third Day                   Chevrot, Georges

Book              Once Upon a time - Saints          Marbach

Book              On-going Pilgrimage, The           Doty, William L.

Book              Opening the Bible                  Merton, Thomas

Workbook          Opening the Word

Children's book   Opening the world                  Various Authors

Book              Origin of Paul's Religion, The     J. Gresham, Machen

Book              Other People                       Hope, Wingfield

Book              Our Faith                          Brunner, Emil

Book              Our Prayer                         Evely, Louis

Book, Atlas       Oxford Bible Atlas                 Edited by May, Ptesbest G.

Book              Oxford Picture Dictionary          Shapiro, Norma

Book              Parables: The Arrows of God        McKenna, Megan
                  Parents, Teens and Sex The Big
Book              Talle Book                         Cook, Bruce

Book              Passion and Resurrection           Binz, Stephen
                  Paul - A study in Social and
Book              Religious History                  Deissmann, Adolf

Book              Personalities in the Gospel Stories Simon S.H.C.J.,Mother Mary
                  Pilgrim Church: A popular History
Book              of catholic Christianity          Bausch, William J.

Book              Pocket Book of Catholic Devotion St. Joseph Edition

vs. tape          pope john Paul 2 : statesman of faith

                                                    Page 15

Book             Pope John Paul II                    Malinski, Mieczyslaw

Book             Poustinia                            Doherty, Catherinede Huck

Book             Power In Penance, The                Scanlont.o.r., Michael

Book             Power in Praise                      Carothers, Merlin

Book and Bible   Power of a Praying wife, The         Omartian, Stormie

Book             Practicing the Prayer of Presence Vankamm, Adrian and Muto, Susan

Book             Praise Him

Book             Prayer for Young Catholics           Coleman

Book             Prayer from Saint Paul               Hilsdale, Paul

Book             Prayer is a Hunger                   Farrell S.T.l, Edward

Book             Prayer of the Heart                  Maloney S.J., George A

Book             Prayer, A Gift of Life               Hocken, Peter

Book             Prayers and Reflections              Wiederkehr,Macring O.S.B.

Book             Praying Our Goodbyes                 Rulp, Joyce

Book             Preparation                          Saint Louis Marie de Manlfort

Children's Book Pre-reader Workbook

Book             Priestly People, A                   Brungs SJ, Robert

VHS              Prince of Egypt, The

Book             Program of Priestly formation, The

Book             Prophetic religion                   Hyatt, Philip

Book             Psalms for All Seasons               Craghon, John F.

Book             Psalms, The                          Various Authors

                                                  Page 16

Book              Quality of life                      Walter, James

Book              Quiet Places with Jesus              Powers, Isaias C. P.

Book              Reading the Letters of St. Paul.     Thomas, Carolyn

Book              Reality and Resistance               Rasmussen, Lary L.

Book              Reconciled with God                  B.M. Chevignard, O.P.

Book              Recovering Catholics                 Larsen, Earine

Book              Rediscovering Catholicism            Kelly, Matthew
                  Reinheld Niebuhr-Prophet to
Book              Predictions                          Store, Ronald H.

Book              Religion and Personality             Van Kaam C.S.S.P, Adrian

Book              Religion in Greece and Rome          Rose, HJ
                  Religion of Tellhard De Chardin,
Book              The                                  DeLubac, Henri

Book              Religious Education and the Brain Larson, Jerry

Book              Renegade Priest                      Flood, Renee

Book                                               Renard, John
                  Responses to 101 Questions on Islam

Book              Rise, Let us be on our way           Pope John Paul II

Book              Road Less Traveled, The

Book              Role of the Christian Family, The    Pope John Paul II
                  Roman Hellenism and the New
Book              Testament                            Grant, Fredrick C.

Book              Rule of St. Benedict, The            St. Benedict

Book              Sacraments for Secular Man           McCauley, George

Book              Saint for your Name (girls), A       Nevins M.M., Albert
                                                       Carole Monmarche' and the
Children's book   Saint John Basco                     salesion of Don Bosco

                                                      Page 17

                  Saint Manica and merson
Book              Augustine                             Cristighi, Leon

Book              Saint on Every Corner, A              Holtz OSB, Albert

Children's book   Saints Alive                          Schreiber, Gyle

Book              Saved by the light                    Brinkly, Dannion

Book              Screwtape Letters, The                Lewis, C.S.

Book              Season with the Savior, A             Sims, Edward R.

Book              Secret of Happiness, The

Cassette Tape     secret to happy Families, The         Macfarlane, Bud, and Dr Robert

Book              Secular Holiness                      Hinnebusch, Paul O.P.

Book              Seek Treasures in Small Fields        Puls, Joan

Book              Seekers Catechism, The                Pennock, Michael

Book                                                 Finley, Mitch
                  Seeker's Guide to Being Catholic, The

Book              Seekers guide to Saints, The          Finley, Mitch
                  Seekers Guide to the Christian
Book              Story, The                            Finley, Mitch

Children's Book Self-Esteem: A Classroom Affair         Borba, Michele & Craig

Workbook          Senior high Workbook

Book              Shadowlands

Book                                                  Initiation, The
                  Shape of Baptism: Rite of Christian Kavanagh, Aiden

Book              Signs of Catechesis                   Mongoven O.P., Anne Marie
                  Simplicity of Life as Lived in the
Book              Everyday                              Storms,Sister Kathleen

Book              Sitting Still                         Clifford, Patricia Hart

Book              So Things that Really Matter          What Really matters

                                                       Page 18

Book   Soaring on the Wings of Courage Olayinka,Joseph

CD     Sola Fide                          John Martignoni

CD     Sola Scripture                     John Martignoni

Book   Spiritual Intelligence             Sinetar, Marsha

Book   Spiritual Journey of Saint Paul    Cerfane, Lucien

Book   Spirituality of the Sacraments, The Bro O.P, Bernard

Book   Story of Christianity, The         Gongaleg, Justo L.

Book   Story of Christianity, The         Gonzales, Justo L.

Book   Such a Vision of the Street         Egan, Eileen

Book   Summoned by Love                   Carretto, Carlo

Book   Surprised by truth                 Madrid, Patrick

Book   Surrender                          Bergan, Jacqueline

Book   Symbols of Inner Truth             Kelly, Carole

Book   Take a Chance on God               Besnard, A. M.

Book   Tales of a magical monastery

Book                                      Various
       Talking to Your Children about being Catholic

Book   Teacher as Gift                    Sullivan, Gertrude Ann

Book   Tears of God, The                  Harrington, Wilford

Book   Teen Catechism                     McBride O. Praem, Alfred
       Tell Me Why Answering Tough
Book   Questions About the Faith          Chervin and Pollard
       The Apostolate of the Holy
Book   Motherhood                         Various Authors

Book   The Bethlehem Tree                 Pietyen, Mary Louise

                                         Page 19

Book             The Body of Christ                   Peikey CsJ, Clare

Book             The Catholic Response                Stravinskas, Peter M.J.
                 The Church of Apostles and
Book             Martyrs                              Daniel-Rops, Henri
                 The church speaks about
Book             sacraments with children             Searle, Mark

Book             The Church's Worship                 Crichton, J.D.
                                                      Gannon SJ,Thomas M and Traub
Book             The Desert and the City              SJ,George W.

Book             The Ends of the Earth                Kruse CSC,Robert J.

Book             The Everlasting Now                  Maloney S.J. George

Book             The Faith of Parents                 Harris, Maria

Book             The First Nine Months of Life        Flaragan,Geraldine Lux

Book             The First Nine Months of Life        Flaragan,Geraldine Lux

Book             The Gospel Without Compromise de Hueck Dohevty, Catherine

VHS tape         The Journey to America

Book             The life of st. Francis of Assisi    Bolton, Catherine

Book             The little flowers of St. Francis    Brown, Raphael

Book             The New Question Box                 Dietzen, John

Book             The Once and the Future Liturgy      Crichton, JD

Book             The Purpose Driven Life              Rick Warren

Book             The Recovery Love                    Imbach,Jeffery D.
Book/Exhortatio The Role of the Christian Family in
n               the Modern World                    Pope Paul, John 3

Book             The Sacred Shroud                    Thomas Humber

Book             The Sina Myth                        Greely, Andrew M.

                                                     Page 20

CD              The Truth                          Fr. Larry Richards
                The Way of a Pilgrim and The
Book/Novel      Pilgrim continues his Way          Translated by French, R.M.

Book            These are the sacraments           Sheen, Funton J.

Children's Book Thinking about God                 McCaslin, Susan

Book            This is our Faith                  Pennock, Michael

Book            This is the Mass                   Various Authors

Book            Threads of Hope                    St. Matthews Curcin

Book            Through Moses to Jesus             Martin S.J., Carlo M

Book            Tilted Haloes                      Eimer, Robert

Book            Timepiece                          Evans, Paul Richard

Book            Times of Grace                     Roger Poelman
                To Bear Witness that I Am the
Book            Living Son of God.                 Various
                To Bear Witness that I am the
Book            Living Son of God:Vol II           Various

Book            To Everything a Season             Thurston, Bonnie
                To Love To Share To Serve;
Book            Challenges to a Religious          Carrol, Patrick L. S.J.

Book            To remember Jesus                  Barr, Robert

Book                                                various authors
                To the Priests: Our ladies reloved sons

Book                                                various authors
                To the Priests: Our ladies reloved sons

Book                                                various authors
                To the Priests: Our ladies reloved sons

Book            Today's Missal (Music Issue)       ?

Book            Today's Missal (Music Issue)       ?
                Tomie depaolas book of bible
Book            stories                            Depaola, Tomie

                                                  Page 21

Book            Total Consecration                Montfort de ,St. Louis Marte

Book            Toward                            Casey,Michael
                Toward the understanding of Saint
Book            Paul                              Selby, Donald J.

Book            Transforming Bible Study6         Wink, Walter

Book            Treasure in Clay                  Sheen, Fulton J.

Book            Treasure of Friendship, The       Hallmark

Book            Treasury of Living Faith, A       Various
                Treasury of Quotations on
Book            Christian themes                  Simcox, Carroll E.

Book            Triumph of Love, The

Book            Triumph of Love, The

Book            Triumph of Love, The

Book            Triumph of Love, The

Book            Triumph of Love, The

Book            Triumph of Love, The

Book            Triumph of Love, The

Book            Triumph of Love, The

Book            Triumph of Love, The

Book            Triumph of Love, The

Book            Triumph of Love, The

Book            True Patriotism                   Dietrich, Bonhoeffer

Children's Book True Story of Santa Claus, The    Prokop, Paul
                Truth + Meaning of Human
Book            Sexuality, The

                                                 Page 22

               Two Commandments of Christ,
Book           The                               McGarrigle SJ, Francis J

Book           Under the Fig Tree                Breault SJ, William

Book           Unlocking the Doors of Your Heart Abata, Russell M.
               Vatican II and Documents on
Book           American affected praise          O'Conner, Timothy

Book           Victory Over Darkness             Anderson, Neil T.

Book           Vital Concepts of the Bible       McKenzie SJ, John L.

Book           Vital Spiritualities              Broccob, Gerard T.

Book           Voice Over the Water, A           Breult, William

Book           Water in the wilderness           Chifflot, T.G.

Book           Ways of Imperfection              Tugwell OP. Simon

Book           Weeds Among the Wheat             Green S.J., Thomas H.

Children's Book Welcome Children!                Various Authors
               What Difference Does Jesus
Book           Make                              Sheed, F.J..
               What More Would You Like to
Book           Know About the Church?            Father Kenneth Ryan
               What the Spirit says to the
Book           Churches                          Richards, Hubert

Book           What We Believe                   Perkins, Pheme

Book           What we Really want to know       Pennok, Michael Francis

Book           When a Teenager chooses you       Moore, Joseph
                                                 Gellman, Rabbi Marc and Hortman
Book           Where Does God Live?              Monsigneor Thomas

Book           Where Does God Live?              Gellman, Rabbi Marc

Book           Where Jesus Walked                Doyle, Stephen

Book           Who is Coming to Our House?       Slate, Joseph

                                               Page 23

Book           Why angels                        Cooke, Bermard
               Why Humanae Vitae was Right: A
Book           Reader                         Various Authors

Book           Why not be a Mystic?              Tuoti, Frank X.

Book           Wings of Joy                      Windmill, Joan Brawth

Book           With Open Hands

Book           With Open Hands                   Nonwen, Henri J.M

Book           Woman First Among the Faithful    Moloney SDB, Francis J.

Book           Woman to Woman                    Burton, Katherine

Book           Women at the Well, The            Kaam,cssp,Adrian Van

Book           Words from God                    Compiled by Kelley, Mathew
               Works of St John of the Cross Vol
Book           I, The                            Oates, Burns
               Works of St John of the Cross Vol
Book           II, The                           Oates, Burns

Children's Book World God Made, The

                                                Page 24

Description                                                   Length Copywrite

Crafts for Preschoolers.                                          50        1991

Facts and information                                             600       1986

?                                                             ?         ?

comparing Apples to God                                           47        1973

Inspirtational                                                    160       2002
an outline of the means to attain holiness through total
surrender to God                                                  119       1975

Stimulates public awareness                                       95        1984

Text and pictures.                                                316       1985
Answers to your honest questions about catholic
teaching.                                                         187       2000
life, faith, despair, election, and providence of Abraham -
prayer and trust and the significance of life                     157       1967

Luke's Acts of the Apostles                                       72

                                                                  135       2005

Conversion in Process.                                            58        1984

Background for Sunday lectionary.                                 130       1991

Teenagers in Crisis                                               226       1984
Guide to deeper appreciation of the triune God. Spells
out the implication of this for Spiritual Life.                   140       2000

Old testament reading guide.                                      81        1966

Beginning with the words we believe

                                                                  23        1967

about the apostolic fathers                                       287       1976

Christianity and the paranormal                                   209       2004

                                                      Page 25

The Amazing joy that can't be quenched, a peace which
can't be taken and a happiness which can't be
threatened.                                                        209   1990

Reflections on the fruit of the Spirit                             86    1962

"Lenten Meditations"                                               116   1996

Teacher training for U-8.                                                1975

Readings for Mass                                                  150   1999
the ramifications for Christians of the atomic bomb
dropped on Nagasaki                                                96    1985
For those who seek intimacy with God in the silence of
contemplative prayer                                               155   1984

Bibliography                                                       182   1987

An amazing story, for this day and age, of one mans                79    1973
response to the divine invitation to experience God as
Father.                                                            189   1976
Basic information, guidance and attitudes on sex for
boys.                                                              292   1988

The Work of Teachers and Catechists.                               113   1988
Exploring and entering into spiritual direction and the
importants of discernment.                                         193   1994

Guide for Engaged Couples                                          185   1994

Photograph essay on Lourdes, France                                91    1963
Scriptures text used in this work are from the New
American Bible                                                     233   2000

Crafts related to the Bible.                                       48    1998

a practical Christian response                                     92    1985

Illustrated Bible Stories                                          248   1995

Prayer book for Advent Lent and Easter                             256   1974

A prayer book for Advent, Christmas, Lent and Eastertide           236   1966

                                                       Page 26

24 simple rites for family prayer celebrations.                    53    1979

reading guide                                                      130   1965

Old testament reading guide.                                       128   1961

Tenants of the faith                                               568   1950

Various Prayers                                                    22

the sacramental process                                            135   1981

Old testament reading guide.                                       120   1970
Being able to take time for reflection, for breaking away
from our every day concerns.                                       125   1980

Love inspires its unselfish expression in all areas of life

5 Practical Ways to build family spirituality
A great man of science and faith gives a comprehensive
view for our generation                                            125   1965

Recovering the Gospel for these times.                             190   1981

Explores the beauty and value of friendship.                       160   1980

introducing you guide to the gospel                                41    1996

A collection of sermons chosen by Newman himself                   171   1964

it’s the Catechism of the Catholic Church                          840   1995

Ordination                                                         110   1997

A popular introduction to studying scripture                       244   1985

A revised and updated guide to Catholic Traditions                 199   2006

collection of prayers                                              68    1999

Devotional                                                         70    1999

                                                                   128   1972

                                                        Page 27

Renowned theologian discusses the relevance of
Catholicism to modern problems                                     280   1964

Purpose/guide                                                      51    1991

101 stories of life, love and learning                             354   1997
101 stories to open the Hearts and rekindle the spirits of
women.                                                             350   1996

                                                                   183   1960

Mass readings for children.                                        210   1974

illustrated                                                        112   1994

A modern presentation of the catholic faith                        440   1973

Personality of Christ and spiritual growth.                        155   1968

Christian thought in our world.                                    178   1964

Psychological challenges religious invitations of adult life       216   1979

A great lift the flaps book                                        15    1992
Each of us have God-given internal strength to score
practical victories over the pressures of the day.                 141   1970

A look at the core of Christian teachings.                         151   1992

How Early Churches Survived                                        156   1984

Religion                                                           148   1975

Collection of Biblical Prayers, psalms, scriptures                 310   1981

                                                                   172   1974

Prayers                                                            35    1990
Three Essays describing the interplay between the
church and the state.                                              189   1960

Info. On church teachings, beliefs, Values + practices             191   1982

Facts about confession                                                   2000

                                                       Page 28

The classic autobiography of the man who journeyed
from sin to sainthood                                              351       1963
Who Jesus is, what he means to us today and what his
relationship is to the poor and oppressed.                         149       1990

Contemplation of the author                                        396       1973

Only through prayer are we fully aware.                            123       1973

101 creative activities for Children to celebrate God's love       149       1992

Baby sheep at the Christmas manger.                                50        1994

A guide for nonprofessional counselors.                            201       1983

A sacred reading of the story of redemption                        126       1996

sheds light on the great theological concerns of our time          244       1994

Spirit-lifting thoughts for every day of the year.                 357       1987

daily readings in thebetween experiences of the "dark
Describes parallels morning                                        330       1992
night" of completive and darkness-coping, problems and
frustration of the active life.                                    117       1981

The Notre dame prayer book for students                            208       1974

story of Jesus' crucifixion                                        15        1998

II Spring                                                          224       1966

"are we saved by faith alone"                                  ?         ?

Life and Reflections of Saint Faustina.                            700       1981

Saints, Patrons                                                    600       1980

2000 articles covering every book of the bible.                    954       1965

Volume 7                                                           283       1987

Volume 3 of her life experience and the journey of her
The record                                                         279       1987
soul, The communication of God ought to be the center
of our soul.                                                       967       1987

                                                      Page 29

Lessons in the form of locations or inner conversations
with Jesus                                                         203   1997

Extracts from the writings of the early Christian fathers          268   1987

Picture Book                                                       25    1991

Live in the present. Think of Problems as teacher.                 250   1997

A story about Dorthy Day                                           44    1981

Christians Literature                                              48

Paraphrase Easter Story                                            28    1992

Message                                                            13    1984

Outlines for sex education                                         36    1983

The visions of Mary                                                278   1991
Prayer can be contributed to a sense of self worth and
happiness                                                          113   1978
A community dedicated to service of the mentality
handicap, excellent for those who give as well as receive.         142   1974
Proclamation, way of life and the Catholic Church in
America.                                                           289   1977

Reflection of the cross in ways of peoples lives.                  32    1970

Meditations                                                        217   1968
describes a new way of "seeing" in prayer in terms of the
contemplative mind                                                 155   1999

Sexuality Commitment                                               179   1987

An invitation to do theology                                       87    1981

About the experience of praying                                    82    1980

Study Guide to the Road Less Traveled                              185   1985
Figures from Old and New testament teach us how and
what to pray                                                       191   1977

Guide to Child beginning religious schooling                       106   1991

                                                       Page 30

based on the catechism of the catholic church                    180   1986
A message that will help people understand the deep
tenderness of the Father                                         77    1989
The book goes into detail about God's wisdom, splendor,
providence and mercy.                                            50    1977

Advent Meditations                                               106   1997
Short reflections: but a days worth of insight on how to
live in reality                                                  125   1995

A companion to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius           139   1991

Letting Go and Liking It.                                        315   2000

picture book for children                                        20    1976

A Whole New Way of looking at sin + reconciliation               180   1979

A gospel story                                                   133   2001

An account of their extraordinary lives                      30 min

Short stories                                                    78
Reflections on friendship integrating human and divine
aspects.                                                         144   1974

what it meant to become a Christian in the early church          210   1978

Christians Journey into God                                      150   1997

History of man and faith.                                        430   1957
Story of the spiritual journey geared toward those feeling
the grayness of an of an overcommitted life.                     142   1996

A children's day book of prayers                                 25    1999

a book about giving                                              50    1964

Christmas story through eyes of a young angel.                   50    2000
Discussing themes as Faith, donlot, and prayer, theism
and humanism                                                     125   1971

Picture book                                                     30    1975

                                                      Page 31

3 parables for the little children.                               50    1974

Includes Bible stories for Kids                                   62    1997

A wife                                                            47    2000

Meditations, a rich array of stories, poetry and questions.       141   1993

For every need                                                    334   1995

Story                                                             20    1992

Commentary of the main themes of Luke's gospel.                   197   1997

Uses comic strip to enlighten our faith                           127   1965

Restoration of Spiritual meaning                                  224   1966

Gospels as authority for guidelines to orientate our lives.       183   1965

Includes color pictures                                           432   1974
Growth in Faith. Featuring Abraham, Mary, Apostles and
others.                                                           200   1966

All time favorite articles                                        303   1972
A practical approach to sin and forgiveness that coveys
real meaning &the joy of confession                               118   1974

Beliefs, Practices, Prayers.

Art Activities for middle grades.                                 64    1972

Art Activities for middle grades.                                 64    1972

Art Activities for middle grades.                                 64    1972

Art Activities for primary grades.                                64    1971

Activities for upper grade religious programs.                    64    1991

Activities for upper grade religious programs.                    64    1991

Artistic book for upper grade religion programs.                  64    1972

                                                       Page 32

Comprehensive courage of issues.                                   210    1979

music about the Messiah                                                   1993

Helping children prepare for Sunday Mass.                           50    1988

Compare and contrast the Gospels                                   176    1981

Bringing positive attitude into your day.                          167    1985

A zany zoofull of God's creatures.                                  71    1996

Healing memories through the 5 stages of forgiveness               249    1978

Prayer and confession, steps to inner healing.                     101    1974
Meditation and prayer were the core of the authors life-
he explains his life                                               107    1987

Living the beatitudes, receiving the blessings you long for.       194    1994

finding God in life                                                 55    1973
People will seek out the church for answers to the deep
questions of life.                                                 284    1980

Peter reciting a nine day Novena to the Holy spirit                172    1994

Peter reciting a nine day Novena to the Holy spirit to
Second edition-an intimate Old Testament is related                172    1994
historical events, knowledge of Israel's history is essential
to its proper understanding                                        519    1976

The first 6 centuries.                                             143    1979

Year-Round activities for classroom and families.                  116    1986
Good reference on religious traditions throughout
different periods and their theology.                              233    1968

Mother Angelica leads each of the decades                          2:00   2003

Home Resource Book                                                 150    1991
Stories of hope, encouragement bracing faith and being a
faithful witness.                                                  126    1998

Courage to explore                                                 500    1999

                                                       Page 33

38 Eucharistic celebrations for today's youth.                     180
Here is a sound realistic guide to a truly good life rooted
in fulfillment on the deepest level.
Stimulates thought, arouses feelings, evokes sights,
sounds and smells                                                  213   1984

Numerous adult picture book                                        60    1986
spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of the god given
gift about sexuality                                               160   1984

Growing up too fast, too soon.                                     210   1981
Succeeds in narrowing for us a lesson both sweet and

                                                                   154   1984

An Introduction to the thought and worship of the Church.          518   1964

Explorations in Contemporary Spiritually                           118   1988

                                                                   217   1952

                                                                   217   1952

100 applications for the elementary classroom.                     131   1979

God, evil, suffering and the meaning of life                       212   1966

Children's book different faces of God.                            50    1994

A guide to today's Spirituality Church teachings and
God's revelation in scripture,                                     117   1982
contemplative writings offer a masterful presentation on
trust.                                                             149   1990

picture book                                                       32    1998
As a Little Brother of Charles Defoucauld, Carlo preaches
what he practices.
Nine strangers gather for prayer with nine different stories
of spiritual of spiritual practices used at the Center.            157   1983
Explores how the old Testament can apply to today's
Christian lives                                                    191   1985

Issues in the Christian                                            219   1989

                                                       Page 34

Issues in the Christian initiation of children.                   219   1989

mature Christian spirituality                                     167   1983
An urgent message Gur the world siven in a Marxist
country                                                           169   1984
A biblical series of surveys of the stories about Judas in
the new testament                                                 39    1971
Wisdom teaches the good life, love, and regard for one's
fellow man                                                        269   1969

Old testament Reading guide                                       158   1974

Empower leaders through Jesus leadership techniques.              318   1995
Gets to the heart of the many questions raised by and
about Jesus.                                                      212   1983

Eucharistic life exemplified by the saints.                       118   1996

Animated stories from the New Testament
The Shaping of Christianity in the second and third
centuries.                                                        216   1980

Examination of John's gospel.                                     118   1976

Discussions for Youths.                                           51    1989
"A Lenten Passage" Daily food to overcome the struggle
of entering the spirit of Lent.                                   116   1999

The infinite worth of human existence.                            135   1986

Spiritual reading                                                 180   1964

Useful truths about death                                         250   1963

A guided discovery for groups and individuals                     80    2004
author draws upon scripture, psychology, and theology to
layout the framework of spirituality of place                     160   1999

The recovery of intimacy.                                         132   1995

Theological, spiritual, and pastoral handbook.                    274   1991
Teaches that both liturgical and private prayer are
essential to our spiritual.                                       161   1966

                                                      Page 35

Faithful Story                                                     30        1997

Basic principals of modern gospel research                         136       1987

Empowering laity for the ministry.                                 143       1980

Story                                                              30        1976

An interesting look at prayer.                                     195       1972

Love letters to his lord                                           121       1969

Collections of letters                                             224       1951

Auto Biography                                                     187       1986
Psychological Principals applied to doctrines of St.
Thomas Aquinas                                                     245       1966

Everyday scriptural insights from the Bible geek.                  94        2001

A guide to spiritual Peace.                                        270       1950
Our own life and experience service to effect that deeper
union with our creator                                             115       1987

Praying Our Way to Virtue                                          95        2002
Conversations linking gardens, books, and birds to
commitment, doubt, contentment, and hope.                          132       1989

The art of discernment                                             174       1992

The origins of the Divine office and its meaning for today         373       1986
Living our lives within Jesus' questions can bring clarity
and richness to our spiritual experience.                          130       1999



A meaningful program in living a contemporary life           ?           ?

suffering and history                                              120       1983

                                                       Page 36

A supportive guide to dealing with fallen humanity and
remaining single and alone                                          192       2000

But this book is much more.

How can one discuss the presence of the Spirit today?               158       1970

a spirituality of non violence                                      58        1993

Spirituality for young adults                                       144       1998

How to draw near in love to both Jesus and out neighbor.            104       1983

the contemplative live is a dimension of every human life

Journey into Prayer                                                 112       1979
Forest helps us to realize that we too are enemies to
some people

Opens the treasures of the bible.                                   596       1976
A biography of Pier Giorgio Frassati, Patron saint of the bi-
annual World Youth Days                                             179       1975
Light from the Old Testament of the Psychology of
individualism                                                       140       1987
manual for the special forces, soldiers of the army of
Jesus Christ                                                        176       1995

?                                                               ?         ?

Mary in the New Testament                                           280       1978

Instruction book from Mary                                          141       1995

Instruction book from Mary                                          141       1995

The Catholic mass explained by Fr. Larry Richards                             2001
The sacrifice of the Mass and its meaning for us is
explored                                                            90        1965
Deep insight into great possibilities of spiritual workings
within us                                                           173       1976

significant miracle the day of Pentecost                            356       1984
Understanding Christianity in a larger psychological
context                                                             190       1952

                                                        Page 37

Individualism is a process self acceptance.                        186    1985

Answers questions about Jesus using models.                        190    1987

A sampling of the best modern spiritual writers.                   144    1985
"The path of Meditation" Guide to simple and practical
Christian tradition of the meditation                              114    1984

A guide to Piaget + Kohlerg                                        128    1975

Poems                                                               94    1996

                                                                   500    1997

cartoon humor - day to day difficulties of being God                50    1970

"Longing more for Jesus"                                           240    2002

picture book for children                                           20    1958

Living the right of faith.                                         191    1966
The divine history and life of the Virgin Mother of God -
for the encouragement of men.                                      794    1978

Dilemmas in the modern church.                                     149    1964

St. Joseph edition                                                 1982   1970

Book about liturgies.                                               64    1977

                                                                   301    1970

Men have a common destiny                                          254    1955
Temptations peculiar to middle age, fear, guilt, lack of
fervor and loss of conviction                                      178    1964

Stories of yesterday and today.                                    185    1977

Stories of yesterday, today and eternity                           187    1977

picture book for children                                           20    1975

Encyclical Letter of Paul VI                                        16    1968

                                                       Page 38

"Men Spake from God". A study guide for Hebrew
prophets                                                            148   1966

Fable that promotes a understanding of the Earth                    44    1992

Easter-the glory after the cross                                    208   1961

Faith tales a new spring in American spiritual writing.
Beginning for children.                                             68    1978
Lauded as a landmark of spiritual literature since Vatican
II.                                                                 179   1970
Considers some of the special questions and problems
which surround the bible.                                           84    1970

Exploring the Sunday Readings                                       255   1991

Exploring the Sunday readings                                       253   1991

Paul's teaching and the early church.                               329   1925
How to know and live with yourself and those around you
with worldly wisdom and Christian love                              181   1957
A simple account of the great mysteries + facts of
Christian faith                                                     153   1996

New was to envision prayer                                          143   1970

Second Edition-historical maps and tests and data                   144   1974

illustrated                                                         230   1998
Simple stories with multi-facetted views into truth &
reality.                                                            167   1994
10 steps to empower your teen to choose the best-
abstinence until Marriage                                           229   2002

Narratives of Jesus                                                 126   1986
Paul, a dynamic man of God - the bridge between
Christian, Jews, and Gentile                                        299   1927
Discusses the many personalities encountered in Jesus'
public life.                                                        140   1963

A study of our Christian Catholic roots.                            560   1981

Pocket Devotional                                                   96    1998

biography                                                     50 min.     1994

                                                        Page 39

the life of karol wajtyla                                          283     1979

Christian Spirituality of the East for the Western man.            216     1975

Confession + the Holy spirit                                        62     1972

Hoe the spiritual dynamic of praise revolutionizes lives           143     1972

Family prayers
A meditation to deepen our awareness of God's presence
and give meaning to work, study and prayer in Daily life.          184     1980

A pranger book for today's Christian                               224     1973

Prayers                                                             87     1979
Paul's major epistle phrased as players talking to god
instead of about him.                                              238     1964
Prayer is a journey that creates and reveals oneself in the
process                                                            128     1972
A guide to contemplative prayer as understood through
Eastern spirituality and the writings of the desert fathers        206     1981
A verbal & non-verbal view of prayer - liturgical,
communal & individual.                                             126     1974

Reflections to lead to a deeper prayer life.                       160 ?
Hello always follows goodbyes if we allow it-There is new
life                                                               181     1988

Writings of Saint Louis Marie de Manlfort                           84

Pre-reader workbook                                                124     1991

Contemporary Catholicism has discovered the laity.                 179     1968
Two brothers, one a ruler, the other a leader, meet to
change the world.                                                  1:39

National conference of U.S. bishops guidelines                     174     1981

based on the great old testament prophets                          188     1947

Psalms and information about them                                  164     1993

A collection of Psalms                                             255

                                                       Page 40

New Medical Dilemma                                               345   1990

40 Guided Imagery Meditations for Personal Prayer                 123   1978

Study, reflection and prayer.                                     194   2002

Studies in Christian Ethics                                       222   1972

Discusses the universal call to holiness.                         212   1965

What to do when religion comes between you and god                166   1992

Journeying toward our spiritual north star                        313   2002

American foreign policy - religious faith from 1915-1971          272   1972
extensive and meaningful consideration of the growth of
the religious personality                                         169   1964
Reference to religions that were before the rise of
Christianity.                                                     305   1970

Analyzes his religion                                             432   1962
Practical resource for understanding how we learn about
God                                                               188   2000

The life And work of Father Emmett Hoffmann                       230   2003

                                                                  173   1998

                                                                  215   2004
a new psychology of love, Traditionally values, and
spiritual growth                                                  316   1979

Only through study of the Hellenistic age can the true            136   1980
historical significance of the New Testament be
understood.                                                       216   1962

Rules of the order                                                96    1982

Hope filled and without pretense

                                                                  104   1980

The friend of young people and children                           71    1997

                                                      Page 41

                                                                  171   1972

Glimpses of holiness beyond the Monastery                         167   1998

Stories and activities for children                               60    1996

True story of a man who died twice                                200   1994
This book anticipates and warns against the blurring of
the lines between the spiritual and secular.                      132   1985

Meditations on Mark                                               110   1978

Love, Peace, Joy, and Freedom - magnificent promises              80

Guide to improve family life                                            1998

Wholeness of Life in Relationship with God                        258   1971
Everyday holiness through openness to all of our
encounters in our lives.                                          148   1993
Basics of Catholicism in light of the new catechism of the
Catholic Church                                                   132   1994
Easier to read than the Catechism of the Catholic
Church.                                                           184   1997

General and specific information about saints.                    182   2000
describes the story of the roman catholic church without
technicality                                                      286   1990

101 Ways to help children like themselves.                        132   1978

Senior high Workbook.                                             130   1991
Describes relationships (romance) between C.S. Lewis
and Joy Gresham                                                   263   1993
Theoretical and practical help to those concerned about
Christian initiation.                                             224   1974

An overview of the National Catechetical Directory.               140   1979

For anyone who wants to slow down and meet God.                   296   1983
"An encounter with Christian Zen" making Zen meditation
intelligential to western Christians                              82    1994

                                                                  159   2002

                                                      Page 42

Self help                                                           100       2001

Salvation by truth alone "a question to consider"             ?           ?

"The Bible Alone"                                             ?           ?

What we can learn from the early awakening child                    214       2000

Biography of Paul's thoughts and his spirit.                        226       1968

Doctrine- Practice for Today                                        250       1968

The reformation to the present day.                                 395       1984

Early church to the dawn of reformation.                            429       1984

To be Loved as to love.                                             448       1985
Sustained Mediation based on the "Prayer of
Abandonment"                                                        143       1978
converts give the biblical and historical reasons for
becoming catholic                                                   269       1994

A guide for prayer                                                  153       1971

Expressing Meaning and beyond                                       130       1988

A guide to Christian prayer.                                        137       1977

the life of theophane the monk                                      95        1987

Various topics.                                                     141       1995

Self-evaluation tool for religious educators.                       57        1979

Our benevolent creator and human suffering.                         70        1992

Teaching Guide                                                      48        1996

A grank, no-holds-barred look at objections to the faith            160       1994

                                                                    122       1991

For parents and children                                            128       1976

                                                        Page 43

A guide for Eucharistic ministers                                    145   1970
The Catholic Response is meant to serve a variety of
audiences                                                            118   1985
Traces the growth of the infant church from time of the
Apostles through the fourth century.                                 388   1962

baptism, confirmation, Eucharist, penance                            66    1990

Discusses Vatican 2 Constitution and Liturgy                         246   1964

An interpretation of the history of Christian Spirituality.          291   1969

Christ is found here and now in our here and now.                    172   1966
Meditations on the Mysteries of life + Death as they torch
our daily life                                                       222   1980

As your child begins formal religious schooling                      106   1991

Text and pictures.                                                   149   1965

Text and pictures.                                                   149   1965
All Christians are called to preach the gospel to men
everywhere with their lives.                                         150   1976

the pilgrimage of pope john Paul 2 to the u.s.                 90 min.

the treat of miracles                                                404

An entirely new version with 20 additional chapters                  357   1958

Catholic life the the nine ties the life of the church.
Changes in for liturgy within                                        604   1988
Adaptation and the problems of innovation - discussion of
Mass.                                                                138   1977

"?What Am I Here For"                                                331   2002
Four great 14th century mystics lives and writings work
through turmoil and troubles to find intimacy with God.              151   1992

Apostolic Exhortation-Families consortia                             132   1981
Overwhelming new evidence and scientific explanation
for the miraculous Shroud of Turin                                   213   1963

Ten Commandments-A covenant                                          216   1972

                                                         Page 44

?                                                                 ?         ?

A classic of the spiritual libe                                       244 none

The sacraments involved with the catholic religion                    144        1962

Mother and child discussing God                                        18        1994

A Catholic Catechism for adults                                       358        1998
Pre Vatican 2-an explanation of the parts of mass as well
as visual guide                                                       159        1958

Bible                                                                 247 none
Reflections on scripture in relation to spiritual life of Jesus
as understood through the life of Moses.                              123        1988

                                                                      124        1964
A parent's love lasts forever through life's joys and
sorrows and even reaches into that peace after life.                  340        1996
Discusses the recurrence of the number "40" in the Bible
and it's meaning as a sign.                                           187        1964

Modern times witnesses of Christ. His word documented.                118        1991
Modern times witnesses of Christ continue. His word
documented.                                                           115        1992

Reflections on how we think about and how we use time.                120        1999

Reflections on our common aims and aspirations                         75        1981

The meaning of the mass for children                                   69        1965

Collection of essays                                                  849        1994

Collection of essays                                                  849        1994

Collection of essays                                                  849        1994

Collection of Hymns                                                   200        2004

Collection of Hymns                                                   200        2004

picture book                                                          127        1990

                                                         Page 45

Writings of the specific saint                                   84

The ancient wisdom of western prayer.                            180   1995
This book furnishes an understanding of the world of
Paul and his contributions to Christian thought.                 354   1962
Not just study, understanding or insights but incarnating
and enfleshing the word.                                         176   1980

Autobiography of author                                          365   1980

Reflections of Friendship                                        61    1968

Catholic devotions for everyday of the year.                     365   1991

Quotes                                                           235   1975

                                                                 137   1994

                                                                 137   1994

                                                                 137   1994

                                                                 137   1994

                                                                 137   1994

                                                                 137   1994

                                                                 137   1994

                                                                 137   1994

                                                                 137   1994

                                                                 137   1994

                                                                 137   1994

Break of the war 1939 until his death in 1945
How Santa Claus prayed to Jesus for the help to do what
is right.                                                        31    2000

Guidelines for education within the family                       60    1996

                                                     Page 46

Love of God Love of Neighbor                                         198    1962

Stories of prayer filled moments.                                     95    1980

A new look at love                                                   141    1984

Theological life series 15                                           260    1991
Realizing the power of your identity in Christ. Free
yourself from burdens, become a spiritual person                     245    1990
Refreshing light to symbols and facts in the Christmas

naming the holy in your life                                          93    1990

An invitation to pray.                                               111    1976

Introduces reader to deeper meaning of biblical text                 138    1967
"An Exploration of Christian Spirituality". Early history and
development of spirituality.                                         229    1985

Discernment: Where Prayer and Action Meet                            204    1970

Beginners' Mass book                                                  30    1973
A close, long reading of the Gospels is necessary for
personal intimacy with Jesus.                                        242    1971

What to do when children lose their faith.                           261    1978

A key to John's Apocalypse.                                          141    1967

A Biblical Catechism of the Apostle's Creed.                         134    1986

Answers to 101Questions teens always ask                             220    1996

Practical advice for any adult.                                       82    1989

Questions and answers for parents and children.                      144    1991

Questions and answers for parents and children.144                   1991
Pictures and description of the real life locations of
significant events in the life of Jesus.                              63    1973

picture book                                                          20    1988

                                                         Page 47

Question? Are they real really greeded                           86    1996

Collections of Humanae Vitae                                     567   1993
Importance of silence and solitude in our busy lives. God
offers the gift of mystic life to all.                           188   1995
The wings of joy will bend to send you crashing
downward, but you can soar back up.

                                                                 137   1995

Major new testament classic with to the scriptural
Simple, contemporarytexts pointinggreat power                    130   1995
tradition that woman lead the way in faith and
discipleship.                                                    127   1986

Teachings of home and world                                      217   1961

John's Gospel gives a story of inward transformation.            152   1976
Compilation of methods and messages to bring the
reader closer to God                                             125   1993

Teachings of a Dr. of the church                                 486   1934

Teachings of a Dr. of the church                                 470   1934

Story of creation                                                30    1965

                                                     Page 48

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