Foundation Fall 2007 newsletter by runout


									               F OUNDATION N EWS
                                                      F ALL 2007        V OLUME 2, I SSUE 3

   D ONOR R ECOGNITION R ECEPTION S ET                                                                                    FOR
                O CTOBER 12
Although Imagine! is 44 years old, its fundraising arm, the Imagine! Foundation,
just celebrated its sixth birthday. It has been a busy and productive six years, and
the Foundation will this year reach the $2,000,000 mark in donations, so it seems
to be a fitting time to recognize in a permanent way those individuals and
companies who have given so generously to help Imagine!’s consumers.
Local artist John Haertling of is creating a Donor Recognition area
in the Imagine! Coal Creek Conference Center’s foyer. A wall display will honor
                                                      all donors who have contributed a
                                                      cumulative gift of $5,000 or more
                                                      since the Foundation began
                                                      fundraising in 2001. A mountain-
                                                      like sculpture will name members One of the new conference rooms in Imagine!’s
                                                      of The Imagine! Promise – those          Coal Creek Conference Center will bear the
                                                      who have included Imagine! in            names of Betty and the late Tom Eldridge
                                                      their wills. Two of the three          (pictured above with an Imagine! consumer in
                                                      large conference rooms in the         front of a wheelchair accessible van they helped
                                                      building have been named and         purchase for Imagine!) in honor of their generous
                                                      will display their new signage.              support of Imagine! over the years.
                                                      The west conference room has
   Walt and Linda Pounds (shown here with their       been named for Walt and Linda Pounds, and the east conference room will
 daughter Cari) will be honored for their substantial bear the names of Betty and the late Tom Eldridge. A “Book Nook” will
  support of Imagine! by having a conference room feature a book listing all Imagine! donors for the previous year, and an
   named after them in Imagine!’s new Coal Creek      “Imagine! That” publicity wall will complete the lobby area. On Friday,
  Conference Center. A ceremony marking the room October 12 from 5:00-7:00 PM, the Foundation will welcome all donors
  naming and honoring other Imagine! donors will to its first Donor Recognition Reception in the Coal Creek Conference
              take place on October 12.               Center, 1665 Coal Creek Drive in Lafayette. We hope to see you there!

                                                         Inside This Issue:

  T WO S MART H OMES P LANNED                         P OKER R UN A S UCCESS                         I MAGINE ! C ELEBRATION
            P AGE 2                                           P AGE 2                                         P AGE 5
P AGE 2                                                                                                     F OUNDATION N EWS

                                   T WO S MART H OMES N OW P LANNED !
                                 Imagine!’s SmartHome                Stoecker, former mayor of         provide a model of care not
                                 Project has doubled! Due to         Longmont, has been                only for those with cognitive
                                 the significant need and            instrumental in working with      disabilities but also for other
                                 interest in a SmartHome for         the City of Longmont, Thistle     groups of people with related
                                 Imagine!’s consumers,               Community Housing, and the        concerns (autism, chronic
                                 Imagine! and the Imagine!           Longmont community to             mental illness, dementia,
                                 Foundation are now planning         secure a lot for a six-person     Alzheimer’s) through
                                 to create two SmartHomes –          SmartHome in the new Blue         partnerships with other
                                 one in Boulder and one in           Vista Neighborhood being          agencies. The City of Boulder
                                 Longmont. The SmartHomes            developed in the southeast        has already indicated its support
                                 will incorporate cutting edge       section of Longmont.              through an initial grant of
                                 residential technologies to         Imagine! has recently             $50,000.
                                 enhance the quality of life for     submitted a federal grant
                                                                                                       The Imagine! Foundation has
                                 clients, augment the                application for approximately
                                                                                                       been busy securing other grants,
     Imagine! is currently       effectiveness of staff as           $630,000 to the Department
                                                                                                       donations and in-kind pledges
    planning to build two        caregivers, and provide cost        of Housing and Urban
                                                                                                       for both homes, such as the
   SmartHomes in Boulder         and energy savings for              Development for the
                                                                                                       generous offer from Peter Heinz
   County—one in Boulder         Imagine!. As the first such         Longmont SmartHome
                                                                                                       of PEH Architects to donate
  and one in Longmont. As        homes in the nation, the            project, and fundraising in the
                                                                                                       SmartHome plans. The
  the first such homes in the    SmartHomes will serve as            community has already
                                                                                                       University of Colorado’s
   nation, they will serve as    demonstration models for the        begun.
                                                                                                       Coleman Institute for Cognitive
demonstration models for the     future of residential care for
                                                                     Boulder’s SmartHome will be Disabilities has also been
future of residential care for   people with cognitive
                                                                     an eight-person home built on invaluable in supporting the
     people with cognitive       disabilities, once again
                                                                     a lot near Iris and 19th Streets. SmartHome endeavor from the
    disabilities, once again     demonstrating Imagine!’s
                                                                     Imagine! currently owns and       beginning. For additional
  demonstrating Imagine!’s       penchant for providing
                                                                     operates a group home on this information on ways to become
    penchant for providing       cutting edge services based on
                                                                     site, but replacing the 60-       involved in the SmartHomes,
  cutting edge services based    the latest research in the field.
                                                                     year-old home with a new          please contact Imagine!
 on the latest research in the   The original plan was to build      home equipped with “smart         Foundation executive director
              field.             one SmartHome in Boulder,           technology” will be cost          Susan LaHoda at
                                 but new Imagine! Foundation         effective, will increase client
                                 board member Leona                  independence, and will

                                  L EFT H AND P OKER R UN N ETS $670
                                 Longmont’s Left Hand                 The entire proceeds of $670       Hand, said that the brewery
                                 Brewing Companies                    were donated to the               could have shipped the boxes
                                 sponsored a Motorcycle               Imagine! Foundation.              to Denver to be stocked but
                                 Poker Run on Sunday, July 22                                           that he preferred to keep the
                                                                      Left Hand Brewing employs
                                 to benefit Imagine!. Eric                                              operation in-house, and
                                                                      several Imagine! consumers
                                 Wallace, president of Left                                             employing Imagine!
                                                                      who stock Mountain Mixer
                                 Hand Brewing Companies                                                 consumers provided a way to
                                                                      boxes with four different
                                 and an Imagine! Foundation                                             do so. He continued, “We
                                                                      flavors of the brewery’s
                                 board member, said that 40                                             initiated the Poker Run as a
                                                                      beer. Mark Sample, Poker
                                 people rode the circuit,                                               way to continue to support
                                                                      Run organizer and packaging
                                 picking up cards at each stop                                          the great work that Imagine!
                                                                      manager/brewer for Left
                                 to complete a poker hand.                                              does in our community.”
                                                                 Imagine! and The Imagine! Foundation
                      We would like to extend out heartfelt gratitude to all those who supported us with cash and in-kind contributions during the
                                                          fiscal year 2006 - 2007 (7/1/2006 - 6/30/2007).

Donors 2006-2007                  from William & Barbara             In Memory of Marilyn Polk          from Luella Eason                  Pasta Jay's                     Sofia Escarcega
                                    Bunker                            from Tim & Katie Connor           from Joanne Fisher                 Philoptochos Society of Sts.    Bruce Flynn & Stephanie
Platinum ($10,000+)               from Roger & Elle Cabbage           from Lehn & Johannah Franke       from Davie & Patricia Graham        Peter & Paul Greek Orthodox      Griffin
Colorado Business Bank            from Leo & Kay Carrillo             from Lynn Gelfenbaum              from Stephen & Cheryl               Church                         Seth Guenther
Tom & Betty Eldridge              from Gary & Lucille Carroll         from Barry & Marilyn Haas           Leonhardt                        Diane Reitz                     Foothills United Way
The Denver Foundation             from Pamela Cortez                  from Brian & Natalie              from Joseph & Julie Liss           Jay & Marsha Ruggeri            Jean Fuller
Gold ($5,000-$9,999)              from August & Carol Epina             Henderson                       from Mary Lopez                    Sanderson & Associates          Andrew Funk & Margaret
David & Laura Braddock            from Maxyne Gillice                 from Ed & Miriam Landesman        from Francis & Donna Mog           Phil Shires                       Freech
Bob & Judy Charles                from Kent & Doris Goodrich          from Charles & Marlene            from David & Sandra Morris         Loree Vanderhye                 Adam & Lori Goodman
Hannelore Jend                    from Virgil & Anna Grotzky            LeClaire                          and Bridget Morris Vistler       Van Winkle Associates           Susan Graf
Parascript LLC                    from Cathy Jarnagin                 from Patricia Lowe                from Keith & Becky Myers           Greg Wellems                    Allison & Rebecca Gray
World Savings                     from Anthony Javernick              from Sean Maher                   From Valerie Ploumpis              Edward Wolohan                  Paula Guercio Realtor
Silver ($2,500-$4,999) from Audrey McEwen                             from Alaina Martin, Dennis &      from Ellen Ryan                    Cathey Young                    Joe Gury
Avista Adventist Hospital         from Mr. & Mrs. Naoki Morita          Cathy Martin                    from Ann Sandell                   Mark Zentner                    Nicole Haag
Ball Corporation                  from Gary Orme Family               from Albert & Barbara Milstein    from Ron & Fay Tvetene             Friend (Up to $249)             Barry & Marilyn Haas
Boulder Community Hospital        from Steve Orme Family              from Paul & Linda Morrison        from Eugene & Mary Tyrcha         Bill & Patty Ahlstrand           Judi Halbert
Collins Foundation                from Tom Orme Family                from Marcus & Jennifer Painter    from Sue Vaughn                   Richard & Alma Alber             Clyde & Dorothy Hampton
                                  from Larry & Traci Peckham          from Edward & Harriet Polk &     Jerry & Julia Rudy                 Bruce & Jill Alexander
In Memory of Tom Eldridge                                                                                                                                                  In Memory of Christopher
                                  from Laura Orme Senkyr                Family                         Safeway Foundation                 Bryan Alu
 from Boulder Area Realtor                                                                                                                                                   Harbuz
                                  from Marsha Swoboda                 from Jake & Barb Puzio           Santa's House Project              Anonymous
   Association                                                                                                                                                               from Clarence & Wilma
                                 BC Interiors                         from Bill Van Dyke & Susan       Sargent Bickham Lagudis            Ed & Jacquie Arnold
 from Carol Long Real Estate                                                                                                                                                   Martella
                                 John Bender                            Bridges                        Ron & Vickye Secrist               Kent Arnold & Gilliam Walters
   and Consulting Services                                                                                                                                                 Wayne Hessler
                                                                      from Sandra Younghans            Jack Stoakes
 from Lou & Melodie DellaCava Michael Berman                                                                                              Autism Society of Boulder
                                                                                                                                                                           Charles & Sally Holmes
                                 In Honor of Katie, Isabel, John &   Polk Family Charitable Fund       Elizabeth Stull                      County
 from the Engle Family, Suzie                                                                                                                                              Janet Honstein
                                  Melissa                            Jake & Barbara Puzio              Sharon Svendsen                    In Honor of Mark & Debby Baker
   Eldridge & Bill Peters
                                  from Ed Borg                       John & Kim Reinhold               Turley's Restaurant                  & Family                       David & Suzanne Hoover
 from Ray, Don & Terry Imel
                                 Alexander & Sally Bracken           Seder Family Fund                 Rick & Lynne Waidler                 from Ken & Pat Baker           Craig J. Hovick
 from Warren & Phyllis Kerk
                                 Cindy Carrillo                      Solbourne                         Jack & Marsha Walker               Clair Beckmann                   Ron & Carolyn Hughes
 from David & Susan LaHoda
                                 Custom Microwave Inc.               Dan & Sandra Stevens              James H. Woods Foundation          Rick Bedell                      Donald Humphrey
 from Lee Real Estate
                                 Coal Creek Crossing 5K Race         Stover & Associates LLC           David & Marcia Wyatt               Peter & Jen Benson               Joseph & Cynthia Husek
   Development LLC
                                 Colorado Daily                      John & Barbara Taylor             In Honor of Mark Zentner, the      Bernice Benzinger       Holdings LLC
 from Illona & Roxy Moschetti                                        Three Swallows Foundation          Mark Clemens Family, Christine
                                 The Community Foundation                                                                                 Paul & Kay Bierbaum              Investors Independent Trust
 from Michael & Cindy                                                United Western Bank                Jahncke, Mr. & Mrs. James Joque,
                                  Serving Boulder County                                                                                  Jeffrey & Kerranne Biley         Terry, Donna & Buck
   O'Keeffe                                                          U. S. Bank                         Kelly Beuedan and the Kolste
                                 Control Service Center, Inc.                                                                             Angelo & Ann Bindi                 Jackson
 from Jared Polis                                                    Whole Foods                        Family
                                 Kathy Coyne                                                                                              Nancy Blackwood                  Lauri JeuDevine
 from George & Lorraine Simon                                        Zolo Grill                         from Chris & Barb Clemens
                                 Rodger & Delia Creel                                                                                     Jim Bodin                        Andy & Carol Johnson
 from Deirdre Smith
                                 Lou & Melodie DellaCava             Associate ($500-$999)             Supporter ($250-$499) Maralyn Boland                                Rich & Marilyn Jones
 from the Snyder Family LLP
                                 David Edwards                       Mark & Enid Ablowitz              In Memory of Stacie Renee Anderson Rex & Helen Bosley               Tom Kahn
Exempla Good Samaritan
                                 Elevations Credit Union             Jeffrey K. Abrams Architect        from David Minton                 Boulder County Business
 Medical Center                                                                                                                                                            Jim & Linda Karagas
                                 In Honor of Allen Feld              Albertson's                       Warren & Caroline Baker              Report
First National Bank of Colorado                                                                                                                                            Patricia Kennedy
                                  from Steve Szymanski & Carli       Anonymous                         In Memory of Jesse Bogart          Bob & Carol Brockish
Flood & Peterson Insurance, Inc.                                                                                                                                           Sam Kent
                                    Zug                              Bob & Claudia Beauprez             Bibb-Hindley                      In Memory of Tom Brockish
David & Marjorie Gehant                                                                                                                                                    John & Lee Kidder
                                 Don & Anita Fort                    Joseph & Ann Boberschmidt          from Bonded Business Services from Dan, Balt, Kyle, and
Guaranty Bank and Trust                                                                                                                                                    Stuart & Lauren Kingsbery
                                 Greenhouse Partners                 Andrew & Wendy Cookler             from John & Kathleen Burns            Tyler Padron
 Company                                                                                                                                                                   Walter Kingsbery
                                 Greenlee Family Foundation          George & Margaret Cope             from Mary Karen Euler             Frank & Sally Bruno
Hotel Boulderado                                                                                        from Sam & Rich Gottesman                                          Kiwanis Club of Boulder
                                 Bob & Jean Gryzmala                 Dennis & Becky Fase                                                  Bill & Kim Bunch
HUB International                Hall Family Fund of the                                                from Mike & Ann Levine                                             John Lange
                                                                     Gary Hardin                                                          In Memory of Drew Burns
The J.P. Morgan Chase             Community Foundation                                                  from Sheldon & Beverly Levine from Susan Frey                      Philip & Mike Langer
 Foundation                                                          T.J. & Jane Heyman
                                  Serving Boulder County                                                from Richard & Patricia Rauch Janet Burns                          Left Hand Brewing Companies
Dick & Linda Livingston                                              Graham & Cathy Hill
                                 In Honor of Dee Hampton                                                from Kate Trainor                 Marlin Buse & Sheila Carrigan    Christopher Leh & Natalie
Loftus Developments, L.L.C.                                          Import Coachworks
                                  from Philip & Gretchen Hull                                          Jennifer Beck                      Ed & Anne Byrne                   Hanlon-Leh
Julia McIver                                                         Paul & Clarissa King
                                  from Meredyth Hull Smith                                             Michael & Lynn Bittner             Juliet Carpenter                 Longmont Florist
Merrill Lynch                                                        Gary C. Klein Family
                                 Annette Higgins & Marcus                                              Black Roofing                      James & Kathryn Chambers         Eric & Jennifer Love
Micro Motion                                                         Knights of Columbus - Lafayette
                                  Poulin                                                               Boulder Central Optimist Club Sylvia Chaney                         Carol Lucas
One Lafayette                                                        Knights of Columbus - Boulder
                                 George & Kristin Karakehian                                           Joel & Carolyn Buck-Gengler        Jim & Susan Chrisman             Bob & Joan Luxner
Palmos Development                                                   KPMG, LLP
                                 Knights of Columbus-                                                  Bob & Diane Carroll                Louis & MaryKay Cicio            Lyle Luxner
 Corporation                                                         David & Susan LaHoda
                                  Longmont                                                             Gary Corbett                       Amir & Nikki Cohen
Roche Colorado Corporation                                           Al & Pat LeBlang                                                                                      Steve & Maureen MacMackin
                                 The Kroger Co. Foundation                                             Wilson & Bonnie Crumpacker         Committee to Re-Elect Tom
Signature Offset                                                     Jerry W. Lewis                                                                                        Donald & Joann Marshall
                                 David & Roberta Levin                                                 Lisa Fiero                           Eldridge
Wells Fargo                                                          Logan, Thomas & Johnson, LLC                                                                          In Memory of Carol Ann
                                 Liquor Mart                                                           Dennis & Linda Fromholzer          Scott Cooper
Wonderland Foundation                                                Charles & Arleen Mack                                                                                  Martella
                                 Longmont United Hospital                                              Peter & Arlene Heinz               Max & Barbara Coppom
                                                                     Rock & Kathy Mullens                                                                                   from Sun Microsystems
Bronze ($1,000-$2,499) Louisville Auto Supply, Inc.                                                    Margie Joseph                      Ron & Jean Craig
                                                                     Kevin Nelson                                                                                           PSCM Ops Team
Alliance                         In Honor of Susan McNutt                                              In Honor of Grant Keene            CTF Gift Fund of the
                                  from Peter McNutt                  Rick & Kathy New                   from Keene Smiles                                                  Ed & Beatrice Martella
Anonymous                                                                                                                                   Community Foundation
Bob Bauers                       John & Carol Ann Mehaffy            Rajul & Amy Pandya                Michael Kottyan                      Serving Boulder County         Jeffrey Maxwell
In Memory of Robert Bender       Tom & Pat Metz                      Walt & Linda Pounds               Paula Laubhan                      Eugene & Brenda D'Alessandro     McCormick &
 from James & Joyce Albright     Mutual of America                   Qualcomm, Incorporated            Roger & Janet Love                 Walter & Robin Davis              Christoph, P.C.
 from Robert & Susan Ariniello Lonnie Nixon & Rebecca                In Memory of Patt Rubano          George & Petrea Mah                Michael Devine                   Loyd & Mary McLaughlin
 from Connie Orme Barnett         Turnbull                            from John & Nancy Angus          John & Marsha Moritz               Michael Donovan & Deborah        Gerry & Pat McNutt
   Family                        Terry & Zoe Palmos                   from Anonymous                   Motorola Foundation                  Malden                         Jeannine Menefee
 from J J Bunker                 Dennis & Debra Paul                  from Deanne Brown                Pat & Michelle O'Brien             Jim Eraker & Lori Alt            Ed & Ellie Merchant
Tom Miller, National           Nick Selman                   Left Hand Brewing               Mary Williams Fine Arts       Dotty Girard                   Two Guys Fly Shop
  Research Center, Inc.        Rick Simons, P.C.              Companies                      National Western Stock        Paul & Becky Harnet            Congressman Mark Udall
Mobile Orthotics &             The Sink                      Millennium Harvest House         Show                         Haystack Mountain Golf         Walnut Realty, Inc.
  Prosthetics                  Eric & Shannon Smith           Boulder                        Rob Naumann                     Course                       Sandy & Anne Weil
Robert & Barbara Mohr          Stan's Automotive             Diane Mosley                    Sara Ostrom                   Annette Higgins                State Rep. Paul Weissman
Monarch High School            Jeff & Shelley Stiffler       Dennis & Debbie Paul            Pollard Friendly Motor        Highland Ranch Scottish/       Whole Foods
  Business Foundations Class   Bernie & Leona Stoecker       Sage & Savory Catering           Company                        Irish Festival               Annette Wilhelm
Mark & Sharon Monroe           Diane Stow, Realtor           Sharon Svendsen                 Jeff & Jill Ruehrdanz         Homewood Suites                Wild Oats
Michael & Suzan Myers          Susan Straight                John Thacker                    Saddleback Ranch              Elba Horrocks                  Christiann Wilows
Jim & Jeanne Mytton            Dan Sturges                   Walden Fly Fishing              Smoker Friendly               The Huckleberry                Jackie Zembrycki
Cheryl Naumann                 John & Molly Tayer            In-Kind Associate               Sunflower Farm                H. W. Design
Doc Nelson & Jeanie            Stephen & Shari Tebo          ($500-$999)                     Toshiba Business              International Martial Arts
  Valentine                    Scott & Sue Thomas            Colleen Bammann                  Solutions of Colorado          Association
Gunar & Charlie Neumann        Kyle & Jessie Thompson        Boulder Community Hospital      University of Colorado        Izze Beverage
John & Karen Nevins            Carol Tierney                 Carpet Line                     Walters & Hogsett Fine        JJ Wells
Michael & Debra Nigbor         Terry & Jeni Tierney          Core Movement Studio             Jewelers                     Paul Jones
Steve & Portia Noel            John Tweedy & Beret Strong    Martha Cory                     David Wynja & Associates      Karen Kalis                       T HANKSTO
Melissa Nooner                 Lea Vanden Boogaard           Valene Donley                   Mark Zentner                  Kroenke Sports Enterprises
Tom Norton                     Orlando Villareal             Flatirons Practice              In-Kind Friend                Leonard's Golf
Gary & Connie Nowlan           Remsen & Marilyn Voorhis        Management, LLC               (Up to $249)                  Lizard Mountain Jewelry         DONORS LIKE
Todd Ordall & Catherine        Bill & Rosalie Vorlage        RJ & Pauline Higgins            A Digital DJ
                                                                                                                           Brenda Llewelyn
                                                                                                                                                         YOU , MORE THAN
  Cleary-Ordall                Jim & Terry Vratny            High Country Harley                                           Louisville Auto Supply-
                                                                                             Airborne Gymnastics
Linda Ortiz                    Donald Walker                   Davidson/Buell                Albertson's
                                                                                                                             NAPA                         2,100 B OULDER
                               Simeon & Janis Walker         Bill Hofgard                                                  Louisville Massage
Paul & Cindy Orzech                                                                          Angelique Sabo
                                                                                                                             Therapy, Inc.
PASCO                          Rita Weiss                    Kick It with Kate
Personalized Lazer Designs     Marion & Carolyn Weygandt     David & Roberta Levin
                                                                                             B & C Bouncers, LLC
                                                                                                                           Greg Lowrimore                  B ROOMFIELD
                               Marilyn Wheeler               Mateo                                                           Photography
Gerry & Gloria Phillips                                                                      Ballet Nouveau Colorado
                                                                                                                           Marcel's Chocolate Room
Zan & Patrice Powell           Susan White                   Marianne Nick
                                                                                             Bandimere Speedway
Roy & Barbara Pringle          Roberta Wolford               Omni Hotels                                                   Massage Envy                  RESIDENTS WITH
                                                                                             Boulder Broker Inn
                                                             Peaceful Valley Ranch                                         McGuckin Hardware, Inc.
Scot Przybyski                 Scott & Theresa Wrangham
                                                             Jim Snow                        Boulder Cork                                                DEVELOPMENTAL
                               John & Kelly Wyatt                                                                          John Mehaffy
Marion & Muriel Raines                                                                       Boulder Dushanbe
In Honor of Janine Randol      David & Maria Yates           Lloyd Streit                                                  Marueen Moon                  DISABILITIES LIVE
                                                             St. Julien Hotel & Spa           Teachouse/Leaf
                                                                                                                           Mountain Man Fruit & Nut
  from Herb & Caroline         John & Pat Young
                                                             Superior Liquor                 Boulder Philharmonic                                        FULFILLING LIVES
                                                                                                                           Mountain Sun Pub &
    Blecher                    In-Kind Donors                                                 Orchestra
                                                             Whispering River Publishing                                     Brewery                     OF INDEPENDENCE
Robert Rankin                                                WOW Children's Museum           Boulder Toyota
Jim & Sue Rector               2006-2007                                                     Boulder Valley Ice
                                                                                                                           Noodles & Co.
                                                                                                                                                         AND QUALITY IN
Jay & Elizabeth Reed           In-Kind Platinum              In-Kind Supporter               Brasserie 1010
                                                                                                                           Olde Town Theater
                                                             ($250-$499)                                                   Eric Olson, Master Jeweler      THEIR HOMES
Barbara Regan                  ($10,000+)                                                    Broadlands Golf Course
                                                                                                                           Joy Om
John & Nancy Reilly            Colorado Rockies              Angel Tree Project              Byron Brown                                                        AND
                                                             The Art Affaire                                               Pat O'Neill
Jim & Mary Rianooshek          Louis & Lynn Fonseca
                                                             Paul & Erica Bieringer
                                                                                             Amanda Bryant                 Pinnacle 5 Minerals &          COMMUNITIES .
In Memory of Cathy Rich        Jared Polis Foundation                                        Buffalo Lock & Key, Inc.        Glacier Peak Minerals
  from Carolyn Krawczyk        In-Kind Gold                  Big Red F Restaurant Group      Buffalo Wild Wings Grill &    Planet Bluegrass
Dee Richards                                                 Herb & Caroline Blecher          Bar
                               ($5,000-$9,999)                                                                             Prima Ristorante
Bob & Allie Richardson                                       Blue Mountain Arts              Butterfly Pavilion
                               Gary Maynard                                                                                Proto's
Robert Risch                   Nativity of Our Lord Parish   Boulder Country Club            Carelli's                     Puddle Car Wash
Kirsten Rittenhouse             Women's Guild                Boulder Denver Couriers         Kay Carrillo                  Q's Restaurant
Juan & Alicia Rodriguez        Phyllis Perreault             Boulder Municipal               Casa Alvarez                  Radisson Hotel &
Dave & Jan Rogers              In-Kind Silver                 Employees Federal Credit       Nicole Casanova                 Conference Center
Jane Rogers                                                   Union                          Coal Creek Golf Course
                               ($2,500-$4,999)                                                                             The Regiment Shop
Richard & Marjorie Rogers                                    Leslie Brossman                 Colorado Music Festival
                               Roger & Elle Cabbage                                                                        Restaurant 4580
Charles & Gay Rohrer                                         Bob & Diane Carroll             Gary Corbett
                               Dry Creek Quilts                                                                            Rock Bottom
Steve & Debra Rosen            George & Kristin Karakehian   Citron Workspaces               The Cowgirl Company             Restaurants, Inc.
Jack & Mary Jane Rudolph       Liquor Mart                   Comedy Works                    Crawdaddy's Toys              Rocky Mountain Popcorn
Randy & Caroline Rush          Gary Nowlan                   Dary Fan                        Cutting Edge Sports           Safeway
Bill & Beverly Sabin           Pizza Hut                     Dennis & Becky Fase             Denver Broncos                Marilyn Schneider
In Honor of Bill Sabin         Red Lobster Broomfield        E-Town                           Cheerleaders                 Sister Carmen Community
  from Jerry & Martha Sabin    Stephen & Shari Tebo          Fox Hill Country Club           Eldorado Natural Spring         Center
  from Samantha Sabin-Rex      In-Kind Bronze                Front Range Anglers              Water                        Sister Kum Kee
Sakura Japanese Cuisine        ($1,000-$2,499)               Gold Lake Mountain Resort       Emerald Sierra Coffee         Sister Wyatt
Ronald Sandgrund & Cheryl      BC Interiors                   & Spa                          European Flower Shop          The Speckled Goose
  Barr                         Broomfield FISH               Golf, Etc. Broomfield           Evergreen Cottage             Splitz Bowling Center
Walt & Maxine Schenck          Colorado Ski Country USA      Anne Hanks                      Fantasy Orchids               Soccer Tots
Bill & Helen Schmalhorst       Elevations Credit Union       Hotel Boulderado                Firefly Massage & Bodywork    Supper Solutions
Peter & Anne Schmid            E.M.I.                        The Ice Rink at Boulder Plaza   Flatiron Athletic Club        Thorne Ecological Institute
Steve & Darla Schueth Awards          KGNU                            Flatirons Equestrian Center   Timbalier
Drew Schwartz                  J & S Audio Visual            Nancy Kornblum                  Flatirons Mineral Club        Tim's Thai
Michael Schwartz & Angela      Ju Ju Beads                   Lake Valley Golf Club           Donna Flebbe                  Tortuga's
  Marlino                      Kangaroo Kingdom              Louisville Downtown             Fox Creek Wine & Spirits      Tundra Specialties
Floyd & Alta Schweitzer        Jeff Kupfer                    Business Association           Donna George                  Turley's Restaurant
F ALL 2007                                                                                                        P AGE 5

  P ICTURE                  A     V ILLA              IN       G REECE . . .
At the Imagine! Celebration      Boulder County fine             year. So mark your calendar
on January 25, 2008, you         restaurant.                     for January 25 and start
could take home a certificate                                    practicing your Greek
                                 This year’s Imagine!
for a week in a villa on the                                     dancing!
                                 Celebration planning is
Greek island of Lefkada (see
                                 well underway, thanks to
map on right for location).
                                 the efforts of the hard-
Imagine! Foundation board
                                 working Imagine!
member Terry Palmos is
                                 Celebration Committee
donating his family’s property
                                 chaired by Debbie Paul.
that sleeps eight, has tennis
                                 A separate Sponsorship
courts and a swimming pool
                                 Committee chaired by
and offers breathtaking views!
                                 Imagine! Foundation
The week in Greece will be a
                                 board member Clair
highlight of this year’s live
                                 Beckmann plans to reach
auction. Other live items
                                 its goal of $75,000 by
include a visit in Napa Valley
                                 September. The total
with a private winery tour, a
                                 event is slated to bring in
helicopter ride to Morrison
                                 $200,000, which will be
for dinner at The Fort
                                 used to help Imagine!
Restaurant, a stay in Cape
                                 provide services to its
Cod with whale watching, a
                                 2,100 consumers. The
weekend in Vail Village, and
                                 Millennium Harvest
dinner for two every month
                                 House Boulder will be
of the year at a different
                                 the location again this

   Imagine! Board of Directors                      Foundation News               Imagine! Foundation Board of Directors
         Bill Sabin, President                  is the newsletter of the              George M. Karakehian, President
Diane Carroll      Jeffrey R. Maxwell            Imagine! Foundation
                                                                                 Clair Beckmann           Julia McIver
Donna Fairchild    Kevin Nelson                    1400 Dixon Avenue             Robert F. Charles, Jr.   John Mehaffy
Dennis Fase        Jerry Rudy                  Lafayette, CO 80026-2790          Kathy Coyne              Terry Palmos
Lisa Fiero         Deb Skarda                                                    David DiPane             Dennis Paul
                                                 Phone: (303) 666-7018           David Edwards            Kathey Pear
Racheal Goodman    Susan White
Annette Higgins    Mark Zentner                    Fax: (303) 665-2648           Marilyn Haas             Ron Secrist
                                                Tom Kahn                 Jack Stoakes
                                                                                 Jerry W. Lewis           Leona Stoecker
                                            Susan LaHoda, Executive Director     Eric Love                Shari Tebo
                                                                                 Charles F. Mack          Eric Wallace

Imagine! Foundation              NONPROFIT ORG.
1400 Dixon Avenue                 U.S.POSTAGE
Lafayette, CO 80026-2790
                                 PERMIT NO. 926

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