The News from Sams Branch by abstraks


									     The News from Sam’s Branch
A Memoir and History in Letters to the Editor

               Julian Martin
What is This?
Boy Was I Naïve!
The Sheriff’s Bumper Stickers
Light Shed on Controversy
      Don’t Date White Girls
      The Coach Speaks
Monongalia County, 1965
Cecil Rhodes and Economic Advancement in Rhodesia
Aesthetic Idiots
Ode to President Jim
Project Emphasis
Anti-Poverty Bill
Pesticides and Patriotism
Labor Law Reform?
The Institute of International Education
Cold Facts about Coal
Germ Warfare
Juries Must Be Respected
State Police Review Board
John Raese
Forests Are Helpless Without Foresters

                   The News from Sam’s Branch
      A Cobalt-Blue Sugar Bowl
      A Hidden Treasure
      Beware of the Republicrats
      The Magnificent Golden Hills
      Republicrats and Real Heroes
      The Secret of Politics—Bananas
      We Can’t Afford the Rich
      There Sure Are a Lot of Communists Around Here
      It Won’t Be Apples They Smell
      Republicrats Are Locking Our Children Out Of College
      The Arabs Are Coming To Duval High School
      Multiculturalism, Long-Hair and Mountain People
      Raising Dogs and Raising Kids
      Missiles Just Sit There
      Sharing the Trough with Senator Tomblin
      Seven Girls Pregnant at School
      Thoughts on a Friend’s Life
      Buchanan, Wallace and other Populists
      A Mother’s Place is in the Home
      The Stowers Faction’s Amazing Transformation
      The State Giveth and the County Taketh Away
      Mindless Destruction
      The Perfect School
      The City and Phoenix
      1884 Tax Commission Report
      Jerry West and Hot Rod Hundley
      The American Family is not Falling Apart
      Burn The Flag
      School Prayer, HMOs and Big Government
      Medicare, Social Security and the Military
      More on Progressland
      Somerset Oil Company
      How Many Companies Do You Own?
      Krushchev Was a Communist
      In Defense of Hillary: A Great First Lady
      We Cannot Afford the Rich II
      Memories of Roger
      Babbitt and Strip Mines
      Clinton and Iraq
      Gay Rights
      Governor Underwood and Gay Rights
      Right Wing Wants Big Government?
      State Socialism and Corporate Welfare
Blood Money
Toyota and the War Between the States
Workers Aren’t Equal to Corporations
Professional Testifiers
It Is Insane, It Is Madness
Eddie Gillenwater
Doug Waldron
My Response
Creation Science
Drug Dogs
Crown Yourself
Board of Education Bottoms Out, Again
Unemployment Equals Inferior Schools
Hernshaw Mob
Act of God or Satan?
I Was Sucker Punched
Foregone Conclusions as Science
A Woman Runs For Governor on Third Party Ticket
Diatribe Against Denise Giardina
Appoint School Board?
They Have Lost Their Minds
Be Not Like the Hypocrites
Agents of God
Coal River Valley
You Often Get What You Pay For
A Pay Cut
Decapitation is Better
What Would Jesus Do?
Katie Sierra
Coal Ads Invading WV Public Radio
There Are No Ads on Public Broadcasting
Association's support award-winning cynicism
Coal Statue
More Like China
Again, What Would Jesus Do?
Protesters and Terrorists
Torture is the New Standard
Biting the Hand That Feeds You
Razing Appalachia
Retirement Tribute
Coach LeRose
Ed Rabel
Judge Haden
Carp Eating Crap
Handsome Picture
Two Bit Hamburger
Clean Coal?
Where Is Away?
The M Word
Patriotism Is The Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel.
Geemony Christmas
High Profile Protestors
Friends of Coal: Nehlen and Pruitt
Bewildering Things
Friends of Coal Bowl
Peace Corps
West Virginia Power
Ivory Bill
Rape Is Evil
Farewell to the Mountains
Buying Votes in Lincoln County
Twisted Gun
Christian Jihad?
Sculpting the Earth
Clean Coal
Liquid Coal Will Be Costly, Too
Giant Wind Turbines in Almost Heaven
Cruel Joke
Aerial Spray for Mountain Top Removal
All-Terrain Vehicles in Chief Logan State Park
Senator Foster’s Mining Stance Troubling
Changing the Rules
Forests Are Helpless Without Foresters
No Environmentalists in State Delegation
There Isn’t Enough Money
Bailout Is Socialism For Capitalists
Irresponsibly Extreme or Extremely Irresponsible?
Pay The Players
Eating Out
Cedar and the Ladies Auxiliary
Marsh Fork Demonstration
Skinner By Trade
Global Warming Denial
Army Corps of Engineers Mob Hearing
Freedom of Speech
Hate Speech
Hate Speech Letter Revised
Chief Logan Threatened Again
John D. Rockefeller, IV

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