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                                                                                             w/e 24 November 2006

The Municipal Journal, 23 November 2006
Spectre of Cross looms over equal pay battle
The Government has been warned it must relax rules on council borrowing to help local authorities meet the growing
equal pay bill. Pg 1
Lyon’s may ‘never be made public’
The Lyons review on local government finance may never be published, a spokesman for the Department for
Communities and Local Government has confirmed. Pg 2

Local Government Chronicle, 23 November 2006
Eleventh-hour rate bid
The Local Government Association is making a last-ditch attempt to persuade Sir Michael Lyons that councils should
be allowed to set their own business rates. Pg 1
Targets may lead to LAA ‘game-playing’
Councils have been warned to police local area agreements (LAAs) to ensure other partners do not exaggerate
performance in order to meet targets. Pg 4

IDeA Knowledge
Sponsor a Beacon Scheme theme
For the first time, private and public sector organisations are invited to sponsor a theme from round eight of the
Beacon Scheme.
Beacon Scheme news: 'Early intervention' open days
Beacon councils are hosting open days to share experiences of 'Early intervention: children at risk'. Find out more and
book a place.
District councils and children's services
Improving the lives of children and young people – the IDeA's district council workshops provide valuable lessons.
Workforce development planning: new case studies
Seven new case studies show how local authorities have successfully addressed workforce challenges to improve the
recruitment and retention of staff, as well as making financial savings.

European local authorities have been invited to participate in town twinning activities as a key part of the EU's 'Europe
for citizens' initiative. The European Commission has just published a new guide on the programme.
Wider world
Local councillors should stress the economic benefits of international development when trying to convince their
communities of the merits of council links, Phil Woolas, Minister for Local Government and Community Cohesion, told
the UK Local Government Alliance for International Development conference this week. Telling people about the
financial rewards of international links could help persuade the sceptics, he said, whilst those who accepted the moral
argument would never need to be convinced.

Government News Network
Supporting parents, strengthening communities

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Parents across the East Midlands whose families are showing signs of anti-social behaviour will be given a helping
hand after the Government today announced it will set up a network of parenting experts as part of a wider drive to
promote respect in all our communities.

Local Government Association
Cracking down on anti-social behaviour
Ahead of the expected government announcement giving councils new powers over parenting classes, Lord Sandy
Bruce-Lockhart, Chairman of the Local Government Association said, “Giving councils an additional power is a helpful
step in ridding local communities from the menace of the mindless minority and helping people get safely through the
day. Councils have offered voluntary parenting education for many years and are tackling the damaging effects of anti
social behaviour head on.”

Department for Communities and Local Government
New Figures Show Potential 7M Tonne Home Carbon Savings
Millions of tonnes of carbon and billions of pounds from fuel bills could be saved by simple measures like cavity wall
insulation, new Government analysis reveals.

News headlines
Monday 20 November 2006
Gordon Brown has delayed plans to impose big increases in council tax until next year after concerns were raised
over the danger of a backlash. Sir Michael Lyon’s is said to be reconsidering an option that would widen and increase
the number of council tax bands which could add several hundreds of pounds to household bills. Lord Bruce-
Lockhart, chairman of the LGA said, "Sir Michael has told the LGA he would submit this before Christmas. Council
taxpayers cannot afford to wait any longer”. Times P19
Tuesday 21 November 2006
The government is to unveil a national network of experts to curb anti-social behaviour. The Prime Minister plans to
provide an extra £4m to recruit experts across 77 areas. Mr. Blair writes "the nanny state argument applied to this is
just rubbish. No one's talking about interfering in normal family life. Guardian p11
Wednesday 22 November 2006
Schools in the East Midlands praised in Ofsted's annual report, 2005/06
Government News Network
Thursday 23 November 2006
One year after new licensing laws were introduced and the predictions that round-the-clock licensing would lead to a
surge of drunkenness and disorder in towns and cities have proved wrong, according to a survey of police forces.
Independent p5
Ashfield District Council in Nottingham has issued householders with new guidelines on mandatory recycling because
it claims residents have been failing to use their bins properly. People who persistently fail to sort their rubbish face
being fined and even prosecuted if they don't pay within 14 days.
Express p1&9
Friday 24 November 2006
Ambulancemen have seen a steady rise in call-outs for alcohol related injuries since the relaxation of the licencing
laws a year ago. However, the FT reports that only 600 pubs and clubs have taken advantage of the law. The LGA is
quoted as expressing concern about the lack of funding to help councils sort of licensing applications and outlining that
it is too early to judge whether the laws have been a success.

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