TEXTMATE cheat sheet by qjp12472


									  TEXTMATE cheat sheet	shortcuts - macro's - snippets - commmands
GENERAL                                  completion
                             ⎋    shift left
                             ⌥⇥ or ⌘[
                             ⌘N      find
                                   ⌘F    shift right
                           ⌥⇤ or ⌘]
new project
                     ⌃⌘N     find in projet
                       ⇧⌘F     indent line
                            ⌘O      find next
                             ⌘G     edit each line in selection
                             ⌘S     find previous
                        ⇧⌘G     reformat paragraph
save as
                        ⇧⌘S      replace all
                         ⌃⌘F     reformat and justify
save all
                       ⌥⌘S      replace all in selection
           ⌃⇧⌘F     unwrap paragraph
save project
                    ⌃⌘S     replace & find
                       ⌥⌘F     execute line inserting result
save project as
                ⌃⇧⌘S     use selection for find
                 ⌘E    filter through command
reveal in project
               ⌃⌘R     use selection for replace
           ⇧⌘E     add / remove bookmark
                            ⌘P     jump to selection
                     ⌘J    go to next / previous bookmark
        F2 and ⇧F2
                             ⌘?     spelling 
                             ⌘:    navigate tabs 
                    ⌥⌘← and ⌥⌘→
                             ⌘Z     check spelling
                        ⌘;    go to header / source
                           ⇧⌘Z      check spelling as you type
           ⌥⌘;    go to file
                              ⌘X     special characters
                  ⌥⌘T     go to symbol
                            ⌘C      bigger / smaller font
           ⌘+ and ⌘-   scroll line up / down
           ⌃⌥⌘↑ and ⌃⌥⌘↓
                            ⌘V     show / hide bookmarks
               ⌥⌘B     scroll column left / right
      ⌃⌥⌘← and ⌃⌥⌘→
paste without re-indent
         ⌃⌘V     show / hide line numbers
            ⌥⌘L     go to line
paste previous 
                ⇧⌘V      show / hide project drawer
         ⌃⌥⌘D     go to middle visible line
paste from clipboard history
   ⌃⌥⌘V     soft wrap
                          ⌥⌘W      sort lines	                                     F5
duplicate line / selection
      ⌃⇧D     show / hide invisibles
               ⌥⌘I    statistics for document / selection
freehand editing 
              ⌥⌘E      fold current block	                     F1   select bundle item
overwrite mode
                 ⌥⌘O      convert to uppercase
                  ⌃U    open bundle menu
select word
                      ⌃W     convert to lowercase
                ⌃⇧U     show web preview
select line
                     ⇧⌘L     convert to titlecase
                ⌃⌥U      tab triggers 
select enclosing brackets
      ⇧⌘B                                                      lorem, isoD, c)
                                         convert to opposite case
                                                                                       other commands
select current scope
            ⌃⌥B     move line up / down
          ⌃⌘↑ and ⌃⌘↓
                                                                                         new from template, re-open with encoding,
select all
                       ⌘A     move column left / right
     ⌃⌘← and ⌃⌘→       spaces 2 tabs, terminal usage
  TEXTMATE cheat sheet	shortcuts - macro's - snippets - commmands
SOURCE                                                    HTML                                                           JAVASCRIPT
comment line / selection
                        ⌘/       documentation
                                        ⌃H       documentation

lookup definition (ctags) 
                         ⌃]     validate
                                           ⌃⇧V         tab triggers 
                                                                                                                            function, prototype
toggle single / double string quotes 
            ⌃"      tidy

escaped double quotes: \"…\"
                     ⌘"      refresh browser

escaped single quotes: \'…\'
                  ⌥⌘"        convert to entities / URL escapes
insert comment banner
                         ⌃⇧B        insert open / close tag 
                                 ⌃<   documentation
continue line comment
                             ⌅      insert close tag
                                    ⌥⌘.       validate
move to EOL and insert LF
                      ⌘↩        wrap selection in open / close tag 
               ⌃⇧W         preview
move to EOL and insert “;”
                   ⌥⌘↩         wrap each selected line in tag 
                                                                                                                          tab triggers 
move to EOL and insert “;” + LF
              ⇧⌘↩         wrap selection as link 
                            ⌃⇧L           background, border, clear, color, cursor, direction,
                                                                                                                            display, font, float, letter, list, margin, marker,
newline: \n
                                     ⌃↩       non breaking space
                                                                                                                            opacity, overflow, padding, position, text, vertical,
convert spaces to tabs 
                     ⌃⇧⌘T         br
                                                   ⌃↩          visibility, white, word, z, {

convert source to HTML
                        ⌃⇧H        strong
                                               ⌘B        other commands
                                                                                                                            insert color
view source as HTML
                         ⌃⌥⌘P         emphasize

 tab triggers 
                                    ⇥       tab triggers 
  head                                                          doctype, movie, input, textarea, mailto, base,
                                                                body, div, form, h1, head, link, meta, scriptsrc,        PHP
 other commands
                                                                script, style, table, title                              documentation
  view source as PDF
                                                           other commands                                                validate
                                                                open document in browser, strip html tags
                                                                                                                         continue block comment

                                                                                                                          tab triggers php 
search on apache.org
                                                          XML                                                               $_, -globals, php, class, def, def?, do, else, elseif,
 tab triggers 
                                    ⇥                                                                        for, foreach, function, if, ifelse, if?, incl, incl1, array,
  allow, opt, vhost                                                                                                         print, req, req1, retres, retret, ret0, ret1, case,
 other commands                                           tidy
                                               ⌃⇧H           switch, while
  start, stop, restart, graceful, open httpd.conf, open    tab triggers 
                                           ⇥     tab triggers phpdoc

  config for user, tail acces log, tail errro log                xml, <a, <, >                                               doc_c, doc_cp, doc_d, doc_dp, doc_f, doc_fp,
                                                                                                                            doc_h, doc_i, doc_s, doc_v, doc_vp

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