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CEN2 FEB 2010
                                                                                        OPENING NIGHT
                                                                                        FRI 19 FEB 7PM

                                                                                        THE TOPP TWINS: UNTOUCHABLE GIRLS
                                                                                        Dir Leanne Pooley | New Zealand | English | 84 mins | PG
                                                                                        WINNER, AUDIENCE AWARD, MELBOURNE & TORONTO FF
                                                                                        New Zealand’s Topp Twins are a national treasure; the world’s only
                                                                                        comedic, country singing, dancing and yodelling lesbian twin sisters,
                                                                                        these two have to be seen to be believed. The Topp’s humour and
                                                                                        zest for life is infectious, their commitment to their rural roots
                                                                                        inspiring and their journey fascinating. Celebrating 50 years of the
                                                                                        Topps and interweaving their story with the cultural and political
                                                                                        history of their homeland, this enlightening and uplifting film reveals
                                                                                        why the Topp’s fans range from political activist to sheep farmers to
                                                                                        ladies who lunch. Filled with music, laughs and candid chats with a
                                                                                        mix of their hilarious alter-egos.
                                                                                               ‘A very, very enjoyable film. I think people are going to love meeting
                                                                                        these two.’ Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies
                                                                                        ‘Has you falling in love with two of the crazier people you’ve never met…
                                                                                        a film that’s pure fun, very musical and a can of mixed nuts.’ Variety
                                                                                        Screens with short REMEMBER MY NAME
                                                                                        Dir Kasimir Burgess, Bowen Duffy and Nick Moore l Australia l English l 12 mins l UC
                                                                                        Ordinary people at odds with they way things are, see a different way forward
                                                                                        Opening night film followed by complimentary drinks.

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           ormed assioned,
                                                                                                                                              from cinema box office.
                                                                                          regular ticket prices with
   was in ed, imp
                                                                                          a subscription, all nine                            Araluen Arts Centre
                                                                                                                                              Larapinta Drive
‘I                                                                                        films for only $7.80 per

     front nter tainedl                                                                   film ($6.70 concession),                             Alice Springs NT 0870

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 in                                                                                       5-film FlexiPass for just $10                        FRIDAY 19 FEB

    what ster.’
                                                                                          per film ($9 concession).                            7–9pm The Topp Twins:
                                                                                          9-FILM FULL                                         Untouchable Girls
—         a                                                                                                                                   Opening night screening followed

                                                                                          SUBSCRIPTION                                        by complimentary drinks.
                                                                                          $70 Adult
 r      E         O
                                                                                          $60 Concession                                      SATURDAY 20 FEB

           E     ISED T
      NCE F                                                                               5-FILM FLEXIPASS
                                                                                                                                              The Fox and the Child
                                                                                          $50 Adult
YEAR’                                                                                     $45 Concession                                      2.30–4pm Amreeka
                                                                                          Note: films must be selected                         5.30–7.40pm Séraphine
                                                                                          at time of purchase
                                                                                                                                              8–9.40pm Genova
                                                                                          SINGLE TICKETS
The Sydney Travelling Film Festival visits…                                               $13.00 Adult                                        SUNDAY 21 FEB
NT Alice Springs, Darwin, Katherine QLD Bundaberg, Cairns, Mackay,                        $11.00 Concession                                   12–2.26pm Dil Bole Hapidda
Townsville NSW Bowraville, Byron Bay, Dubbo, Huskisson, Newcastle,                        $7.00 Student/Kids/<26
Wagga Wagga, Wollongong                                                                                                                       4–5.40pm
                                                                                          Opening Night includes
Presented by                                                                              complimentary drinks                                The Strength of Water
Sydney Film Festival, PO Box 96, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012                                Subscriptions are transferable but admit            6.30–8.40pm Departures
Tel 02 9318 0999 Fax 02 9319 0055                                                         only one person per screening.                                                         Concessions: unemployed, pensioners,                MONDAY 22 FEB
                                                                                          seniors, members of Alice Springs Film
                                                                                          Society and Sydney Film Festival, upon              7–8.45pm Red like the Sky
                                                                                          presentation of ID.
Sydney Travelling Film Festival acknowledges the financial assistance of Screen                                                               Front Image:
                                                                                          All films start at the advertised time, we          Departures
Australia and the support of the Northern Territory Film Office and ABC Alice Springs.
                                                                                          do not screen ads or trailers.
                                                                                                                                             Poster images (top to bottom):
                                                                                          All details correct at time of printing            The Fox and the Child, Genova, Departures,
                                                                                          but subject to change without notice.              The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls, Séraphine,
                                                                                                                                             Red Like the Sky, Amreeka
THE FOX AND THE CHILD                               AMREEKA                                             SÉRAPHINE                                              GENOVA

SAT 20 FEB 12PM                                     SAT 20 FEB 2.30PM                                   SAT 20 FEB 5.30PM                                      SAT 20 FEB 8PM
Dir Luc Jacquet | France | English |                Dir Cherien Dabis | Canada, Kuwait, USA |           Dir Martin Provost | France | French with              Dir Michael Winterbottom | Italy | English |
94 mins | G                                         English and Arabic with English subtitles |         English subtitles | 126 mins | PG                      94 mins | M
OFFICIAL SELECTION, SYDNEY FF                       96 mins | M                                         WINNER, 7 CÉSAR AWARDS INCLUDING                       WINNER, SILVER SEASHELL, SAN SEBASTIÁN
Kate Winslet narrates this simple                   OFFICIAL SELECTION, SYDNEY FF                       BEST FILM, BEST WRITING AND BEST                       INTERNATIONAL FF
                                                    WINNER, FIPRESCI PRIZE, CANNES FF                   ACTRESS (MOREAU)                                       OFFICIAL SELECTION, TORONTO
story of a redheaded girl and her
                                                    Pudgy divorcee Muna (Nisreen Faour in a             NOMINATED, EUROPEAN FILM OF THE YEAR,                  INTERNATIONAL FF
friendship with a wild fox. On a                                                                        EUROPEAN FILM AWARDS
glorious autumn morning, the little girl            charming debut) crosses the checkpoint                                                                     From celebrated filmmaker Michael
                                                    into Bethlehem to reach home, a                     This movingly dramatised, beautifully                  Winterbottom (The Road to
(Bertille Noël-Bruneau) spies a fox
                                                    barrage of complaints from her elderly              mounted portrait of the French ‘naïve’                 Guantanamo, A Mighty Heart) comes an
leaping in the sunshine. She decides
                                                    mother, and the offer of a US green                 painter Séraphine de Senlis (1864–1942)                intimate drama starring Colin Firth (Pride
to become his friend, and so follows
                                                    card. Muni doesn’t want to leave, but               was the deserved winner at France’s                    and Prejudice, Bridget Jones’s Diary),
a year-long adventure. Filmed on the
                                                    she wants a better future of her son, so,           César Awards. The marvellous Belgian                   in an exquisitely tender performance,
French-Swiss border, an alpine area
                                                    with teenage Fadi, she boards the plane.            actress Yolande Moreau vanishes into                   as a man dealing with a tragic loss.
of forest, mountains and meadows,
                                                    Her sister’s (TFF favourite Hiam Abbass             the role of the awkward small town                     Following the sudden death of his wife,
The Fox and the Child is astonishingly
                                                    – Lemon Tree, The Visitor) home outside             housemaid who believed God had told her                Joe (Firth) takes his two daughters to
beautiful. The pair are joined in this
                                                    Chicago isn’t the refuge they expected,             to paint. She’s like a pagan spirit, trapped           live in Italy for a year, seeking refuge
fairytale world by a bevy of forest
                                                    jobs are hard to find and, with the start            in her heavy body and the cumbersome                   in the cobbled streets and shadowed
dwellers, badgers, frogs and wolves
                                                    of the US-Iraq war, anti-Arabic sentiment           skirts of a century ago. But when she                  laneways of the ancient city of Genova.
included. Writer-director Jacquet
                                                    is on the rise. Dabis’s charming debut              paints, that spirit flies free in ecstatic              As hopes of a new start begin to take
(March of the Penguins) has crafted a
                                                    skilfully mixes contemporary politics               celebration of flowers, fruit and fertility             hold, leggy teenager Kelly falls in with a
film that’s both a celebration of nature’s
                                                    with a very human story of a woman                  itself. The intensity of these paintings,              cool local crowd while her younger sister,
beauty and a cautionary tale for those
                                                    struggling to build a new life.                     now considered masterpieces of modern                  Mary struggles with haunting visions of
who wish to tame it.
                                                                                                        primitivism, can still be experienced in               her mother. An engrossing meditation
                                                    ‘Reaffirms social realism’s validity as humanistic   galleries around the world. –NZFF
KIDS’ TICKETS JUST $7                                                                                                                                          on grief and family, set against the
                                                    art.’ The New York Times
                                                                                                                 ‘Lovely seeing a film so meticulously          backdrop of a beautiful city and a
‘Adults can get something out of it; kids are       ‘Heartfelt and engaging.’                           crafted to represent the life of this artist and her   gorgeous Italian summer.
going to love it. It’s just lovely.’                Louise Keller, Urban Cinefile                        benefactor.’ Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies
Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies                                                                                                                                         ‘A beautifully photographed and
                                                    ‘Completely convincing performances and a                   ‘A really beautiful film.’                      emotive tale... Achingly authentic (with) subtle
‘Invites us to contemplate alternative worlds       great sense of real life.’ Sydney Morning Herald    David Stratton, At the Movies                          dialogue and natural performances. Firth turns in
of sensation and experience, to enter the                                                                                                                      a splendid performance.’ The Sunday Times
consciousness of other species, to explore our
contacts with them.’ The Australian                                                                                                                            ‘An extremely well-made film.’
                                                                                                                                                               Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies

DIL BOLE HAPIDDA                                    THE STRENGTH OF WATER                               DEPARTURES                                             RED LIKE THE SKY

SUN 21 FEB 12PM                                     SUN 21 FEB 4PM                                      SUN 21 FEB 6.30PM                                      MON 22 FEB 7PM
Dir Anurag Singh | India | Hindi with English       Dir Armagan Ballantyne | New Zealand |              Dir Yojiro Takita | Japan | Japanese with              Dir Cristiano Bortone | Italy | Italian with
subtitles | 146 mins | PG                           English | 86 mins | M                               English subtitles | 131 mins | M                       English subtitles | 100 mins | M
INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL                         NOMINATED, TIGER AWARD, ROTTERDAM                   ACADEMY AWARDS®                                        SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL
This rousing and magical Bollywood                  FILM FESTIVAL                                       WINNER, 10 JAPANESE ACADEMY AWARDS                     WINNER, GRAND PRIX DE MONTRÉAL, MICFF
romance is jam-packed with music,                   The dramatic north coast of New                     An extraordinarily beautiful film,                      Set in 1970s Italy, Bortone’s
dance, vibrant colour, huge stars...                Zealand is the emotionally-charged                  Departures is an enchanting journey into               enchanting film is reminiscent of
and cricket. Audience faves Rani                    backdrop for this story about the ties              the heartland of Japan and a window into               Cinema Paradiso with its unashamed
Mukherjee (in a fabulous performance)               that bind us. When a stranger arrives               a revered tradition. Kobayashi (multi-                 love of the movies. Ten-year-old Mirco
and Shahid Kapoor star as polar                     in a small coastal community, tragedy               award winner Masahiro Motoki) is a cellist             is blinded in an accident and sent to
opposites drawn together for the love               unexpectedly strikes a local family,                in need of a job following the dissolution             a rather stern boarding school for the
of the game. Mukherjee plays Veera, a               and has a ripple effect throughout the              of his orchestra. Returning to his                     blind. The headmaster, blind himself,
feisty Punjabi woman who is a brilliant             town. But for ten-year-old Kimi, the                hometown with his new wife, he responds                doesn’t believe his pupils have much of
hitter of the ball. As a woman, her                 loss is closest to home, and seems                  to a classified advert believing it to be a             a future beyond switchboard operating
on-field options are limited so when                 almost unfathomable. Over a few                     job for a travel agent. He soon discovers              and weaving. Young Mirco discovers
the new coach (Kapoor) arrives in                   magic tinged days, while the adults                 that ‘departures’ refers to the role of                a talent for sound engineering when
town, she tries a new tactic; donning               around him adopt more conventional                  ‘Nokanshi’, preparing the deceased for                 he records over the school’s bible
a beard and turban, and transforming                forms of grief, Kimi learns how to                  burial and entry into the next life. Despite           readings to create a sonic tribute to
herself into a man. This endearing and              love and let go. Ballantyne’s beautiful             his wife’s reservations, Kobayashi takes               the seasons for a class assignment.
energetic film is an absolute treat;                 debut feature makes dramatic use of                 the role, discovering pride in his work                He incurs the wrath of his wretched
exploring the woman’s role in modern                New Zealand’s ethereal landscapes.                  as he learns to master the art. Gentle,                headmaster. Based on the experiences
India while celebrating the nation’s                                                                    profound and at times surprisingly                     of one of Italy’s leading sound
                                                             ‘A remarkable achievement… with
love of the greatest game on earth.                 a heart as big as Hokianga where the film is set.’   comical, Departures is a moving                        editors, Red Like the Sky is both
                                                    NZ Herald                                           meditation on the transience of life.                  thought-provoking and captivating.
‘Full of the rump-shaking, percussive joy of
Punjabi music ... bursts with vibrant, firecracker            ‘A hands-down winner and                            ‘Beautifully acted and classically            ‘This gently conceived film juggles crowd-
charm.’ Toronto International Film Festival         triumphant return to grassroots storytelling.’      filmed... a gentle, wise, immensely appealing           pleasing sentiments about the love of movies
                                                    Christchurch Star                                   film.’ David Stratton, At the Movies                    with anti-authoritarian views that make the pic
‘A fantasy of the Indian heartland, a perfect                                                                                                                  classically Italian.’ Variety
setting for splashy musical numbers.’ NY Times      Screens with short BOOTH STORY                                ‘Seduces us into this world with such        Screens with MY RABIT HOPPY
                                                    Dir Kasimir Burgess, Edwin McGill | Australia |     affection and beauty ... I love this film.’
                                                                                                        Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies                       Dir Anthony Lucas | Australia | English |
                                                    English | 11 mins | UC
                                                                                                                                                               3 mins | PG
                                                    A car park attendant’s daily routine is changed
                                                    forever when he finds an egg.                        ‘Heart-warming, funny, wise and profound.              Henry’s school project about his pet rabbit is
                                                                                                        Not to be missed.’ Empire Magazine                     about to go horribly, horribly wrong.

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