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					                         Rock Hill High School Cheerleaders and Dancers
                                         Rules and Policies

Welcome to the Rock Hill High School Cheer and Dance Program! We look forward to working with
you and enjoying a successful season!

              Football Season                           Freshman Spirit Squad
Varsity Competition Squad                                    Cheers at 9th grade football games and
     Cheers at Varsity football games                         9th grade basketball games
     Competes at area and regional                          Sells programs and spirit items at
        competitions                                           Varsity games
     Made up of students from grades 9-12                   Made up of students from grade 9

Junior Varsity Spirit Squad
     Cheers at JV football games and JV                             Basketball Season
        basketball games (boys and girls)               Basketball Dance Team
     Sells programs and spirit items at                    Cheers at Varsity basketball games
        Varsity games                                          (boys and girls)
     Made up of students from grades 9-11                  Made up of students from all grades
                                                            Tryouts held in October

Cheerleading Tryouts for Football Season:
Tryouts for football season will be held April 25, 2009. All candidates must have a physical on file
with the trainer before they may tryout for cheerleading. Anyone who quit or was kicked off of
a team last year must see Coach Cooper for permission to tryout. The number of spots on the
team is determined by the coach. Candidates will be judged by a panel of outside judges and the
coaches. Team selection is based on the judges’ overall scores (50%) and the coach’s overall scores
(50%). A candidate may request to view her own scores, but may NOT view the scores of other
candidates. An appointment must be set up with the coach and athletic director in order to view

Transfer Students:
If a student moves into the Rock Hill High School zone during the summer, that student will be
eligible to tryout. The student will tryout for the three coaches and will be scored on the same scale.
If that student’s scores are comparable to the candidates’ scores who are on the team, that student will
be able to make the team.

If a student who is zoned for Northwestern High School or South Pointe High School puts in a transfer
request or hardship request to the school district, that student may not tryout for the team until the
request is approved. A meeting with the athletic director and documentation will be required as proof
of eligibility. That student may tryout for the team as a transfer student.

All cheerleaders and dancers must maintain a C in all classes. If a team member’s grade falls below a
C in any class, she must attend two hours of tutoring per week in order to be eligible to cheer. She
must get her tutoring attendance sheet signed by the tutor and turned in to the coach before the game
in order to be eligible to participate.
School Rules:
All cheerleaders and dancers must follow all school rules and regulations.
     First ISS (for any offense): conditioning
     Second ISS (for any offense): 1 game suspension
     Third ISS (for any offense): dismissal
     First OSS (for any offense): dismissal or other consequence at the discretion of the coach

All scheduled practices, including summer practices, clinics, and camps, are mandatory. Cheerleaders
and dancers may only miss practices due to illness (doctor’s note required) or a death in the family.
Cheerleaders and dancers must call the coach before practice in order for the practice to be
excused. Cheerleaders and dancers may not miss practices due to homework, work detail, other
extracurricular activities, orthodontist appointments, hair appointments, or any other appointment.
Missed practices for these reasons or without calling the coach will be considered unexcused.
     First unexcused practice: 1 game suspension and conditioning
     Second unexcused practice: removal from competition routine
     Third unexcused practice: dismissal

Cheerleaders and dancers must dress appropriately for practice. No regular bra straps may be visible
at any time. Only cheerleading shoes or dance shoes may be worn for practice. No gum, jewelry, or
acrylic nails will be allowed. The coach will have the final decision on practice attire. Cheerleaders
or dancers dressed inappropriately will receive the following:
      First offense: warning
      Second offense: conditioning
      Third offense: sit out for practice (resulting in an unexcused absence)

Running, strength training, and stretching activities will be a regular part of tryout practices and
regular team practices. Conditioning prevents stress injuries and gets the team in shape for
competition. Competition and dance routines are high energy and intense; running and other cardio
exercises are essential for competitive cheerleaders and dancers. All team members are expected to
give their best effort during conditioning. Sore muscles are not injuries and do not require rest from
practice. Endurance, strength, and flexibility are the most important injury prevention.

All games are mandatory. Cheerleaders and dancers must remain together as a team until after the
post-game meeting. Policy for missing games is the same as missing practices; only illness (doctor’s
note required) or a death in the family are acceptable reasons for missing a game.
     First unexcused game: 1 game suspension and conditioning
     Second unexcused game: dismissal

All cheerleaders and dancers will ride to away games and competitions with the team on the bus
provided by the school. Cheerleaders and dancers may leave away games and competitions with their
parent only. Parents must receive special permission from the athletic director in order for a
participant to be allowed to leave an away game or competition with someone other than her own
parent. This must be taken care of before the season begins. The coach cannot grant permission for a
cheerleader or dancer to ride home with someone other than her own parent.

Cheerleaders and dancers are responsible for all uniform accessories. Uniforms and warm ups are
school property; if an item is lost, it must be paid for and replace immediately (shipping fees and tax
will be included). That cheerleader or dancer may be required to sit out for games or competitions
until the lost item arrives. Please take care of the uniforms, warm ups, and other accessories. These
items are expensive to replace one at a time.

Chain of Command:
If a problem or question arises, the problem or question should be addressed with the coach of the
team. Any parent or student has the right to appeal the decision of the coach with the athletic director.

Expectations of a RHHS Cheerleader or Dancer:

    1. All cheerleaders and dancers must display positive school spirit at all times.
       Cheerleaders and dancers are very visible school representatives and should support the
       school in word, behavior, and appearance. No cheerleader or dancer should wear another
       school’s logos to school or a school-related function.
    2. All cheerleaders and dancers must be respectful, diligent students. Team members
       should take academics seriously. If a cheerleader or dancer’s grades fall below a C, that
       student will be required to attend tutoring. ISS and OSS are unacceptable for team members.
    3. All cheerleaders and dancers must show respect for the coach at all times. This is
       important for the safety of all team members. Cheerleading can be dangerous if the coach’s
       directions are not followed. Teams may also attend out of town games or competitions;
       listening and following the coach’s instructions will ensure that these trips run smoothly.
    4. Team members must attend all assigned games. Missing a game is a very serious offense.
       Teammates depend on each other for performances, and missing one person can create
       problems for a routine. Cheerleaders and dancers should arrive on time and stay until the
       coach dismisses them.
    5. Team members must attend all practices and events. Cheer and dance are demanding
       sports; during their seasons, the teams may have a practice, game, or other event nearly every
       day. By trying out for the team, you are expressing a commitment to attend all practices,
       games, and events. Please do not try out if you are not willing to devote a large chunk of your
       time to the team. Cheerleaders and dancers should be on time for practice and should remain
       until the coach dismisses them. Practice is important for skill-building, conditioning, and
       team-bonding. The coach may not always be able to give two weeks notice before an event;
       if you have a planned conflict, please discuss the situation with the coach.
    6. Cheerleaders and dancers should take pride in their position on the team. All
       cheerleaders and dancers should carry themselves in a manner that reflects their commitment
       and pride in their team. No uniforms should be loaned to non-teammates.
    7. Cheerleaders and dancers must meet all financial obligations on time. Cheerleading can
       be a very expensive sport, sometimes costing up to $700. Fundraising opportunities will be
       provided to offset some of the cost.

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