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									                        Kenyngton Recreation Ground
                            Survey Results 2004

Notes:   Results for 208 cases
         Valid percents shown

Q1.      In general, how often do you use Kenygnton Park?

                                        No.        %          %
          Every day                      21        10
          2-3 times a week               30        15
          Once a week                    16         8        45
          2-3 times a month              15         7
          Once a month                   11         5
          Less than once a month         53        26
          Never - Go to Q4               59        29
          Base                          205

Q2.      What do you tend to use Kenyngton Park for? PLEASE TICK ALL THAT APPLY

                                     No.        %
          Take children to play       55        38
          For a walk                  54        37
          Play sports or games        44        30
          To walk the dog             38        26
          To relax                    25        17
          Meet friends                19        13
          Observe the wildlife        17        12
          Take a short cut            15        10
           Base                      146
         NB.    Respondents could answer more than once

Q3.      We are aware a range of problems have been experienced in the park. Please can
         you tell us which 3 problems you would MOST like to see resolved:

                                                                                   Frequent   Infrequent /
                                                                   Overall           users     non-users
                                                                 No.        %         %            %
          Vandalism and graffiti                                  97        66        66           66
          Feeling intimidated by teenagers hanging around         91        61        60           64
          People using or dealing drugs                           79        53        48           63
          People driving motorbikes illegally                     61        41        43           38
          People being drunk in public                            40        27        29           25
          Abandoned or burnt out cars                             39        26        26           29
          Noise levels                                            18        12        13           11
          People sleeping rough                                   18        12        12            7
          Base                                                   148
         NB.    Respondents could answer more than once
                Frequent users include those using the park at least once a month
                Infrequent users are those using the park less than once a month or never
Q4.   Here is a list of the possible new facilities that Spelthorne Council could develop at
      Kenyngton Park. Please can you tell us how important you think each potential new

                                             Mean Score of       Very      Fairly     Not that Not at all   Base
                                                Importance important important important important
                                                                 (No.)     (No.)        (No.)     (No.)
        Children's play area                        3.58          137        37           6        10       190
        Adventure play for 8-11 year olds           3.49          122        46           8        11       187
        Grass football pitch with goals             3.15           74        67          23        12       176
        Youth Zone                                  3.01           69        56          28        20       173
        Astro turf for mixed use                    2.89           48        77          24        21       170
        Youth meeting point                         2.85           54        59          35        22       170
        Volleyball / badminton                      2.71           39        61          41        23       164
        Astro turf for football                     2.57           32        53          49        26       160
        Skate ramps                                 2.56           30        66          40        32       168
        BMX jumps                                   2.50           32        53          46        34       165
        Graffiti wall                               2.48           46        37          47        45       175
        Table tennis                                2.43           28        51          50        36       165
      (NB. The mean score is calculated by allocating a score of 4 for those improvements ranked
      ‘very important’, 3 for those ranked ‘fairly important’ & so on, down to 1 for those ranked ‘not
      at all important’ – then taking an average)

                                                                   Mean score of importance
                                                Overall      Frequent    In-frequent     U25      25-49      50+
                                                               users        users

        Children's play area                      3.58          3.59         3.60        3.32      3.62      3.73
        Adventure play for 8-11 year olds         3.49          3.49         3.52        3.32      3.56      3.61
        Grass football pitch with goals           3.15          3.24         3.08        3.03      3.09      3.33
        Youth Zone                                3.01          2.95         3.05        2.80      3.07      2.94
        Astro turf for mixed use                  2.89          2.89         2.89        2.73      2.94      2.92
        Youth meeting point                       2.85          2.75         2.95        2.76      2.77      2.83
        Volleyball / badminton                    2.71          2.75         2.69        2.59      2.67      2.72
        Astro turf for football                   2.57          2.55         2.58        2.57      2.60      2.64
        Skate ramps                               2.56          2.42         2.70        2.43      2.67      2.55
        BMX jumps                                 2.50          2.49         2.53        2.52      2.56      2.44
        Graffiti wall                             2.48          2.52         2.42        2.48      2.41      2.50
        Table tennis                              2.43          2.43         2.45        2.21      2.38      2.57
      Please can you tell us how important you think each of the following general

                                             Mean Score of Very      Fairly   Not that Not at all          Base
                                              Importance important important important important
                                                           (No.)     (No.)     (No.)     (No.)
        Better lighting                          3.73       140       41         5         0               186
        Improved security                        3.69       151       28        11         3               193
        Perimeter footpath for dog
                                                     3.57         131        45          11         5      192
        walkers and walkers
        More bins                                    3.43          99        73          12         3      187
        Improved perimeter fencing                   3.34          96        53          22         7      178
        More benches                                 3.31          86        80          19         4      189
        Wildlife area                                3.04          75        53          37        15      180
        More shrubs, flowers & trees                 3.02          62        76          32        13      183
        Larger car park                              2.76          55        49          54        22      180
      (NB. The mean score is calculated by allocating a score of 4 for those improvements ranked
      ‘very important’, 3 for those ranked ‘fairly important’ & so on, down to 1 for those ranked ‘not
      at all important’ – then taking an average)

                                                                   Mean score of importance
                                                 Overall      Frequent    In-frequent    U25       25-49    50+
                                                                users        users

        Better lighting                           3.73          3.75         3.71        3.69      3.63     3.88
        Improved security                         3.69          3.68         3.73        3.31      3.61     3.94
        Perimeter footpath for dog
                                                  3.57          3.62         3.53        3.17      3.55     3.73
        walkers and walkers
        More bins                                 3.43          3.44         3.43        2.93      3.42     3.64
        Improved perimeter fencing                3.34          3.32         3.35        2.59      3.30     3.65
        More benches                              3.31          3.27         3.34        3.13      3.16     3.54
        Wildlife area                             3.04          2.95         3.13        2.28      2.99     3.36
        More shrubs, flowers & trees              3.02          2.86         3.13        2.59      2.96     3.22
        Larger car park                           2.76          2.61         2.92        2.39      2.65     3.18

Q6.   Are you:

                      No.         %
        Male           76         37
        Female        130         36
        Base          206
Q7.   Please can you tell us your age on your last Birthday:

                     No.       %
        Under 25     31        17
        25 - 49      78        44
        50+          69        39
        Base        178
      (NB. Only 2% of respondents were aged 19–24, so these have been groups with those aged
      18 & under)

Q8.   Postcode information

Q9.   If you would like to make any additional comments about how Kenyngton Park could
      be improved, please use the space below:

      See overleaf
                        General Comments
Security (General)
    You need more security
    We use the park for football on Saturday but I am afraid to go during the week
       because it feels isolated and there is no play equipment for the younger
       children anyway.
    Security and safety an important issue.
    The children…… also expressed concerns of perverts in park - maybe some
       parents concerns!
    I used Kenyngton Park some 16-18 years ago when I was at school at
       Kenyngton Manor! I would like to see it returned to the state it was then, a
       place to be able to enjoy recreational facilities without the threats that seem
       common these days when trying it a safe area to enjoy myself, let alone to
       take young children. I would most like to see the Park made into what it
       should be - a free, outdoor, fun (but safe) place to enjoy what little leisure time
       we all seem to have
    Security
    The residents to help keep our park safe for the young and old.

Security (Young People)
    Too many kids of all ages hang around looking for trouble. Young ones
       should be indoors, and teenagers at a Youth Club.
    The area should be improved for all age groups - maybe then groups of
       young people would be less likely to take over these areas.
    Teenagers intimidated the area, should be police. More in the parks and
       Sunbury area.
    Good luck perhaps improving the park will keep some of the big yobs out of
       the streets.
    There needs to be supervision by parents of children and policing.
    Encourage as many people as possible to use the park and, if kids are
       causing problems to other users come down hard with ASBO's or similar. The
       more people use it the less attractive to vandals. Can we do this exercise with
       King George Park please.
    I have never been to the park, but am in favour of anything that will help the
       young people enjoy themselves and not messing up streets with cans, graffiti,
    However nice you make any park it will always be vandalised by the minority
       of unhappy youths whose parents don't care. Its the parents of the problem
       teenagers that need to get off their backsides & be parents.
    Remove youth shelter - keep teenagers out of park at evenings and
       weekends. Keep facilities distanced from our houses. Improve lighting,
       security, fencing. Use the sports building to prevent it being derelict. Take
       action on offenders who spoil park.
    Survey all the youth in the area. What do they want? The youth are no longer
       interested in sport. Things have changed, waste of money providing sports
       facilities. They don't use them, only vandalise them. get the youth involved.
    Keep space as open as possible that provide amenities for young people to
       exercise and socialise.
    By stopping groups of teenagers drinking and taking drugs over there. More
    The problem of large gangs of badly behaved youths is solved by using park
       keepers (unfortunately no longer the case at King George's park) and
       cameras that work. Spending enormous amounts on facilities, trees etc only
       to have them destroyed seems a waste of time. Effective control of vandalism
       is essential.
      By restricting access to teenagers evenings and weekends. Monitoring and
       actioning trouble makers. Removing youth shelter - big mistake playing in a
       park which is out of view. Giving some peace, quiet and privacy to our
       gardens which back on to the fields
      Money has been spent on this park before for the local children and they just
       burn it or vandalise it.
      More plants waste of money, will be ruined. A graffiti wall won't help the
       problem. Should be locked and secure at night to avoid gangs.
      Youth meeting point will attract teenagers to hang around.
      With regards to improvements you state youth meeting point and table-tennis.
       Surely these are already in place at the youth club in Bryony Way. I assume
       that this is still functioning.
      Re-site the shelter for youths to other side of park and from under the CCTV

Security (Park Warden)
    Introduction of Parks patrol/Warden or a Community Warden who was at one
       time in place but once he left the position wasn't filled.
    A park attendant, full or part-time.
    Park wardens.
    A park ranger. If left unattended mindless yobs will continue to vandalise the
    Parks patrol or warden introduced.
    Permanent park keeper.
    2 park keepers on duty when park is open (for security and garden
    Park keeper. Put more park attendants and community officer.
    If it was generally improved and managed by what used to be "park keeper"
       would give everybody more of a comfort zone and feel.
    A park keeper is very important to make sure any improvements are
       maintained and youth control in the evenings as so the park isn't used like
       others as an under aged drinking haunt.
    House/pavilion for permanent park keeper.
    I would like to see a park warden in the children’s holidays and weekends.
    A park keeper to be there at all times.

Security (CCTV)
    CCTV must be installed to cover whole park and be monitored and police
       must be called to prove to vandals they are being watched, then the money
       you spend on equipment won't be wasted.
    The presence of an additional CCTV camera to the rear side of the pavilion.
    CCTV.
    CCTV security system
    CCTV.

Security (Police)
    More police inspection
    Having a police officer at different times of the day (on foot patrol) showing an
       occasional interest.
Security (Drugs)
    Make sure security keeps drugs out of the whole borough
    I hope the drug dealing in the area won't just move to the park. I want
       somewhere local to take my children to play that’s clean and safe.

Security (Vandalism)
    Any initiative would be very welcome but all attempts so far have been more
       or less wrecked by theft and vandalism
    I do not use this park because of the level of damage/vandalism and lack of
       adequate facilities. I believe this is a valuable facility which is currently poorly

Cars / motorbikes
    I think they should have something for motorbikes.
    Motorbike track - Quads.
    Because of the number of mini motor bikes and scooters in the area, can we
       have some sort of race track with teachers and safety equipment.
    Also track for kids motorbikes sectioned
    The revving of cars should be stopped, as this is frequent and extremely
       noisy, as where this is done is right at the back of us.
    The biggest problem we have is teenagers riding motorbikes along the park
       and our house backs on to the park. There really needs to be more for the
       teenagers to do in Sunbury.

   There should be dog poo bins so the normal bins aren't filled up by the bags.
   Too much dog fouling.
   I would appreciate it if dogs weren't allowed to go in the park, because the
     public bring their dogs past our houses and they litter the streets as they have
     done in the past, and you cannot go outside without stepping in dogs foul.
   Keep dogs out. People don't care where the dogs foul the park.
   Separate bins for dog waste.
   Provide dog bins. Park warden. Bins emptied more often. Signs at entrance -
     penalties for litter, dog fouling.
   No dogs / dogs zone like Bedfont Lakes.
   As to Q5 dog walkers perimeter fencing is a very good idea when dog foul is
     left in my children's play area.
   I would like you to make a space just for dogs as they foul on the grass and I
     take my children there to play and relax on the grass, then it all goes on their
     clothes, plus it stinks. If we come back home with dirty shoes etc.
   Dog waste bins and notices encouraging people to clean up after their dogs. I
     look after children so have both interests in mind.
   Keep parks dog free - and more use of park for all facilities.
   I thought dogs were banned - long may it continue this way. I long to take the
     kids to a dog-free area to kick a ball, etc, not just a small enclosed activity bit.
   Some people don't pick dog mess up. Youngsters do not use bins for rubbish
     so you get broken bottles etc all round field.
Children’s Play Area
    More for younger children, i.e. swings and play area.
    As a local childminder and mother it is very important for us to be able to take
       minded children out to a park. Childminders on a regular basis used to meet
       in the park with all children. This urgently needs doing.
    I cannot believe your improvements are now going back to a few years ago.
       There was a childs play area which was demolished in place of courts for
       young people!!! Now vandalised, what a waste of public money. I take my
       young nephew over who is afraid when large groups of drunk young people
       are there. We do not visit there any more.
    If the park had a play area for my age group I would make Mummy take me
       there a lot.
    ….and a safe fun play area for toddlers.
    I do have children under 18, but they both would like to see play areas,
       swings, etc.
    also there is no children's play area.
    My family and I have not used the park lately because there are no facilities
       for our children who are 8-10 years old, and would love some play equipment
       for that age group.
    A small fenced off area (no dogs allowed) to be used for toddlers and young
       babies, swing slides, climbing frames, etc.
    Safe enclosed area for young children,

   What we would like is the tennis courts revamped
   Established tennis courts organised by a park keeper (as run at Cedars in
       Green Street).
   …and also I go to the park everyday with friends to play Basketball and there
       is always glass on the floor and also the hoop needs a chain net so people
       cannot vandalise it unlike the string nets. It would be good if you had lighting
   I think the use of cameras on the tennis court should be used. Tennis courts.
       Glass on courts
   Keep Netball/Basketball court. Crazy golf, running track marked out (white
       lines), rounders pitch, council run Fun-days in holidays, water fountain,
       outdoor pool!!! Giant chess board, picnic tables, putting green.
   The Hockey and Basketball courts are a waste of space. No one hardly uses

Football Pitches
    Football pitches with goal posts.
    I personally would like a good football pitch with lighting and goals.
    I used to play football there and it was a shame that pitch is now gone and
      facilities were always vandalised. I think as it is a large space allocating
      certain areas for certain things would be good, i.e. children's play area,
      football pitch and, youth area to hang out etc.. I strongly believe lighting is a
      must. If you have bad lighting maybe the area could be hired out to teams for
      training and Astroturf etc to get some revenue back. Football teams are
      desperate for outside facilities in winter evenings.
    The football already there, creates a lot of noise.
    Most facilities should be for all age groups. Will astro-turf and football pitches
      be available to everyone at anytime?
    Football is given sufficient priority without introducing yet another pitch.
Skate Park
    A Skate park would be a very good improvement as long as there was
    A skate park for the older kids
    You could make the skating place a bit more even.

Access (General)
    Better access points and signage.
    Also one entrance only making any trouble easier to contain.
    Kenygnton Park is poorly signposted and "hidden" - I bet many people in
      Sunbury don't even know where it is. More publicity about it is needed - even
      this survey hasn't got a map to show where you are talking about.
    A path to walk on as you turn the corner into the park, so children don't have
      to walk on the road (it's a blind corner, you can't see oncoming cars)
    Improved access / name plate. Self-clean toilets. Shelter building for
      rain/snow, etc.
    Any paths to be suitable wheelchair and mobility units to use.
    The provision of a proper hard base footpath to the perimeter of the park with
      proper dogs mess boxes.

Access (Disabled)
    Improve publicity for disabilities. Have a Friends of the park meeting soon
    Arrangement to include disabled / disadvantaged
    I would visit park if it had disabled access.
    The existing bridge to be taken away as it is dangerous in wet weather. Also
      anybody in a wheelchair would be able to use that entrance.

Shelter / Seating

      Rain shelter.
      Perhaps a shelter for when it rains when people are already in the park. How
       about a tuck-shop selling tea/coffee, soda's, sweets, etc
      More seating, especially under shady trees. A kiosk open for refreshment and
       ice creams during the summer.
      Picnic tables encourage more people to use parks

Wildlife Area
    It would be nice to see the stream redeveloped to attract more wildlife.
    Would like to see an area to encourage wildlife, especially birds, bees,
       butterflies etc

    The footpath and bridge over the stream (from Kenyngton Drive) into the park
        is dangerous, unkempt and never maintained. There is wire from fencing
        broken, half the wooden bridge missing and stinging nettles cover the
        footpath - appalling!
    The gate from Kenyngton Drive into the park often becomes overgrown and
        small children could be hurt from stinging nettles or brambles. Please could
        this be maintained.
    Toilets always locked!
    ….and toilet facilities.
    I support the idea of parks for young people but would definitely use a
      perimeter park to get daily exercise.
    Regular cleaning, i.e. litter removed.
    Facilities for mature people are required. Whatever you provide for the young
      will be smashed. There is a need in Spelthorne for an indoor bowls facility.
      This would be used throughout the year, from 10am to 10pm daily. At present
      hundreds travel up to 40 round trip to Guildford to bowl. This requirement has
      been known to you for years.
    Improvement to existing building to accommodate Table tennis and Youth
      Meeting Zone.
    I've not filled this in because I'm out of touch. When I was a boy it was just a
      field where we played maybe a game of football, so any improvements you
      can do will be welcomed. But I think the most concern should be for the safety
      of the children.
    The park should be for everyone, young and old, so a young area and an old
      area to encourage a community togetherness for young, old and disabled.
      Parks are for future stars!!
    If the proposed improvement are put in place then I will use the park.
      Currently I do not use it because of the lack of facilities.
    We use the area for kite flying so an area maintained for this sport, i.e. near
      Staines Rugby Club would be brilliant so not just catering for football,
      covering all types of sport.
    As I have never been in the park I can not comment. The park I walk my dog
      in is Groveley Road Park.
    Would like lighting around whole park.

    Ban on fireworks.
    Ban on fireworks

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