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					            So u th e a s t C h a p te r— A A A E
                                                                                                        M a y— Ju n e , 2 00 6

            SEC JOURNAL

Top This!                        1   T OP T HIS !
Myrtle Beach or Bust!            1
                                              When it comes to     After being handed their         heretofore be known as
Lafayette Native’s Flight Plan   2   conferences, Nashville        $250 in prize money, they        the “Brokeback Mountain
                                     knows how to raise the        immediately donated their        Presidential Entrance”, he
Allegiant Air at ROA             2   bar. Tommy Bibb and the       ill-gotten gains to the AAAE     came off the horse halfway
                                     rest of the Raul Regalado     Foundation. Classy move,         through the song and fin-
5 minutes, $500,000              3   team at BNA put on one        folks.                           ished in duet and choreo-
Evergreen Supertanker Tour       3
                                     outstanding show for the                President Timothy      graphed line dance with
                                     2006 SEC-AAAE Annual          M. Doll, AAE, finished out       his lovely daughter, Jes-
Concord and NASCAR Grow          4   Conference held May 19-       his year with a long list of     sica.
                                     23 at the Loews Vanderbilt    Chapter accomplishments                    That was enter-
                                     Plaza Hotel in Nashville,     that included a $7,500           taining, but not nearly as
                                     Tennessee.                    donation to the Katrina          entertaining as watching
                                              The speakers         Airport Employee Relief          next year’s incoming presi-
     SEC-AAAE                        were outstanding, the ho-     Fund, fifty-four new mem-        dent Lew Bleiweis’ jaw
                                     tel staff exceeded all ex-    bers added to the Chapter,       drop to the ground as he
  Board of                           pectations, the entertain-    changing the name of the         turned a lighter shade of
 Directors                           ment was first class and      scholarship foundation           pale wondering, “How on
                                     the food was great.           back to its original SAMA        earth will I top this next
   Timothy M. Doll, AAE,                      Dave Jeffrey did     designation, revising the        year?”
Immediate Past President             his usual Chapter competi-    Chapter bylaws, and nam-                   Don’t worry, Lew.
                                     tive event just outside the   ing the Chapter conference       You have a year to think
   Little Rock, Arkansas
                                     hotel bar on Tuesday          sites through the year           about it and there are at
                                     where Chapter members         2010, just to name a few.        least a few dozen beach
 David N. Edwards, AAE,
         President                   broke into teams and com-               Then came time         themes we can think of
 Asheville, North Carolina           peted for $250 cash in a      for the changing of the          right off the bat!
                                     “brain game” that was         guard. Incoming President                  Thanks again to
    Lew Bleiweis, AAE,               much less physical than       Dave Edwards, not to be          Tommy Bibb, Raul Re-
      President-Elect                past events but no less       outdone by the presiden-         galado and the great staff
    Louisville, Kentucky             cutthroat.    “The Cheat-     tial skits of the past, en-      members at the Metropoli-
                                     ers” (self-imposed team       tered the banquet room in        tan Nashville Airport Au-
    Tommy Bibb, AAE,                 names) were beaten by         full cowboy regalia singing      thority for outdoing your-
   Secretary-Treasurer               1/2 point by the “Lunatic     Save a Horse, Ride a Cow-        selves. Without question,
   Nashville, Tennessee              Fringe” lead by chief luna-   boy atop a beautiful Appa-       you gave us one to remem-
                                     tic Claudia Bower Holliway.   loosa pony. In what may          ber.

     Kim Wade, AAE                   Myrtle Beach or Bust!
  Michael Landguth AAE               That was the sign that         beach to celebrate! Come        Dunes.
   James Bennett, AAE                flapped from the back of my    relive it with me at the 2007
  William Marrison, AAE              1969 Dodge Super Bee           SEC-AAAE Annual Confer-         We’ve come a long way
  Scott Brockman, AAE                when I graduated high          ence to be held April 29 thru   since the Lemon Tree Inn
        Bill Hogan                   school and took off for a      May 1, 2007, at the Myrtle      back in ‘71!
                                     week of debauchery at the      Beach Resort at Grande                               Ed.
SEC Journal                                                                                                                 Page 2


 Oilfield Executives and employees          tive of what the community has to       Regional Airport. The service has
 worn out by the drive from Lafayette,      offer and that they leave a bad         25 aircraft, with a corporate fleet
 LA, to Houston, TX, may be in for          first impression on dignitaries and     that includes Challengers, a Dorn-
 some relief—a shuttle flight to the        others coming to the city. Mosing       ier, Lear Jets, Citations, Super King
 airport in Sugar Land, TX, home to         believes recent hurricanes have         Air 200s, Westwind IIs and a Piag-
 numerous international oilfield com-       opened new doors for Lafayette          gio.
 panies and about 20 miles from             businesses and says it’s critical
 downtown Houston.                          that the community put its best         Nunn is a major advocate of Mos-
                                            foot forward to take advantage of       ing’s plan and would like the ser-
 The price—$50 round trip, less than        those prospects. “Lafayette has a       vice up and running as soon as
 half the walkup price for a Continen-      window of opportunity to move           possible. The commission chair-
 tal flight to Houston.                     ahead,” says Mosing.                    man says the need is urgent be-
                                                                                    cause of I-10 construction cur-
 Oil executive Keith Mosing of Frank’s      Paul Fournet Air Service and Lafay-     rently underway.
 International in Houston says local        ette Aero, the airport’s two existing
 demand has to make the project fea-        FBOs, are aging facilities in des-
 sible, which is why Mosing is awaiting     perate need of upgrades, accord-
 a market analysis from the Lafayette       ing to Lafayette Airport Commis-
 Airport Commission. Mosing also            sion Chairman Jim Nunn. Both
 wants a firm commitment from the           leases expire at the end of 2007
 airport that an adjacent facility with a   and the controversial issue of their
 hangar big enough to hold the biz          renewals is on the agenda for the
 jet—and nice enough to accommo-            airport commission’s meeting
 date arriving and departing passen-        slated for June 1, 2006.
 gers—will be available soon.
                                            In January, Mosing Aviation pur-           Lafayette Airport Commission
 Like Mosing, some local business           chased Western Airways, an on-             Chairman Jim Nunn is helping
 leaders have long argued that the          demand 24-hour charter jet ser-             to determine the demand for
 existing facilities are not representa-    vice headquartered at Sugar Land             shuttle service to Houston

 On a recent sunny afternoon, Alle-         for now, service is offered on          scheduled service with complete
 giant Air took off for the first time      Wednesdays and Saturdays. The           vacation packages including
 from Roanoke Regional Airport (Va.),       airline says if the demand is there,    roundtrip airfare and a three-night
 on Runway 24 with the beautiful Blue       service regularity could increase.      hotel stay for as little as $187.
 Ridge Mountains as its backdrop.                                                   The package includes a three
 The airline offers direct service to the                                           night stay at the Rodeway Inn-
                                            Allegiant Air prides itself on cheap
 Orlando/Sanford Airport and, at least                                              Maingate with a Wednesday de-
                                            tickets that start as low as $69
                                                                                    parture and Saturday return. The
                                            one way. One passenger on the
                                                                                    price is per person and based on
                                            recent inaugural flight said she
                                                                                    double occupancy.
                                            wouldn’t be going to Florida if Alle-
                                            giant had not begun service to
                                            Roanoke. “When we saw the               “We are extremely pleased to ex-
                                            prices we just couldn’t have put it
                                                                                    tend the Allegiant brand of low-
                                            off any longer,” Cathy Carrico told
                                                                                    fare nonstop jet service to the
                                            WDBJ-TV News Channel 7.
                                                                                    Roanoke community,” Maurice
                                                                                    Gallagher, Allegiant Air president
                                            The self-proclaimed “Official Airline   and CEO recently stated.
                                            for Sunshine” launched the new
SEC Journal                                                                                                                   Page 3

 There are some emergencies you just         cept a half-million dollars.                connect U.S. 17 to the north with
 don’t mind.                                                                             James Loop Road to the south.
                                             “Does this mean we have to say the          This $30 million project will
 Such was the case when the Charlotte        Pledge of Allegiance twice?” asked          mainly run along a new right of
 County Airport Authority (Fla.) held an     Seay as she prepared to gavel the           way, but will incorporate a small
 “emergency meeting” recently to ac-         first meeting into session.                 portion of the existing Piper
 cept a $500,000 grant from the Florida                                                  Road.
 Department of Transportation for an         Commissioner Robert Skidmore re-
 instrument landing system.                  plied that twice would be fine with         In past meetings, Seay has ex-
                                             him. “We’re not in California,” he          pressed misgivings about the
 Airport Authority Chairman Pam Seay         quipped.                                    design of the highway—
 said the Florida Department of Trans-                                                   particularly that there would be
 portation grant will replace, dollar for    State Representative Michael Grant          too few median and curb cuts to
 dollar, money that was included in the      (R-Port Charlotte)—himself a former         serve businesses around the
 state’s general fund budget for 2006-       airport commissioner—attended the           airport. Also, Seay said she’s
 2007. This deal was worked out at the       previous regular monthly meeting to         concerned about weather the
 last minute in the anticipation of a veto   report he had managed to get                airport would get stuck with re-
 by Florida Governor Jeb Bush.               $500,000 included in the state              sidual costs for landscaping,
                                             budget. Grant added that an instru-         buffers and other miscellaneous
 Executive Director, and Southeast           ment landing system will be a major         items that might not be covered
 Chapter member, Gary Quill said he          asset as the airport continues to re-       in Charlotte County’s road build-
 was notified of the change and immedi-      cruit a commuter airline.                   ing budget.
 ately called the emergency meeting as
 an add-on to a work session that had        But at this meeting nobody was com-         Nicole Dozier, county zoning offi-
 already been scheduled to discuss the       plaining about the change in plans.         cial, explained that most of the
 new Piper Road project at the airport.      “The money is actually coming from a        cost of landscaping and drive-
                                             more appropriate source,” said Com-         ways would be borne by individ-
 So, in accordance with parliamentary        missioner Kathleen Coppola.                 ual developers.      The airport
 procedure, the authority held not one                                                   could actually save upfront by
 but two meetings, the first to accept       After saying the Pledge of Allegiance a     doing less to prepare its land for
 the grant at 5:55 p.m., followed by the     second time, the commissioners              eventual tenants. “A lot of devel-
 Piper Road session at 6:00 p.m. Obvi-       launched into a special meeting             opers prefer to work with a blank
 ously, it doesn’t take much time to ac-     about the new Piper Road that will          slate,” she said.


 The runway at Tallahassee Regional          flying 180 mph at an altitude of          fighting aircraft. The supertanker
 Airport was the site of a recent demon-     500 feet.                                 is made by Evergreen International
 stration of the latest in fire fighting                                               who is in negotiations with the
 tools—the 747 supertanker.                  The aircraft flies higher and faster      United States Forest Service to sell
                                             than conventional fire fighting           or lease the supertankers. The
 The converted 747 cargo plane               planes and delivers the water vol-        aircraft will visit 11 states during
 dropped 20,500 gallons of water while       ume of seven conventional fire            its month-long nationwide tour.
Southeast Chapter—AAAE

Robert C. Brammer, Editor                                         FOLKS AVAILABLE
8712 Caspiana Lane                                           STEVEN E. POERSCHMANN
North Charleston, SC 29420
                                  Perhaps you met Steven Poerschmann at the recent SEC-AAAE Annual
Phone:   (843) 425-3878           Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. He was the very polite, well-dressed
Fax:     (843) 225-1799
Email:          young man with a briefcase full of résumés looking for a future in the air-
                                  port management business.

We’re on the Web at               Steven has some very extensive aviation management and leadership ex-
                                  perience around military airports that is transferable to civilian facilities.                  Call for a résumé, you’ll be impressed. You can contact Steven as follows:

                                                                    Steven E. Poerschmann
 CONGRATULATIONS!                                                    3450 Landmark Drive
Congratulations go out to                                         Sumter, South Carolina 29154
Southeast Chapter member                                                  803.795.8393
Nina Demeo, Airport
Manager at North Perry
Airport, and the Airport
Operations and Maintenance
Departments with the
Broward County Aviation
Department. For the 8th
consecutive year, North Perry
Airport (NPA) passed its
                                  C O N C O R D A I R P O RT G ROW S                                  WITH
annual Florida Department
of Transportation inspection
                                  NASCAR R ACING
without any discrepancies or
comments from the state           In the coming decade,              have boosted business           five acres off Ivey Cline
inspector.                        racing and racing-related          there and a runway              Road near the airport
                                  compamies are projected            extension project is            runway       for  about
During the visit, the inspector   to invest at least $80             expected to bring more          $110,000 per acre, City
positively commented on the       million in Cabarrus County,        growth as larger jets will be   Manager Brian Hiatt says.
condition of the airfield at      North        Carolina,     in      able to land and take off       Rather than a tax
North Perry Airport despite       exchange for incentives            with full fuel tanks,           incentive, Concord will
the damages the airfield          from tax breaks to free            allowing them to go to the      consider spending $4
incurred during last year’s       utilities from local counties      West Coast and overseas.        million on an electrical
violent hurricanes.               and cities.                                                        substation to support the
                                                                      The latest project being       wind tunnel.
T h e Br o w ard C ou n ty        At least five companies in         courted by Concord is a
Aviation Department holds a       the past few years have            wind tunnel pitched by          The project is already in
similar record for FAR Part       built offices, garages and         Haas CNC Racing.       For      the city’s future capital
139 inspections at     Fort       shops in Concord and               three years of tax breaks       improvement plan, but city
Lauderdale International          Cabarrus County, which is          from the county, the            council could move it up a
Airport.                          home to the Lowes Motor            company promises to             year to accommodate the
                                  Speedway and the recent            invest $40 million in the       wind tunnel and other
Your success stories would        Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR               tunnel that would be used       future development.
make a great general session      race.                              to test race cars, aircraft
at an upcoming SEC-AAAE                                              and other vehicles.             If approved and an
Annual Conference.                Much of the growth                                                 agreement is reached with
                                  centers on the Concord             As part of the proposed         Haas, the wind tunnel
                                  Regional Airport.    Race          deal,     Concord      is       could be operational by
                                  teams, drivers and owners          considering selling about       December 2007.