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                                           Chassis Alignment System
                                           Automatic chassis and straddle carrier
                                           positioning increasing your moves per
                                           hour over the berth

The productivity over the berth is one of the most           •   Traffic lights placed on crane leg at fixed
important KPIs today used by terminal operators                  positions.
to make sure that terminals are operated                     •   Controls and indicators in the crane
efficiently. More bx/h results in shorter berthing               operators cabin
times for the carrier and a potential to increase
profit and cash-flow for the terminal operator.
One important factor in the total cycle time for the   Basic function
quay crane is the time to locate and place the                                              Traffic light, 3-
spreader correctly above the chassis.                                                       5 light bar

ABB’s Chassis Alignment System is a laser based
system for minimizing the time needed for                                                   Chassis with
positioning regardless if a pick up or a set down is                                        container
performed. Further, the CAS also has the ability to              1
detect and position different types of vehicles in
multiple lanes.                                                                            Empty
                                                       CAS       2                         chassis
The CAS is placed at a fixed location outside the
girder between the landside and the waterside legs.              3

                               The laser measures

                                                                                                                 Copyright © 2005 ABB. All rights reserved.
                               the position of a                 4                          Empty chassis
                               chassis from a
                               height up to 50 m
                               with a 3-D laser                  5
                                                                                            Gantry drive
                               scanner in virtually
                                                                                            direction scans to
                               all         weather               6                          indicate the stop
                               conditions.                                                  position for the

                                                                                            Trolley scan to
                                                                                            align trolley
The mounting height enables the CAS to cover all                                            position to
the chassis lanes as well as the full length of the                                         chassis.
chassis. This enables the CAS to align chassis                                              near the middle
independent of traffic direction.                                                           of the chassis

The CAS consists of:
   • CAS box is placed on girder and contains a        The CAS can handle internal chassis and straddle
      laser scanner and an embedded PC with            carriers but also external trucks provided that their
      the CAS software and communication               dimensions have been loaded into the CAS library.
Chassis Alignment System

The system is operator friendly both for the driver
of the chassis/straddle carrier and the quay crane
operator with simple and reliable interfaces.

The crane operator controls:
    • which of the lanes is to be used
    • type of chassis
    • location of container on chassis
    • traffic direction – from left or right
                                                                                    The CAS operation normal cycle
The tractor/straddle carrier driver will be directed                                Operation starts when the trolley passes the
to position his vehicle correctly in the gantry                                     waterside sill beam. The CAS will start align the
direction via the traffic lights. This can be made                                  container onto a chassis if the spreader is loaded as
independently of from which direction the vehicle                                   soon as the trolley passes this beam.
will enter the active area. Typical traffic lights are
depicted below with yellow option to show


    Rear Yellow
                                                                                                6   5   4    3   2

    Center Red                                                                                                                        Lane select

    Forward Yellow

                                                                                    The CAS system has been installed in a

                                                                                                                                                    Copyright © 2005 ABB. All rights reserved.
Green                       The CAS is measuring and goes                           number of ports world-wide handling both
                            off when CAS has found and                              chassis and straddle carriers.
                            positioned the chassis.
                                                                                    Typical savings come from removing an extra
Forward yellow              The correct position is far                             crane operator on ground assisting the crane
                            forward of chassis.                                     driver and/or decreasing the quay crane cycle
Forward yellow The correct position is near                                         time.
and center red forward of chassis.                                                  The pay-off time is normally shorter than 1
Center red                  Position ok
Rear yellow and The correct position is near rear                                   For more information please contact
center red      of chassis.
Rear yellow                 The correct position is far rear                        ABB Automation Technologies AB
                                                                                    Crane Systems
                                                                                                                                                    3AST003458D0004 RevB

                            of chassis.
                                                                                    721 59 Västerås, Sweden
When the chassis is in the correct position only the
red light will be turned on.                                                        Telephone               +46 21 34 00 00
                                                                                    Telefax                 +46 21 34 02 90
                                                                                    Web page      
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