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The Crucible
By Arthur Miller
       Written in 1949; won the Pulitzer Prize that year
       Setting: 1690s; Salem, Massachusetts; Puritan community
       House Un-American Activities Commission: Joseph McCarthy and communism (late
          1940s and early 1950s)
       An example of modern drama

    It is possible for human beings who appear to be agreeable and normal to knowingly and
       fully commit evil.
    Truth has no meaning when men believe only what they want to believe.
    Honest common sense is impotent against unmanageable fanaticism.
    The infection of evil may spread by ordinary people who are both the mindless agents and
    Evil in a society may more often be occasioned by the denial of private responsibility than
       by deliberate villainy.

Fear recurs throughout the play and is used as a tool to control the Salem society. In order to
better understand the role of fear, think about how fear plays a role in our society today. What are
some typical fears humans encounter in 2008? Which of these are justifiable fears? Which are

                 Justified Fears                                    Unjustified fears

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