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Treat your garden to something special | Joanna Francis

Joanna Francis

             f you are thinking of spending money on          | Solid Soul                          concrete (which comes in various
               your garden it is worth setting some of          (www.solid-soul.co.uk)              colours) and a laminated ply. It is much
               it aside to buy something special. It may       Solid Soul design and manufacture    more comfortable than a traditional
               be a small ornament or a large monolith         modern, sculptural furniture. This   wooden bench (it has been consumer
               but it should be something that will stir       bench is made of smooth formed       tested by me!) and the back is curved so
               an emotion in you each time you see it;
               the uplifting feeling you get when you
               see light coming through a stained glass
               window, or the sense of restfulness of
               gently flowing water or it may just
               make you laugh. In addition, these
               items can often give your garden a
               ‘wow’ factor.

                 Generally they cannot be found at
                 garden centres (although some are better
                 than others) so I have listed some
                 suggestions below. Visit the web-sites to
                 view the full range of products available.

            | Stone Rainbow
                 Stone Rainbow combines stained glass
                 with natural materials

                 If you are interested, I suggest you send
                 for a copy of their brochure, which
                 contains more photos than the web-site
                 including stained glass features placed
                 within water.

24 | JANUARY 2005 | volume 15 | N o4                                                                     PHARMACEUTICAL PHYSICIAN
                                                              REAL GARDENS | Treat your garden to something special

                                                                                          …give your garden a “wow” factor

 that when two people are sitting on it       Vertical dials on a wall can be            from artists and designers alongside their
 they are turned slightly towards each        embellished with a motto or house          own products. They display work
 other.                                       name.                                      from both Solid Soul and Stone
| David Harber Sundials                      | Studio Pieces
  (www.davidharbersundials.com)                (www.studiopieces.com)                    If you have suggestions for garden-
 David Harber is a master craftsman with      You can commission an original             related topics that you would like
 an extensive range of dials, obelisks and    piece through Peter Stroud who             covered in future articles, please e-mail
 armillary spheres. You can see dials in      has access to a number of talented         either the editor or me.
 their permanent display garden at ‘The       artists.
 Courtyard’ in Pimlico, London or at                                                     Joanna Francis
 ‘The Dial House’, Blewbury.                 | Penchant Designs                          (www.real-gardens.co.uk)
                                               (www.penchantdesigns.co.uk)               may be contacted by e-mail at
 The ‘Chalice’ is a sundial, which is also    Penchant Designs, in St. Albans, exhibit   this address:
 a water feature.                             a range of contemporary bespoke work       joanna.francis@ntlworld.com

                            FACING PAGE LEFT to RIGHT:
                            Stone Rainbow combines stained glass with natural

                            Solid Soul bench made of smooth formed concrete and
                            a laminated ply

                            THIS PAGE CLOCKWISE from TOP LEFT:
                            The ‘Chalice’ a sundial which is also a water feature

                            Original pieces from Studio Pieces and Penchant

 PHARMACEUTICAL PHYSICIAN                                                                             JANUARY 2005 | volume 15 | N O4 | 25

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